Detonation of an Israeli spy device kills a Hezbollah member in s. Lebanon

A Lebanese army intelligence member  is shown  inspecting  the remains of an Israeli spying device in the Zahrani region,on July 2, 2012.
A Lebanese army intelligence member is shown inspecting the remains of an Israeli spying device in the Zahrani region,on July 2, 2012.

The Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group confirmed detonating an Israeli spy device in the town of Adloun, in al-Zahrani area in south Lebanon, according to Al-Mayadeen TV station

Al-Jadeed TV reported earlier that the the sound of an explosion was heard in the outskirts of the town of Adloun.

This was a breaking news . The following updates reveal that Israel detonated the spy devices resulting in the killing of Hezbollah military expert Hussein Ali Haidar


Voice of Lebanon (VOL) (93.3) reported that the spy device was placed on a telecom network belonging to Hezbollah and the army immediately closed the road leading to the location as plumes of smoke covered the area.

On the other hand LBCI reported that Army intelligence agents discovered the Israeli spy device and as they approached it, the Israelis remotely blew it up, which left one person seriously wounded.

MTV reported that the chief of the Adloun police station has headed to the blast location in a bid to inspect it.

Future TV reported that the person injured by the detonation of the device is a Hezbollah member.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV confirmed that the Israeli spy device was discovered by the Lebanese army and it was detonated remotely by an Israeli drone that is reportedly still hovering over the area.

Al-Manar later reported that the Adloun blast caused one or two injuries and the army is totally mum over the issue and imposing a security cordon around the location.

VOL (100.5) reported that the Adloun blast went off as Hezbollah military expert Hussein Ali Haidar was trying to dismantle 4 booby-trapped spy devices, which resulted in his immediate death.

VOL (93.3) reported that a second Israeli spy device was discovered in Adloun and the army dismantled it.

Al-Jadeed TV reported that Hezbollah sources said the spy device was likely planted recently and is not a remnant of the 2006 war with Israel



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  1. Israel should stop installing these silly monitors which legitimize the presence of the so called resistance . We Lebanese are tired of Israel and the resistance . Time to be left alone

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      One wonders how they manage to sneak them over the Blue Zone all the time.

  2. Infallible’s Tricks –

    Many Muslims so badly want all Muslims to be united that they sometimes also want to include deviant groups. They also attack anyone who tries to expose those deviant groups, and they accuse them of trying to divide the Islamic Ummah. It is very true that Muslims need to be united into one Ummah, and one nation. However, we must be united on the truth, and we cannot compromise or negotiate on Islam. We cannot give up one belief in exchange for a deviant group to give up one belief. If we do so then it means we do not really believe that Islam has been revealed from Allah (swt), or else how can we buy and sell the religion of Allah (swt)?

    We must unite all Muslims on the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), based on the understanding of the Sahaba and the Salaf, the early generations of Muslims who followed pure Islam before any innovations and deviations entered into it. We must unite based on the understanding of the great majority of the scholars of Islam, the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah.

    Unfortunately, many Muslims today who did not have the advantage of having a sound Islamic education fall victim to the lies spread by these deviant groups. This is especially true of Muslims who did not get an Islamic education and have no access to authentic Islamic materials. Therefore, anyone can start lying about Islam and making any claims and the people will fall victim to their lies because they do not have the proper Islamic background.

    One of the most dangerous deviant groups today are the Shia sect. The reason they are the most dangerous is because more Muslims fall victim to their lies, and because the message they spread is a very destructive one. Their lies have demolished the belief of many Muslims, rendering them atheists or making them give up hope about Islam.

    The reason for this is that the main message the Shia sect tries to spread to Muslims is first of all to attack well known Islamic personalities. They attack the Sahaba and accuse them of being unjust, Munafiqeen or even Kuffar. The second step is that they say that since these people were such bad people, then all the Islamic knowledge transmitted through them is false. By doing this they cancel out the entire Sunnah. The third step is to say that since all Islamic scholars based their writings on the Qur’an and Sunnah, and since they claim the Sunnah has been falsified, then we should not trust any Islamic scholar.

