Israeli troops shot and wounded 18 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli security forces and emergency services gather around the body of a Palestinian after he carried out a stabbing attack in the old city of Jerusalem on October 3, 2015 (AFP Photo/Ahmad Gharabli)
Israeli security forces and emergency services gather around the body of a Palestinian after he carried out a stabbing attack in the old city of Jerusalem on October 3, 2015 (AFP Photo/Ahmad Gharabli)

The latest developments after a Palestinian teenager stabbed two Israelis to death and wounded a woman and a toddler before being shot and killed in Jerusalem’s Old City, part of a series of recent attacks that have aggravated tensions in the Holy Land (all times local).


9:50 a.m.

A Palestinian medic says Israeli troops shot and wounded at least 18 Palestinians during clashes in the West Bank.

The clashes broke out as troops surrounded the home of a Palestinian suspect in the Jenin refugee camp. Eyewitnesses say Israeli troops fired a “small missile” at the house to force the suspect out.

Monther Irshaid, director of the Khalil Suliman Hospital in Jenin, says two people suffered serious leg injuries.

The Israeli military says a few dozen Palestinians attacked troops with pipe bombs and that troops responded with “riot dispersal means.”

The army says troops arrested two Palestinians suspected of “terror activity.” It says one armed suspect barricaded himself inside a building and a fire broke out during the arrest, without elaborating. The army says troops found explosive devices inside.

8:45 a.m.

Israeli police say a Palestinian teen who stabbed and wounded an Israeli teen was shot dead by police before dawn in Jerusalem.

The attack early Sunday came hours after a Palestinian teenager fatally stabbed two Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City and wounded a woman and a toddler, before he was shot dead by an Israeli police officer.

Relatives of the teen behind Sunday’s attack identified him as Fadi Alloun, 19, from Arab East Jerusalem. He had written on his Facebook page: “Either martyrdom or victory.”

In a rare move, Israeli police are preventing Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem from entering the Old City for two days during a Jewish holiday. Palestinians who live, work and study within the Old City, as well as Israelis and tourists, will be allowed entry.






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  1. Intifada 5776: terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Photo Report

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Tout Fini? Ou fini caput? Dios seulement cognizant.

      1. Тут Фини? У фини капут? Диос сеулемент когнизант.

  2. Daft mare where are you!?
    A whole day and nothing from the fraudulent shite

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Eyewitness to Hebron IDF murder of Hadil Al-Hashloumon: ‘I never saw any knife’

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      And their ‘FEAR’ is so pervasive … a woman under a black cloak of invisibility has them, and many others, believing ‘Satan’ will suddenly jump out to drag them to hell … but they are already in it.
      Waiting around to see if the lamb is going to die with blood flowing for 20 minutes or so – and ‘first responders’ doing nothing – is simply being ready for the moment Satan ‘pops up’ to surprise them all – so they make phone calls to get ‘permission’ to clear the scene and allow business to carry on.
      AND NO-ONE SPEAKS THE RIGHT LANGUAGE ??? Buffoons ‘maning’ checkpoints.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Because they are brainwashed. I saw a video only settlers were allowed to look at the dead girl..they were smiling..sinking low
        Very sad about the black cloak, it never existed in Palestinian society it’s since Hamas accepted Qatar aid.

        1. “it’s since Hamas accepted Qatar aid”

          Lol yeh of course. But not since Hamas started accepting shite aid from Tehran of course.
          Typical Iranian whore

        2. I saw that. Fucking sick animals. Honestly my blood boiled when I saw how they killed her in cold blood and prevented medics from attending to her.
          This world is fucked up.
          When are flights to Mars starting, get me the fuck out of this hellhole with scum that celebrate cold blooded killing

          1. Reasonableman Avatar


          2. cook2half Avatar

            Dyou have a source to back this up? apart from Facebook.

          3. cook2half Avatar

            Ok thanks.

            Disgusting Zionists.

          4. Reasonableman Avatar

            Undergoing dome reform cookie??
            Or just on someone elses pay roll??
            Rhetorical question, don’t worry.

          5. cook2half Avatar

            I have my views but I take new evidence into account.

          6. Reasonableman Avatar

            Theres alot more where that came from.

          7. cook2half Avatar


          8. I’ve actually seen that video but didn’t know the story behind it.
            Fucking disgusting what they do!!!
            Fucking settlers need to be wiped out

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Hell on earth.. it doesn’t stop.

        1. That’s fucking a sick country!
          But no different to what you defend in Syria, which makes you a hypocrite Iranian whore that only uses the suffering of the Palestinians to justify your religious bigotry and racism

          1. cook2half Avatar

            And how many Israelis did Palestinian terrorists murder this year? for every Palestinian killed you will find 30 Israeli civilians killed in cold blood.

            And yes daft mare doesnt give a fuck about Palestinian human rights as it ignores human rights violations in Iran where people from my religious sect are denied education and many killed.

          2. “for every Palestinian killed you will find 30 Israeli civilians killed in cold blood.”

            No need for taqqiya, I know daft mare may have rubbed its behind on you but there’s no need for lies.

            Btw very touchy there. Stop defending murderers, coz that is exactly what daft mare does.

          3. This is how that line should read;
            for every Israeli killed you will find 30 Palestinians civilians killed in cold blood.

            And that can be proven beyond a doubt. I just can’t understand why you would blatantly lie

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            He probably heard it from someone at a dinner party. Not the first time he’s done that and most likely not the last.

          5. cook2half Avatar

            LOL!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx :))

          6. man-o-war Avatar

            Was I right? You heard it at a dinner party? lol

          7. cook2half Avatar

            Nah I don’t discuss this topic with people, too controversial.

          8. man-o-war Avatar

            What? Too controversial for you?, haha
            Aren’t the controversial topics the ones we should be discussing?

          9. cook2half Avatar

            Well, I discuss U.S. politics, the war in Syria, etc. But not this. People are more concerned with expressing their emotions (I do the same) than solving the conflict.

          10. cook2half Avatar

            vs recently posted a timeline of Palestinian attacks on Israelis this year, its unbelievably long that even I couldn’t believe it.

            I think its disgusting how Yalibnan simply writes “violence intensifies in Old Jerusalem” rather than simply point out that 5 Israelis were stabbed by a murderer, but when a rock thrower is killed while clashing with the IDF…

          11. Cook stop the lies. Or provide proof….from an unbiased source

          12. cook2half Avatar

            “Two Israelis killed in stabbing attack in Jerusalem” (yesterday)

            “Palestinian Gunmen Kill Israeli Parents of 4 in West Bank” (5 days ago)

            Forgive me if I’m mistaken but I don’t recall Yalibnan reporting anything on those parents’ murder either. The media is fucking sick.

          13. I’m not sure if yalibnan did but that doesn’t prove your 30:1 ratio.
            Murder is disgusting, no matter who commits the crime.

          14. cook2half Avatar

            Agreed. At least you condemn both sides. Daft mare on the other hand probably loves it when Jews and sunnis get slaughtered by Iran’s proxies.

          15. Cook, I hate violence of any kind UNLESS it’s self defence.
            Anybody killing ANYTHING in cold blood is a sick twisted fuck.
            I truly want to move to Mars.

          16. cook2half Avatar

            I have a feeling you’re a vegetarian.

          17. Strangely enough no. Which makes me a hypocrite, I know.
            I would become a vegetarian if I had to slaughter my own cow/sheep etc.

          18. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I condemn both sides, but i condemn the Netanyahu’s government for encouraging HATE.

          19. cook2half Avatar

            Soldiers defending themselves from firebombs has nothing to do with Netanyahu you sick fuck.

            Its the Palestinian Authority’s incitement that led to several Israelis getting stabbed and shot in the past few days. But you never condemn them, your beloved Iran and Palestinians never do wrong.

          20. “Soldiers defending themselves”????

            Like these soldiers???
            Cook, I’ll be upfront. I believe you are an apologist for assraelis crimes. Which makes you just as guilty as those that commit those crimes. I don’t give a fuck where you were born, a decent person would condemn the actions of assraelis.

          21. cook2half Avatar

            Believe me I would condemn the IDF day and night if the people they are fighting against weren’t complete savages themselves.

            You will not find any other people in the world who send suicide bombers into another country and kill 1,500 civilians (second intifada) or encourage their sons to throw rocks and firebombs at Israeli soldiers (and of course when the IDF retaliates they will film it and say oh look the Israelis are attacking the poor poor Palestinians).

          22. Ok hind

          23. cook2half Avatar

            OK so you think Israel protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks is the same as Assad’s airforce dropping barrel bombs on random neighbourhoods.

          24. So these terrorists were protecting assrael from Hadil Al-Hashloumon!!!!??????????

            Ps:I admit daft mare’s posting of that article has really upset me. How fucking dare you justify their disgusting actions

          25. cook2half Avatar

            The Israeli military says a few dozen Palestinians attacked troops with pipe bombs and that troops responded with “riot dispersal means.”

            The army says troops arrested two Palestinians suspected of “terror activity.” It says one armed suspect barricaded himself inside a building and a fire broke out during the arrest, without elaborating. The army says troops found explosive devices inside.

            But according to you sweetie they were probably sunbathing and the evil Israelis just decided to shoot at random.

          26. “The army says troops”

            Well if the army said it then it must be true.
            Cooked2long I’ve never liked you and tbh I only used you to attack daft mare. I absolutely detest Zionist retards

          27. cook2half Avatar

            I don’t give a fuck who you like.

            The fact of the matter is that I’m not supporting terrorists any more than you are. You tell me off for not condemning the IDF while you yourself don’t condemn Palestinian terrorist attacks.

          28. you see I’m not daft mare, I can’t be cheated that easily. I’ve never liked you and I don’t give a fuck who you like. I hate kunts that defend oppression.

          29. cook2half Avatar

            You’ve mentioned several times that you don’t make virtual friends and I always knew the one thing I have in common with you is that I fucking hate daft mare’s existence.

          30. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Death threats, it comes to this.. i never imagined.

          31. LOLLLLL
            how the FUCK is that a death threat you retard

          32. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “one thing I have in common with you is that I fucking hate daft mare’s existence.”

          33. I hate your existence too!
            That is not a death threat!!
            It’s just a FEELING!!
            Learn English or go comment on a Iranian site.
            Honestly there’s no difference between you and vs.
            think about that one

          34. Go ask man o!!

          35. cook2half Avatar

            Figure of speech. I don’t wish bad on anyone.

          36. and anyone here can confirm I attack those that defend injustice.
            And tbh I strongly believe you are Jewish

          37. cook2half Avatar

            I’m not Jewish.

          38. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            TV Report on Palestinian Child Seriously Injured By Israeli Explosive in Tubas

          39. you allow yourself hinding, O

          40. Blah blah blah
            Settler fuck! Fuck off back to Russia

          41. You are just a racist bigot as it turned out

          42. Right!!!
            Coz settlers are a race.
            Dumb fuck

          43. Yes I’m insulting you!!
            Coz that is just BULLSHIT!!!
            I gave you a chance but I can’t keep quiet any longer!!!!!! You are EXACTLY like daft mare and mekhh AND vs

          44. cook2half Avatar

            You will find that millions of people especially in the U.S. support the above views and support Israel. I don’t invent my own languages or conspiracy theories like hind legs.

          45. (Second intifada)

            And how many Palestinians did your beloved idf massacre in the same time???
            Fuck ANYONE who defends murderers!
            In fact, all you religious fucks are making my life miserable!!!!
            Why don’t all your gods have it out and leave us the fuck alone!

          46. cook2half Avatar

            Yes the IDF does commit war crimes, many armies do in a warzone. But you have to admit there’s something exceptionally SICK about civilian families sending their loved ones into another country to blow themselves up in restaurants and clubs.

            I actually remember in 2001 a Palestinian woman walked into a restaurant in Haifa (not too far from my house) pretending to be pregnant. She blew herself up and killed 28 people.

            Name me a SINGLE Jew who blew himself up in a restaurant in Berlin after the Nazis killed 6 million Jews in concentration camps.

          47. I probably can’t. But I can name the first terrorist attack, committed by Jews in the king David hotel! Stop defending murderers!
            I swear I did like you until you defended terrorists

          48. cook2half Avatar

            As I said below, I’m not defending terrorists any more than you are. I think this is something we can agree to disagree on.

            Neither of us are edit whores or shites so I think we can still preserve our alliance against hind legs.

          49. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Are you paid for this alliance against hind legs..of course Israel pay’s your Malmequer used barabie..

          50. Listen slag, you are a disgusting hypocritical bigot that defends murderers. You are EXACTLY like the zionists you pretend to hate.
            In fact you have proven you befriend zionists.

          51. cook2half Avatar

            Sweetie I pay for my own education. Why the fuck would Israel pay for my university??

          52. Coz you’re so smart that they gave you a scholarship.

          53. cook2half Avatar

            No I don’t have a scholarship although I’d love one for a masters degree.

            Btw hind legs was basically asking me if I’m paid “for this alliance against hind Malmequer used barabie..?” haha lol yeah we’re all paid.

          54. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Haha.. “Neither of us are edit whores or shites so I think we can still preserve our alliance against hind legs.”..preserve whatever you want petit Fascist

          55. 5thDrawer Avatar


          56. Where the fuck is my money, bitch???
            You Baha’is are keeping my “alliance” money!!

          57. cook2half Avatar

            lol xx Dyou use HSBC or dyou deposit your money in its private parts and lock it with the 3-digit combination code? Just wanna know where to transfer 😛

          58. ING direct. And I want the interest too

          59. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You call your Fascism “education”?

          60. cook2half Avatar


          61. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          62. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Rabbi and leader of extremist group says he’s in favor of burning churches, in theory

          63. cook2half Avatar


          64. nu nu

          65. “Nu nu”???
            And I thought daft mare was the only one that created its own language.
            Now I understand why Iran is in bed with assrael.
            Two disgusting retarded bigots

          66. fuck off, idiot O, was thinking you’re smart

          67. man-o-war Avatar

            “Palestinian Authority’s incitement”, what incitement are you referring to?

          68. cook2half Avatar

            Well currently they’re going on about Israel changing the status quo at the Temple Mount when that’s simply not true.

          69. You mean al aqsa mosque??

          70. cook2half Avatar

            Yeah the Waqf is responsible for what goes on in there and that will never change, but the PA is going on about oh Israel wants to change the status quo and ban Muslims from going there bla bla bla (and yet by law the only people banned from praying there are Jews)

          71. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “You will not pass here! Only Jews!”

          72. cook2half Avatar

            Where does it say that? DECEPTIVE WHORE.

          73. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            …it says that in the link. DECEPTIVE WHORE.

          74. cook2half Avatar

            You edited your post, lying little runt.

          75. cook2half Avatar

            At least be honest and admit your original link didn’t work you DISGUSTING vile edit whore.

          76. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            you DISGUSTING vile

          77. cook2half Avatar

            Parroting sweetie? Xx

          78. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Yes..pointing out in every post you add personal insults

          79. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Yes..every post you Parrot (copied) personal insults ..

          80. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            That’s my responsibility, you have said; link is not good, instead of (copied) DECEPTIVE WHORE.

          81. man-o-war Avatar

            I think the people on the ground know if Israel is trying to change the status quo. You can’t claim it’s “simply not true”. They just recently changed street names in East Jerusalem to better represent their Jewish heritage. Israel has never stopped trying to change the status quo. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were trying to do it with the mosque. Create facts on the ground and make it appear as if the Palestinians never existed.


          82. cook2half Avatar

            There’s no doubt that they want to create facts on the ground, the settlement prove it.

            But in this specific case with Al Aqsa I’m pretty sure Abbas is intentionally trying to stir tension. Remember that when it comes to Al Aqsa Israel is not dealing with the Palestinians, it is dealing with Jordan.

          83. man-o-war Avatar

            You say you have no doubt that they want to create facts on the ground, but you have doubt about Jerusalem and Al Aqsa. Israel wants Jerusalem to be their capital (east, west, north, and south). Temple mount is the holiest site in the Jewish religion. Is it that hard to believe that they are doing everything in their power change the status quo. It might be behind the scenes to keep the peace, but I have no doubt its happening.


