Fatfat: We don’t trust Hezbollah


MP Ahmad Fatfat , a key member of the Future Movement said on Sunday that former Lebanese PM and his party leader Saad Hariri will not return to Lebanon until all “illegitimate” arms are handed over to the state, stressing that the Future Movement does not trust Hezbollah whom he he accused of using its military might to control Lebanon.

“The threat against Saad Hariri will remain as long as there are illegitimate weapons in Lebanon,” Fatfat told Voice of Lebanon radio station 100.5 in an interview.

Hariri has been living in self-imposed exile in France and Saudi Arabia since 2011 over security concerns. He returned to Lebanon only once an for a very brief visit last August.

Fatfat slammed Hezbollah for exploiting its resistance status to achieve internal political goals and bolster the Syrian army in its fights against rebels.

“We do not trust Hezbollah because it used the resistance slogan to take over the country” Fatfat said.

He also blamed the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon on Hezbollah’s intervention.

5 Hezbollah members have been accused of killing Hariri’s father , former PM Rafik Hariri . They are all being tried by the special Tribunal for Lebanon in Netherlands



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  1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    Neither do i.

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    There are so many ‘illegal weapons’ in Lebanon by this time, that a few turned over by Hexxy FOR DESTRUCTION would not make a huge difference. And I don’t mean just the ‘bird-shot’ ones for ‘hunters’. The Army is hard tasked to get rid of the various stocks of hand grenades, RPG shells, dynamite, and rockets that exist even, in Tripoli – imagine the hoards in the rest of the place.
    It’s almost American … 😉
    But as the article beside this one states – with no comments allowed apparently – LARGELY it’s all about who they are pointed AT. And about who comes into Lebanon now to retaliate, in the ‘lands of the gun’ … a legacy of internal stupidity not helped by Syria’s despots or Iran’s, or anyone else’s.
    More gangs than you can shake a stick at.

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