Iranian speaker says Hezbollah more effective than a state


larijani berriSpeaker of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani , currently in Beirut, has hailed what he described as the “positive” role played by the Shiite Hezbollah militant group in the Middle East.

“There are groups that are even more effective than states… like Hezbollah, which plays a positive role in the region,” Larijani said during a lecture delivered at the law faculty of the  Lebanese University in Beirut.

Larijani praised Hezbollah  for its resistance  role in the Israeli 33-day war in July 2006 .

“This is a great advantage for the Lebanese people to bear the flag of resistance and to have demonstrated a new approach in the Islamic world,” Larijani said.


“[Palestinian groups] Hamas and Islamic Jihad also serve as powerful symbols of resistance,” he added, while warning of the potential impact of “destructive terrorist groups like the ISIL.”

As for the situation in Syria, a strong ally of Tehran, Larijani said that political and social reform could not be imposed “through warplanes and tanks.”

“The key to solving the Syria crisis is political compromise,” he stressed.

Addressing the current situation in Lebanon Larijani welcomed the talks between Hezbollah  and Future movement about  holding dialogue  meetings and said  the “presidency in Lebanon is an internal issue and other countries can only help this trend”

Larijani came to the Lebanese capital earlier Monday from Damascus, where he had met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a day earlier.

Larijani said in a statement to journalists upon arrival at Damascus airport on Sunday  that his visit to Syria aims at providing support to the Syrian Government and people, in addition to discussing the current situations as well as consulting with Syrian officials with regard to solving the standing political issues, SANA reported

Larijani  is now  holding talks with several senior Lebanese government officials and political figures.

He first met with Prime Minister Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail and then went into talks with Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain el-Tineh, a key ally of the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group.

Following the meeting in Ain al-Tineh Speaker Berri told reporters

“We thank Iran for supporting Lebanon and the resistance ( Hezbollah)  in particular ” .

Before the outbreak of the “Arab Spring” uprisings, Syria, Iran and Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah movement – along with Hamas – had all been part of a so-called “axis of resistance.”

On the other side of the equation stood a U.S.-friendly “axis of moderation,” including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt (under then-president Hosni Mubarak).

Upon the outbreak of the Syrian uprising in 2011, Hamas refused to support the Syrian regime, straining relations between the two and prompting Hamas’ leadership to decamp from Damascus.

Recent months, however, have seen Hamas and Iran – Syria’s ally– taking tentative steps towards reconciliation.

The conflict in Syria, now in its fourth year, has continued to fuel sectarian tension inside Lebanon, with the Shiite Hezbollah group’s ongoing military support for al-Assad’s Alawite-dominated regime drawing condemnation from Arab Sunni groups.




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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    So is ISIS, does that mean we should let them govern Iraq and Syria?
    But if Hezbollah is so effective as a state and since it has had the control of our gov’t for a long time. why we don’t have electricity flowing more than 2 hours.. or running waters, or inviting ISIS and Al Nusra to kidnap soldiers and ISF personal. or so many problems created by this so effective force. so we would been better off without this effective force in the first place.

  2. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Hezbollah prevents the state from reaching its potential. The 2006 war with Israel is a perfect example. Not only did Hezbollah drag Lebanon into destruction that didn’t need to take place, but they also shot down Lebanese Lt. Samir Hanna’s helicopter. After this incident Hezbollah told the Lebanese army to stay out of South Lebanon, and the army listened. i can name countless other incidents, but why waste my time?

  3. Larijani is telling us something we don’t know about Hezbollah being stronger than the state.
    The funniest part of his speech is this :
    “This is a great advantage for the Lebanese people to bear the flag of resistance and to have demonstrated a new approach in the Islamic world.”

    Yes the 2006 war cost Lebanon $15 billion in damages, over 1200 lives (mainly civilian people) and the displacement of over a million Lebanese mainly Shiites . Nasrallah said at the beginning of the war that Halal money from Iran will rebuild Lebanon , but neither halal nor haram money showed up from Iran. The state of Lebanon ended up borrowing more to pay the bill

    The other funny part of his speech is the “presidency in Lebanon is an internal issue and other countries can only help this trend”

    But he did not tell us that his arms that are in Hezbollah’s possession are preventing Lebanon from having a president

    How hypocritical !!!

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Seems to be a ‘consensus’ in the crowd here … 😉

  4. Mr,Larijani,you must understand that people ,all states and countries want Lebanon to be ^the effective state^ and no group must be ^more effective ^ than states!!!!!He s talking of ^compromise ^political solutions^ social reforms !!!!Full of talk and contradictions!!!

  5. Go F yourself and take your Iranian cronies back with you to your own state, and commit your Islamic bullshit Jihad there – what a bunch of crap! The Iranian government is worst than Israel and the USA combined.

