Ain Dara residents protest against Fattoush’s cement plant project


Ain Dara signResidents of the mountain resort town of  Ain Dara protested  Wednesday   against the establishment of PierreFattoush’s cement plant project , National News Agency reported.

They  banned cement mixer vehicles from entering the village, NNA added.

Fouad Haidamous Mayor  of Ain Dara town said: “The municipal council respects the law and will be closing down all illegal quarries. It will work on banning the establishment of a cement factory.”

Pierre Fattoush who is the brother of MP Nicolas Fattoush, wants to establish a huge project and cement factory in the outskirts of Ain Dara which lies near the Shout Cedar Reserve area .

Fattoush's cement plant project in the mountain resort town of Ain Dara
Fattoush’s cement plant project in the mountain resort town of Ain Dara

Fattoush originally wanted to build the plant in Zahle , but the its residents also rejected the project

The residents of Ain Dara are determined to block the establishment of the project and  have organized environmental, social and political campaigns to fight it all the way .

Earlier this month ( Pierre) Fattoush reportedly threatened to kill the female employee at the municipality, Therese Bader, after she refused to sign one of the documents  he  submitted to establish the cement plant in outskirts of the town.

Pierre fattoush
Pierre Fattoush

Apparently it was not the first  for the  Fattoush brothers . In 2014, gunmen loyal to the MP and his brother assaulted a TV crew during the filming of a report on the construction of a controversial cement factory.



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    ‘The People’ … May FINALLY be being heard … The Sand pits on the LITANI (both legal and illegal) are being shut down too (until they ‘repair’ the damages caused.)

    1. Rudy1947 Avatar

      Then again, what else does Lebanon have?

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Good ! That mafia ruining Lebanon’s landscape like in the Holy Hole.

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