Key terrorist leader killed by Lebanese Army


Lebanese troops on Saturday killed two Islamic militants including a head of the al-Qaida-inspired Fatah al-Islam which fought the army three years ago, a military spokesman said.

“Abdul Rahman Awadh, one of the key leaders of Fatah al-Islam,” was killed along with another militant known as Abu Bakr during clashes in the eastern Bekaa Valley region, the spokesman said.

A judicial source said Abu Bakr was Awadh’s key deputy who provided military training to members of the shadowy group said to be inspired by al-Qaida.

In 2007, Fatah al-Islam fought a fierce battle against the Lebanese army at the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon that lasted more than three months and cost 400 lives, with 168 soldiers among the dead.

Judicial authorities accuse Awadh of having “incited” militants to carry out attacks two years ago in the port city of Tripoli, near the Palestinian camp, that killed 21 people, including 13 soldiers.

Those found guilty of incitement to carry out deadly attacks can face the death penalty under Lebanese law.

Awadh, one of the most wanted Islamists in Lebanon, opened fire at troops along with his comrade and the soldiers responded killing the pair, the spokesman said.

The clash broke out in the Bekaa Valley town of Chtaura and both men were travelling on false identities, the army said.

Earlier, the spokesman said the army had been pursuing the pair since they emerged from another Palestinian refugee camp, Ain al-Hilweh in south Lebanon, but he did not give a timing.

Several extremist groups are suspected of having taken refuge in the north and east of the country, and in the 12 Palestinian camps scattered across Lebanon of which Ain el-Hilweh is the largest.

Awadh had been sheltering in Ain el-Hilweh for more than a year, according to the army, and is considered by some as the head of Fatah al-Islam.

Authorities also charge that the wanted Islamist was monitoring the movements of Lebanese army troops as well as of U.N. peacekeepers stationed in south Lebanon.

In August 2007, the U.S. State Department designated Fatah al-Islam, which denies formal links with al-Qaida, as a “terrorist” group.

Shaker al-Abssi, the head of Fatah al-Islam at the time of the Nahr al-Bared showdown won by the army, also figures among the top wanted Islamists but appears to have since fled the country.

Earlier Saturday, an Army Command-Orientation Directorate statement said: “After surveillance and inquiries, an Army Intelligence Directorate patrol managed to identify the location of two terrorists and to track them down, and when the patrol tried to arrest them in Chtaura’s square this morning, they opened fire on the patrol’s members who responded by shooting back, leaving the two terrorists dead.”

“Their bodies were moved to one of the region’s hospitals and the weapons and fake ID cards in their possession were confiscated, as investigations got underway,” the statement added.

Future News TV reported that two Palestinians wanted on terrorism and forgery charges were killed during a chase with security forces in the Bekaa town of Chtaura.

A third suspect managed to flee the scene, Future News added.




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  1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    I just can’t believe this these terrorists are on our soil and they hide in the camp and we barely can catch them. We wait for years and spend so much time and money trying to find them. Yet all is needed to be done is to say to the authorities in the camps. Hand over these low life or face bombardement. I wander why Nassrallah do not care about arresting those who killed and butchered literally LAF members but he cared so much about freeing Samir Quntar? what a hypocrite and a big liar when says he protects the army..If these guys have hurt hezbollah he would be after them inside Tel Aviv. But no he doesn’t care about Fatah Al Islam they have not hurted him or his organization one damn bit. Just to show you all the hypocrites out there also who says that hezbollah supports the army. I would be screaming on TV telling the camp leaders and authorities there hand them over or face the wrath of hezbollah and the army. You can say all you like that hezbollah is not responsible to handle that. Then i say to you who gave hezbollah the authorities to make peace and war? who gave it the rights to arm itself instead of the LAF? who gave it the right to take over the communication network and control the airport and every corner of lebanon. You care about the LAF, then show me your teeth and the same power you used against the IDF. otherwise you’re just too full of it and anyone believes is as stupid as they come.