  6. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Well, there goes the ‘Law Faculty’.
    Pushing the ‘political compromise’ lines … and in bed together, it seems … (and Rai wonders why Christians are leaving) …. ‘The Fellowship’ of Larijani, Berri, Salam, several senior Lebanese government officials, Hamas, Nastyrallah, ASSad, Islamic Jihad, (must be a couple of others … don’t want to miss any …) and of course El Supremo, and Putin and Kim Il Dong too one assumes …. can there be more?
    Like Druze and Alawite ‘Groupies For Dialogues’??
    Pushing the ‘political compromise’ lines … and in bed together, it seems. Wow. Perhaps now, even reaching out to ‘The Moderate Tribes’ … Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt … all politically compromised or compromising … working up for the ‘dialogues’, no doubt.
    These are, of course, the ‘right’ Tribes … shmoozing suddenly under the wonderfulness of the Hezzbolla Doctrines, we can be sure, against ISIS and Nusra and Boko Haram, and Taliban, and …. well, even ‘militants’ in general, which none of these are, of course.
    How wonderful to know there should be some ‘political compromise’.
    The Peasants never would have thought of that one.

    1. Adnan Sayyed Hussein heads up the Lebanese university. He was the Shiite minister representing former President Michel Suleiman in the cabinet led by former Prime Minister Saad Hariri. He reportedly was forced by Hezbollah to resign in order to topple Hariri’s cabinet of 30 ministers. The bribe offered to him in order to resign was his current job. His appointment at the university was criticized because of his limited qualifications.

      Hezbollah needed his vote because it controlled 10 and needed 11 votes to topple Hariri’s cabinet, so Adnan had the decisive vote.
      Now you know why Larijani felt at home at the Lebanese university.

      1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        you are totally correct.

      2. 5thDrawer Avatar

        And we remember the ‘Guest Speaker’ who had been lined up AND invited because he was an expert, to give talks on ‘Economics’ and possibly a token ‘Paper of Appreciation’ for coming ….. until someone mentioned he seemed, unfortunately, to be Jewish. And when did THAT occur?

  7. I quote the iranian speaker
    “Iranian speaker says Hezbollah more effective than a state” I think he is right but he didn’t complete his sentence. It should be ”

    Iranian speaker says Hezbollah more effective than a state on assassination of political opponents”


    GO Hezbollah
    GO Hezbollah

    Such an unfair resistance, disgusting it is.
    Destroying Lebanese while eating gefeltifish
    Cmon, Hezbollah Katyusha Rockets.
    They’re freedom fighters like Davy Crocket.
    Prime Minister Iranian Fat Boy?
    You have no idea what the hell you’re doing there Boy.
    This resistance was started by a dorky Hezbi hashished soldier.
    Now they’re in Syria with a Shiite bulldozer
    using the Cave Boy Mehdi to justify dyin.
    Stop the Shiite media lying.
    They wanted to play red rover, red rover,
    and now you wont let Sunnis come over.
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    You had every reason to make that verbal attack
    Can’t longer justify this war,
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    CMON Talk about Affirmative Action
    burning more bridges than Todd Bridges
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    Destruction of Isis, what a joke,
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    I’ll never get another job in the Fat Boy’s Hashish industry again
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    Wish it were 1984. Then I’d be in Lebanon.

    La La La La La

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Libnan1 returns … with the horrible ‘prose’. :-))))))

      1. ?? You liked it !! Then Hezbis would go hashished too !!

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          I didn’t say ‘liked’, you turkey. :-))) BUT, we could let them have the 20-yr-old ‘well-aged’ medications in the airport warehouses to ‘flavour’ the hash with. 😉 I’m sure they wouldn’t notice the extra effects. 😉

          1. Thanks for liking and enjoying it !! Nah, don’t matter as even without it they are normally hashished !!
            It’s difficult to make out even if they are sober !!
            I should’ve added turkey somewhere in the prose…hmmm

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            lol ….

          3. Why you laughing, did you eat a Hezbi-ished Turkey !??
            Show some respect and gratitude to the founding Fathers of Hashished Lebanon, without them there won’t be no Hash-iisshhed Resistance !!

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Speaking of Turkey … here’s another reason for Erdogan to tell the world he should be controlling it … not ONLY because he’s Muslim, but because he’s ‘The Gatekeeper’. :-))

          5. What about the Hashished Gatekeeper of Lebanon and his Hashished Hezbis ?? Btw, did you hash him your respects ??

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            In Hash-Brown, of course.

  9. Caribbean Avatar

    Because of Hezbollah Israel is not bombing Lebanon like she’s bombing Syria & Gaza.Because of Hezbollah Lebanon is not in the Palm of the Zionist hands.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Well, there had to one ‘spoiler’ pop up at some point.

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