Israel test-fired its Arrow interceptor missile jointly with the US


Isarel arrow intercepter

The Israeli military test-fired its Arrow (Hetz) 2 interceptor missile jointly with the US , the Israeli Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

«The interceptor completed all planned flight stages,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The test should study the possibilities of the improved system to counter perspective threats,” the statement reads.

The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier in the day that Russian missile warning systems had detected the launch of a ballistic object in the Mediterranean region at 08:31GMT.

Israeli military experts said that the Russian military had detected either the missile itself or the target drone that it was supposed to hit.

According to The Times of Israel, Tel Aviv is in the process of developing a five-tiered system of air defense aimed at protection against projectiles ranging from mortars to ballistic weapons.

Arrow (Hetz) 2, rolled out in March 2000, is an Israeli interceptor developed to counter ballistic missiles at atmospheric altitudes.

Arrow 2 has an overall length of 7 meters (23 ft), a body diameter of 0.8 meters, and a launch weight of around 1,300 kg (2,900 lb). It can achieve the speed of 3 kilometers per second.

One Arrow 2 interceptor missile is worth between $1.5 million to $3 million. It is part of Israel’s Homa missile defense system created together with US companies.

RIA Novosti



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      “Gaza: A History. Jean-Pierre Filiu describes the “first historic reference to the loose subsoil of Gaza” during Alexander the Great’s 332 BC siege of this Mediterranean city, then under Persian rule.
      Filiu writes that Alexander expected quick victory. But “the siege of Gaza involved 100 days of fruitless attacks and tunneling.” When Gaza finally fell, Alexander was infuriated and went on a vengeful rampage.

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