          84. cook2half Avatar

            Well that’s a shame. I think Jerusalem should be a place of worship for all religions but overall under Israeli rule. For example the Baha’i holy places are in Israeli territory but of course Israelis can’t go in.

          85. Sorry but israel’s track record bar it from ruling Jerusalem.
            The most fair outcome would be for Jerusalem to be under UN control.

          86. I honestly just saw your link. You are 100% spot on with the templeinstitute. And guess who funds them?
            Israeli government for one.

          87. man-o-war Avatar

            Plus lots of funding from wealthy Jewish men/women, and the crazy fundamentalist Christians that want the Jews to rebuild the temple so Jesus will return, lol. It’s crazy because Christians and Jews hate each other, but they love using each other.

            Jews aren’t even allowed to pray in a church, but it’s kosher for them to pray in a mosque. Just found that out recently. I heard it at a dinner party ; )

          88. “Jews aren’t even allowed to pray in a church, but it’s kosher for them to pray in a mosque. Just found that out recently. I heard it at a dinner party ; )”

            Lol are you serious or just making fun of cook’s dinner parties?

          89. man-o-war Avatar

            The last part was a joke, but I’m around 95% sure about the prayer in a church. I think it has to do with the belief that Christians practice idolatry and Muslims don’t.

          90. That’s interesting. Would be good if a Jewish person on here could confirm or deny that.
            It kinda makes sense. Actually I’m tempted to dress as a Jew and walk into a mosque and start praying hahaha

          91. cook2half Avatar


          92. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Abbas tells PA forces to urgently quell West Bank protests

          93. cook2half Avatar

            Yes after weeks of scaring his people and making them think that Israel is taking over Al Aqsa mosque.

            Disgusting slag.

          94. cook2half Avatar

            Why don’t you bray on the Temple Mount? xxx

          95. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            The post is not addressed to you (You sick fuck) cookhara.

          96. cook2half Avatar

            If you want to address man-o privately then give him your email address. You don’t tell me where and what to post on a public webpage slag.

          97. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            The post is not addressed to you webpage slag.

          98. cook2half Avatar


          99. BULLSHIT you taqqiya whore. Just like you only brayed here after I pointed out your inconsistencies, you only bray about condemning both sides after cook pointed out your hypocrisy. You truly are the most vile thing. You can believe me or you can’t but I’m being very honest, you disgust me more than anyone I currently know

          100. Actually you disgust me as much as vs or mekhhh disgust me

          101. check yourself

          102. Ok I checked myself and I’m all good.
            I also checked you and you are a racist religious bigot son of a slag. Now fuck off back to mother Russia you disgusting retard.
            I hope your children experience the same thing Palestinians experience at the hands of Zionist scumbags like you.
            In fact you have just made it to the top of the list of the most vile disgusting bigots.

          103. What statisics are you need, profalestinian f.e. provided by Hind? You are not good and selective regarded to facts as i see, bigot?

          104. Zzzzzx
            When you are ready to bark in ENGLISH, let me know

          105. fuck You, O.k.?

          106. No thanks, I don’t want to catch rabies from a rabid dog like you.

          107. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad
          108. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ‘Balance’ is important.

          109. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It used to be (in NYT)..

          110. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            NYT was accused of being “biased” by US Evangelist till it became biased against Palestians.t

          111. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Jewish extremist promoting Kahanists terrorists, give this news about arson of church in Bethlehem.

          112. 5thDrawer Avatar

            That Site is really ‘directed’ in it’s ‘warnings’ :-))))
            “If you promote any foreign religions, gods or messiahs, lies about Israel, anti-Semitism, or advocate violence (except against terrorists), your permission to comment may be revoked.”
            I decided not to comment. :-)))

          113. This is how your barking looks on my screen

            Certified hi verge gyre hhhhjii

          114. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “The only democracy in the Middle East”
            “Go to the grave”, says Knesset member


          115. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


            “West Bank settlers exporting dates labelled as ‘Made in Palestine’’

          116. That’s very ingenious and underhanded. But on the positive side, they are admitting it is Palestinian land they are occupying.

          117. “I condemn both sides, but i condemn the Netanyahu’s government for encouraging HATE.”

            Lol like you condemn both sides in Syria coz Assad’s government encouraging hate!!
            Dumb hypocritical taqqiya whore

          118. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Stick to one subject or go bye

          119. cook2half Avatar

            Oh yeah and how many times dyou post “Jew this Jew that” on Syria articles..

          120. Lol that’s not even the same. It posts links and snippets of articles totally random.
            Whereas I am sticking to the subject. The subject is its hypocrisy and taqqiya.
            It has been the subject from the FIRST comment made on this thread.
            And I used this article to point out its taqqiya and hypocrisy. So I have kept on topic but as usual, it accuses others of what it is guilty off.
            Classic example: it brays “bye” continuously but it tries to take a cheap shot at me coz I ONCE said bye.
            Typical hypocrisy from the shite

          121. cook2half Avatar

            Very good point. Btw I love it when Mal comments on one of those random posts of hers, he’s like “activising sweetie?? ☺☺☺”

          122. Lol “activisting” was one of behind’s classics. Like it “puffs on coffee”.
            I still don’t understand why it is here and not on presstv site.

          123. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


            Educated littered Jews talk intelligently among themselves, they differ opinions with no personal attacks, you’re an 8 years old brain.
            Go to Jewish forward; type stupid jokes and “codes to private parts imbecilities over there..


          124. Hind Abyad O
            3 hours ago
            Stick to one subject or go bye

          125. Reasonableman Avatar

            I say an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life.
            Any body who teaches otherwise is a wolf who sees a sheep and wants to take advantage.
            For every falestini that gets murdered in cold blood by these imperialist they say may yha increase them.
            For every jew that dies i say may allah increase them.

            It’s not the same when a falastini kills a settler its like a kid killing off the dog who wants to eat him.
            It’s different when a jew kills a falastini because they have a big military.

          126. Reasonable you are correct. I can’t pretend to know how miserable their lives really are.
            In fact, I don’t know what I would do in that situation. I’ve got a loud mouth, so I’m guessing jail or killed.
            There needs to be a solution but I’m afraid Israel is changing facts on the ground and there will be no turning back from the settlements.
            Settlements are the biggest obstacle to a two state solution.

            Btw, doesn’t Islam teach that you have the choice of eye to eye or even better for you if you forgive? Something like that

          127. Reasonableman Avatar

            You can forgive and be rewarded in the afterlife inshaa allah but this is not on a personal level.

            This is a nations genocide. Don’t let know house muslim tell you otherwise

          128. Didn’t your prophet forgive those in Mecca that had taken up arms and killed his followers prior to him entering Mecca?
            That doesn’t seem to be on a personal level

          129. Reasonableman Avatar

            Whenever a war was waged against the muslims it was answered to.
            He forgave those who repented for their wickedness.

            We are not christians who get slapped on one cheek and turn the other.
            Muslims have jihad against those who oppress them and take them out of their homes and from the masajid. Which is what israelis are doing in west bank and masjid al aqsa.

          130. “We are not christians who get slapped on one cheek and turn the other. ”

            Show me one Christian who follows that. That’s pure fiction on the part of Christianity.
            In fact, not only do Christians believe an eye for an eye, they believe in an eye for as many eyes as possible.

          131. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Turning the cheek doesn’t apply to an act of war, murder, or anything as sinister and evil as what Islam has to offer. If you want to quote trying doing it from your own mumbo jumbo, abracadabra book of zbarlie. If want to apply the eye for an eye formula be my guest, but as O said we can also do an eye for your whole miserable existence you filthy animals.

          132. LMFAO WHERES man o.

            Mate I’ll be upfront, if you are an example of Christianity then Christianity is fucked. You are truly a bigot on all occasions. Be it religious, homophobic, sexist and racist.
            Bravo you earned a place right next to the other bigot, daft mare!

            You are vile and I feel sorry for anyone that looks up to you as a role model. Go hang your head in shame. Tfou!

          133. man-o-war Avatar

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Religious fanatics are the worst type of bigots there are. It doesn’t matter what religion they follow.

          134. man-o-war Avatar

            “abracadabra book of zbarlie”, this describes all holy books, including the bible, lol.

          135. Lol
            Hang on

          136. Don’t say it to me! Say it to that disgusting bigot

          137. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I’m a bigot get me a tissue, I have a tear wait no I don’t but I tried. keep the tissue sweetie.

          138. Sweetie you don’t need a tissue, you need a bullet in your fat smelly bigoted ass

          139. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Keep your nose out of there.

          140. Kinda hard not to smell it seeing you polluted yalibnan with your bigotry.

          141. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            And you polluted Lebanon with your existence.

          142. Oh wow the no you retort. Tilhas teez jahash. So basically tilhas teez abouk

          143. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            You want to be upfront? Great how bout paying attention to the facts? Never ever have I heard the Catholic religion advocating the killing of non Catholics, nor have I heard of any other religion advocating the killing of people of differing faiths, however as you know Islam DOES advocate the killing of non Moslems, hence this FACT does warrant the comments made about Islam. Separating Islam from the acts of terrorism and violence is impossible as the Qur’an Is clear in it’s instructions and it’s as obvious as the nose on your face that Islamic teaching is to blame.

          144. man-o-war Avatar

            ” Never ever have I heard the Catholic religion advocating the killing of non Catholics”, do the Crusades count? I’m pretty sure the “church”, Catholic or not has killed more non-Christians and Christians combined than all of Islam since its founding.

          145. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            lets say for arguments sake that the Crucades were violent attacks on innocent muslems, does that wrong make for any justification of what islam is doing today? And let me assure you the Crucades was a reaction to the threats we are witnessing today.

          146. saul's yahudly ghost Avatar
            saul’s yahudly ghost

            “yes its from the same passage as the one on man-o avatar.” (saul’s sible and saultrinity – saul’s father, saul’s son, and saul’s yahudi spirit !! Saulmen saulsie Amen !! Saullelujah !! ;)))))))

            “I’m a bigot get me a tissue, I have a tear wait no I don’t but I tried. keep the tissue sweetie.” ?? ;)))))))

            First, the crusades were not a reaction to the threats but were purely barbaric, unChristian, and evil.
            The crusades should not be referred to as the “Christian crusades.” Most of the people involved in the crusades were not truly Christians, even though they claimed to be. The name of Christ was abused, misused, and blasphemed by the actions of many of the crusaders.

            Second, the crusades took place from approximately A.D. 1095 to 1230. Should the unbiblical actions of supposed Christians hundreds of years ago still be held against Christians today?

            Third, not that this is an adequate excuse, but Christianity is not the only religion with a violent past. In actuality, the crusades were responses to Muslim invasions on what was once land occupied primarily by Christians. From approximately A.D. 200 to 900, the land of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey was inhabited primarily by Christians. Once Islam became powerful, Muslims invaded these lands and brutally oppressed, enslaved, deported, and even murdered the Christians living in those lands. In response, the Roman Catholic Church and “Christian” kings/emperors from Europe ordered the crusades to reclaim the land the Muslims had taken. The actions that many so-called Christians took in the crusades were still deplorable. There is no biblical justification for conquering lands, murdering civilians, and destroying cities in the name of Jesus Christ. At the same time, Islam is not a religion that can speak from a position of innocence in these matters.

            To summarize briefly, the crusades were attempts in the 11th through 13th centuries A.D. to reclaim land in the Middle East that had been conquered by Muslims. The crusades were brutal and evil. Many people were forced to “convert” to Christianity. If they refused, they were put to death. The idea of conquering a land through war and violence in the name of Christ is completely unbiblical. Many of the actions that took place in the crusades were completely antithetical to everything the Christian faith stands for.

            ‘ Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit has NO FORGIVENESS FOREVER, but is guilty of everlasting sin.’
            – Mark 3.29

            ‘ The Christian resolve to find the world evil and ugly, has made the world evil and ugly.’
            – Friedrich Nietzsche

            – 1000 Years of Carnage & Barbarity in the name of Christ

            10th Century Obscenities
            Vile Princes of the Papacy

            “Popes maimed & were maimed, killed & were killed… Without question, these pontiffs constitute the most despicable body of leaders, clerical or lay, in history. They were, frankly, barbarians. Ancient Rome had nothing to rival them in rottenness.”
            – Peter de Rosa (Vicars of Christ, p48)

            John XII (955-964).

            Born from an incestuous relationship between Pope Sergio III and his 13-year-old daughter Marozie. John, in turn, took his mother as his own mistress.

            Pope at 18, he turned the Lateran into a brothel. He was accused by a synod of “sacrilege, simony, perjury, murder, adultery and incest” and was temporarily deposed.

            He took his revenge on opponents by hacking off limbs. He was murdered by an enraged husband who caught him having sex with his wife.

            11th Century Horror
            Church lords over ignorant squalor of millions

            1095 – Pope Urban II calls upon the Franks to invade the more civilized Muslim world. Begins five centuries of warfare.

            “Let those who have hitherto been robbers now become soldiers.”
            – Urban II addresses his gangsters.

            1009: Rivalry from Islam prompts eastern churches to break with idolatry. This ‘iconoclasm’ begins breach with idol-worshipping Catholic west. Centuries of bloodshed ensue.

            1079: The Council of Rome: Persecution of Berengarius & his followers who cannot stomach the dogma of ‘transmutation of bread & wine into Christ.’

            Svyatoslav’s Miscellany, 1076. God’s work – a serious business.

            12th Century Criminality
            Christian Church ally of murderous kings & rogue princes

            “Warrior Monks” – Muslim heads catapulted into the besieged city of Antioch by Christian Knights (Illumination from Les Histoires d’Outremer by William of Tyre 12th century, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris).

            1118: Christian fanatics captured Saragossa; the beginning of the decline of Muslim civilization in Spain.

            1184 Council of Verona condemns Waldensians for witchcraft. The charge is later extended to condemn heretics.

            13th Century Wickedness
            Vile Crusaders Plunder & Murder for God

            1204 Christian crusaders sack & ruin greatest Christian city, Constantinople.

            1209 Pope Innocent III launches Albigensian Crusade against Christian Cathars of southern France. 7000 massacred in La Madeleine Church alone.

            1211 Burning of Waldenses heretics at Strasbourg begins several centuries of persecution.

            German Teutonic Knights butcher their way through the Baltic lands, savage Catholic Poles & Orthodox Russians.

            1231: Pope Gregory IX authorizes Inquisition for dealing with heretics.

            1277 Pope John XXI, alarmed by rumors of pagan heresy among “scholars of arts in the faculty of theology” pressurizes Stephen Tempier, Bishop of Paris, to prohibit 219 philosophical and theological theses. The “Condemnations of Paris” is the first of 16 lists of censorship.

            14th Century Catastrophe
            Church hostility to medicine allows plague to decimate Europe

            Burning of the Jews of Cologne – blamed by Christians for the Black Death (Liber Chronicarum Mundi).

            World Domination?

            “We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman pontiff.”

            – Pope Boniface VIII, Bull Unun Sanctum, 1302

            1311-12: Ecumenical Council of Vienne. It authorises the brutal suppression of the Knights Templar (mercenaries of the church who have outlived their usefulness).

            1316-1334: Pope John XXII, world’s richest man and first pontiff to promote theory of witchcraft. Sanctions bull allowing heresy charges to be brought against dead people. In 1320 he instructs French Inquisition to confiscate all property belonging to blasphemers or dabblers in black arts.

            1300s. Glowing eyes and nocturnal behaviour of the cat interpreted by the Church as clear proof of the hapless moggy’s diabolic affinity. Wholesale trapping and burning of cats allowed free rein to the spread of the flee-carrying rat. Subsequently, Europe’s population was decimated by the plague.

            1347-50: The Black Death sweeps across Europe, killing one-third of the population.

