Lebanon’s Most Wanted Sunni Terrorist Blows Himself Up in Syria

When one of Lebanon’s most wanted terrorists kills himself while planting a bomb it is cause for at least some sort of grim celebration. But when the chief bomb-maker of the country’s most notorious terror group self detonates while helping rebels

Syria War Triggers Rifts in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon

As Syria’s yearlong conflict has heightened tensions in neighboring Lebanon between groups loyal or hostile to the Syrian regime, discord and factional infighting in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps have added to the country’s instability. The country’s camps are becoming “more and more of a battlefield” between those who are for or against the Assad regime […]

Fatah Al-Intifada denied kidnapping the 7 Estonians

Fatah-Intifada denied claims that its group is behind the kidnapping of the seven Estonians ” is not true and only serves those keen on destabilizing Lebanon. The group has never and will never resort to such actions.” According to a statement.

Fatah Islam inmate escapes from Roumieh Prison in Lebanon

Two prisoners from the radical Fatah Islam Organization Tuesday morning escaped from a prison in Lebanon, the country’s state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported. The report said that the two prisoners attempted their escape from Roumieh Prison by climbing over a wall. However, one fell to the ground, breaking bones