Macron wins French presidency by emphatic margin: projections


MACRON WINSEmmanuel Macron was elected president of France on Sunday with a business-friendly vision of European integration, defeating Marine Le Pen, a far-right nationalist who threatened to take France out of the European Union, early projections showed.

The centrist’s emphatic victory, which also smashed the dominance of France’s mainstream parties, will bring huge relief to European allies who had feared another populist upheaval to follow Britain’s vote to quit the EU and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president.

The 39-year-old former investment banker, who served for two years as economy minister but has never previously held elected office, will now become France’s youngest leader since Napoleon with a promise to transcend outdated left-right divisions.

Three projections, issued within minutes of polling stations closing at 8 p.m. (2 p.m. ET), showed Macron beating Le Pen by around 65 percent to 35 – a gap wider than the 20 or so percentage points that pre-election surveys had pointed to.

Even so, it was a record performance for the National Front, a party whose anti-immigrant policies until recently made it a pariah in French politics, and underlined the scale of the divisions that he must try to heal.

Le Pen’s high-spending, anti-globalisation ‘France-first’ policies may have unnerved financial markets but they appealed to many poorer members of society against a background of high unemployment, social tensions and security concerns.

The 48-year-old’s share of the vote was set to be almost twice that won by her father Jean-Marie, the last National Front candidate to qualify for a presidential runoff, who was trounced by Jacques Chirac in 2002.

Macron’s immediate challenge will be to secure a majority in next month’s parliamentary election for En Marche! (Onwards!), his political movement that is barely a year old, in order to implement his program.

However, at least one opinion poll published in the run-up to the second round has indicated that this could be within reach.

Despite having served briefly as economy minister in President Francois Hollande’s deeply unpopular Socialist government, Macron managed to portray himself as the man to recast a political landscape moulded by the left-right divisions of the last century.

While Macron sees France’s way forward in boosting the competitiveness of an open economy, Le Pen wanted to shield French workers by closing borders, quitting the EU’s common currency the euro, radically loosening the bloc and scrapping trade deals.

Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuze said France had chosen to retain its place at the heart of Europe.

Shortly after the first projections were published, Le Pen, 48, said she had congratulated Macron. But she defiantly claimed the mantle of France’s main opposition in calling on “all patriots to join us” in constituting a “new political force”.

Her deputy said this new force would not be called “National Front”.

When he moves into the Elysee Palace after his inauguration next weekend, Macron will become the eighth – and youngest – president of France’s Fifth Republic.

He plans to blend a big reduction in public spending and a relaxation of labor laws with greater investment in training.

A European integrationist and pro-NATO, he is orthodox in foreign and defense policy and shows no sign of wishing to change France’s traditional alliances or re-shape its military and peace-keeping roles in the Middle East and Africa.

His election also represents a long-awaited generational change in French politics that have been dominated by the same faces for years.

He will be the youngest leader in the current Group of Seven (G7) major nations and has elicited comparisons with youthful leaders past and present, from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to British ex-premier Tony Blair and even President John F. Kennedy in the United States.




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  1. Arzna Avatar

    What a humiliation for both Le Pen and Russia’s Putin!!!
    Despite the desperate last minute hacking Macron won big time.
    It has been well documented that Macron’s victory will be Putin’s loss .
    Macron was the only French presidential candidate with an anti-Putin stance.
    On the other hand Le Pen has supported Russia’s annexation of Crimea and as a result, she has opposed the European Union’s sanctions on Russia. Furthermore, her party has borrowed money from Russian banks, after lenders in France refused loans due to the National Front’s racist past. One of these loans, of 9 million euros ($9.77 million) was lent by First Czech Russian Bank, which reportedly has links to the Kremlin.
    Macron criticized Russia during the campaign and said it has returned to an aggressive foreign policy . He said that sanctions should be in place until Russia respects the Minsk agreement – which seeks peace in Ukraine.
    In addition Macron wants to strengthen the EU, which runs against the interest of the Kremlin to weaken it.
    The French voters proved to be smartest of all and are the real big winners tonight .

    1. Omega Avatar

      On the other hand Le Pen has supported Russia’s annexation of Crimea

      When are you intending to bring up the EU-US-Exxon clusterfuck coup that brought neo-fascists in power? Let me guess: you never knew.

      she has opposed the European Union’s sanctions on Russia.

      You need to get yourself up to date: the sanctions on Russia only hurt the EU.

      Furthermore, her party has borrowed money from Russian banks

      And he’s a Rothschild puppet. This is a war between the ruling classes of the world, not between Macron and Le Pen.

      Macron criticized … He said … Macron wants …

      He said, he wants, he this, he that. Nothing will happen. Macron is a dumb puppet who makes Trump look smart (and that says a lot). Despite not having the slightest background in finance and economy, he was appointed to key government positions (dealing directly with finance and economy) by another puppet of the same clan, François Hollande. Here is what people had to say about him when he worked for the Rothschild:

      The graduate of ENA, the elite school that breeds France’s future leaders, came recommended by powerful alumni of the institution, including François Henrot, a longtime Rothschild partner. But young bankers were not so impressed.

      “He was the guy who would constantly say ‘thank you’,” a former colleague said. “He didn’t know what ebitda [earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation] was. He didn’t try to hide it. And instead of looking it up in a corporate finance book, he asked around, which was disarming.”

      Worth nothing that he said also the following about terrorism: “This threat, this imponderable problem, is part of our daily lives for the years to come.

      1. Arzna Avatar

        It looks like you are another one of these losers tonight .

        1. Omega Avatar

          It most likely looks like you don’t have anything to say (read: can’t contradict). Macron or Le Pen is of no relevance to me. As I told you, this is a war between the ruling classes where the average people will end up losing even more.

    2. HebAlba Avatar

      With Zionist presidents Sarkozy and Holland France not surprising..

      France’s Macron Campaign Emails Appear to Be Leaked Online
      Reuters May 05, 2017

      A large trove of emails from the campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was posted online late on Friday, 1-1/2 days before voters go to the polls to choose the country’s next president in a run-off against far-right rival Marine Le Pen.
      Some nine gigabytes of data were posted by a user called EMLEAKS to Pastebin, a document-sharing site that allows anonymous posting. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for posting the data or if any of them were genuine.

      In a statement, Macron’s political movement En Marche! (Onwards!) confirmed that it had been hacked.
      “The En Marche! Movement has been the victim of a massive and co-ordinated hack this evening which has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information,” the statement said.”

      We know from all Zionists are protagonists.
      Samantha Vinograd, Vice President, Goldman Sachs – Atlantic Council …ew ..York, NY, United States. Vinograd began her career in Baghdad working for the US Department of the Treasury…ew..

  2. Niemals Avatar

    My respect to the French voters, the real winners tonight. ???????? ????????

  3. HebAlba Avatar

    France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges

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