Al Qaeda affiliate mining uranium to send to Iran, Somalia warn U.S.


iran-missing-nuclear-deviceAn Al Qaeda affiliate has seized control of uranium mines in Africa with the intent of supplying the material to Iran, according to a diplomatic letter from a top Somali official appealing to the U.S. for “immediate military assistance.”

The letter, reviewed by Fox News, was addressed to U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Stephen Schwartz. Somalia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Awad confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that the letter “has indeed been issued” by Minister of Foreign Affairs Yusuf Garaad Omar, whose signature is on the document.

The Aug. 11-dated letter delivered an urgent warning to the U.S. that the al-Shabaab terror network has linked up with the regional ISIS faction and is “capturing territory” in the central part of the country.

“This issue can be summed up in a single word: uranium,” the letter said. “Al-Shabaab forces have captured critical surface exposed uranium deposits in the Galmudug region and are strip mining triuranium octoxide for transport to Iran.”

For the Trump administration, the warning represents yet another potential security threat, as the U.S. government simultaneously grapples with a nuclear standoff with North Korea, the prospect of a stalemate in Afghanistan and ISIS activity across the Middle East and North Africa.

‘Every day that passes without intervention provides America’s enemies with additional material for nuclear weapons.’– Letter from Somalia’s foreign minister to U.S. ambassador

But the letter said “now is not the time to look away,” urging the U.S. ambassador to consider the request for intelligence and military assistance.

“Only the United States has the capacity to identify and smash Al-Shabaab elements operating within our country. The time for surgical strikes and limited engagement has passed, as Somalia’s problems have metastasized into the World’s problems,” the letter said. “Every day that passes without intervention provides America’s enemies with additional material for nuclear weapons. There can be no doubt that global stability is at stake.”

Awad told Fox News that the letter has been acknowledged by the State Department.

The State Department would not comment on the diplomatic letter, but did not dispute its authenticity and referred Fox News to the government of Somalia. Iran was supposed to pull back on its nuclear program under the terms of the agreement struck with the Obama administration.





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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    So where are the people who said Iran do not deal with Al Qaida.. this is coming from sources other than the US and western media. Bin Laden Son is coveted by al Quds Brigade who have groomed him well to organize and attack against Arab and western targets. He came out last year and threatened Saudi Arabia to change the rulers and it’s rules. Yet he never attacked Iran..It’s always strange Israel attacks M14 politicians in Lebanon according to hezbollah and Al Qaida attacks Arabs and western countries but never Iran. why why why..

  2. HAHAHA!!!

    No wonder ‘Murica’s Hollywood is so good at making movies.

  3. Don’t you have a ship to pirate Somali foreign minister?

  4. In other article I hear of the “intent”. The plan, the scheme but not the actual delivery.

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