Did Hezbollah lie about Badreddine’s killer ?


Israeli security agencies leaked a report that refutes the official statement issued by Hezbollah which claimed that its top commander Mustafa Amine Badreddine was killed by a shell fired by the takfiris. Israel military sources reported that Hezbollah did not tell the truth, and chose the easy way out. The sources emphasized that Badreddine’s assassination was carried out by a smart bomb, which is only possessed by a strong country in the region.

The military expert, known to be close to the sources of information Alex Fishman was quoted as saying:
“After floundering for three consecutive days, the Hezbollah leadership decided to resort to lying .After consultation with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders, it decided to close the case of the assassination of Badreddine. It decided to give an answer that will satisfy its men in the Syrian battlefield and which will not require the party to respond and open up new fronts neither at at home nor abroad.

Fishman was quoted as saying : “Under normal conditions Hezbollah leaders have always pointed the responsibility directly at Israel, but they warned this time in the official statements against accusing Israel of being responsible in order to avoid a confrontation on Lebanon’s southern border . Badreddine , who was deputy secretary general of the party, and head of the military apparatus, was assassinated in a professional manner, and is not true that he was killed by rebels in Syria as has been claimed in the conclusions of the investigation by the commission of inquiry appointed by tHezbollah to examine his death circumstances. ”

Reports from Beirut indicated that Badreddine was present when he was assassinated at a Hezbollah secret facility inside the Damascus airport area, and that there was an explosion in the room led to his death. But no one else was hurt in the explosion.

“The assassination of Badreddine is not only a moral blow for Hezbollah but is a strike against the strategic triangle of Iran, Syria and “Hezbollah”, according to the report.



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  1. Barry Avatar

    I do not think he was killed by his own, as much Arab media is reporting. I am guessing he was killed by either Israel (with help from some internal enemy/enemies) or Iran sacrificed him for not coming to SAA aid during Aleppo battles two weeks ago (he did not want more HA casualties since he felt IRGC and SAA were not fighting as hard as his guys).

  2. Rascal Avatar

    “Did Hezbollah lie about Badreddine’s killer ?” It is a rare day that Hezbullah can be seen as truthful.

  3. master09 Avatar

    Bullllshit is the only thing that comes out of the dress wearing Hasssssan. But most Lebanese like to listen to crap like the resistance story built as a Trojan horse.

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