A video that calls for occupying Lebanon Central bank goes viral


A video that has been circulating on social media of the leader of the the Independent Nasserite Movement – Almorabidoun Mustafa Hamdan, in which he calls on people to occupy the Central Bank and go to the homes of politicians and the centers of main money changers went viral

Here is the video

This is the second video that goes viral in the past 2 days

Yesterday a video of activist Sara El-Yafi ripping Lebanese government went viral

The grand daughter of the late prime minister of Lebanon Abdallah al Yafi who  served   twelve times as PM between 1938 and 1969 described the Lebanese leaders as follows during an interview with France 24 :

“They are mafia lords, militia lords, a can of carcinogenic worms who thrive and survive in sectarian divides.”

She summed up what many Lebanese people had been feeling over the past year. “Hyperinflation is a rare phenomenon in the world, but it is the daily bread of the Lebanese people. This comes at the backdrop of a country that has seen no economic growth for years due to the incomprehensible incompetence of a dreadful ruling class, a damning ruling class that has invested none of our resources on any form of productive investment or societal nation-building but instead was spending, embezzling, stealing the funds of the Lebanese people to uphold their mafia feudal kingdom.”



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