            “Jews were burnt all the way from the Mediterranean into Germany… under torture confessing to have spread the plague by poisoning wells… the poison made from the skin of a basilisk (a kind of mythical serpent)…”

            – N. Cantor (In the Wake of the Plague)

            15th Century Malevolence
            Tortured Bodies by Sadists of the Lord

            16th Century Mayhem
            Pogroms & civil wars in the name of Jesus

            “My advice… is: First, that their synagogues be burned down, and that all who are able toss sulphur and pitch; it would be good if someone could also throw in some hellfire..”

            Martin Luther (“On the Jews and their lies” 1543)

            1517: Martin Luther posts 95 theses at Wittenberg. The Reformation will turn Europe into a battleground.

            1517 A Dominican monk Johann Tetzel swells papal coffers by selling indulgences (‘souls freed from purgatory’!)

            1524: Luther – no friend of the downtrodden – encourages savagery of German princes in putting down the two-year Peasants’ Revolt.

            Book Burners for Christ–
            Dominican monks in the service of Ferdinand proudly consign the wisdom of Moorish Spain to the flames (Berruguete, Prado Museum, Madrid)

            1553 John Calvin, the “Protestant Pope” of Geneva proves his Christian credentials by having Michael Servetus, the Spanish physician, burned at the stake for heresy. Servetus had opposed Trinitarianism and infant baptism.

            Servetus, the discoverer of pulmonary blood circulation (an advance on Galen) had fled the Inquisition and had thought himself safe among Protestants. Oh dear.

            1559 Introduction of Index of Forbidden Books (lasts until 1966)

            1563 Following the Council of Trent, Jesuit Order becomes ‘Defender of the Faith’. Huguenots are persecuted in France.

            17th Century Barbarity
            Burning Witches for Christ

            Urbain Grandier, burned in Loudun, 1634. Cardinal Richelieu orchestrated his murder.

            1600 After a seven year trail before the Inquisition, Giordano Bruno, who had the audacity to suggest that space was boundless and that the sun and its planets were not unique, is condemned and burned at the stake.

            1605: The Gunpowder Plot. Catholic fanatics attempt to blow up James I of England.

            1633 Galileo is brought before the Inquisition. Under threat of torture and death, he is forced from his knees to renounce all belief in Copernican theories. He is sentenced to life imprisonment. He dies in 1642 and the charges against him stand for another 350 years.

            1618-1648 Central Europe devastated by Thirty Years’ War between Catholics and Protestants

            1411 Dominican Vincente Ferrer revives anti-Jewish hysteria in Spain: “cohorts of the Devil and Anti-Christ, clever, warped and doomed.”

            1415 John Huss of Bohemia, critic of papal corruption but guaranteed personal safety, burned at the stake. “When dealing with heretics, one is not obligated to keep his word.” – Pope Gregory XII.

            1415 Pope John XXIII deposed: “The most scandalous charges were suppressed; the Vicar of Christ was only accused of piracy, murder, rape, sodomy and incest.”
            – Gibbon (Decline & Fall)

            1478: Pope Sixtus IV, in alliance with King Ferdinand of Spain, establishes the Spanish Inquisition. Jews, Moors and heretics will be imprisoned, tortured and murdered for centuries.
            The bisexual Sixtus, though suffering from syphilis, fathers children from his elder sister.

            1484 Pope Innocent VIII decrees that cats are unholy creatures, to be burned along with the witches that own them.

            1486 Taking a break from book-burning, two Dominican monks, Henrich Kramer & James Sprenger, write a best-seller – Malleus Maleficarum (‘The Witches Hammer’) – ‘the most blood thirsty book ever written.’ (Peter de Rosa, Vicars of Christ, p184)

            This unsurpassed nonsense rests on the bench of every magistrate and judge in Europe for three centuries and leads to tens of thousands of judicial murders.

            1498 Dominican reformer, Savonarola – burner of books & ornaments of ‘pagan immorality’ – is himself burned for criticising the degenerate Pope Alexander VI.

            18th Century Scandal
            Christian Church endorses Slavery, Racism & subordination of women

            “And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”

            Genesis 9.24-26

            “As for your male and female slaves whom you may have: you may buy male and female slaves from the nations that are round about you. You may also buy from among the strangers who sojourn with you and their families that are with you, who have been born in your land; and they may be your property.”

            Leviticus 25:44

            1738: Freemasonry is condemned by Clement XII and Catholics are forbidden to join.

            1793: Last ‘witch’ burning at Poznen in Germany

            19th Century Evil
            Christian Church Rejects Science & social reform; Christian ‘missions’ go hand-in-hand with colonialism.

            1814: Society of Jesus, suppressed since 1773, is restored. The Inquisition continues until 1834, Church-sanctioned torture until 1917.

            1844: ‘Protection of Children Act’ allows Church missionaries in Australia to kidnap aboriginal children.

            1854: Pius IX proclaims the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in the bull Ineffabilis Deus. Lourdes shrine introduced.

            1864: Pius IX issues the encyclical Quanta cura and the Syllabus of Errors. It condemns some 80 propositions derived from scientific method and rationalism. Liberalism & socialism are denounced.

            1870: Vatican Council declares the Pope “infallible”.

            ‘Bible Societies’ & ‘Missions’ in European colonies destroy indigenous cultures

            20th Century Iniquity
            Christian Church allies itself with Fascism; opposes advances of science & personal freedom

            1907 Pius X condemns Modernism in the decree Lamentabili and the encyclical Pascendi.

            Hitler’s Pope – Pius XII (1939-1958)

            Hitler, a Roman Catholic, is never excommunicated for causing the death of millions; whereas Martin Luther was excommunicated for criticism of the papal system.

            Friends of Fascists Everywhere:




            21st Century Menace
            Churches the Stalking Ground of Paedophiles & Sex Offenders

            On March 12, 2000 Pope John Paul II attempted to purify the soul of the Catholic Church by apologising for 2000 years of “sins” committed by the church – quite some compensation for twenty centuries of terrorism, extortion and murder!

            And yet – September 2000 – the same John Paul II issues “Dominus Jesus (Lord Jesus)”, reaffirming intolerance: “Only one path to God – the Roman Catholic Church.”

            And the story does not end:

            Still the evil continues…

            Child sex abuse scandal rocks the US Catholic Church

            “The Roman Catholic Church has removed 218 priests from their positions this year because of child sexual abuse allegations, but at least 34 known offenders remain in church jobs”- Reuters (June 9 2002)


            Anti-birth control

            Creator of “saints”

            31 July, 2003 “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” condemns same sex deviants who seek marriage. In contrast, no Vatican condemnation of priestly paedophiles.

            Missionaries or Murderers? – The Christianising of Europe

            Winter of the World– The Terrible Cost of “Christendom”

            The Papal Princes– Christian Lords of Hell on Earth

          147. 5thDrawer Avatar

            History (which has survived) is so VERY interesting. Speaking about what was recorded can have you labelled as a Heretic. Tsk Tsk .. ;-))

          148. The Christian crusades were to defend Christians from Muslims – A Big LIE and Distortion of the Actual History and Events

            The Western Christian Terrorism Against The Arabs

            The Crusades

            The history of the crusades is filled with the mercilessness of the crusaders and the kind-heartedness of the Muslims. The Muslims were massacred everywhere the crusaders arrived, while the Christians were treated kindly by the Muslims.

            The crusaders achieved the main purpose of the crusades and kept Jerusalem for a while. But the spirit of the people seen before the first crusade took place was never matched again. Later all of the cities taken by the Christians were to be taken back by the Muslims (The last city that was taken by the Muslims was Acre. It was taken in 1291 CE). The other crusades did not achieve their purposes and a few of them were not even against Muslims, but against themselves such as the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 CE and the Albigensian Crusade (nothing more than a suicidal debate among fellow Christians) in 1209 CE. In short, the crusades acquired what they wanted for a short while, but then lost all of it to the Muslims and instead made one another an enemy.

            The crusades started in 1095 CE, with the speech made by Pope Urban II. In that speech, Pope Urban II referred to the Christians as the noble race of the Franks. He encouraged Christians to join the armies to get Jerusalem from the Muslims. Most of the crusaders that left Europe to fight the Muslims were actually aiming to form kingdoms and acquire the wealth found in those lands. That is why the many groups of crusaders were often quarreling amongst themselves over rule of places when they conquered cities.

            The crusaders were against everyone who did not follow their religion and did not look like them. This included Muslims, Jews, and even dark-skinned Christians, all of whom were attacked and murdered by them. They even sacked the city of Constantinople, which was ruled by the Eastern Church (the Byzantine Church).

            The People’s Crusade

            The People’s Crusade started before the First Crusade. It was to be a total failure. More than fifteen thousand people joined the army lead by Walter the Penniless. Later Peter the Hermit and most of the crusaders took off to Constantinople, from where they planned to go to Jerusalem. However, Peter the Hermit and his advisors had not paid attention to how they were going to feed this huge army. As a result, wherever the crusaders went, they ate up the land like a mass of hungry locusts. Furthermore, wherever these crusaders went, they plundered the land, burned cities, and slaughtered people. All of the murdered people were Christians. The crusaders then went beyond Constantinople and started their looting of Christian lands again. They were also constantly arguing amongst each other and many people broke off the main group. Now Peter the Hermit went back to Constantinople to request supplies and support. But before he could return the Muslims had gathered an army and attacked the crusaders swiftly, killing most of the invaders.

            First Crusade

            By now, the first of the five armies of the First Crusade were on their way to Constantinople. Godfrey of Bouillon arrived first. Soon after him, Bohemond of Taranto arrived, followed by Count Raymond IV of Toulouse. After that, Count Robert II arrived. Last came Duke Robert of Normandy. Together, they attacked Muslim lands. The city of Nicaea was taken first. Following that, the crusaders attacked and captured Antioch. Nearly all of the Muslims inside were killed by the merciless crusaders. Then the crusaders attacked Marrat an-Nu’man where the crusaders slaughtered a hundred thousand people. (The Templars did the killing even though they were supposed to be kind and sympathetic because they were of a religious order.) A year later, the crusaders attacked Jerusalem. Since the crusaders thought that killing Muslims was very good for the soul, they murdered as many as they could. No one was given mercy. Old or young, sick or healthy, male or female, all were beheaded and killed by the invading crusaders. The city was full of blood that reached up to the knees of the soldiers and up to the horses’ bridles. The Muslims were forced to throw themselves from the tops of towers and buildings, were burnt alive, and the list goes on. The crusaders climbed up to the top of the Temple of Solomon, from where they massacred hundreds and thousands of Muslims. The slaughter was only paused when the crusaders gave thanks to their Lord. Then it was continued with as much ferocity as before.

            Second Crusade

            In 1144 CE, the Muslims recaptured Edessa. This city was vital for the safety of the Frankish holdings as it guarded their back door. News of the fall of Edessa spread throughout Europe and a second crusade was called by Pope Eugenius III. The Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad III and the French king, Louis VII joined it. However, they failed to capture Damascus and returned home (the crusaders had decided to attack Damascus, but failed to do so).

            Then, in 1177 CE, a great leader of the Muslims named Salahuddin Ayyubi (also known as Saladin) attacked Palestine and conquered Ghaza and Ascalon. King Baldwin IV, the ruler of Jerusalem, tried to put up a resistance, but could not face the attack and retreated. After his defeat, Baldwin IV, asked the ruler of Karak, Reginald de Chatillon for assistance. Reginald, sent appeals to the crusaders for help. They agreed and started sending their troops to Karak to take revenge of Baldwin’s defeat. This time, however, Salahuddin was defeated. In 1179 CE, Salahuddin went with a large force to fight against the Franks. A fierce battle followed in which Salahuddin was victorious. The next year, Baldwin IV and Salahuddin made a two-year truce. According to the terms of the truce, both parties could not attack each other’s territories. However, Reginald de Chatillon, the ruler of Karak attacked Muslim lands as well as the caravans that were passing by. He also looted many caravans that were going for Hajj. At this, Salahuddin was enraged and attacked Reginald’s fort. A four-year truce was made which was signed by Baldwin IV and Salahuddin. Then Salahuddin and his army went back home. But troubles awaited the Muslims. Soon after the signing of the truce, Baldwin died. Reginald then disregarded the truce and attacked a Muslim caravan and arrested the traders. Despite the many warnings and appeals to stop his cruelties, Reginald went on. He later looted a caravan of Muslim pilgrims and killed most of them. Now Salahuddin could not be stopped. He attacked Karak, occupied it, and appointed an army to guard the Muslim pilgrims.

            The crusaders were disturbed by Salahuddin’s increasing power and success and united all of their forces to attack the Muslims. Salahuddin camped outside Tiberiade, about fifteen miles away from the armies of the crusaders. After a siege of about six days, he occupied the city. When the news reached the crusaders, they called a meeting. It was decided that the crusaders would go and attack the Muslims instead of just defending themselves. They camped at night in Hittin, sure of an easy victory the next day. However, few knew about the skill of Salahuddin and his bravery and did not know that they were going to be utterly defeated by him.

            Early the next morning, the crusaders were awoken when Salahuddin attacked. The Muslims fell on the crusaders with full fury. Although the crusaders fought back with full force, by the evening the crusaders had been defeated. The battle then continued the next day. By noon, the battle was in favor of the Muslims. The Muslims attacked and arrested many of them. The Muslims had won.

            With the victory at Hittin, Salahuddin now set out for other areas, not allowing the crusaders to recover and get reinforcements. Within two months, he had reconquered Acre, Naplu, Jericho, Ramlah, Caesra, Arsuf, Jafaf, and Beyrut. He also conquered Ascalon.

            Then, in 1187 CE, Salahuddin finally conquered Jerusalem. However, his conquest was not like what the crusaders had done in 1099 CE. Not one Christian was harmed. All were allowed to stay or leave the city at their own will. They were also allowed to take their weapons and property with them. Salahuddin even arranged for their travelling. The tribute that was asked from the Christians if they wanted to leave the city was ten gold coins per man, five gold coins per woman, and one gold coin per child. However, Salahuddin and his brother themselves paid the tribute for about 17,000 people. In addition, a gate of the city was allocated for the many poor soldiers who could not pay the tribute. They were allowed to leave the city without paying anything. Many crusaders had been arrested during the war. When their wives, sisters, or mothers appealed for their release, they were all released. Many people who were poor were given money for travelling expenses. In addition, they were provided with mules to carry their loads.

            Many crusaders that left to Christian states were treated cruelly by the rulers there. For example, many crusaders left to Antioch, the nearest Christian city from Jerusalem. There the ruler, Prince Bohemond, not only denied them hospitality, but stripped them. They were forced to come back to Muslim lands, where they were treated with great sympathy and kindness. In addition, out of respect for the Christians’ feelings, Salahuddin did not enter the city until all those who wished to leave had left.

            Salahuddin then conquered Antioch and its surrounding cities. He also conquered Karak, the same place from where Reginald de Chatillon used to attack Muslim caravans.

            Third Crusade

            The fall of Jerusalem sent a wave of fury throughout Europe. Pope Gregory VIII declared a third crusade. The kings of Europe, realizing that Salahuddin could not be dealt by only one or two armies, allied themselves to take revenge. Many European kings took part including Richard the Lion-heart, Frederick Barbarossa, Philip II, and King Guy de Lusignan (who had broken his promise to never interfere in Muslim lands). This crusade, was called by the famous historian, Gibbon, as “the most stupid and savage refuse of people”. All the crusaders achieved was the city of Acre which was only conquered after a siege of two years and the death of about one million and twenty thousand crusaders. When the city was finally acquired, a treaty was signed in which the Muslims had to pay 200,000 gold coins within one month and the Holy Cross was to be returned to the crusaders. Otherwise, the 2,700 captives inside the city (who were to be released if the payment was fulfilled) would become slaves. However, since Salahuddin could not pay the price because the distances were far between Muslim lands and he did not have enough resources to pay it, the Muslims were all massacred.

            The crusaders tried to conquer other cities but failed. At the end, many disputes arose between the Christians. In addition, Richard the Lion-heart was troubled because of disturbances at home. Finally, the crusaders left acquiring only the city of Acre, which was to be retaken by the Muslims in 1291 CE.

