Beirut –

PM designate Najib Mikati ( R) is trying to form a government but president Michel Aoun ( L) is reportedly preventing that from happening as he did to 4 predecessors to Mikati who all quit because of Aoun’s obstacles . Mikati is getting tired of Aoun’s demands and reportedly told him 3 weeks ago during m meeting that he will give himself a three-week deadline to form the new government

Several Lebanese newspapers have published draft cabinet line-ups which indicate that president Michel Aoun is the one who is forming the cabinet not PM designate Najib Mikati

Here is the draft line-up that is being published by the local media : 

– Energy Ministry: to be named by the President, Carole Ayyat, leading candidate

– Deputy PM: To be named by Aoun and Mikati

– Social Affairs: to be named by the President

– Defense: to be named by the President

– Foreign Affairs: Abdallah Bou Habib (to be named by the President and Mi kati)

– Economy: to be named by the President or his allies the SSNP

– Telecom: to be named by the al Marada

– Industry: to be named by the al Marada

– Interior: to be named by Mikati , possible candidates include Ibrahim Basbous, Mohammed al-Hassan or Marwan Zein or a candidate from the al-Hajjar family

– Culture: to be named by Hezbollah, Judge Mohammed Murtada is the leading candidate

– Public Works: to be named by Hezbollah

– Finance: to be named by Amal . leading Candidates Youssef Khalil or Abdullah Nassereddine

– Agriculture: to be named by Amal

– Education: to be named by PSP

– Justice: to be named by Aoun and Mikati . Judge Jihad al-Wadi leading candidate

– Displaced: to be named by , Aoun’s ally the Lebanese Democratic Party

– Labor: to be named by Shiite duo Hezbollah and Amal

– Health: to be named by Mikati – Firass Abiad is leading candidate

Analysts are of the opinion that the new cabinet will be similar to the failed cabinet of caretaker PM Hassan Diab with the only difference is that this cabinet will be called Aoun’s cabinet while Diab’s cabinet is referred to as Hezbollah cabinet

It is important to note here one analyst told Ya Libnan, Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement did not name Mikati as its PM designate candidate and yet it is getting the Lion’s share of the portfolios

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