    1. Prophet Avatar


      Just image Nassrallah did exactly what you suggested, you’d be the first one to complain that He had no Authority to do that. Everyone would screaming that HA appointed itself the enforcer of the law in place of the Lebanese authorities, and that is where the authority should be.

      Last time HA arrested a person suspected of being an Israeli spy, Every one jumped with their hands up in the air, and said(rightly so) that HA didn’t have the authority to arrest anyone.

      As of who gave them rights to arm themselves? When Our government abandoned its responsibilities to protect its people and its territories, People took things into their own hands. BTW, who gave any party the rights to arm itself? Unfortunately, none of the Lebanese parties ever requested or needed an authorization to arm themselves.

      I’m not condoning any for arming at all.

      What we need is a government that does not subsidize any of its duties,

      A government that takes real responsibilities. Unfortunately that does not seem within reach with the political structure Lebanon has. I know it’s a dream.

      1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie Al Fanarie

        Prophet when the LAF was ready to go into the camp and flush these terrorits out. Nassrallah was the first one to say the camp was a red line. Did he say that to Fatah Al Islam to not butcher the army instead he simply criticized them.

        As far as the spies, who do you think been catching all the spies? Wahab and Barroud? are you kidding me its all hezbollah behind this at least from the beginning. Many times i heard that H/A caught them and handed them over to the army. If nassrallah worried about what people say, why he was not worried would have said when he sent his bullies to Beirut in 2008? Does he really care what anybody says? he’s after all as of recent threatening again another May 2008 event if the STL hands out indictments toward H/A members..

        Who armed H/A instead of the LAF during the Syrian Nazi control of Lebanon for 30 yrs? you all say the west and America didn’t arm the LAF. we all know they’re not going to hand them over weapons as good as the israelis. But why was iran and syria was so willing to help train and arm Hezbollah instead of the LAF? tell me why? who was controlling lebanon? Not even israel, not the US, not france and only Syria from inside and Iran from outside. But lets not forget the thousands of Iranian elite forces in the South. Also few hundreds who have offices in Dahia. You can bitch all about the gov’t was not in control? but who was in control for 30 yrs? I agree with you the gov’t should take full responsibility. But what kind of gov’t we had since the syrians entered lebanon? and who was controlling it in the first place? did anyone dared to defy syria without getting killed. They had many agreements between Lebanon and Syria. Lebanon abided by the agreements but Syria never honored any agreements. The only reason hesbollah is armed to be used in many situations like 2006, 2008 and control the gov’t behind the scene without being the govt.

        Answer me one again please. Why didn’t Syria and Iran trained and armed the LAF during the time when they were in Lebanon? why is Abassi the leader of Fatah al islam whom Syria announced it had him under its control and they don’t send him over to Lebanon to get tried for his crimes? did Lebanon dare ask Syria to hand him over? or will they be accused of being pro-israel if they have asked syria to hand him over? I am sick and tired of hearing the gov’t didn’t arm the LAF. the govt did when Amin Gemyal was in control but maybe you don’t remember that. But who dared do anything in lebanon without Syria’s approval for 30 yrs. And even up to date, the gov’t was not formed until King Abdullah visited Syria and afterward they folded and agreed to form it under Hariri. But frankly it was waste of time since March 14th gave up all its wins to march 8th in the end.

      2. Prophet Avatar


        With all due respect. My intention is to get into a constructive debate where people try to come to common ground on issues. I don’t have an intention of posting to score point on you or any one else, and I ‘d like to think you don’t either.

        You seem to think that Lebanon’s problems started with the Iranian revolution and the Syrian influence back in the 80’s or with HA. You also seem to forget that Lebanon has always been like a cheap prostitute.

        You also seem to forget that Lebanon had gone through a destructive civil war, and that you had two major invasion by Israel that brought in two of our presidents on their tanks. All of that took place before the creation of HA. I’m reminding you of the facts, not really defending either Iran or HA.

        Thousands of Lebanese were killed during the civil wars unnecessarily. Every party and sect in Lebanon has either an alliances or loyalty to a different Country.