            Other Crusades

            Other crusades include the Children’s Crusade that took place in 1212 CE. A French boy, speaking in the manner of Peter the Hermit, lead several thousands of his young followers. The young crusaders arrived at Marseilles, expecting the water for them to open so that they could walk to the Holy Land. However, most of the crusaders were sold to slave dealers by merchants. This crusade was a great embarrassment to the Church.

            Another crusade, the Fourth Crusade (also known as the Sack of Constantinople) that took place in 1204 CE was a total failure. Instead of fighting the Muslims to get Jerusalem, they ended up fighting themselves. They sacked the city of Constantinople and did a great amount of looting in it.

          149. “And let me assure you the Crucades was a reaction to the threats we are witnessing today.”

            Lol and who told you that BS?
            Your priest?
            Unless you can prove what you are saying, everything you said is pure bullshit and bigotry.
            Go hang your head in shame

          150. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            The mainstream news media of today lies about the Crusades repeatedly. The Mediterranean Sea was not originally an “Islamic Sea” but a “Christian Sea.” Then along came Islam which took over most of the Christian areas by blood and sword.
            Eastern Christians repeatedly asked for help from their Western Christian brothers, but the West was very slow to respond until pilgrims to the Holy Land were repeatedly slaughtered and the pope called for action to protect and defend the Christians of the East. Thus, most of today’s reputable historians regard those Middle Eastern Crusades as much delayed acts of Christian self-defense or — using modern terms in referring to freeing the conquered Christians–Wars of National Liberation.
            Yet to read most media modern accounts you would think the original inhabitants of the Middle East were Moslems. But they were Christians. The Crusaders weren’t the invaders–the Moslems were.

          151. man-o-war Avatar

            “Islam DOES advocate the killing of non Moslems”, do you have a direct passage from the Quran to back this up?

          152. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            yes its the same passage as the one on your avatar.

          153. LOL
            Thanks for confirming you talk shite!
            Stupid Christian bigot

          154. man-o-war Avatar

            Interesting, I never knew my avatar is a passage from the bible. I hope I didn’t ask to much from you. I just thought a person with such an in-depth knowledge of the Islamic religion could easily name the passage.

          155. You’re such a smartass but in this situation it’s appropriate.
            My balls has barked a lot but failed to bite coz it couldn’t provide the evidence.
            Anyone, regardless of intention, that can’t provide proof is nothing but a liar

          156. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            A picture Is worth a thousand words.

          157. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Nothing as fine as bacon and eggs in the morning … although ‘EggsSmart’ will make them all day for you if you wish. Try the Scramble bowl with the the pork sausages for lunch.

          158. But your picture is worth shite

          159. man-o-war Avatar


          160. Sweetie provide facts and not just your opinion!

          161. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            facts? watch the helicopters hovering outside the rooftops of Islamic homes, watch the news reporters standing outside Islamic homes, watch the raids occurring at Islamic homes, watch the court proceedings on a daily basis, look at the prison populations overflowing with adherents of islam, facts sweetie open your eyes and clear the dust of your brain and start using it, or just shut up stop thinking and listen to what I’m telling you, sweetie.

          162. Reasonableman Avatar

            So just to get this straight. It has nothing to do with Syria, Iraq, War, conflict, class, racism, heavy handed policing, anti-terror raids, a decade’s worth of Islamophobia, bad and sluggish Muslim leadership, nothing? 

            You think you are blessed with the ability to police immoral vices within individuals, but at the same time blind to the immoral structures of politics that create these vices. 

            Ignorance is bliss

          163. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            If I were ignorant I wouldn’t add to this blog, I agree at times and I disagree also. There are times when silence is observed and there are times when you have enough and you belt out your opinions. The world is in a bad way and the political structures are sadly of a highly immoral nature, and to go all out jihad against people who are not part of the ummah or the prophets followers is another a nail in the coffin of peace and stability, if I think islam has one bad facet that would be understating what I think of it, and when you guys shamelessly misquote from the Bible you only add to the distortions of your beliefs.

          164. You are not only ignorant but a disgusting vile Christian bigot.

          165. Reasonableman Avatar

            You not ignorant? Thats the best joke i’ve heard all day!

            You can admit that the politics are of immoral nature, yet tarnish the islamic community who have taken the brunt for decades. I know you do it so you can somehow feel at ease and say “it’s not my fault”.
            The only thing you have added is backtracking and butchering your own argument. While you’re at it maybe explain a little bit on quantum physics & black hole structures, followed by an anthropology of new age atheism with a genealogy of Catholicism. All in a good days work!

            You should just go look in the mirror really hard and just rip a big fart!

          166. “Better yet you should just go look in the mirror really hard and just rip a big fart!”

            But its brains will fall out

          167. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            If brains were dynamite you wouldn’t have enough to blow your ears off.

          168. Lmfao
            Only fools laugh at their own jokes. Dumb ass immigrant.

          169. Your new name is shite 4 brains

          170. Lol prove there are helicopters hovering above “Islamic homes”!!
            You are truly disgusting and vile. No wonder you have to resort to mrs palmer coz obviously no decent female would touch you

          171. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            No decent female would touch me? Correct. But luckily for me there are plenty females like yourself who are not decent.

          172. And I wouldn’t touch you. So not even indecent girls would touch. Stick to mr palmer coz I know deep down you are a closet case that needs to come out.

          173. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I abhor Catholics Inquisitions of the Middle Ages, we were Orthodox first, the Crusaders massacred Moslems and Jews, also massacred Eastern Orthodox Christians or forced them to become Catholics.
            The Western Roman Latin Church copied after Easter Christianity, the Orthodox had Pops and Bishops in Antioch (Syria) Jerusalem and Alexandria, 200 years before Rome

            There were never Inquisitions in the Eastern Church.
            Copts or Greek on Easter greeting says: “El Massih Am”.. not “Resuscitated”

            Western church interpreted and invented..what’s tragic is Christians in the Middle East being massacred today to pay for what Western Christianity has done in the Middle East.

          174. I think if you got all the figures, you will find that the majority of killed are Sunni.
            And if I didn’t know better, I would say that both East and west Christianity are the ones dropping all sorts of ordinance on Sunnis. Not Sunnis invading East or west.

          175. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I spoke about History..Orthodox Christians as well as Moslems and Jews where massacred the Crusaders..which reflects the hell hole we live in today..since WW1.


          176. “what’s tragic is Christians in the Middle East being massacred today”

            Hind, part of your post is about history but that above sentence is about now

          177. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It’s the consequences of History.. not an opinion, it’s the history of the Roman Catholic Latin Church Crusaders..the difference between Eastern Orthodox and Western Latin Church..Can’t you see how the Evangelicals help Israel financing settlers..

            I will leave you with the history



          178. Where did the other link to the crusades disappear to?
            I was just about to say I read it and it was very informative. Thanks for the link

          179. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I found it, glad you like history..


          180. I don’t understand why you deleted this link from your post.


          181. ^x9x9x9^ Avatar

            The Freemasonry occult (Crusaders – Knight Templars, ….) that has deceived All nations and infiltrated ALL religions to unify under Lucifer/….

            From the shadows they have engineered every major war, revolution and recession. They control everything you read, everything you hear and everything you see. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populace to their way of thinking and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority and it is from the shadows they have created a new political order, a new economic order and most sinister a new religious order. Their ultimate aim is total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal a New World Order ruled by their much awaited, King/Zionist Masiach/Shiite Hidden Mehdi/Lucifer/RA/Anti-Christ/Shiva/ ….

            From the Sunni Muslim perspective if not that of others the similitude’s that can be drawn from the story are very interesting. The Muslim scriptures called Hadith contains many prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In these it is prophesized that a man would arrive from amidst the Kaffirs which means infidels in Islam who would be recognized by his One Eye and would be made a World leader claiming first to be a King and later to be a god and that he would seem immortal until an appointed time.

            However the origins of this Global plan were not created in the Western offices. In reality their roots lay in another war this time the year is 1095 and the place Claremont, France. 11th century Europe was ruled by the church which held a firm grip on the hearts and minds of the people. This power enabled Pope Erwin II to wage war on the Muslim Caliphate and crusade in what he called a War of the Cross to recapture the land of Jerusalem. It had been under Muslim rule since the year 637 but in 1099 this rule was brought to a bloody and sudden end. In the name of the Cross women were raped and murdered, children were put to the sword and it is said that the blood ran in the streets knee high to the horses. Out of this land of bloodshed and terror a group of men arose which would stop at nothing to get what they wanted no matter what the cost. Twenty years after Jerusalem was taken the Dome of the Rock was seized by a group of warrior monks calling themselves The Knights of the Temple of Solomon or most simply the Knights Templers.

            In Jerusalem the Templers began to deviate further and further away from the practices of Christianity. They learned the secret arts of the Kabala and ancient form of Jewish magic along with its dark rights and rituals. The Jews have learned the arts from the pagans of ancient Egypt during the times of enslavement to the Pharaoh and develop them into Babylon for the time of Navakanazar. In 1307 King Philip of France arrested them for charges of denial of Christ, homosexuality and idol worship as well as magic. In 1314 Pope Claymont V declared all Templates heretics to Christianity ordering all their properties to be seized. Their leader Chekthemolay was captured and burnt. The Templace was cornered and just when it seemed they were finished forever a glimmer of hope arose from a seemingly certain end they were to find a safe haven as well as an ally but not in France in fact in a country in a desperate struggle for independence against the English. The country of Scotland. The Scotland’s hope of independence has died with the death of William Wallace. However to the King of Scotland Robert the Bruce the arrival of the Templace gave him a new secret weapon. Their experience gained over two hundred years of fighting against the mighty armies of Islam had made them expert in combat and warfare and more than a match for any army brought before them. In 1314 the Templers allied with Robert the Bruce and his army took to the field of Ballack Burn in the long awaited showdown with the English. Robert the Bruce’s four sight paid off the 25,000 strong English army suffered a humiliatingly defeat at the hands of only six and a half thousand men. The dream of an independent Scotland had finally been achieved. The Templers had brought themselves back from the brink of destruction and never again will they allow themselves to be destroyed. This time they will control the country by controlling its Kings and in order to preserve their secret order the Templers would have to die or more precisely the name would have to die. The Templers who had escaped Europe were finally laid to rest in Rovelin Chapel Scotland (as shown in picture Beside) which stands to this day as sign of their presence in Britain. Their descendants became the true power of Scotland. In 1603 the death of Queen Elizabeth I left England without an heir to the throne by virtue of decent King James V of Scotland became King of England in doing so Scotland and England joined to form a new kingdom and the power that the Templers held over Scotland spread to give them a firm grip on the whole of Great Britain. For over a hundred years the Templers concealed their activities fading into the background until they were little known and little remembered. However they did not seize to keep a firm grip on Britain. All the time they were planning, regrouping and infiltrating positions of power in all corners of the kingdom. In 1717 the Templers made their reappearance in Europe they had grown in both number and strength and were now ready to coin a new identity free from their reputation of the past and given credibility by none other than the monarchy and aristocracy of England and the name they chose for themselves was a name that would be known by many but understood by a few [I slightly disagree with the name “freemasons” It comes from French “frerés masons” i.e. masonic brothers. Silly English people shortened & translated it to Freemasons]

            The new identity in the grand jury of its members afforded the Masons with respect and dignity. The first World member of the Free Masons was Fredrick, Prince of Wales. The latest members include Prince Philip the Duke of Edinborough and consort to the current Queen of England Elizabeth II who herself is a grand patron to the Masons. However behind closed doors the Free Masons were free to indulge in the secret rights and rituals handed down to them by their ancestors and these became the basis of their levels of membership called Degree. The Free Masons were not content with power in Britain alone their ambitions were far greater. In the years to come the World and America being pledged by wars and revolutions each more devastating than the other. However these were not the as commonly believed the spontaneous effects of the downtrodden people but in fact schemes created by the exclusive few driven by hunger for absolute power. All this would take place from the very country from which they had fled centuries earlier and will come to the base for the Global domination.

            In 18th century France the majority of the population was very poor while the aristocracy and royalty lived a life of luxury and extravagance, there existed a wide gulf between the two classes. The Free Masons would use this to make the pledge for power resulting in the biggest upheaval in French history. The Masons took advantage of the growing atmosphere of anger amongst the French and used it to achieve their own aims for the carefully planned propaganda war. They completely controlled the media system and used it to sway the tide of public opinion. The newspapers were geared into calling for the end of monarchy and the establishment of the society based on liberty, equality and finality. The Masons vast amount of wealth were used to influence the political landscape of France. Politicians funded by the Masons promoted the Masonic ideology the secret lodges of the Masons were opened to the members of the French army, high ranking officers and generals were indoctrinated to the Free Masons way of thinking. With the people the politicians and the military of France under Masonic control the Masons could finally strive. On the 14th of July 1789 a group of people stormed the Basteel a prison in Paris. This sign of resistance against the French authorities triggered off a massive response all over France. People in villages and towns expressed their hatred for the system symbolized by the monarchy but it was not until 1793 that the French anger would be cooled. On the 21st of January of the same year King Louis XVI was beheaded in front of a crowd holding an end to the French monarchy and paving the way for another Masonic state in Europe. With the monarchy gone it seemed as if nothing stood between the Masons and complete control of France however what took place would leave the Free Masons in a serious dilemma and what was to come next was not exactly in accordance with the Masonic plan.

            A young soldier by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte was about to lead France into a bloody war with Europe and instead of dancing to the Masonic tune Napoleon declared himself the Emperor of France. Napoleon was forced to abdicate from his throne in 1814 and was exiled to the island of Corsica. However in 1815 Napoleon arrived in Paris again raising a new army ready for a fresh war in Europe. The Masons had a big problem on their hands. Britain and her Masonic allies could not afford to maintain a long term war against Napoleon without risking bankruptcy. Help came from an unlikely source Nathan Rothschild was the head of a leading banking family but because of their status as Jews they were forced to work from the shadows of others. Rothschild seized the opportunity to liberate his people and often alone demanding in return recognition of the Jews as equals to the European counterparts under right to openly do business. If the Masons refused the money could always go to Napoleon. The Masons had no choice but to accept and the loan transaction was completed. In 1815 British, Dutch and Russian soldiers landed in Waterloo, Belgium where they met Napoleons forces and defeated them. Napoleon was captured this time never to return France was finally under Masonic control. Although historians made little mention of the Masonic involvement in the revolution the Masons themselves have to reveal their shadowy movements during this important period in history. In 1904 Marc Vadourasambo a Free Mason set before a pact audience “Free Masonry has worked in a hidden but constant manner to prepare the revolution we are then in complete agreement the Free Masonry with the only offer of the revolution and the applause which I receive from the left and which I am little accustomed proves gentlemen that you acknowledge with me that it was Masonry which made French Revolution.”

            When the so called founding fathers of America landed on the Plymouth rock not only they bring with them disfranchised people they also brought the Free Masonic elements of Europe. The injustices which the fathers of America were escaping from in Europe was also to be found in the new land in the form of a tyrannical British regime. In order to gain complete dominance of the new state the Masons had used the same methods they had used to gain control of France. Although the British monarchy was run by the Masons the American war of independence was a necessary action and the people involved in the war were expendable for the Masons to fulfill their dream. The emotions of the people were manipulated into anger and just like France anger turned into war this time however previous mistakes would not be repeated. The defeat Masons faced against Napoleon and his army in Europe taught the Mason’s a lesson. Any forth coming leaders of the resistance must follow the Masonic agenda and the best way to do this was to ensure the leader himself was a Mason and the leader who took the war to the British was none other than George Washington.

            On the 4th of July 1776 declaration of independence was made. On the 17th of October 1781 the British were finally defeated and surrendered the colonies to the Americans and the World’s first Masonic state was born a nation that would represent Masonry in every way. A sign of the Masonic presence in America is plainly visible on the dollar bill which carries the picture of George Washington the first Free Masonic president in the World and the picture of the Free Masonic symbol of the so called “All Seeing One Eye.”

