Persians hate the Arabs. “Will never forget their defeat by the Arabs in Qadisiya battle”


 “Persians will never forget their defeat at the hands of Arabs in the Battle of Qadisiya 1,400 years ago. It is as if a fire keeps seething under the ashes and is waiting for the right moment to explode.” 

The relationship between Arabs and Persians has always been a source of controversy, not only owing to the contemporary power struggle in the region, but also because of a long history of rivalry that formed an integral part of the national psyche of both people. Iranian intellectual Sadek Zibakalam provides deep insight into the different levels of this enduring animosity.

“I think the majority of Iranians of all types hate Arabs, and I believe they hate us, too,” Sadek Zibakalam, who is also a professor at the University of Tehran, said in an interview with the Iranian weekly Sobh Azade.

Zibakalam said there is a link between racism and a lack of education, and pointed out that this is the case in Europe, where people who express hatred against Jews or Muslims or foreigners are mostly uneducated. However, the situation tends to be different in Iran.

“The phenomenon of hating Arabs is very common among intellectuals in Iran,” he said.

He added that religious people also frequently express their resentment of Arabs, which usually comes in the form of curses directed at Sunnis.

“As a matter of fact, Iranians’ constant attacks on Sunnis stem from their hatred of Arabs.”

This hatred, Zibakalam argued, is not the product of the current hegemony conflict in the region, as many people might suspect, but has its roots in history.

“Persians will never forget their defeat at the hands of Arabs in the Battle of Qadisiya 1,400 years ago. It is as if a fire keeps seething under the ashes and is waiting for the right moment to explode,” he said.

Iran’s attempts to gain supremacy in the region are not triggered by political ambition as much as by a racist drive that pushes Iranians to prove they are superior, the professor said.

“Whenever Iran issues any fiery statement about our neighbors in the U.A.E, Qatar, or Kuwait, you can easily detect that they revolve around a belief that Persians are superior. Listen to our foreign minister, parliament speaker, or even mosque imams, and you will notice that derogatory tone they use and which focuses on the racial and not the political superiority of Persians.”

He cited the example of the U.A.E., which many Iranians, politicians and clergy derides in their statements.

“They would say that if Iranians just blow some air across the Persian Gulf, they would wipe the U.A.E off the map,” he said.

When asked whether the stance of the people is similar to that of the government as far as hatred of Arabs is concerned, Zibakalam replied in the affirmative.

“Yes, people are like the government, and may be even more racist and intolerant.”

For example, he said, when a couple of years ago the U.A.E said it was not going to drop its opposition to Iran’s occupation of three disputed Islands in the Gulf and referring to the “Persian Gulf,” large numbers of people rallied in front of the U.A.E embassy in Tehran with a cake that had 35 candles: they were making fun of the U.A.E’s 35-year history, compared to Iran’s 2,500.”

He added that Iranians also criticize their compatriots who travel to Arab countries. For example, they always ask why they would go and spend their money in Arab countries, while they never do the same with Turkey, where huge numbers of Iranians go.

“This even applies to religious trips to the Arab world, while if Mecca or Karbala were in Turkey or Malaysia, Iranians would not have a problem with people going there,” Zibakalam said.

 He added that Persian racism against Arabs becomes very clear in language, and that the establishment of the Persian Language Institute was intended to carry out a plan to remove Arabic words from the Persian language.

“Arabic words that have been in the Persian language for more than 1,00 years would be removed even though they are mentioned in great literary works like The Shahnameh and the poetry of Rumi, all of which are parts of our history.”

Zibakalam also admitted that this “racism” for which Iranians are known is not practiced against Arabs only, but also against other non-Persian ethnicities inside Iran.

“If for example we take jokes as an indication of the way we view people, you will find how the Turkmens and the Lur are the most ridiculed in our jokes.”

That same goes for other groups, such as Kurds and the Baluchi, he added.

Zibakalam was born in 1948 to a Shiite family in Tehran and obtained his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Bradford in the U.K. He is currently a member of the Scientific Association at Tehran University.

Zibakalam was a critic of the Shah and a supporter of former Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadeq. He was sent to jail for two years during the Shah’s reign.

