Hariri: We should distance Lebanon from region’s fires

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri with a delegation of Lebanese businessmen

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri  said that the politicians should sacrifice for Lebanon’s sake and preserve stability because it is essential for the country’s progress.

“There is a dangerous plot in the region and we should preserve Lebanon and keep it away from neighboring wars and fires,” Hariri warned on Thursday.

The PM was addressing at his office at the Grand Serail representatives of Beirut families and dignitaries who came to congratulate him on gaining parliament’s vote of confidence.

“The government will immediately begin studying the vital projects and solving the problems from which the citizens are suffering all over Lebanon, and in the capital in particular, namely electricity, water, traffic, and public transport,” Hariri said.

He added: “I know that a lot of work needs be done and there are many problems especially for the youth who are leaving the country. We should work to improve Lebanon, activate the economy and make Beirut once again the jewel it was before … I need the support of each and every one of you because this country proved that we should work together and preserve national unity.”

Hariri stressed it was important not to paralyze the country as a result of political differences. “We should not put obstacles, because it has become clear that the major political differences are not religious or sectarian but purely political.”

“It is important to restore tourism and create new job opportunities for the youth so they remain in their land. In the coming weeks, Beirut Municipality will launch a number of projects regarding garbage or electricity in order to meet the needs of the capital.”

“Our commitment to moderation has proved its worthiness in sparing Lebanon many slides. Moderation, and not extremism, is the strength, despite the knowledge that extremism has no religion or sect and is not restricted to Muslims,” he added.

Asharq Al-Awsat



2 responses to “Hariri: We should distance Lebanon from region’s fires”

  1. True and best wishes. Here are my suggestions:
    * You should start with removing the militia heads (or marginalize them to become irreverent).
    * Abolish sectarian government appointments (Lebanon belongs to all Lebanese)
    * Establish policies and legislature that are independent of who is charge at that moment in time
    * Implement term limits for the parliament.
    * Do projects that benefit Lebanon, not what’s right for the $$ donors (Get rid of corruption)

    1. That’s it

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