        We have to start admitting our mistakes and stop blaming everyone else. We have the rotten seeds that invite and makes it easy for everyone else to use us. And yes Lebanon became like a cheap prostitute. Easy and cheap sell.

        When I said that Lebanon had abandoned its responsibilities, I was referring to the 40’ ear and on. Had Lebanon been serious about defending its territories and its people back then, we would not be talking about any of that now.

        You brought up the Syrian. I thought it was a given that Syria didn’t always play a positive role in Lebanon.. But again who did? Israel? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? USA? France? You tell me, My Friend?

        If you Want to feel good about yourself and blame every thing on Syria, be my guest, and be happy. The day We start admitting our mistakes, and accept the blame and responsibilities for our actions and lack of actions, then and only then, We have a chance to rebuilt this country.


        You ask me why didn’t Iran arm and train the Lebanese army. Well my friend. The offer is right at the table now. Do you Think Lebanon dares take that offer? When President Suleiman visited Iran, they made him an offer to supply weapons to the LAF. As recent as last week, Iran offered again to arm the LAF. You ask him why He didn’t take it. I’m not suggesting that He does take weapons from Iran or not… I brought this up so I can highlight the fact that Arming the Lebanese forces can only happen when Lebanese Governments decide to allocate money in the budget for that purpose. We have to stop taking hand outs for our army. No one is going to give you anything for free. There is always a political price to pay for handouts. Enough money being wasted. They can afford to buy military supplies.

        Forgive my anger and frustration.

        I refer you To Ghassa Karam’s well written article on the arm subject at this site.

  2. Berytus Avatar

    Well done LAF. There is so much pressure on you (especially these days) but you still make the Lebanese proud.

    Sharaf – Tad7iya – Wafa’

    1. Yes, good way to divert attention from all the spies found in the Army. It’ a good wills payment to Washington to keep the special assistance program going on. And it’s a reassurance to Washington that the Army is there to fight terrorism, and not Israel

  3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Wow I didnt know Al Qaeda had spread to LB? crazy

  4. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Yeh masha Allah we have it all in Lebanon from al quaeda to hezballah to spies to moukhabarat, but we dont have anyone to serve for the good of our country.

    I read an interesting article today from Saudi newspapers describing the reason of Assad and Saudi king to Lebanon. It seems Nasralleh has pressured tthe government under 2 choices dump the stl or coup d’état against the Lebanese government. The Saudis today has sent a warning to Nasralleh if revolts against lebanese or the government of Lebanon he will face law by the arab countries. I believe there are so much going on behind the scenes and I hope we are not heading to become hostage in the hands of hezballah. We are still protected by many great nations because of our government so imagine if we don’t have one.

  5. well done LAF and jean haddad dont worry too much about nasrallah’s threats. he will dismantled soon enough cos when people threaten too much, eventually they get taken out.

    you might scare me once with your threat and you might scare me again but the third time around i will be ready for you.

    HA will never and can never achieve a coup d’etat. israel has tried and syria has tried and HA is welcome to try like they tried to take our mountain but failed.

    when we ALL as family members sit with HA and force unity and love and togetherness, they will come around.

    i would never support an islamic president (no offense to my muslim brothers) as i enjoy the democracy we have.

    long live lebanon and one by one we are ridding lebanon of garbage we dont need in terms of weapons in the wrong hands,al qaeda, fatih il islam, and whoever else.

    1. Prophet Avatar


      Enjoy what you have, but don’t call it democracy, PLEASE.

      1. habeebi prophet its better than any arab system out there so i would rather have this than any other one.

        HA is a short term problem that will soon solve itself. its only a matter of time.

        lebanon has always been as democratic as it can be and i like its flexibility and tolerance of all people. we just need to know what is HA’s price to dismantle and get on with it. all the other families did the same so we just have to do the same for this additional mafia member.

  6. Nice way to divert attention from the Al AKHBAR Story. I bet Washington is reassured now that the arms supplied to the Lebanese Army won’t be used against Israel.