            Historically the control and manipulation of political opinion has been the Free Masons main weapon in gaining control of countries and states. Once in control of the rulers and politicians of a country laws and political structures could be changed in accordance with their agenda however since restricting the body does not necessarily mean restricting the mind. The Free Mason recognizes that their plan for a Global government hinges completely on subduing the masses to their agenda and thus eliminating opposition to their cause and the greatest threat to their plan causing more danger than any army or law is a threat of a free thinking mind. In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the Masons have set about the boldest plan ever devise the complete control of every aspect of human life, Your Life and the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing. In today’s society people are spending more and more time engaged with modern media. Television, Cinema, Computer Games, The Internet, Popular Fiction and Popular Music are integral part of their lives. Yet these provide a vast expanse on information which you are taking either consciously or subconsciously into your mind. Information on society ranging from ideals and morals and the difference between right and wrong to the way societies and economies should be structured is past before you every single day.

            These media play a significant role in providing the basis for determining an individuals view of the World and everything that exists. Thus any one group in complete control of this information placed on these media will in effect have the power to indoctrinate practically the entire populace of the World to their way of thinking and it is this fact the Free Masons are exploiting. The Masons are using the entertainment industry in particular to condition people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally. The methods they use vary but the goal is the same to impose their beliefs, their ideology and their objectives on you in such a way that you begin to think of them as your own. Evidence of their presence within popular entertainment is wide spread. Masonic involvement in the industries is not a new thing. Hail is one of histories great composers, Wolf Gang Amadeus, Mozart a Free Mason himself composed a symphony which was an open display of Free Masonry. The symphony is based on a story taken from an ancient Egyptian mythology Avysus and Cyrus. The pagan rights of ancient Egyptian mythology form through the Kabala one of the fundamental aspects of Free Masonry. It is from these same pagan origins of Egypt that the symbol of the One Eye Stems.

            Evidence of the Free Masonic presence is also commonly found in the popular music of more recent times. Michael Jackson hails today the King of pop regarded as the greatest entertainer of all times responsible for producing best selling albums in the World may not be known to be linked with the Free Masons. However the cover of his “Dangerous” album had some interesting features on it the Free Masonic symbol of the One Eye can be found and also the picture of a watery Lake behind which laid burning flames. It seems as though anyone entering into the water would really be entering into the fire. The cover also has on it a picture of a bald headed man well known to the occult as Alistair Crowley. He himself was a Free Mason who became a Satanist and wrote the book “The New Law of Man” which stated in it that it would one day replace the Qur’ân as the law of man.

          182. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Should Europe return all the Sunni refugees back to the east?

          183. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I really don’t want to adjust your errors here and now, say the apostles creed that’s all I can say for now.

          184. Reasonableman Avatar

            ‘m sick of Christians who advocate for war. You see, we Muslims have Jihad. It’s in the Qur’an. If you try to kill us we are instructed by God to fight you to the death. There’s no denying it. But each and every single command to fight in the Qur’an is predicated with a warning: “[B]ut if they desist, there should not be any hostility except towards the wrong-doers.” (as seen in 2:193)

            But Christians have no such command or instruction in the Gospels. All they have is, “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.” [Luke 6:29] They have absolutely no instructions on when to engage an adversary or oppressor in defense. They are simply told to roll over and acquiesce.

            But that is not what you get with them. What you get is one of the most warring nations on the planet from the post-Constantine Roman Empire, to the Byzantines, to the Crusaders, to the Thirty Years War, the Napoleonic Wars, World Wars I and II, and the whole cacophony of wars in the 20th century.

            But the Christians actually don’t top the list of wars by death tolls in history. That goes to the Buddhists. The followers of the Happy Buddha have the Three Kingdoms War, the Qing conquest of the Ming, the Taiping Rebellion and so forth. That’s right. The same Buddhists with their saffron robed monks not wanting to kill even an insect and the cute little Dalai Lama with his wise quote memes all over the Internet. By the way, the Dalai Lama was originally set up by the Mongols who slaughtered 70,000,000 —SEVENTY MILLION— people between 1206 and 1324.

            Jihad is part of Islam and can never be removed without Islam itself being removed. (You can bet that sentence will be used against me out of context from what I’m about to say next.) But Jihad is first and foremost the internal war against one’s own ego. When Jihad does involve war it has requirements, rules and regulations. We were probably the first religious community on earth to have divinely dictated rules of engagement that forbid us from harming civilians, women, children, the old, the laborers, and many other categories of non-combatants. We are commanded to fight only those who raise their arms against us. “Fight in the path of God against those who fight against you, but don’t be a starter of hostilities! For God loves not any aggressors.” (2:190)

            So we are who our sacred text says we are. But are the Christians and Buddhists who their sacred texts say they are? No. They have the largest most powerful military arsenals on earth and enough nukes to destroy planet earth several times over. These guys have enough weapons to crack planet earth like an egg.

            So spare me the manure about your religiosity. If you want war and killing then just say straight up you have nothing to do with Christ or Buddha because I promise you they would want to have nothing to do with you
            —– shibli zaman

          185. wow WELL SAID!
            That seriously was the most appropriate reply to that disgusting bigot.
            I bet it went to st Charbel school.

          186. ziobrakedebrak Avatar

            The Third Temple as a sign of the end times.

            It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or non-religious or which faith you belong, the near future events to unfold is beyond one’s control. They will happen and pass whether one like it or not. It’s global and not just a Phenomena in the Zionist state or M.E.

            The biggest prize for the Zionists is to have their final temple built upon the grounds of Masjid Al-Aqsa and they will do anything to get it. This is their end game, and this is what they are striving for at this very moment. We may not understand their logic but they have one and they are determined see through their plan.

            The Zionist have a phrase: “There is no meaning to the Jewish people without the State of Israel and there is no meaning to the State of Israel without Jerusalem and there is no meaning to Jerusalem without the Temple Mount”

            So, everything boils down to the building of their third temple, everything. Plans have already been drawn up for its construction, the interior, even the patterns on the curtains, it’s all there – they just need a reason to begin.

            The reason Jews want to build their 3rd temple, because Per their scriptures “it will usher in the era of hebrew Moshiach (messiah).”According to the Rambam((Maimonides), the Jewish people must build the Third Temple any way they can, at any time they can accomplish the task. In the Laws of Kings, the Rambam states that the Messiah, an earthly, Jewish king, will build the Third Temple. And, in fact, he states that the only conclusive proof of the identity of the Messiah is that he will be the one to build the Temple.

          187. nagy_michael2 Avatar

            I agree totally with what you said.. its all true and it’s going to happen. it’s written and many theologians who can interpret the Bible well they would tell you the same thing.

          188. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Rabbi says: Did Maimonides rule that you need to destroy or not? Idolatry needs to be destroyed.”

          189. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And ‘Temples’ are different than churches or Mosques I take it.
            Hell, ISIS even worked it up to ‘Arches’. Taliban worked it up to faces carved on a cliff.
            Rabbi must be proud of those guys for the ‘ultimate theory’.

          190. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Same scary Dark Ages.
            Church is ‘Knisseh’ in Arabic.. Jewish followers of Jesus gathered in ‘Knesset’ in Hebrew, (gathering place).

          191. Which version of the bible?
            Coz there are so many versions that it honestly confuses me

          192. 5thDrawer Avatar

            As I’ve said, a huge crowd working at trying to make a theory become a fact, but having produced nothing ‘real’ from it but deaths over 3000 years, from the times of Warrior Jewish Tribes, to the Christian ones, to the Muslim ones … although they all claim that death is the way to find ‘the great reward’, after taxing the hell out of their lifetimes.

          193. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I hope they at least get it right for the ‘modern age’ and design in wheelchair access.

          194. Why do the Zionist want to destroy MASJID AL-AQSA??

            The Zionists refer to the land between the Nile and the Euphrates as “their promised land.” Dajjal is their king, and in keeping with their occult belief, they have to resurrect the original temple for him to take his throne.

            So where is this original temple of Zionism?

            Archeological and historical evidence proves the ruins of the original temple of Zion is underneath the temple of Solomon. Meaning Hadrat Sulayman (AS) knew how evil this magic is, that he built his MOSQUE OVER THE ZIONIST TEMPLE. Simply because people praying in that Mosque, worshipping one true God is strong enough to override any evil that happened there.

            THIS IS WHY THE JEWS/ZIONIST WANT TO DESTROY MASJID AL-AQSA! THEY NEED TO RESURRECT THE TEMPLE BENEATH. It’s common sense, logic! The Dajal is inherently evil – so he will not be able to enter any holy place. Meaning he cannot rule or enter any church, mosque or synagogue, where the worship of one true God takes place.

            The only place he can enter and rule from, is a temple in-keeping with his evil nature.

            · This also explains why the Dajjalite ruled states are buddy-buddy with Israel. They have a common goal, and common belief. They work for a force far greater, and far more evil and deceptive than you and I could ever comprehend. This is why their foreign policy is pro-Israel. This is why they allow Palestine to be attacked over and over again. They need to destroy Al-Aqsa. And this is why they portray Arabs & Muslims to all be terrorists. They want to turn the world against Muslims in hatred, because the fact is, the people who will continue to defend Masjid Al-Aqsa are Arabs! MUSLIMS! Muslims understand the significance of Masjid Al-Aqsa, it is Islams first Qibla. Therefore the Muslim people of that land is their greatest resistance. And these disciples of Dajjal know that.

            Islam tells us that one of the final signs before the arrival of the Dajjal, and the heralding of the end of times, is THE FALL OF MASJID AL-AQSA.

            · There are Jews that believe in one god – praying properly etc.

            · Then there are Jews that are “ashkenazi” and those that believe in the origins of the Jewish religion. Prior to Judaism, the people of that land were Zionist. They believed in Zionism, which has its roots in a practice called “Kabala” (this is an ancient form of Jewish magic and is based on the principles of the occult and paganism ie: believing in gods and goddesses as well as satan). This practice was learnt from the ancient Egyptians prior and during the time of Moses (Musa AS). Further research proves that what they actually worshipped was Jinn.

            · Jinn come in 3 forms, as the Qur’an tells us – in form of dogs or snakes, birds or flying, and that which shape shifts (can assume the shape of a man etc) – look at the ancient gods or pictures of them and you will see what I mean… the Egyptian “gods” were in those forms…head of a dog, bird etc etc etc…. same with the Annunaki ‘gods’ in Persia, and the gods worshipped by the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and other ancient civilisations. In all ancient paintings, drawings etc, these Gods were all blue in colour. The Qur’an tells us that Jinn is created from the smokeless flame of fire – meaning the essence of a flame. So go ahead and light a flame, and you’ll see that the heart of that flame is BLUE. Jinn also live for thousands of years and travel very fast (which explains why all the ancient civilizations had similar looking “gods” at least one of whom was blue).

            · The Qur’an warned us to never take Jews as our friends. Allah warned us that they would work to destroy Islam. And this is something we see happening.

            · Muslims and Christians are awaiting the second coming of Jesus The Messiah. We also know that the Dajjal (the Anti-Christ / False Messiah) will appear before Jesus does. Jews also believe in a “second coming.” They are preparing for it. However, the interesting thing is that the Jewish faith does not recognise Jesus. Jews do not acknowledge Jesus at all. You fit the puzzle! If they do not acknowledge Jesus and don’t believe he’s returning, yet are awaiting a second coming…then who are they waiting for??

            So whats this got to do with Masjid Al-Aqsa then?


            · Going back in history… Sulayman (AS) or (King Solomon), was responsible for building what is commonly known as the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON.

            · Sulaymans (AS) rule was different from other prophets in that Allah (SWT) allowed him to rule over the race of man, and the race of Jinn.

            · Sulayman was tasked with spreading Allahs word ie: the belief and worship in ONE god.

            · It came to Sulayman’s attention that groups of people in the land were still practicing magic and the occult. He ordered his guards to go throughout the land and confiscate every book, manuscript, tablet, or page that any occult or instruction to do magic or witchcraft was written on, as these TAUGHT people the practice of summoning spirits (Jinn).

            · In Islam we know that this is haraam. Qur’an tells us that Jinn and Man must co-exist in parallel dimensions, but must not communicate with each other. Jinn are invisible, they can see us, but we cannot see them. There is no such thing as a “good” or helpful Jinn, because any Jinn that speaks/interacts with a human is directly going against what Allah commanded: NO CONTACT. And so it is vice versa.
            · So, on Prophet Sulayman’s instruction, they brought all books to him, and he then buried them where he thought they would be safest i.e.: no one could get / steal them.

            · Where did he bury them?? In the foundations of the temple, under his throne! He appointed guards known as the Knights of the Temple of Solomon (Knights Templars) to guard the temple day and night.

            · The Knights did this initially. When Sulayman (AS) passed away (May Allah grant him Jannah), The Knights discovered what it is they were guarding. They quickly realised the significance of this information, the practices and magic that they had at their fingertips. They stole it and began practicing. They moved completely away from religion and God, and immersed themselves under the power and influence of Iblees (Shaytaan). Due to the nature of their rituals, they quickly became the most powerful and wealthiest people in the land. (Recent interviews with members of the occult confirms that Satan rewards his followers with masses of wealth and material gain in this world, provided they do whatever he wants them to ie: spreading corruption, ungodliness and destruction on earth. Interviewees also said that Satan assures them, via his high priests and priestesses, that he is the real God – And that he is just misunderstood!).

            · Subsequently over the ages, the manuscripts were smuggled into Europe, and the Knights Templars took on the name “Free Masons” – With this new found power, they quickly spread this knowledge across the world, in the forms of secret societies – ALL WITH A COMMON GOAL: To serve their “God” Satan, and to prepare for the arrival of the one-eyed Dajjal, who is Satans representative on earth. Their symbol is a pyramid topped by an “all-seeing” ONE eye! Please note that the ancient Egyptians also had the all-seeing one eye which they called the Eye of Ra, and the Eye of Osiris. Remember that the dark arts were learnt from the pagans of ancient Egypt. You draw the parallels!


            “THE SECRET” KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE WHICH THESE ILLUMINATI SOCIETIES CLAIM TO HAVE, IS IN ACTUALITY THE PRACTICE OF THE DARK RITUALS OF THE OCCULT. This is the “secret” they are always talking about in “mastering your future, creating wealth by asking the universe to give it to you etc. etc., being spiritual, not religious etc…,” – this is a direct opposite to Islam where we place our faith and trust in Allah to provide for us.
            So if the masons have got this “secret treasure” already – WHY all the focus on destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa?

            Well, simply put, they are preparing for the arrival of their deity “DAJJAL”


            1. Well, in Islam we know the Dajjal is the false messiah. Meaning – he will imitate the true messiah in every way. The true Messiah, Hadrat Isa/Jesus (Peace be upon Him) will come back to rule the world from JERUSALEM. So that’s where the Dajjal will be arriving: THE HOLY LAND, JERUSALEM. He comes back to his home.

            2. Nabee Muhammad (SAW) told us that the Dajjal was released into the world during his (Rasulullah’s) lifetime. Thus he has been on this planet since the time of Rasulullah (SAW). We were informed that Dajjal will live on earth for 40 days (one day like a year, one day like a month, one day like a week, and the rest like normal days. Remember 1 heavenly year is equal to a 1000 human years. You do the math). This proves that he is a powerful Jinn, as jinn can live for thousands of years.

            3. All prophets of Allah warned their people about the false messiah.

            4. Our noble Prophet (SAW) informed us with a description of Dajjal and warned us to know that Allah is not “ONE-EYED”. Dajjal will also have the word Kaffir/Kuffar on his forehead. The Messenger of Allah, Nabee Muhammad (SAW) also warned, that any Muslim upon hearing of the Dajjals “arrival” should turn his back and walk away from Dajjal, not look in his direction, or walk in his direction. Don’t be curious as Nabee warned that even the strongest in Iman amongst us would be tested and could easily fall prey to Dajjal, as Dajjal is the Master of Deception.

          195. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            very interesting, might be some truth in there somewhere, I guess it took one to know one.