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Zebakalam held several government positions and played a major role in the Iranian Cultural Revolution, in which academics who did not toe the line of the new republic were dismissed. He, however, expressed his regret for taking part in the revolution and issued a direct apology.

One of the things known about Zebakalam is that he has never belonged to any party, and that he criticizes both conservatives and reformists. He is also said to be close to former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Al Arabiya



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  1. “Persians will never forget their defeat at the hands of Arabs in the Battle of Qadisiya 1,400 years ago. It is as if a fire keeps seething under the ashes and is waiting for the right moment to explode,” he said.
    “As a matter of fact, Iranians’ constant attacks on Sunnis stem from their hatred of Arabs.”

    I wonder if Hezbollah followers and supporters know that the Persians really hate them

    1. They do and that is why Iran is run by Arabs… They are known as Mullahs. Besides, in regards to language, they are hiding behind their finger, the middle one that is 😉 because the Koran they follow is written in Arabic.

      1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

        It is said that if you follow the Qoran you will end up in Paradise, which is a Persian concept. In other words the ultimate goal of Arabs is to be Iranians, not the other way around.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Stop the sectarian hate speech, you working for Zionists?
          Zionists want Lebanon

          1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            I’m sorry Hind but Iranians are at the receiving end of hate speeches and Arabs have proven to be not so much our backers but our backstabbers…. Hannibal doesn’t even appreciate Iranian support for Lebanon.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You can’t discuss without arrogant sectarian hatred insulting Arabs.
            I don’ know what happened to Irani Angel intelligence and humour i knew, did you suffer a car accident?

          3. “I don’ know what happened to Irani Angel intelligence and humour i knew”

            You see, even Dumbiyad can sometimes be funny. Albeit only unintentionally. 🙂

          4. Taking turns between your different usernames?

          5. That’s a dumber-than-dumb comment even by your non-existent standards, pal.

          6. I find it interesting that you, with his deviant, inhuman fetishes, talks about standards. There again, people often talk about what they don’t have.

          7. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            I was naive back then… but thanks to Hannibal and sometimes even yourself (Upvote of Danny’s posts etc) my prejudices are confirmed.

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          9. Jealous much? You prejudiced prick…

          10. Of what? Pick a country and your can find pics and/or videos of their people. What bias is that oh sage one.

          11. You know what your problem is rudest rudy? You read to answer, you never read to comprehend. The video was an answer to that Irani racist who hates Arabs despite the fact that only a minority is a takfiri. I was not pointing out beauty and such but that they have a culture and Art like everyone else.

          12. You know what your problem is? You fail to understand that your answers are ofter non related, deflections or just plain silly responses.

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          23. Hannibal is not the only one with non related answers.
            It is the characteristic of “The trio”.

            Hind Abyads sources are with the dissuasive examples;
            “Earth Is Flat as a Pita: Meet the Israelis Who Push the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory”

            Today she enjoying that she can point out those idiots who have the same intellectual level as Hindenburg, she pointed out the haaretz article on Twitter. “Earth Is Flat as a Pita: The Israelis Who Push the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory.
            In their eyes, the moon landing never happened. Another sign of the post-truth era?”
            read more:

   The late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon

          24. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Go in peace, i up vote intelligence, humour, not sectarian hatred arrogance.

          25. You said it… I do not want support from ANYONE. I want everything made in Lebanon and ALL OF YOU, Persians Israelis Syrians Americans French Saudis Palestinians etc. Get out of our lives we do not want you in Lebanon and we certainly DO NOT need your help. bel 3arabe le mshabra7 7ello 3an ayrna.

          26. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Go on… the more you talk the more you confirm my prejudices…

          27. Prejudice: Definition: preconceived opinion that is NOT based on reason or actual experience.

          28. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Thank you for the explanation… of course these are not prejudices as my antipathy is based on facts.

          29. Hind Abyad Avatar

            I’m fed up.

          30. “Zionists want Lebanon from 1918”

            Judging from their behavior, it looks like even the Lebanese don’t really want Lebanon.

