The raids didn’t result in any arrests and none was charged, says Lebanon MP

jamil sayyed


Former Intelligence chief MP Jamil Al-Sayed said in a statement on social media that “the raiding of warehouses worth millions of dollars for subsidized materials: medicines, gasoline, diesel, baby formula and others did not result in any arrests by the Lebanese security and no defendant is being charged by the judiciary.”

He added: “Why ? because if they arrest those at the bottom , they will talk about the ones above, and if they arrest the night above, he will talk about the ones above, and the one above is the mafia which is above the law

His statement comes after millions of subsidized fuel were found after army security raided several areas of Lebnaon

Similarly it was revealed today that Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan carried out on Monday an inspection tour of warehouses that store subsidized medicines and infant milk in many Lebanese regions.

The tour aimed at finding out why pharmacies have run out of medications despite the fact that importers of these medications have received the payments for subsidies by the Central bank

Hassan found tons of essential medicines, that are missing in the market, stored in warehouses, as well as large quantities of antibiotics and infant milk.

A large amount of medicines was found in a drug warehouse in Jadra, including medicines for diabetes, kidney diseases, blood pressure, blood thinners and all kinds of medicines, including pain relievers, insulin and antibiotics.

The minister was accompanied by a patrol from the anti-financial crimes unit of the Internal Security Forces and the file was referred to the judiciary for follow up.

Hassan assured that the “investigations will continue in order to identify the culprits,” adding that “the violation is clear” and that “there will be a judicial, financial and administrative process.” 

Hassan also raided a drug warehouse in Al-Akibiya, south of Lebanon, where he found medicines for epilepsy, thyroid disorders and other chronic diseases, as well as a large number of OTC medicines and infant milk.

After contacting the financial prosecutor in southern Lebanon Judge Raheef Ramadan, it was decided that the warehouse will be sealed with red wax and Hassan issued an order calling for the sale to the public of all that was discovered during the investigation