German nurse regrets killing up to 30 patients

german nurse admits killing 30 people
The handcuffed ex-nurse covers his face with a folder in a courtroom of the regional court in Oldenburg, northern Germany

A nurse in Germany has expressed regret for killing up to 30 patients by giving them an overdose of heart medication.

News agency dpa reported that the 38-year-old man told the Oldenburg regional court on Thursday he brought about cardiac arrests in some 90 patients because he enjoyed the feeling of being able to resuscitate them. He said 30 died.

The defendant, identified only as Niels H. in line with German privacy rules, is accused of committing three murders and two attempted murders. Police are investigating more deaths between 2003 and 2005 in Oldenburg and the nearby towns of Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven in northwestern Germany.

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for H., who was previously convicted of attempted murder in 2008 and sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison.

Associated Press