Netanyahu’s wife Sara expected to be Indicted for fraud in pocketing $110,000 in goods


bibi and wifeIsraeli Attorney general likely to inform Israeli PM ‘s wife Sara Netanyahu of charges in a few weeks Haaretz newspaper reported on Monday

Source  reportedly told s Haaretz  that testimony by state’s witness Ari Harow could change nature of the suspicions against Benjamin Netanyahu from fraud and breach of trust to acceptance of a bribe.

Sara Netanyahu is reportedly suspected of ordering chef’s meals at the prime minister’s official residence, which is against regulations, and concealing the fact that she did so. She and her husband have accused the former chief caretaker of the official residence, Meni Naftali, who is currently leading protests against the prime minister, of inflating the residence’s expenses.

At a rally last week, Netanyahu also accused Naftali of stealing food from the residence. But a senior police official, commenting recently on the high expenses run up at the official residence, said recently that “this phenomenon began before Naftali came to work at the residence and continued after he was fired.”




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  1. Ugly AND thief… Oh well what’s new?

    1. But since – according to your Arab Nazi playbook – the ones she stole from are thieves themselves, does it not make her actions less reprehensible?

      1. Agreed… But hey it is Israelis’ money and your countrymen should end this ongoing corruption.

        1. MekensehParty Avatar

          …said the thief from maroon el ras voting thieves into parliament to hide the massive theft of a terrorists militia that smuggles drugs, weapons, contaminated produce and fake medicine in and out of a country that looks like a robbed bank.

          1. I do not vote… Not here nor there. Waste of gas and time on oligarchs. Sorry to disappoint you.

          2. MekensehParty Avatar

            whether you vote or not is besides the point
            the point being Dactoz Hany is that you are a thief, descendant from a long lineage of corrupt thieves, who are prolonging the rape of the country you’re from AND giving lessons to others about fighting corruption

          3. If it is besides the point why say I am voting for someone I am not? Therefore when caught saying BS you change the subject. I worked very hard for my money and never inherited nor stolen a penny. As to the people who are raping your country I know they are ALL stealing, raping, damaging the environment etc. So what’s your point? I never voted nor approved ANY of them. I do not belong to ANY party here and there. So stop you’re pffffffffffffing because it is wasted on me. Go pfffffffff in your Burger King joint.

          4. MekensehParty Avatar

            Sayyid Hassin has eyes on this blog you know that
            He might pull you out of his butt to slap you before he puts you back in

          5. That is all you have? Cornered aren’t we?

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          7. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Dementia related Korsakov fast approaching, keep it alive Single Malt Scotch.

          8. Damn. humans did evolve from chimps… They look like straight out of planet of the apes.

          9. Hind Abyad Avatar

            ‘Netanyahu, say hi from me to the penguins in Antarctica’


      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        damn I doubt the moron can handle such a paradox

        1. I wonder if he can tie his shoelaces unassisted.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Can you pee unassisted?

          2. Can’t take a break can you. Do you pee with one foot in the bowl and trickle down?

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You’re the pride of YaLibnan.

          4. I know.

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          6. Hind Abyad Avatar


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