Lebanon’s October 2019 revolution will soon elect its leaders , report, video

Demonstrators woke up on Nov 22, 2019 to an anonymous burning of the giant fist in downtown Beirut, the “symbol of revolution” since the popular movement began on October 17, but this did not deter them from organizing various rallies and activities in Beirut, Sidon, Tripoli and several cities. The marches moved on the beat of national songs and the demonstrators raised the flags of Lebanon, chanting for independence from the parties of the political class, which the protesters blame for the economic deterioration and the political crisis.

To the skeptics of the October 17 revolution, who claim that it is “without a leader “… The revolution will reportedly surprise us soon, and it will achieve what many have been asking for.

Few days reportedly separate us from the election of the leaders of the Lebanese revolution!

In this regard, retired Brigadier General George Nader revealed through “Spot Shot” that “we are working closely with the revolution groups in order to designate representatives to them to enter the Representative Council of the revolution,” noting that “this council may number 200 to 300 people , and these people will then meet to elect the Revolutionary Command Council soon.”

Nader pointed out that “meetings are already taking place for this purpose with the Revolution forces, and for this purpose intensive and daily workshops are being held for several hours in order to choose their representatives to elect the representative council of the Revolution, which in turn will elect the collective leadership of the revolution.”

Nader warned that “Lebanon has entered a phase of total and complete chaos, which the security forces will not be able to tackle any longer.”