  7. Prophet Avatar


    I’d rather have a real democracy. No doubt the level of Tolerance Lebanon enjoys is something to be proud of. But it’s way short of democracy. Elections don’t always reflect democracy. Even Lebanese elections are paid for by foreign countries. So let’s be realistic, Lebanese political system needs an overhaul. The sectarian leadership isn’t even capable of producing a modern political system. Instead, they keep producing more of the same crab. Sons are inheriting fathers/leaders. Political parties are nothing but family or sectarian businesses. It’s all about religious sects and the Leader who is “protecting the sect’s rights”.

    A modern political structure is a threat to those leading the country now. So I’m not holding my breath here. There are no incentives for any leader to take himself/herself out of business, there can’t be any.

    If you and I can agree on the democracy question , then we can discuss HA and /or any other political party.

  8. ma ya habeebi prophet look at the USA if you like my brother. do you honestly think that’s a democratic system? every single president is related to the last one bro. even obama is 5th cousin to cheney. kerry is cousins with clinton and on and on habeebi.

    the bush elections were all a big joke with detours for voters to make them miss their chances to vote and the machines were all rigged that even if you voted democrat it checked off republican.

    al gore was suing bush for the results but i’m sure they grabbed his nuts behind closed doors and he rescinded his lawsuit.

    the US elections cater to one country and thats israel. when i was living for 15 years in the states, i noticed that presidents until now during the elections always spoke of their devotion to israel to secure the votes and NOT to the american people.

    all 3 jfks were shot by zionists. the US is hostage to israel and you call that a democracy when the media is choked to the teeth that it cant breathe any info about the other sides news. how is that democratic.

    anyone daring to say anything about israel is fired like as if its the only US ally.

    i honestly think that the lebanese media has more gutso and realism than american media and to a certain extent, i see the elections here a little bit more representative as to the peoples wishes and i aint talking about guns forcing results and such. when all things are normal, our elections at least arent that bad habeebi.

    we do need to improve our MP system that will allow for elections in so many years for new people to have a chance to run cos whether you like it or not, senators in the states can sit in congress for 50 years. they also dont have a limit on senators either. but they do allow for new candidates to run against them.

    i know that the grass is always greener on the other side but it really isnt. lebanon will soon have electricity, clean water, a strong army, HA only a political party and a stable lebanon.

    israel doesnt want that so if we stay united and on track with president suleiman’s vision i am very sure that in the near future we will also be extracting oil and gas which israel is trying to distract us with all this war crap while it sucks the gas out from under us.

    we need to be aware of israel’s actions and intentions. does it really need a war right now? the answer is an absolute no but if it keeps us on our toes, then we’re just running around like mice while it sucks the gas.

  9. Prophet Avatar

    Obam and cheney?lol You must be kidding… I’ve been living in the states for 28 years.


    I’ll respond later. work is calling,lol

    1. well brother you can google it and also your good friends at CNN actually said it so you can laugh all you want. i dont just pull these things out of a hat. i’m telling you whats been said by the media.

      obama is 5th cousin to cheney.

  10. Prophet Avatar


    1. prophet i’m waiting for your answer. read the article i posted from reuters then lemme know if you’re still laughing.

  11. prophet my apologies – he’s the 8th cousin according to reuters article and cheney’s wife. read below and lemme know if you’re still laughing.

    Reuters) – There’s no sign of a family reunion planned, but U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama are distant cousins.

    So says the vice president’s wife, Lynne Cheney, who said she discovered that her husband of 43 years is eighth cousins with the senator from Illinois.

    The two men could hardly be more different. Cheney is an advocate for pursuing the war in Iraq to try to stabilize the country, while Obama wants to get U.S. troops out of Iraq.

    Mrs. Cheney told MSNBC on Tuesday that it was “an amazing American story that one ancestor … could be responsible down the family line for lives that have taken such different and varied paths.”

    The common ancestor was Mareen Devall, who the Chicago Sun-Times said was a 17th century immigrant from France.