    Once the victim has seen all the foundations of his religion fall apart, and he doesn’t know what to follow anymore, they start adding in their deviant ideology. They tell him that Allah (swt) has appointed certain Imams who have all the knowledge that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) had. They tell him these Imams are infallible! They do not make any mistakes, and all their opinions are 100% guaranteed to be correct and in accordance with the will of Allah (swt)! They tell him these Imams even have knowledge of the Ghayb (unknown), and that they are superior in rank to the rest of the Prophets and messengers of Allah (swt).

    Then they tell the victim that Allah (swt), his Messenger and the infallible Imams have allowed temporary or mut’a marriage. This is a type of marriage which requires no contract and no witnesses and no minimum time limit! This type of marriage allows a man to pay a woman to marry her for one hour! In fact, the Shia recently suggested creating “houses of virtue” where women are available for temporary marriage, in order to fight against prostitution!

    They also claim that it is allowed, in fact recommended, for them to beat themselves and injure themselves every year in memory of the murder of Al-Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him). We have all seen the horrible images every year of what the Shia do. Sometimes it is worse than the Christians, who crucify themselves in memory of Prophet Isaa’ (peace be upon him), as they falsely claim that he was crucified.

    They also add that the holy Qur’an has been modified and falsified by the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet). After all, they claim that only a few (less than 10 by all accounts) of the Sahaba remained Muslim and the rest were Munafiqeen (hypocrites, non-Muslims at heart but claiming to be Muslims). The Shia will always deny this, however, their main source of knowledge after the holy Qur’an, a book named “Al-Kafi”, clearly states that the holy Qur’an we have today is only 1/3 the size of the original. Anyone interested can find “Al-Kafi” and verify this fact.

    The Shia also tell the victim that by praying at the graves of the “saints” such as the Imams and other pious people, that your prayers will be answered and you will gain rewards. Of course, as Muslims we know that in Islam there are no “saints”, and praying to anyone except Allah (swt) is shirk.

    They also claim that their 12th Imam has disappeared hundreds of years ago, but that he is alive and that he will come back to rule the earth as Al-Mahdi. In fact, many Shia wait for him at the cellar where he is thought to be hiding!

    But some might ask, with all these clearly deviant beliefs, how can the Shia convince any Muslim of their false beliefs?

    First of all, the Shia work very hard to make it look as if the Shia deviant sect is just one of the four schools (madahib). They call their sect (the Jafari school), as if it is just like the four schools. The truth is that the differences between Islam and the deviant Shia sect are not only in fiqh issues, but also in aqeedah and in the whole foundation of Islam, as we discussed earlier.

    In addition, they always mention that they are followers of Ahlul Bayt, which makes it seem as if the rest of the Muslims are against Ahlul Bayt. They also mention the great injustice and the disaster of the killing of Al-Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him) and they arouse your emotions making you believe that the Sunnah Muslims are responsible for this crime!

    This is completely false, since Muslims are the true supporters of Al-Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him). The deviant Shia sect were the original people who called on Al-Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him) to come to them to fight against the unjust rulers of the time, and once the battle was about to start they all abandoned him except for forty men who were martyred fighting with Al-Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him). This is why the Shia beat themselves when remembering him, because they were the ones who betrayed him and they felt guilty about that. Then the Shia continued this horrible practice year after year.

    Therefore, by trying to portray themselves as one of the schools of fiqh, and hiding the fact that their aqeedah is different than the rest of the Muslims, and by arousing peoples emotions and love for Ahlul Bayt and Al-Hussein, the Shia are able to trick some Muslims. However, the sad reality is that most of those who are tricked by the Shia simply become non-practicing Muslims because of the doubts and wrong ideas planted in their heads.

    Therefore, after this very brief discussion about the deviant Shia sect, hope that more people have an idea about what the deviant Shia sect believes in, and how they are able to influence sincere Muslims. We hope that this discussion will help to prevent Muslims from falling into their traps.

