Russian paratroopers caught red-handed on video looting in Ukraine



VLADIMIR Putin was left red-faced after Russian paratroopers were caught on camera looting a gasl station in Ukraine.

CCTV images from a service station show Russian paratroopers pulling up in a BMD-2 vehicle next to a gas pump. The soldiers jump out of their fighting vehicle and make a beeline for the shop. The Russians then proceed to act out their very own version of supermarket sweep, as they grab all they can.

Two of the paratroopers go behind the counter and appear to be looking for cash.

The smash and grab video was originally posted to the Telegram account of a user going by the handle name of hueviy_kherson.

Another video doing the rounds on Telegram shows other Russian troops ransacking a shop in Kherson.

The soldiers appear to be pillaging goods from the shop’s storeroom.

The images were posted by the channel Ukraine Now and are accompanied by the text: “In Kherson, the Russian military is looting.”

The Black Sea port fell at the beginning of March but has seen continued resistance from residents, who have taken to the streets to demonstrate their opposition to Russia’s invasion of their country.

The city of around 300,000 represents a major strategic gain for Moscow.

It provides access to the Russian-annexed territory of Crimea as well as the critical port city of Odessa.

The port was also a vital economic outlet for Kyiv, providing vital trade routes to the neighbouring countries of Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

The Russian army has been plagued by claims that its soldiers are facing a logistics crisis and are running out of food.

These claims have been fuelled by reports of Russian soldiers begging Ukrainians for food.

A taxi driver told the investigative journalist John Sweeney that villagers near Kyiv had been approached by desperate Russian troops.

He said: “The villagers say that they are begging for food.

“They’re so hungry, they come to the villagers and ask for something to eat.

“The villagers say they are not aggressive. Their commanders want them to fight, to be harsh.

“But they are too busy asking for scraps to eat.”




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