          196. 5thDrawer Avatar

            That good old basic ‘Kill or be Killed’ human knowledge base. Gotta love it.

          197. Reasonableman Avatar

            No kill or be killed is your darwinism jungle secular democracy “survival of the fittest” motivational mumbo jumbo.

          198. The terrorist attacks in Israel over the past 11 months
            (in addition to the daily throwing stones)
            October 4th. Orab stabbed a Jewish teenager near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Terrorist shot by policeman.
            October 3rd. The attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, near the Lion Gate, were seriously
            injured three people, a small child was slightly injured. Later, two of the injured died in hospital.
            October 1st. In the area of ​​Beit Furik village terrorists opened fire from a
            passing car at a car with Israeli license marks. Man and woman, who were
            in the car were killed and four children were not injured.
            9th of September. The shelling of the car at an intersection and-Bitot (south of Nablus) was slightly wounded an Israeli.
            September 3. Five American tourists mistakenly drove into Dzhabl Johar neighborhood in
            Hebron were attacked by Arabs, who pulled them from the car and set fire on the car. Two people were injured.
            August 30th. On the highway №90, near the village of Udzha, a few kilometers
            from Jericho, an Israeli vehicle was fired. Bullet of M-16 hit the wheel
            of the car.
            August 30th. At the crossroads of Jit in Samaria shot a car with Israeli license marks. One person was slightly injured.
            August 30th. Trying of “automotive terrorist attack” south of Hebron. Slightly wounded a soldier. Suspected terrorists escaped.
            August 26th. At the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, a terrorist armed with a knife
            struck the border guard lightly wounded. The attacker was detained.
            August 15. Armed with a knife at the intersection Abitot terrorist inflicted
            border guard moderately wounded. Terrorist eliminated.
            August 15. A soldier was slightly wounded in a suicide attack at a checkpoint on the road №443. Terrorist neutralized.
            August 9. An Israeli was stabbed in an attack near a gas station on the highway №443. Terrorist neutralized.
            On 6 August. The car, driven by a Falestinian Orab, knocked down three
            Israelis near the intersection of Shiloh (district Benjamin).
            July 15. Orab, armed with a knife, wounding a soldier near the village Nahliel. The attacker was detained.
            5’th of July. Not far from the town of Carney Shomron terrorists fired at an Israeli vehicle. No injuries were reported.
            30 June. Falestinian Orab was injured when shouting “Allahu Akbar!” He ran
            toward the Israeli guards at a checkpoint Kalandia. Israeli security
            officials regard this incident as an attempted terrorist attack. None of
            the Israelites was injured.
            On 29 June. Terrorists fired on a
            group of Israelis near Shvut Rachel, Binyamin District. Four of the
            wounded, one of them later died.
            On 29 June. Terrorist armed with a knife wounded servicemen at a checkpoint near Rachel’s Tomb, detained.
            June 28. Not far from Beit El was shelled ambulance “Magen David Adom”. No injuries were reported. The terrorists escaped.
            June 26th. Terrorists fired at the military checkpoint “Bekaot”. Returning fire, the soldiers seriously wounded terrorist.
            21st of June. Armed with a knife attacked border service employees at
            Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. The attack seriously injured
            a border guard. The attacker neutralized.
            June 19. Near the intersection of A-Pars, near Dolev (district Benjamin) Falestinian Orab stopped a car with Israeli license signs and
            point-blank shot from a pistol two Israelis. One of them, 25-year-old Dani Gonen,
            died from his injuries. Another Israeli, Netanel Hadad, was hospitalized
            with injuries of moderate severity. Responsibility for the attack took
            the “Brigades of al-Qassam Izaddina” (armed wing of Hamas).
            May 20. Orab hit two police officers at the intersection of A-Tur. As a result of the incident the police were slightly injured.
            May 11. Orab, armed with a knife attacked Israeli near the crossroad Mishor
            Adumim, near the check point “A-Zaim”, and wounded him.
            April 25th. In Jerusalem’s A-Tur Arab car hit a police. Suffered four police officers.
            April 25th. Armed with a knife attacked Israeli border guards near the
            Patriarchs Cave in Hebron, one Border Policeman was injured. The
            terrorist was wounded and arrested.
            April 25th. In the area of ​​the checkpoint on the outskirts of the village of Al-Zaim
            was shot and killed 16-year-old Orab who tried to attack Israeli border
            guards, armed with a butcher carving knife. The terrorist destroyed.
            April 15th. In Jerusalem, the street Haim Bar-Lev, a car driven by an Orab
            hit a people standing at a bus stop. Killed an Israeli, one young woman
            was seriously injured. The driver was detained.
            April 8. Orab, armed with a knife attacked IDF soldiers near Shilo in Samaria, one
            soldier was seriously injured, and another one injured easily. The
            attacker killed.
            April 2nd. At the checkpoint “Oranit” in Samaria
            (west of Nablus) Orab armed with a knife, attacked the soldiers. The
            attack was slightly wounded one soldier. The attacker was detained.
            Press service of the IDF explained that the incident occurred during a
            routine operation to detain a resident of the Falestinian Authority,
            who was trying to illegally cross into Israeli territory.
            March 17. IDF soldiers was hit by a car at the crossroad of Gush Etzion. The
            soldier received minor injuries. The driver, who was driving the car
            fled, but was soon arrested.
            March, 6. In the district of Sheikh Jarrah quarter, next to the complex Shimon the
            Tzadik, Falestinian Orab in the car knocked down four employees of
            the Border Police, who were injured to moderate severity. The terrorist has been neutralized.
            February 26th. At the crossroad of Gush Etzion Falestinian Orab armed with a
            knife tried to attack an Israeli soldier. The terrorist has been
            February 22. On Safra Square in Jerusalem, Falestinian Orab attacked with a knife on a religious Jew. The terrorist was detained.
            January 21. In Tel Aviv, the Falestinian Orabs, armed with a knife, wounding 10 people in the bus of 40th route.
            On 27 December. Molotov cocktail thrown at a house in Jerusalem’s Armon Natsiv. No injuries, damage to property.
            25th December. In the car on the 55th track thrown a Molotov cocktail.
            Seriously injured 11-year-old girl, her father received minor injuries.
            12 December. Falestinian Orab poured acid passers-by at the intersection
            of Husan. Seven people were injured, among them four girls. Terrorist
            wounded and neutralized
            12 December. Falestinian car crashed into a
            concrete fence bus stop near a military base near Nablus. The driver
            was slightly injured.
            December 3rd. Armed with a knife attacked shoppers in the supermarket network
            “Rami Levi” in the industrial zone of Mishor Adumim. Injured two people. Terrorists neutralized
            December 1. At the crossroads of the Gush Etzion Israeli Orab attacked and
            inflicted minor injuries. The soldiers disarmed and detained the
            24 November. In the Old City of Jerusalem Orabs attacked a
            teacher and two students of the yeshiva, wounding two people. Detained
            three attackers.
            November 21. In Jerusalem’s A-Tur Orabs, armed
            with knives and metal bars attacked a group of religious Jews on their
            way to the yeshiva. Two Jews were slightly injured.
            November 18. Jerusalem. Two Arab terrorists attacked the people in the synagogue,
            located in the street Rabbi Shimon Agassi (near Ar Nof). Five
            people were killed: 59-year-old Rabbi Moshe Tversky, 68-year-old Rabbi
            Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, a 40-year-old Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky, 55-year-old
            Rabbi Kalman Levin and 30-year-old policeman Zidane Sayef. Another seven people were injured. Terrorists eliminated.
            November 16th. Jerusalem. On the street and Neviim Jew attacked and stabbed with
            a screwdriver moderately wounded. The attackers fled.
            10th of November. In Gush Etzion, near Alon Shvut, Orab, armed with a knife,
            killed a 26-year-old Dahlia Lemkus. Two other Israelis were wounded. The
            terrorist was wounded and arrested.
            10th of November. Tel Aviv.
            Orab, armed with a knife attacked Israelis near the railway station
            “Agana”. He was killed 20-year-old sergeant Almog Shiloni from Modi’in.
            Another person was wounded. The terrorist was wounded and arrested.
            November 5. On trempiade in Gush Etzion a Falestinian driver knocked down three
            IDF soldiers and disappeared. He later surrendered to police.
            November 5. “Road terrorist attack” in Jerusalem, near the tram stop outside Shimon the Tzadik. Killing 38-year-old captain of the border service Jedi Assad from the
            Druze village of Beit Jann and 17-year-old Shalom Baadani. Another 12 people were wounded and injured. The terrorist destroyed.
            22 of October. Jerusalem. “Road terrorist attack” at the tram stop “Givat
            Tahmoshet.” Killing 22-year-old Karen Yamim Mosquera and 3-month-old
            Haya Zisel Brown. The terrorist destroyed. The house of terrorist was
            destroyed on the night of November 19

          199. Lol good try but it still doesn’t prove the 30:1 ratio.
            You and cook both know very well who leads the kill count.

          200. what, where is start of terror and defence, response, here is 30:1 ratio

          201. Wtf are you saying?
            (Another one who can’t converse in English. Fml)

          202. wtf who leads the kill count you know?

          203. Mate fuck off to a Russian Jewish site coz your English is worse than a 2yo.
            And the reason I say a Russian site is coz I know you are a Russian Jew occupy

          204. what problem, don’t read my comments, idiot

          205. Idiot fuck off back to mother Russia.
            I know you are a hasbara troll

          206. fuck off yourself, O

          207. cook2half Avatar

            No you.

          208. I hate this world. Too many sickos.
            I swear if I could I would check out!!!

          209. cook2half Avatar

            Its just human nature. I’m sure it’ll improve one day but for now we just gotta live with it and make the most of life.

          210. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I believe the ‘start’ was here … although there was some ‘pre-amble’ which the British, in their haste to get away from the crazies, simply allowed to pass by. I suppose we can all blame the British again … for the craziness which goes on today, because no-one learns anything – or changes from since that time. (someone posted this ;-))
            Deir Yassin Chronicles ….

          211. Try a source that isn’t controlled by you Zionist hasbara trolls.
            You hasbara troll zionists make hitler look like an angel

          212. yes, hind

          213. Ok sweetie! Just don’t go taking out your frustration on some Palestinian baby.
            You settler fucks need to be eradicated

          214. you are vandal verbal terrorist, idiot

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          221. Your parents are the monkeys you disgusting piece of shite

          222. again, fuck you, idiot

          223. 5thDrawer Avatar

            The ‘Pre-Amble’ …

          224. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Good contemporaneous documents link !!

          225. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Certainly a pile of them at the bottom.

          226. man-o-war Avatar

            “The terrorist attacks in Israel over the past 11 months”, haha! Many of what you have listed occurred in the West Bank and not in Israel. I also notice you have left off the burning of the Palestinian child while they slept in their home. Israel has yet to capture the terrorist that did that. No home invasions or home demolishing.

            “30 June. Falestinian Orab was injured when shouting “Allahu Akbar!” He ran
            toward the Israeli guards at a checkpoint Kalandia. Israeli security
            officials regard this incident as an attempted terrorist attack. None of
            the Israelites was injured.”, I like how you kept this on your list. I guess shouting “Allahu Akbar” and running is considered terrorism. Haha.

          227. Lol good one. Vs is a racist bigot.
            I wonder how vs would like it if we referred to settlers as assraelis

          228. 5thDrawer Avatar

            It’s the way things are reported … no attacker is simply a criminal in the minds of either side because they are not reported as such. Here’s example from Canadian news … we can’t tell what ‘sect’ or ‘race’ anyone is ….not even the arrow.
            Ontario Weird One:

          229. man-o-war Avatar

            I just found out yesterday that you’re not Lebanese, lol. Is this true? You better give the correct answer here or we’re through ; )

          230. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I was surprise you thought he was Lebanese. He’s Canadian (i think from New Brunswick 🙂

          231. man-o-war Avatar

            I guess I never actually asked him and he never led me to believe that he wasn’t. He is the most active on this website and seemed concerned with Lebanese politics.

          232. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I always accused him of not understanding the Orient..(when i was angry) ..

          233. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ahem … after 5 years in here, I don’t see that anyone does ‘understand’ it.

          234. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes … ‘Concerned’ … Those politics were killing good friends of mine.
            Wasn’t that why we were all here?

          235. man-o-war Avatar

            Yep, I guess we are all concerned for different reasons.

          236. Why are you here?

          237. man-o-war Avatar

            For the comments

          238. 5thDrawer Avatar

            My goodness you love to gossip … I can be in your studio in 8 hours … ;-))

          239. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You’ve been here for 5 years?..Pure Canadian?

          240. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Almost from ‘The Inception’. Yup. Born & Bred IN Canada. My Home & Native Land. A PURE patriot. (even if I don’t vote Fiberal) Speaking of which … will you? They are all calling to ask … ;-))

          241. Lol yeah coz whites are natives of Canada. Stop your lies and tell us where your ancestors migrated from (I already know the answer)!

          242. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, you may know a few things because you lied to pry them out of me. BUT, Ancestry is such a weird thing … for some it never occurs to them that they are moulded by the environment and not by great-grandmothers or some such ancient history. And actually one side of the crowd is lost in the mists of time … can’t track back far enough to really know … but also don’t care except as ‘family anecdotes’. From those, I understand the influences on their lives. I have mine, here and now. It’s thankfully not theirs. (there were no microwaves …for one thing …) Excuse me .. the 8 minute dinner is ready.

          243. 8 minute dinner?
            What does your microwave run on? coal?

          244. 5thDrawer Avatar

            An older model .. like me. ;-)))

          245. Antiques are more valuable

          246. “Hungry man Turkey”

            So why are you eating it? :p

          247. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Errrr … actually … because it’s dinner-time? Had various-selections on special …. $3 … I stock up … try to get a meal for that in Lebanon … oh … yah … no freezers working there. /// ‘Salisbury Steaks’ are ok too … that’s VARIETY! Corn with Turkey, or Green beans with the hamburger. More potato with beef …
            As a ‘connoisseur’, I would say forget the ‘Pub Special’…

          248. Sweetie I didn’t lie and didn’t need to pry. You saw dollars and pussy and just blabbed away

          249. 5thDrawer Avatar

            The blabbing was to be open. The dollars were NOT for me. But it’s over … ‘the Fat Lady sang’, as they say.

          250. We can always provide a copy of our exchange and let the rest decide

          251. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I doubt they care … not many here changed a country or it’s actions, or any of the ones around them … largely because it’s so ‘rooted’ in that ancestry stuff and can’t go forward from it. One might say, a garbage concept. Which was why a lot ran from it – to become Canadians, Americans, and Aussies or …. OK, Forget South Americans … :-))))))

          252. Really??
            Is that why they ran?
            And not coz the west was bombing them left right and centre?
            Or that the west installed dictators to rule them with an iron fist??
            I know for a fact that most would’ve never left their homes if the west hadn’t made their lives miserable. So please spare your BS

          253. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I know a part of mine wasn’t bombs … I don’t think any of those old pieces of it was … for part of the ‘old gang’ it was called ‘Potato Blight’. A basic reason for ‘moving’ … Starvation. Call it ‘Lack of Knowledge’ in those ‘times’ … there really was not always Grocery stores, no matter what they tell you in school these days.