    We should continue our efforts to help guide all those who have fallen victim to this deviant group. The truth is that the vast majority of those who follow the Shia sect do so out of ignorance or sectarianism, and not because they are convinced that it is the right path.

  3. Infallible’s Beliefs –

    1. The Shia Kalimah is different from the Muslim Kalimah Shahadah. The Shia Kalimah is: La Ila Haa Illallahu Muhammdur Rasoolullahi Aliyun Waliyullahi Wasiyyu Rasulillahi Wa Khalifatuhu Bila Faslin
    2. In the Shia Adhan the words ‘Ashadu Anna Aliyan Waliyullah’ and ‘Hujjatulllah’ are added and also the words ‘Hayya ‘Ala Khayril ‘Amal’ are added
    3. The five pillars of Shiasm are: Wilayat/Imamat, Salat, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj
    4. One should recite after every Salah: O Allah! Send down your curses upon Abu Bakr, Umar, Othman, Muawiyah, Aishah, Hafsah, Hind, and Ummul Hakam
    5. Lying is extremely meritorious and rewarding
    6. It is extremely important to conceal one’s faith
    7. Deceit and deception is a noble act
    8. Taqiyyah is permissible which is to pretend by doing or saying exactly the opposite of what a person believes or feels. Obfuscation of Shia beliefs is allowed
    9. Nine-tenth of the whole religion lies in Taqiyyah
    10. Looking at private parts of non-Muslims is permissible and it is just like looking at the private parts of an animal
    11. Only the color of the skin has to be covered (if the skin is painted, then a person can walk around without clothes). Imam Baqir appeared without any lower garment and he said it was permissible because he had put lime on his private parts.
    12. Anal sex is permitted
    13. Marriage can be conducted without any witnesses
    14. A person will enter Paradise if they wash and consume a morsel of food which has fallen in excrement
    15. Mutah i.e. temporary marriage/renting out the female body for whatever time period is allowed
    16. The sordid act of Mutah is more rewarding than Salat and Fasting
    17. If Mutah is done once, a person attains the status of Husain, if done twice, the status of Hasan, if done three times, the status of Ali, if done four times, the status of Prophet Muhammed
    18. Whoever does Mutah three times, he will be completely emancipated from the fire of hell
    19. A person is allowed to let someone else benefit from his wife’s private parts
    20. Sunnis are worse than dogs
    21. Sunnis are worse than illegitimate children
    22. Sunnis are not allowed to name their children in Iran with names like Abu Bakr, Umar, Aishah etc.
    23. According to Shia narrations, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam secretly dictated a manuscript (sahifah) to Ali Radiallahu Anhu that was (upon completion) “seventy feet long”. It contains all the laws of halaal, haraam and everything else a person needs to the extent that it even contains the penalty of a scratch. It is also called the Saheefah of Ali.
    24. Jafr is a container made from skin that contains the knowledge of all the Nabis, Wasiys, and Ulema that passed among the Bani Israeel
    25. In a lengthy discussion between Imam Ja’far Saadiq and Abu Basheer, the imam describes the mushaf of Fatimah saying: “A mushaf in which is three times more than your Quran. By Allah, not a single word of it is in your Quran”.
    26. The angels made an error and were in a misunderstanding when Husain (R.A.) was martyred
    27. Feet are not washed in Wudhu. Only Masah and wiping of the feet should be done.
    28. Sajdah Tilawat and funeral prayers are permitted without Wudhu and Ghusl
    29. It is permissible to perform prayers in the direction of the graves of the Shia Imams
    30. Shias break their fast about ten to fifteen minutes after sunset
    31. Tarawih prayers in Ramadhan are not performed by Shias
    32. Mutah Dawriyyah is permissible where ten or twenty men can have sexual relations with one woman in one night
    33. The land of Karbala is better than the Kabah
    34. To ask help from Ali by saying, “Ya Ali Madad”, is not shirk

