10 things Lebanese realize when they return to Lebanon



There are millions of Lebanese living around the world, and that affects the way the country functions. It has lead to an influx of people coming back to the country on every holiday. With their arrival, returning Lebanese seem to realize many things they had forgotten about the country.

Here are some of the things all Lebanese expats remember when they return to their country…

1. The food is even better than you remember


You’ve been craving tabbouleh for months now, but you actually forgot how amazing it was… Like, how could you even let it go in the first place?

2. The people are simultaneously worse and better than you remember


Lebanese people will never cease to amaze you with how awesome and awful they are. It’s most probably the people you didn’t want to see who end up making your vacation. Your “friends” turn out to have become horrible people …

3. You forgot how much looks matter


The moment you get back, you’ll hear at least a hundred comments about the way you look, how you’re dressing or what you’ve done with your hair. You almost forgot how much looks matter in Lebanon. You’ve honestly just given yourself a break abroad where you’re working or going to school. There, no one cares what you look like.

4. You realize that punctuality just doesn’t exist here



No one ever shows up on time, so you might as well set your watch an hour late. You forgot how everyone’s always late, and now you feel like you’re wrong for actually being on time for things.

5. You forgot how terrible traffic is



How did you ever get anywhere? The roads are always so full of cars that you almost give up on going to places just to avoid being stuck in traffic for 20 minutes… Then you remember that this is the norm in Lebanon.

6. You remember the true meaning of hospitality


You forgot that strangers could be this good to you. No matter where you are in the world, you will never find any people who are nicer or more genuine than Lebanese people. They welcome you into their homes without even knowing you, and it’s actually amazing how different it is from what you see abroad.

7. You remember that water and electricity are a luxury


You will always be shocked the first time electricity goes out for no reason in the middle of the day and no one freaks out, but then you remember. How did you ever find this normal? You cannot imagine what would happen in other countries if someone opened the tap and no water came out… But in Lebanon, it’s just another Monday morning.

8. You realize how bad the Internet is


Wait, it takes like triple the amount of time it takes you abroad to download a song off the Internet? Why is it so slow? How could you have lived here your whole life?? Honestly, you give kudos to the people who are making it work with such a slow connection. You could never…

9. You remember how fun nights in Lebanon are



Whether you’re spending your nights with the family playing cards until daybreak or club hopping with your friends, you had no idea how much fun you’ve been missing out on while you were away. Every weekend in Lebanon is an adventure, and so are most weekdays, and there’s nothing Lebanese people love more than a little bit of fun. And by a little bit, we mean a whole lot of fun!

10. You realize that there’s no place like home


No matter how good you got it outside, every time you visit Lebanon you wish you didn’t have to leave again. With all its good and bad, there’s no other place like it in the world!


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  1. 11. Still a beautiful wonder of nature, regardless of time’s tire tracks.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      … or the burning tyres … Inhale that nature. ;-))

      1. fire and smoke are natural, especially when burning rubber 😉

  2. Michaelinlondon1234 Avatar

    Nicely written

  3. PatienceTew Avatar

    Best place in the ME!

  4. Robin G Avatar

    Jesus Saves

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