Lebanon’s education minister appeals to friendly countries for help



In a TV interview with al Hurra , Lebanon’s new minister of Education Dr Abbas al Halabi appealed to friendly countries for help : “I appeal through Al-Hurra to friendly countries, especially Arab countries and friendly bodies, to extend a helping hand in this exceptional year to students in Lebanon. The problem of education in Lebanon today is a material one, he said . We have a transportation problem, an electricity problem, an Internet problem, books and stationery, and some even have a survival problem a ” Lunch”.

He warned that “it is not permissible for students to remain outside their schools and universities for the third year, otherwise the entire educational system in Lebanon will be subject to a total collapse.” He also called on private schools to take into consideration the economic and social situation of their students’ families.

Minister Al-Halabi expressed his fear of a decline in the educational level in Lebanon if the school year did not open for in person attendance .

In response to a question on when will the school year start , he said “it is too early to say whether we are going to postpone the start of the school year or not,” and that he wants first of all to meet with the teachers’ unions on Tuesday, especially public education.

The minister had some good news and bad news . He said books will be distributed free of charge in public schools and private schools funded by UNICEF and primarily for textbooks approved by the Educational Research Center.”

But the bad news is that this does not apply to imported books