          31. Lebanon is not Palestine… Like Leonidas said: Persians (Israelis)!!!! Come and get them (The weapons of the resistance)

          32. Mindlessly farting into outer space again? Well, at least you’re not in a closed room with anybody. 🙂

          33. Here educate yourself a little… You will find the DNA evidence that you did not exist in the Levant but you are a fake entity with a fake invented heritage. Lebanon is NOT Arab: and here is the REAL evidence unlike your blabbing and mouth farting…

          34. They don’t know today who is Lebanese …… and for sure don’t know what they want…..
            But they do know that everyone wants Lebanon……. the whore country that everyone uses.

          35. Zionists want Lebanon since 1918.

            Correct. The early Zionists made their intentions clear at the 1919 Peace Conference of Versailles: to be allowed to annex the South of Lebanon for its fresh water wealth (Litani, Hasbani and Wazzani rivers).

          36. Zionists want Lebanon since 1918.

            Precisely. The early Zionists made their intentions clear at the 1919 Peace Conference of Versailles: to be allowed to annex the South of Lebanon for its fresh water wealth (Litani, Hasbani and Wazzani rivers).

        2. Now I am certain you lost it…

          1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            In that case you are not gonna like the following: SInce Paradise is Persian we won’t let Arabs in hahahaha

          2. Good luck to you… Allah sent His Kuran in ARABIC to an ARAB. Have fun with that 😛 ha ha ha ha he he he he

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Can’t stop laughing…

          4. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Arabic was invented by Iranians.

          5. Arabic evolved from Western Semitic languages… Iran is East.

          6. Sibawayh was an ethnic Persian and was not a native speaker of Arabic. Even your Persian language is written with Arabic Alphabet.

          7. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            That’s what I’m saying… Iranians invented Arabic

          8. Languages are not invented… They evolve from a predecessor language and Arabic is a semitic language whereas Farsi is NOT despite the fact that they stole many words from Arabic after they were conquered by Khalid ibn al-Walid after their collective aS$ was handed to them in al-Qadisiya.

          9. Persians were called Ajam or illiterate . How can illiterate people invent a language ?
            If you are referring to Sibawayh he had the genius of the Arabic language as his teacher , his name is Abu ‘Abd ar-Raḥmān al-Khalīl ibn Aḥmad ibn ‘Amr ibn Tammām al-Farāhīdī al-Azdī al-Yaḥmadī who was from Oman.

          10. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Ajams rank 16th worldwide and first in the Moslem world in terms of scientific output despite having the largest brain drain in the world. On top of that compare the Iranian diaspora with the Arab/Moslem economic migrants in the West.
            If the Arabs were the slightest like the Iranians the entire region would be PARADISE.

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Please refer to ancient Bedouin Wahhabi sect, who lived in tents in the Desert, before British made them nouveaux riches with no civilisation and used them to destroy Mesopotamia, were civilisation was born.

          12. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            I only consider Sunnis as Arabs meaning that Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain aren’t Arabs.

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar

            That’s your business.

          14. Well said…

          15. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            “well said” huh? I look forward to the day people of this region do the “well done” instead… we can talk all day but only action is productive…. so pull yourself together ya nas.

          16. What did she say that upset you? That tent Arabs are not the same as the Levantine Aramaic? and?

          17. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            You missed the point completely.

          18. Hind Abyad Avatar

            How can you say Persians are “illiterate”? This is an absurdity.

          19. Hind Abyad Avatar

            HAHA….Arabic is from Semitic roots.
            Iranians are not Arabs. Go back to school.

          20. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            “It is a remarkable fact that, with few exceptions, most Muslim scholars both in the religious and in the intellectual sciences have been non-Arabs [ajams/Persians]. Even if a scholar is of Arab origin, he is Persian in language and upbringing and has Persian teachers […]

            […] the founders of grammar were Sibawayh [Persian from Shiraz] and, after him, al-Farsi and az-Zajjaj. All of them were of ajam (Persian) descent. They were brought up in the Arabic language and acquired the knowledge of it through their upbringing and through contact with Arabs. They invented the rules of (grammar) and made (grammar) into a discipline (in its own right) for later (generations to use).”