    Mrs. Cheney said she discovered the link through family research for her new book, “Blue Skies, No Fences,” about growing up in Wyoming.

    1. Prophet Avatar


      We can sit and criticize the usa system and its democracy as much as you want. But at the end of the day the usa system has worked. It has been providing security and stability and prosperity for its citizens. Despite the problems that it has, it’s one of the best systems in the world. The fact that you have state and local laws, your daily life isn’t directly effected by the Federal Government on daily basis.

      On the other hand, the Lebanese system needs a total overhaul, not just improvements. What you have in Lebanon is a tribal /sectarian political system. Religious leaders and/or sect leaders really call the shots. Everything they do or don’t do has to be balanced according to the sectarian system. Otherwise one sect feels threatened. This is a problem that has been visiting the country every 15 years, and will continue to do so. Until they realize that a modern, civil, democratic, non sectarian system is needed, Lebanon has no hope. BTW I’m not holding my breath on this anyway. I’m willing ( defying my own principles) to accept the sectarian part so it wouldn’t make any sect threatened.

      Even then, I don’t think the leading people are willing or capable of making those changes, because they have the most to loose.

      So, it is not only PM election improvements we need. We need law and order. We need independent justice system. We need corruption laws. We need everything.

      I agree with you that Lebanese Media has more freedom than the united states. But Have You Noticed that even the media business is distributed according to a sectarian quota, and that each sect has its own media outlets? Your central government can’t enforce any of its laws on any of the media outlets there. Again it’s the sectarian balance.

      I also agree with you on the Israeli influence on us policy. But we blame the us or Israel , We should look at the way we handle ourselves with the us. The US respects anyone who respects himself or herself. The Arab countries in general do not have much respect for themselves. So they get as much from the usa and the rest of the western countries. James baker once said: Arab leaders spend more time complaining about each others ,when we meet, then they spend complaining about Israel or the us policy. The united states has its own interests .There is no doubt the Israeli interest comes way ahead of Lebanese or Arab Interests.

      I don’t think we should wait until we can change the us policy or ,to make changes in our system. Nor should Lebanon wait for the usa to give them a hand out military support to strengthen the Lebanese army.

      We both agree that Israel has, since its creation, been invading, bombing, shelling, and violating Lebanon in many ways. Our experience with the Israeli aggression dates back to a time not even the PLO had been created. So we both agree that Lebanon was always on the defense.

      I think you will also agree that Lebanon and Lebanese have the right and duty to defend their country and their people anyway they can.

      As for the relationship between and Obama and Cheney, I REST MY CASE.LOL

      1. prophet i love you too my brother. i agree with all your points bro but again, the US system is also an undercover sectarian system. we have the jewish congress, the christian right, the muslim brotherhood but you’re right, i would tke the US system over any other cos it works thoug its not perfect.

        i liked all your points bro with some degree of variations but we definitely see eye to eye.

        obama cheney bro how bout that. you think he was picked for his looks? they’re all skull and bones or “deliverance” related.

    2. Prophet Avatar

      Sorry Tony, I was not laughing at you. I just could not imagine Obama and Cheney calling each others that I Read the story, I recalled hearing something about it.Enjoy your evening.

  12. TARIE those tow people are working together how nasralla gonna attack them bro and they are brotheres and communicate they do take there order from the big man in syria remember the first person to come on TV and tell us the camps are red line was nasralla and where is chekir al abse he is in syria man thank to thats shit regime who keep sending the shit to lebanon all them camps should be set on fire with the scams inside them or send them to there big dady bashar shit we don;t need them in lebanon any more

  13. Prophet Avatar

    I Really laugh when I see Lebanese calling each other terrorists. A country with most of its beloved leaders are nothing but warlords who murdered thousands of people in their civil wars, makes most of its people responsible as well.

  14. well said prophet. which is why we lebanese need to get off our horses and actually talk to each other on the level instead of the holier than thou attitude that many posters have on this site.

    the arogance from some people just drips onto my screen.

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