          254. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Diverging only slightly into ‘infrastructure’ … and the lack of understanding in how it was achieved – even in Lebanon – before education was wiped out.
            At one point in time, a bunch of immigrants from various weird places lands in Quebec City. They don’t like Liberals, or speaking French. SO… they decide to go be a Farmer in Saskatchewan … or even an Air-Head in Vancouver.
            SO … piling all the ‘useless goods’ they had brought from the ‘old world’ onto a wagon, they ‘set off’ into … oops … Impenetrable forest … then sent a couple of guys back to buy some axes. AND THIS is where they first began to ‘work together’. Otherwise, they were not going anywhere. Even then, it was not anywhere fast.
            Some stopped chopping and made a new ‘generation’ in some spots along the route. Some plodded along … and by the time they got to Kenora, 3 generations had been born in wagons and dropped off along the way too … and shortly after, they hit the ‘high grass plains’ … AND just when they began celebrating the fact they didn’t need to sharpen axes any more, it rained. They sent some guys back for shovels … to dig the wagons out of the mud. By Now, of course, that ‘trail’ was bringing more people from Quebec, since it wasn’t necessary to keep chopping to get through. BUT, when the ‘elites’ and ‘sects’ now coming on the ‘easy road’ got to ‘the front’, they all got handed a shovel … and had to work at travelling just like everyone else.
            To cut this short, by the time the guys with pick-axes pushed wagons to Vancouver, a pile of Chinese arrived with rail-road ties and steel rails …a little late … and a few generations had passed again, and everyone along the way knew how to use an axe, a shovel, and a pick … and some a sledgehammer to drive rail-spikes …. AND A NEW generation arrived to take pictures of the ‘Last Spike’.
            BUT there was only one road, and one rail-line … and really, as we see even today, NO-BODY wants to live beside those. So they just had to keep chopping or digging to get away from it all. At this point, basically, they all knew how to work together – and why they did – and why whatever the pompous asses in the train OR the pulpits said, roads still had to be built by everyone working together. A basic fact.
            Eventually someone came up with ‘paving’ … so now the ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ across Canada can be done in 7 days of driving … or 4 on a train … when it doesn’t snow … And too many are beginning to loose the Education of what it took to put the road there.
            In fact, MOST seem to think it’s only ‘natural’ to fly crammed in tight seats for 6 hours or so, after being herded in airports for 3, and waiting in hope for the ‘useless goods’ to fall out of the overpriced baggage chutes for an hour at the end … while IGNORING EVERYONE else … and there isn’t an axe, a shovel, or a pick to be found anywhere near the exit.

          255. how about relating it now?

          256. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Okay, Big O … might as well bury it here. ;-))) This just for you, of course. 😉
            A Grandmother.
            The Story as I know it. (maybe I should dig for more, but what would that change?)
            It’s later 1800’s.
            For some reason a young woman is in Moose Jaw while most of the rest of the Family is in Ottawa, or points East.
            A young man floats into her life from somewhere … all I can tell you with certainty is, it’s a Great Love.
            I know she was RC – Irish background … no background on him, EXCEPT that he was NOT RC. Moose Jaw of that time period is ‘not comfortable’ with ‘mixed marriages’ – and so, it’s performed by ‘The State’- which already has it’s head screwed on right.
            (Real Love should be stronger than a Theory, after all.)
            This was Instant ‘sin’, I assume … As related to me, they were ‘ostracized’ … and thus, they moved to ‘outside’ of town.
            (Hell, her own younger sister refused to talk to her for 19 years. (the end of the 19 is another story in itself))
            SO … We have a Happy Canadian Couple on the prairies.
            And from that point I know more …..
            Prairie winters are bleak affairs … there were 13 kids produced in all. My mother was one of them.
            (Side story: Giving birth one of those times, it was arriving a little earlier than expected … husbands couldn’t be doing anything with that end of the production thing … so the oldest boy was sent on a horse to get the doctor. They didn’t arrive back for a day or so, naturally … meanwhile, Grandma Delivered, tied and cut the cord herself, put the baby in a blanket and went to sleep. Doctor finally arrived, checked them both out, and after the usual humming to himself, said only: ‘You cut it a little short’. Then left again, after taking a shot of whiskey and a dollar from Grandad.)

            Not a lot is ‘related’ of interest in the ‘verbal history’ of the time. There’s few pictures.
            Sometime before or maybe around ‘The Dirty 30’s’ ….
            The Happy Canadian Couple and the 5 remaining kids arrive in Ottawa.
            Times are tough. So are diseases. Survivors have to be tougher.
            Those Uncles I actually knew. But they all went before Grandma.
            (For a while, I thought Mom might outlast me. :-)))

            I know you’ll be just dying to know about the end of 19 years …. hehehehe
            (‘Life’ being what it is …)
            At a ‘point in time’, the sister is giving birth.
            But there’s something going terribly wrong. She’s taken to a hospital. AND a Priest is ‘called’. The Doctors say: “It’s the mother OR the baby … we can’t save both.”
            The Priest with his nose stuck in the Family Life says: “OH, You MUST save the baby. It’s the will of God.”
            The Sensible Canadian Husband, RC to be sure, Has a few other Words for the Priest … which basically end with:
            “… And I know it won’t be YOU or God taking care of the other 5 while I’m at work.”
            :-))) A great truth there.
            Needless to say, the Doctors listened to the Husband.
            And the sister eventually said ‘hello’ again.
            Mists of Time.

          257. thats a very interesting way of telling your story. Honestly, you should take up writing books or something similar. I’m being very serious.
            Btw, now I know why you go on about condoms, seeing your granny had 13.
            People were built tougher back then, now we all want somebody or something else to do everything for us.
            Eg: once upon time to eat dinner meant an all day chore. Hunting, gathering, preparing etc etc.
            now we pick up the phone, which is always with us. Compared To “oldest boy on a horse to pick up doctor”

          258. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Really … A LOT changed in 70 years. Really sad in many ways. Grandpa was tough, although not much above 5ft tall. Grandma was 7″ taller. A ‘Quiet Man’. In Ottawa, one still had to work hard. Maybe being used to them, he worked at managing draft horses and carrying milk cases on delivery for a milk company. Trucks took over from horses. By the time I was born, he ‘managed’ a sort of apartment building. Worked stoking a coal furnace, and was used to carrying a large ash bin up stairs from a basement. One day two young ‘tough’ guys kicked over the garbage can while he watched from the ‘porch’. He yelled at them. They ran up to him, and said some things he didn’t like to hear, ending with:
            ‘What you gonna do about it old man’.
            He grabbed both jackets at the chest – each in a hand – picked them both up at the same time and threw them out into the street. No-body sued in those days. It was generally understood that how you landed was your own problem.
            I was too young to know him well.
            They became ‘welfare cases’ when blood pressure problems caused bleeding from eyes and ears and he couldn’t work. ‘Society’ looked down on them then. Some things have improved slightly about that ‘attitude’. Slightly. He passed at age 60.
            Grandma saw everyone ‘go’, except my mother.

          259. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I will vote.. pestering me since one month..

          260. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            8 hours ..Canada is a large country, wasn’t it second largest before Russia sold Alaska to US..

          261. 5thDrawer Avatar

            That’s why the Russians want to steal the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop. Want to be #2 again. :-))))) And yes, we’re used to driving.

          262. “yes, we’re used to driving.”

            Thanks to Arab oil provided by the puppets the west installed.
            Shame the yanks assassinated Faisal, at least he knew how to stop the oil.

          263. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (Oh my goodness … the American with the nice bacon has been listening to women again … what the hell am I gonna say? Ohhh …it’s SUCH a defining moment … definite angst creeping in … I guess he didn’t see answers from 5 years ago … but everything from 5 years ago is lost anyway … sip Glenfiddich .. contemplate navel …)
            HABITI. I’m PURE Canadian. Can you forgive me for THAT? I like your bacon …. ;-))

          264. man-o-war Avatar

            I had no idea, lol. I like Canadians, I got drunk on rum with Canadian tourists at a hostel in Barbados. One was from Newfoundland, first and only Newfie I’ve ever met. Habibti? Are you talking to me or my avatar?

          265. 5thDrawer Avatar

            In whatever other language, someone always ‘corrects’ me. I’d have said Habibi but someone told me that was wrong too. Bacon-Eggs-Ass didn’t seem appropriate.
            I DO hope the ass part is not yours, however … I talk to the Avatar. :-)))

          266. sweetvirgo Avatar

            OMG…I just noticed your avatar….LMAO.

          267. Did it turn you on?

          268. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hey Man-O … You want to see where that Newfie came from … this is near Cornerbrooke … very intense colours … can’t have discrimination there. 😉

          269. That’s very pretty. Great place to retire

          270. man-o-war Avatar

            Beautiful spot! His beard was the color of those trees, lol.

          271. man-o-war Avatar

            So, what’s your connection to Lebanon if you don’t mind me asking you to repeat yourself?

          272. 5thDrawer Avatar

            A 45 yr history in my mind – too much to tell here, my friend. Snippets appeared in my YaLibnan ‘stories’ over time … but who’s keeping records. Eh? 😉
            (some told me ‘eh’ means something else in Lebanon .. oh well .. )

          273. Lol I doubt cook is a woman

          274. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “for every Palestinian killed you will find 30 Israeli civilians killed in cold blood”.
            You post in public give sources to this FANTASY..Alice!

          275. Cook look what I found.

            “133 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 2,061 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.”

            “1,198 Israelis and at least 9,139 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000”

            Btw some of those Israeli victims are actually Arabs but coz they are Israeli citizens they were included in the Israeli dead.


          276. cook2half Avatar

            Its very sad.

            Btw you just gave hind legs an orgasm as it gave you a like.

          277. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You’re sick..and.. that conversation is between O and me

          278. cook2half Avatar

            Sweetie thats so fucking rich coming from you.

            Where did Malmaquer go btw.

          279. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            So summon him and shut up.

          280. cook2half Avatar

            You’re afraid of him, the reason being that he describes you perfectly for what you are. A sad, pathetic little hermit that supports terrorist groups and practices taqqiya.

          281. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Well, nothing could be further from the truth..
            Friends of Geo visited me..where i live is no hermit cave it’s the most expensive district in MTL. He once passed his mother on phone we spoke in Arabic, she had my Lebanese accent.
            Malkhara said I’m fat and ugly, his fantasies..
            You like him because he’s a Zio like you.

          282. cook2half Avatar

            I have never, ever seen Mal post anything in support of Israel. Ive literally got 0 proof in front of me that he’s a zionist apart from your word.

            According to you O is a zionist loving sunni, when thats clearly not the case. So why should I believe you about Mal?

          283. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          284. cook2half Avatar

            John Gilbert is not Mal, completely different writing style. If you’ve got proof then go on provide it.

          285. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            OK. You really wan’t me to provide it? Do have memory loss?

          286. cook2half Avatar

            Just provide it already, I’m sure we’re all fascinated to see your proof

          287. Hind that Danny nohra comment doesn’t prove anything.
            I’m not taking sides, just playing devils advocate.

          288. Ignore me. I said I won’t get involved yours and cooks discussion and then I get involved. Making me a hypocrite. Ok no more from me

          289. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            No, John Gilbert aka Malmequer, is aka Dany Nohra, his real name and wife.
            If do this i also could show other emails and that’s unethical. Or he has memory loss (too young for that) or he’s lying..sorry

          290. Cook could’ve hit his head in an accident and now suffers amnesia 🙂

            Just joking :)))

          291. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Of course they have completely different writing styles, but i always recognized him in any name..after years of stalking me

          292. cook2half Avatar

            Sorry but altering one’s writing style is easier said than done. I can recognise who is who from a mile away, in fact people on CNN used to praise me for it.

            Have you heard of confirmation bias? its “the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.” If you keep telling yourself that so and so is Mal, then you will find justifications for it even if its not true.

          293. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I’m not interested in you & MAAL..
            I posted the above to not breach confidentiality as you stated yourself to man-o-war; “i never give confidential information”.. remember?

          294. cook2half Avatar

            pffft I never said I don’t remember these emails. I just said this is not proof.

          295. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I have nothing more to say..

          296. “I have never, ever seen Mal post anything in support of Israel.”

            Have you ever seen him post anything against Israel?

          297. cook2half Avatar

            What does that prove?

            Come on O Hind was trying to convince us that you yourself are a Zionist.

          298. It means you never know

          299. Sigh, multiple roles dear O and Hind. Btw, Hind and you are …. beautiful individuals …. without her shite – side and diatribes …. though …. you on the other hand well you know :))))

          300. Thanks sigh xxoo

          301. 5thDrawer Avatar

            LOLOLOL …. Another misinterpret … ;-)))

          302. Sweetie, you wish.
            How’s your wife?

          303. ;)))) LOLOLOLOL

          304. Seriously?
            Maybe if you didn’t post in riddles and were upfront like a man

          305. :((( 5th …. ;))) kidding

          306. Have you not noticed I’m very direct??
            This saying….. Then saying ….
            Is very difficult to translate. Just say it straight out and there will be no misunderstanding

          307. Looks like this time you are right old white supremacist

          308. Btw, show where else I’ve misinterpreted or look like the liar you are

          309. :))) dear 5th knows, lol right 5th?? Please help dear O out with …. ;)))

          310. One thing I’ve noticed about you is that you are a wealth of information.
            How long have you been researching all the things you post?

          311. I’M not who ….. ;)))) nah, don’t know much, learning on here :))) You, Hind and …. are and have ….

          312. Half sentences don’t mean much

          313. :(((

          314. Then either correct the white supremacist or confirm his reading of it

          315. Ask th.. … :(((

          316. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            he’s “scholarly knowledgeable”.. you know..

          317. Is he rian, bong ding, x, etc?

          318. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          319. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            and morsi code..

          320. ?? sigh….

          321. You know all of them well?? Amazing, but how…. care to shed dark light…??? ;)))
            O, you interested in …. ??

          322. I’m not interested in your morse code….. Are….. Fuck…… Whoop……dum…dum….2yo….

          323. Ask Hind and you know who … ;))) how they …. ??? Theories… nay ;)))
            Who they’re, btw??

          324. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Maimonides .. theories..

          325. YES…. ;))) How are you, btw? Silence is G……… some say, eh ;)))
            Poor O :((( You and …. are being …. o. h…. ;)))) kidding lol
            Really don’t know what you … and who …. :(((

          326. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Silence is not gold, silence is rotten.

          327. ?? Then …. :(((

          328. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            but someone is taking notes..

          329. 5thDrawer Avatar

            For Hind …. 😉

          330. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Thank you ..good intentions, but soporific 🙂 time to go to sleep.

          331. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I’m an old sop.

          332. Speak…. Or fuck…..
            Who the……. Dumb…….

          333. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Mala Mala Morta,spic a La Sporta….

          334. Where they’re from …. seems most o. h…. are either from Can… or down un… or … ?? sigh … :(((

          335. WHO …sigh …??? :(((

          336. cvrs' Avatar

            -.-. .- -. / .– . / – .- .-.. -.- / … — — . .– …. . .-. . / . .-.. … .
            …. — .– / .- -… — ..- – / … -.- -.– .–. .
            .. – .—-. … / ..- .–. / – — / -.– — ..- –..– / – …. — ..- –. …. – / -.– — ..- / .– .- -. – . -.. / – — / – .- .-.. -.- .-.-.- / .. ..-. / … — / .-.. . – / — . / -.- -. — .– / .– …. . .-. . / .- -. -.. / …. — .–

          337. man-o-war Avatar


          338. 5thDrawer Avatar


          339. How very religious of you

          340. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            That’s why he spoke as himself Dany Nohra.

            “Dany Nohra – 1 year ago

            As a Christian Lebanese, I love watching you sand niggers argue and measure dicks. The Shi’ite and Sunni’s of the Mid East are bunch of barbaric tribes with uneducated extremist citizen disconnected from reality and misinformed. Iran is a cancer with evil intention and policies of hate and ignorance, KSA on the other hands, are fraudulent, sneaky, dirty and without oil the US would’ve turned it into a parking lot after what 17 of its citizen flew into the world trade. In conclusion exterminate each other you dumb animals and cleans this world from this evil you spread”.

            PS. He looks like a sand nigger View

          341. cook2half Avatar

            Confirmation bias. This is not proof.

            By the way where’s your proof that he’s a dual citizen?

          342. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I should have never answered you, enough, it’s serves no purpose all this is useless.
            You do it every day forcing a conversation till you go to bed at eleven ..are you on vacation..good night.
            Want also proof you sent me your portrait from a plain and that i sent it to Geo?

          343. cook2half Avatar

            Check your email just sent you something.

          344. cook2half Avatar

            Edit whore.

          345. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            As guest, O can’t give likes cookhara.