            – Ebn Khaldun

          21. Paradise is a crock of shiite. There is no god, just look around.

          22. Sex & Chocolate Avatar
            Sex & Chocolate

            I have been looking around and I see evidence of a clever experienced devil, unfortunately the idiot religions and religious trouble makers make the news and bring the worst of every one from all sides as evidenced in the comment box, would evidence of peaceful people living in accordance with the will of God even be mentioned any where? If the haters seek, They will find but everyone is fighting to be right about wrongs already done by previous leaders on all sides yet it is sad that this place rarely displays people seeking respectful dialogue or desire to acknowledge common ground, dont look for god here rascal it is not where he would want to be 😉

          23. God NOT god… The Alpha and the Omega… The Beginning and the End… King of kings… אלוהים “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh” He Who Has NO Name the Elohim of ALL existence… Allah Al-Malik “Aabon Daabitou el Koll” …

          24. zorbatheturk Avatar

            Did you see that devil in the Kremlin and if so were his initials VVP?

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        3. Paradise here means Garden of Eden . Nothing to do with Iran and that is why the Persians are trying to court the Houthis in order to be closer to Aden. The Arabs never ever aspired to be Iranians that is why they call them Ajam meaning illeterate .

          1. LOL

          2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            How can Paradise be Paradise if Arabs are there? Arabs belong to Para-site not Para-dise

    2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      Arabs hate each others even more… Look at the Arab world…

  2. Hind Abyad Avatar

    Al Arabiya?..YaLibnan has no independent news..

    1. Whaaaaa….whaaaaa….whaaaa. Take a nap.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Are you guarding sheep?

  3. “Persians hate the Arabs.”

    Hell, Arabs seem to hate (other) Arabs, maybe even more than they hate the Jooz. What can you expect from Persians? 🙂

    1. Jew-hating must be of greater priority than Arab-hating in ‘modern’ Iran. Otherwise wouldn’t they abandon their adherence to the 7th century death cult and revert to their earlier more peaceful ideologies such as Zoroastrianism?

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            That’s your answer “probably”? “And i live next door” next door to what?

            Oh don’t be sorry i was educated in French in Lebanon.
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            “You are a Lebanese wannabe living in Canada, hoping for jihad, destruction and war while you watch CBC specials on Islamophobia
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            So it’s you who watch CBC specials on Islamophobia in Nova Scotia….
            Quebec is 400 years old

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          21. Hind Abyad Avatar

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      2. The ideological hatred of Jooz is unquestionably deeply ingrained in them but the opportunities to actually live it out are limited. It’s different with their hatred of Sunni Arabs.

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          they have not oligarchs?
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  4. Arab Caliphate, Turkish Caliphate and Persian Caliphate. So many Caliphates, so little time.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar

      And King David created the Harems

    2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      Persian “caliphate”? Do you have a brain? Arabs have caliphates only.

      1. Muslims have Caliphates.

        1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

          FIrst of all we are not Moslems, Second: Iran had Padeshah, never caliphate.

          1. “We” are not Muslims? How many of “we” are there versus how Iranians are Muslim?

          2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Majority of the Iranians aren’t Moslems.

          3. In Iran or throughout the world? All info I see shows the majority of Iranians as Muslims

          4. Can you elaborate on that? The Iranian government claims as much as 90% muslim population, they are wrong by your assessment.

          5. NOT Muslims? Why then are the Mullahs in charge? Because people/army formula voted them in.

          6. The questions were obviously over your head.

          7. and your head under my foot…

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Had in the Past..till recent ISIS

        3. PatienceTew Avatar

          The ‘weak-brained’ have caliphates (those unable to govern themselves).

    3. The Caliphate is a Sunni Arabian thingy, not Shia.

      1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

        Akeed inta mannak Libnani la2enno 3a2lak kbir. Inta mish amsal l 3arab –
        Phoenicians iza baddak. 3a bali enno inta mn Iran w bt5b.

    4. zorbatheturk Avatar

      I sense kebab franchise opportunities.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Zorba is a proud Greek Orthodox. You sense Stepan Bandera Avatardness disappeared when i said; Blocked

  5. Hind Abyad Avatar

    Al Arabiya’s problem not ours.

    1. Who’s ours?

      1. Her Iranian paymasters of course

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Lebanon Christianzzzzz

        1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

          What about the Shiites and Druze?

