FPM admits its 15 year old agreement with Hezbollah failed in building a state

File photo: FPM founder and current Lebanese president Michel Aoun is shown with Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah during the signing of the memorandum of understanding Feb6, 2006 . FPM admitted 15 years later that agreement failed in building a state. According to analysts the agreement led to the complete collapse of the state of Lebanon and replacing it with the Hezbollah state

The Free Patriotic Movement admitted on Saturday that the memorandum of understanding it inked with Hezbollah fifteen years ago has failed in building state and establishing the rule of law and called for examine it

“On the fifteen’s anniversary of the Mar Mikhael agreement signed between the FPM and Hezbollah , the political council of the FPM believes this understanding needs to be examined,” the FPM political council said in a statement.

On 6 February 2006, the Free Patriotic Movement which was headed at the time by its founder the current president of Lebanon Michel Aoun and the Iranian backed Hezbollah signed a memorandum of understanding in Mar Mikhael Church in Beirut. It established an alliance that according to analysts ” led to the collapse of the state of Lebanon and replaced it with the Hezbollah state” . Aoun was awarded the presidency and his son in law MP Gebran Bassil became FPM ‘s leader .

Former Hezbollah official Sheikh  Hassan Saeed Mishimish who served as the assistant to the first Hezbollah leader Sobhi Tufaili describes Hezbollah today as a terrorist organization that has assassinated and attempted to assassinate all the Lebanese leaders since 2004 . He also accuses it of being the most corrupt organization in Lebanon , that has robbed the state and its people and continues to protect all the corrupt Lebanese politicians , drug dealers and thieves . He says Hezbollah will never be able to liberate one square foot of Palestine but instead it has destroyed Lebanon and has made the Lebanese refugees looking for a country

According to analysts , the alliance gave Hezbollah the Christian political cover to launch a war against Israel that killed 1200 Lebanese mostly civilians and left over a million ( mostly Shiites) homeless , and gave Hezbollah complete control over Lebanon which resulted in the complete collapse of its economy . For the first time ever Lebanon had to default on its international loans and the currency lost 90 % of its value .



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