Syrian regime celebrating Lebanon suicide bombings. Assad MP urges Hariri’s assassination

Sheikh Ahmad al Shallash
Sheikh Ahmad al Shallash

The Syrian regime is reportedly celebrating the waves of suicide bombings that took place in the al Beqaa border town of Al Qaa, which lies few kilometers from the Syrian border. Sheikh Ahmad al Shallash a pro Syrian regime member of the parliament  and a well know journalist and commentator tweeted on Tuesday

“Don’t get mad over the suicide bombing in al Beqaa. Get mad if this kid ( former Lebanese prime minister and Future Movement leader MP) Saad Hariri is still alive and not disabled and  has not yet been assassinated like his father .”

Former Lebanese PM and Saad’s father Raffic Hariri was assassinated in 2005 in downtown Beirut. All fingers were pointed at Syria over his assassination . 5 Hezbollah suspects were later found to have been behind Hariri’s murder . Syrian president Bashar al Assad reportedly ordered Hezbollah to assassinate Hariri.



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  1. I am sure the terrorists Hezbollah will kill the son just like they killed his father since this is a direct order from the Syrian government (aka crazy Iranian mullahs).

    1. The fils seems much more inept than the pere, so maybe the other inept fils will give him a pass.

  2. Karma is a bitch; the Syrian regime, stood watch over Lebanon’s misery for 25+ years, now the world watches Syria getting torn apart. I feel saddened, while innocent civilians die and suffer, yet the instigators and evil doers get to voice their ignorance and hate.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      “evil doers” …. the one line from Bush we actually like and agree with. 😉

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Junk article for dummies and blond Sheikh (Hariri friends):-l

    1. master09 Avatar

      99% of news and blogs are Junk, this no exception.

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