          346. Hind and I have a truce atm, so I’m not gonna get involved in yours and her argument.

          347. cook2half Avatar

            By the way, just so you know my 30:1 ratio was to do with civilian on civilian attacks. It’s my fault for not clarifying cause what I was thinking of when saying that was settler attacks on Palestinians vs. Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians.

            That’s why I went on to say “name me a single Jew who blew himself up in a restaurant in Berlin” – I was never arguing that the IDF doesn’t commit crimes. What I was arguing for was that Israeli civilians don’t commit murders as often as Palestinian civilians do. I never ever (at least intended) to make the claim that, taking wars and IDF raids into account, that 30 Israelis die for every Palestinian – that’s just delusional and not true.

          348. “What I was arguing for was that Israeli civilians don’t commit murders as often as Palestinian civilians do.”

            The settlers don’t need to coz the idf does their dirty work.

          349. One other thing. How many settlers are in the idf???
            Cook stop it!!

          350. cook2half Avatar

            I’m not justifying anything, murder is disgusting no matter how does it. Just trying to clarify my thought process when I wrote that.

          351. Fair enough

          352. “name me a single Jew who blew himself up in a restaurant in Berlin””

            They were too busy blowing up the king David hotel

            “Another Bomb In Jerusalem: 91 DEAD. Menachem Begin planned the destruction of the King David Hotel and the massacre of Deir Yassin. Ex prime minister, Shamir, was originally a member of the Jewish “terrorist” gang called Irgun, which was headed by none other than Menachem Begin.”

          353. man-o-war Avatar

            ” I was never arguing that the IDF doesn’t commit crimes. What I was arguing for was that Israeli civilians don’t commit murders as often as Palestinian civilians do” I don’t think this is a fair comparison. The Palestinians don’t have a formal army. All Israeli civilians have to serve except for a few exceptions, which makes the majority of the Israeli civilian population active duty, reserves, or veterans. All Palestinian attacks are going to be considered “civilian” attacks, what if they belonged to Hamas or one of the other hundreds of militia groups that have been created either overtly or covertly. Do we still count them as “civilians” attacking Israeli civilians?

        2. cook2half Avatar

          Why don’t you post links to the SEVERAL Israeli civilians that were murdered in the past few days you piece of shit maggot.

        3. 5th of October. Riots in Judea and Samaria: per day killed two “stone throwers”

          1. I keep looking in the map but I can’t find this mythical judea and sammy.
            Unless you are referring to the Israeli occupied West Bank.

            You are one disgusting settler

          2. I’m pro truth and justice, something a settler retard, like yourself, wouldn’t understand.

      3. “AND NO-ONE SPEAKS THE RIGHT LANGUAGE ??? Buffoons ‘maning’ checkpoints.”

        Yes wtf is behind that policy of manning checkpoints with retards that can not speak the language?
        It’s as if it’s done on purpose to create this exact scenario.

    2. Lol the slag only brayed here after I pointed out its deficiencies.

    3. This is the terrorist that killed an unarmed teenage girl.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Israel News Feed‏@IsraelHatzolah
        BREAKING VIDEO: Arab terrorist shot and wounded after attempting to stab an IDF soldier in Hebron moments ago.

          1. What does that pic mean?
            Sorry but I’m not clicking on the other links, I’m still very very shaken and upset from the other stories.
            I need to stop coming here, it’s too depressing.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Only Israel News Feed‏@IsraelHatzolah. logo..

          3. Let’s have a truce.
            Don’t defend asswad or attack other religions and I won’t attack you

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Marcel Leme, International Human Rights Observer, was leaving the city of Hebron in Palestine to return to Brazil. He was a few meters from the scene.
        His photos.

        1. I read his report and saw his pictures. In fact it was his story that caused my blood to boil.
          And as they say, those checkpoints have cameras recording everything. If those terrorists have nothing to hide then RELEASE THE VIDEO FOOTAGE!

    4. To answer your question about why you received those messages on 3rd October.

      I honestly don’t know. The date that it says I posted my comment is the day I made the comment.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Thank you..

  4. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Here is a sample of life under Zio Nazism.. as Bibinyahoo said; “the silence is deafening”

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      I would say that the ‘long pause’ simply reflects an inability of anyone to speak up. They can’t deny the 6 million, BUT also can’t bring themselves to say: ‘And now you work at killing 6 million palestinians or whatever, and you expect us to applaud it ALL??’. They are simply ‘Dumbfounded’ – after having largely made sure that Hitler STOPPED. And THAT was the ‘response’ in that time. How can they answer the question many years later, when there is no organized ‘death camp’ working on Jews any more? There is only ‘threats’ … from some other idiots. Someone in that crowd of silence was thinking ‘WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID?’

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        They need the anti Christ…he’s coming..

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            *you in my mail box

            O (Guest):
            Why did you delete you calling my mother a sharmouta? It is this type of deception that makes you a disgusting cum rag
            4:59 p.m., Saturday Oct. 3 | Other comments by O
            O – cook2half • 4 months ago
            Justice would be if your whore of a mom had a Hysterectomy
            •Reply•Share ›

            Hind Abyad – O • 3 months ago
            •Reply•Share ›

            O – Hind Abyad • 2 days ago
            Why did you delete you calling my mother a sharmouta? It is this type of deception that makes you a disgusting cum rag
            •Reply•Share ›

          2. Thank you for confirming you are a deceptive taqqiya whore. Lmfao you just shot yourself in the foot. HAHAHA dumb cum rag
            And answer the question. Why did you delete your braying about my mother being a sharmouta??
            Hinding taqqiya whore

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I never pronounce this word.

          4. BULLSHIT!
            You wouldn’t have deleted it otherwise.
            If you had nothing to hide you wouldn’t have deleted your braying

          5. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

          6. Good try but you’re not fooling anyone you deceptive slag.
            Why did you delete your braying where you brayed my mom is a sharmouta??

          7. Me in your box??

            I didn’t know you are cook.

            O – cook2half • 4 months ago
            Justice would be if your whore of a mom had a Hysterectomy
            •Reply•Share ›

            Ahhh so you are trying to divide cook and I. You manipulative Iranian taqqiya whore

          8. cook2half Avatar

            She wants my cock. Most people would just x yalibnan and watch some porn but you know daft mare it basically lives here.

          9. If I had only daft mare as a choice I would turn gay or celibate.

          10. cook2half Avatar

            Wait you’re a guy?

          11. Maybe. I told you don’t ask personal questions

          12. cook2half Avatar

            Sorry its just everyone here assumes you’re a woman.

          13. I could be

          14. cook2half Avatar

            I don’t mind either way. Unlike SOME people posting here tonight I’m not homophobic or sexist.

          15. I could be half half. Meaning a tranny from Qom. But I’m not

          16. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Listen, I’m not interested in this continuous sick dialogue. Forget it!
            I received the above comment in my email yesterday from a 3 months old thread..i was perplexed.. that is ALL.

          17. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Why did you send it?

          18. Hind Abyad – O • 3 months ago
            •Reply•Share ›

            O – Hind Abyad • 2 days ago
            Why did you delete you calling my mother a sharmouta? It is this type of deception that makes you a disgusting cum rag
            •Reply•Share ›

            Notice how behind’s braying has been deleted

          19. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Show me what behind’s braying has been deleted?
            Hind Abyad comment is (…)

          20. Wow so “…..” Is a comment?
            Is that your morse code ??

          21. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It was my comment to a disgusting O usual phrase 4 months ago.
            Why did you send me on Saturday Oct.3?

          22. You lying slag!!
            Your deleted braying is all over yalibnan and I can prove it.
            Tell me why did you delete your braying. What do you have to hide?

          23. cook2half Avatar

            ….. . ….

          24. LOLLLLL
            you’re a cheeky boy xxoo

          25. cook2half Avatar

            Dyou think she understood? xxxx

          26. LOLL
            Have you ever seen it understand anything

          27. cook2half Avatar

            It was typing something but now it stopped. Oh gosh it can’t figure out the code to its private parts.

          28. Let me help

            ….. .—- ….-

          29. cook2half Avatar

            I was quite interested in codebreaking at one point. But hey having two jobs, writing for a newspaper, studying Forex trading, finishing my final year of university AND putting up with a daft mare is enough.

          30. Lol
            Looks like behind needs its code cracked

            ….. .—- ….-


          31. cook2half Avatar


            Now let’s make it translate this:

            …– .-.-.- .—- ….- .—- ….. —-. ..— -…. ….. …– ….. —.. —-. –… —-. …– ..— …– —.. ….- -…. ..— -…. ….- …– …– —.. …– ..— –… —-. ….. —– ..— —.. —.. ….- .—- —-. –…

          32. It will “think” you are talking about meat pies. :))))

          33. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            So..tell me why don’t you get the Hell Out of my posts.
            I said !!

            “Hind Abyad – cook2half • an hour ago

            Listen, I’m not interested in this continuous sick dialogue. Forget it!
            I received the above comment in my email yesterday from a 4 months old thread..i was perplexed.. that is ALL.
            Scroll the article see the date..stop being irresponsible.
  … ”

            •Edit•Reply•Share ›

          34. Bitch you don’t get a say when it ends after you started the lies.
            This is not Tehran, we are free to comment until our hearts desire. Take that to the bank

          35. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            This is a lie? …you & Cook are same in same (embarrassed) denial.

            “5thDrawer – cook2half • 3 months ago
            True. My friends know which Palestinians NOT to associate with. They ARE Lebanese.
            Nut-bars ARE recognizable … to anyone with a brain.

            cook2half – 5thDrawer • 3 months ago

            O – 5thDrawer • 3 months ago
            That’s why I recognise you and daft mare.

            O – cook2half • 4 months ago
            Justice would be if your whore of a mom had a Hysterectomy

            Hind Abyad O • 3 months ago

            O – Hind Abyad • 2 days ago
            Why did you delete you calling my mother a sharmouta? It is this type of deception that makes you a disgusting cum rag ”


          36. “Listen, I’m not interested in this continuous sick dialogue. Forget it!”

            Lol exactly like its byes

          37. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          38. cook2half Avatar

            What the fuck are you braying.

          39. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

          40. I know what you are up to and it will only work with your shite kind coz everybody else knows how deceptive you are.

          41. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          42. cook2half Avatar

            What-ever girlfriend.

          43. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            …shallow O lapdog doesn’t want to read the link…want’s to have Fun 🙂

          44. Deceptive taqqiya khara immi daft mare doesn’t wanna stop its shite taqqiya. I promise you I find you the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across.

          45. There it goes editing AFTER I replied to its taqqiya. Disgusting deceptive slag

          46. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            That’s what it says EDITED, i don’t address you i don’t want your replies. I sent your message link cretinopolis, why you ignore it “Disgusting deceptive slag”?

          47. Editing and deleting AFTER someone has replied to you just proves what a deceptive shite taqqiya whore you are.
            Editing for grammar or mistakes is one thing. But editing to make yourself look innocent is just pure DECEPTION!
            You see anyone can get an account and do what you do but most on here are more honest than you will ever be. Not even anti education resorts to the level you stoop to.
            Again, you are the most vile thing I know.

          48. “i don’t address you i don’t want your replies. ”

            Lol as it addresses me and replies.
            Now repeat after me

          49. cook2half Avatar

            Anyone who defends you deserves to be talked to like that.

          50. EXCELLENT reply xoxoxo xxoo

          51. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          52. Please don’t teach it why.
            Let it wonder “??” Why

          53. cook2half Avatar

            Its English is like terrible and it lives in Canada wtf.

            Try making it speak Arabic btw.

          54. Yeah I don’t get that. It supposedly has lived in Canada long enough to have piglets but still can’t understand the language of the country it infested.

          55. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Read English, you said
            “Anyone who defends you deserves to be talked to like that”
            Read the link and answer who are talking you talking about..

          56. man-o-war Avatar

            I thought she lives in French Canada (Montreal), their 1st language is French. They actually take it very seriously in that part of Canada. There are videos online of tourists getting harassed in the streets for speaking English. Maybe 5th or Hind can shed some light on that.

            2nd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris. Just looked that up on wikipedia, lol

          57. man-o-war Avatar

            I’m staying out of whatever you guys are attacking her for this time, but I just wanted to throw that in there.

          58. cook2half Avatar

            In all fairness my Hebrew is terrible.

          59. Your Hebrew?
            I thought your first language was Farsi.

          60. cook2half Avatar

            Yeah but I was born in Israel and lived there until I was 17.

          61. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Attacks from planet nothingness..
            I received O message in discus notifications 2 days ago from a 3 months old thread.. asked Why did you send this. This place is a spam palace. Both deny and ignore the link.

          62. cook2half Avatar

            I think its terrible. It’s like speaking Mexican in Texas.

            I only go to Ontario.

          63. So!!
            5th can speak English well. So your excuse is lame

          64. man-o-war Avatar

            Where does 5th live? Does he also live in the French part of Canada?

          65. From memory, yes he does.

          66. man-o-war Avatar

            Well, I’m not sure. Maybe he went to an English school/Uni. I just think you could probably live in French Canada and never have to learn English and do just fine.

          67. “I just think you could probably live in French Canada and never have to learn English and do just fine”

            That is correct.
            So that begs the question, why doesn’t you know who go to a French site?
            I’m sick of reading bad grammar and trying to figure out wtf is being said.

          68. man-o-war Avatar

            You’re just picking on her now. There are numerous of posters with even worse English. You know that.

          69. cook2half Avatar

            How’s my English?

          70. Is that like you are picking on me now?

          71. man-o-war Avatar

            How? Your English is fine. Am I picking on you by saying you’re picking on her? Lol, my bad

          72. Lol yes

          73. Actually I recall him commenting in French a few times but his French isn’t as good as his English.

          74. man-o-war Avatar

            French is the second language in Lebanon. Most that received some level of education in Lebanon probably learned some French along the way. How long did he live in Lebanon before he moved to Canada?

          75. cook2half Avatar

            He’s not Lebanese. He just went to Lebanon for work later.

          76. man-o-war Avatar

            Oh, ok. Well damn, thats news to me.

          77. Bitch you beat me to it :)))

          78. man-o-war Avatar

            Lots of non-Lebanese posters on here. I wonder how many are not Lebanese and how many Lebanese not living in Lebanon. Haha, pretty funny.

          79. True that

          80. cook2half Avatar

            Lots of posters in Daily Star live in Lebanon, but that’s not at all the case here. I doubt anyone here is posting from the Middle East.

          81. He isn’t Lebanese!!
            He’s a pommy whose ancestors migrated from mother England to one of its colonies. So it makes 5th a colonialist.
            But good try.
            Henry can confirm all this

          82. man-o-war Avatar

            Just found that out. Lol, news to me. It’s kinda of crazy to me. He is the top poster on a Lebanese site. I like the guy, but damn 5th! Haha

          83. See how if you are fair and don’t take sides how you and I can converse in a decent manner??

          84. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Québéc is bilingual..Lebanese Christians came here because they spoke French in Lebanon.
            5th lives in an English province he didn’t go to French school.
            The Quebecois have an old tradition from their ancestors, when they hear a French from France speaking they say “maudits Francais”..because Louis XIV abandoned La Nouvelle France to England, when young generation say it to puzzled young French, afterwards apologize and everybody laughs.

          85. Hind Abyad O
            6 hours ago
            Stick to one subject or go bye

          86. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            That post was addressed to man-o-war not you

          87. Lol as if that’s ever stopped you!
            Hilarious how you answer your hypocrisy with even more hypocrisy.
            You are truly vile.

          88. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Only after milk teeth fall..

        1. Lol edit whore edited again.
          You dumb slag, it’s in black and white who commented here first. So slag its you came along AFTER I pointed out your disgusting taqqiya

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Said Yalibnan co-owner..the threads fields scarecrow..ha hah…!

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            First teeth to come in for babies? Look at the babie it wants attention.

            You commented nothing on the article, it was about me..

        2. nanaeel ol gil ol brita so.. oali el.. christeos ollog ladnah darsar
          isro ol om oi

  5. cook2half Avatar

    Taking a break from yalibnan to concentrate on other things (lol). Take care folks.

    1. Ok M.. LOL

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