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            They have to live together.
            Christians are disappearing on our borders, we don’t need Israel puppets like Geagea

          2. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
            Vlad Pufagtinenko


          3. Hind Abyad Avatar

            We know you hate Christians like pro Zio-Nazi comrades.

  6. (laughing)

    The “volunteers” at YaLibnan sure go to great lengths to find (read: copy-paste propagandist articles from Al Arabiya) to get the commenting section going (193 comments so far and counting) and the number of visitors of their website steady.

    Mega-Strength hemorrhoid cream doesn’t seem to cut it down in KSA anymore.

    In all seriousness, remembering conflicts, wars, defeats, massacres, genocides, etc is not inherent to Persian/Iranians. All people remember them.

    1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      The story angle is horrible, agreed.
      Despite 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq both get along seemingly well. Iraqis visit Mashhad and Iranians visit Najaf and Karbala.

      But this Zibakalam is known for his anti-Arab statements. Once he was quoted saying: Iran is more Palestinian than Palestine itself.

  7. Hind Abyad Avatar


    1. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
      Vlad Pufagtinenko

      RT and Sputnik is real journalism. Unless of course you say something your wife beating hero doesn’t like.

      1. That’s a joke …….. right.

        1. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
          Vlad Pufagtinenko

          Which part?

          1. All of it.

        2. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
          Vlad Pufagtinenko

          Your first language is probably not English… issues with me calling putin a wife beater?

          1. It is English or American if you prefer. And your comment is still a joke.

          2. You have a annal fetish I see. Perhaps you don’t understand that I really don’t care about RT and sputnik news, nor do I trust them. Peddle your tabloid BS somewhere else.

          3. I think you missed the sarcasm

          4. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
            Vlad Pufagtinenko

            So in other words, you’re OK with wife beating…..of course you are.

          5. In my words “Peddle your tabloid BS somewhere else.”

          6. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
            Vlad Pufagtinenko

            At least we know what you are comrade.

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar

        RT and Sputnik is real journalism.

        1. Vlad Pufagtinenko Avatar
          Vlad Pufagtinenko


          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Comrade putrescente
            “Google says it found no trace of Russia’s interference in US election on its ad platforms”

            “Google has said it has failed to unearth any facts that would implicate Moscow in exploiting its advertising tools to manipulate the US elections. It comes after Facebook said it had found dozens of Russia-linked fake pages promoting divisive US-related issues.”


  8. Igor Chingoski Avatar
    Igor Chingoski

    How the hell they are going to read the quran? oh I got it is like the torah was made in china

    1. Igor, take a breath, relax, have a soothing beverage of your choice. We can work this out.

      1. Tora is the Jews guidebook for everyday life.
        The Quran, is the Muslims guidebook for everyday life – different groups of people and no matter if it is Western Muslims or the Orient Muslims.

        It is strange how the Arab world and their supporters (anti-Jews) make the most effort to tell the world that there are no Jews, the Jews in the Middle East converted first to Christianity and then to Islam.

        Now only Palestinian Arabs are allowed to claim that they were the only ones that have always existed in the country….

        Nowadays, there are only Europeans who converted to Judaism – not to forget The Khazars.

        The ruling elite of the Khazars was said by Judah Halevi and Abraham ibn Daud to have converted to Rabbinic Judaism in the 8th century,[20] but the scope of the conversion within the Khazar Khanate remains uncertain.

        An Aryan organisation (Anti Zionist League) contributed with this The Khazar Con

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar

      Hi Igor, did you know dear 5th passed away? I miss his bright spirit.

  9. PatienceTew Avatar

    The Iranians have long showen themselves to be hateful — is anyone surprised that a little is now spilling over onto the arabs?

    1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      Cookie, If you want Iranians to love you, you have to earn it.

      1. PatienceTew Avatar

        Iranians loving me??…a truly frightening thought!

  10. PatienceTew Avatar

    Removing the words of Arabic origin will increasingly exaggerate the porcine grunt-like sounds already present in the language.

    1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      If you want to remove the grunt-like sounds from both Hebrew and Arabic, all words should be removed from both languages.

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