    35. The doctrine and quality of Badaa is ascribed to Allah which means that Allah makes mistakes and Allah forgets
    36. In a state of anger, God can not differentiate between friends and enemies
    37. Allah was scared of the companions of Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam
    38. Allah must judge and decide according to what the human intellect deems beneficial for humans
    39. Allah did not create everything

    40. Quran is incomplete and it has been tampered with interpolated and altered
    41. The Shia Quran is with the final Imam who has been hiding from the age of five in a cave in Iraq since the last 1200 years
    42. Current Quran completely different from Shia Quran
    43. The current Quran right now has more than 6000 verses but the Shia Quran has more than 17000

    44. Prophet Adam (A.S.) is worse than Satan
    45. Accuse Adam (A.S.) of rebellion, jealousy, and malice
    46. Prophets make mistakes which eventually deprives them of Prophethood like Prophet Yusuf (A.S.)
    47. Ismaili Shias believe in the continuation of Prophethood
    48. Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam was scared of the creation of Allah and did not propagate correctly
    49. Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam rejected a gift of Allah
    50. Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam asked for compensation for teaching
    51. Ali (R.A.) had the choice and the option of divorcing the wives of Prophet Muhammed (SAW)
    52. The wives of the Prophet are not considered to be from the family of the Prophet
    53. All the Sahabahs except a few turned apostates and turned away from Islam after the demise of Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasaalm
    54. One should dissociate with the 4 idols: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan, Muawiyya and 4 women Ayesha, Hafsa, Hind, and Ummul Hakam.
    55. One should curse the above after each prayer
    56. Aishah (R.A.) and Hafsah (R.A.) poisoned Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam
    57. Aishah (R.A.) was a traitor and a hypocrite and she is remembered with the vilest epithets
    58. Aishah (R.A.) committed adultery
    59. Less than ten Sahabah remained on Islam after the Prophet’s death

    IMAMAT: The concept of Imams is an integral belief of Shiaism. This concept is completely different from the four Imams of Fiqh. The four Imams of Fiqh of Islam are cursed by Shia authors and the four illustrious Imams of Fiqh are specifically called ‘dogs’.

    60. Shias believe in the concept of 12 Imams
    61. The Imams are appointed (mansoos alaih) by Allah just as the Prophets
    62. The 12 Imams are on the same level and are on par with Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam
    63. The first Imam is Ali (R.A.) and the last Imam is hiding since the age of five in a cave in Iraq
    64. Shia Imams are born from the thighs of their mothers because the private parts are unclean
    65. Shia Imams are Hazir Nazir i.e. they are present every where and they are omnipresent
    66. The Imams are ma’soom (i.e. infallible, sinless) like the Prophets
    67. It is compulsory to bring Imaan on the Imams. To reject any Imam is disbelief just as it is disbelief to reject a Prophet
    68. The unconditional obedience of the Imam is compulsory
    69. The Imams receive wahi and revelation
    70. Just as the Ambiyaa and the Prophets are bestowed with certain mu’jizaat and miracles that are proof of their Prophethood, similarly the Imams have been bestowed with certain mu’jizaat that are proof of their Imaamat
    71. The Imams have the right to abrogate any command of the Shariah. It is permissible for them to declare a haraam thing halaal and vice versa
    72. Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anhu and the rest of the Imams have a greater status than the Prophets
    73. The Imams have more knowledge than the Prophets A.S.
    74. The entire creation including the Prophets were created for the sake of the Imams
    75. A covenant was taken from the Prophets regarding the imaamat of the Imams (that they accepted their imaamat)
    76. The Prophets received prophethood because they had accepted the imaamat of the Imams
    77. Allah Ta’ala had compelled the entire creation including the Prophets to accept, whether willingly or unwillingly, the wilaayat of the Imams
    78. The Ambiyaa gain ‘noor’ and light from the ‘noor’ of the Imams
    79. On the day of Qiyaamah, Ali Radiallahu Anhu will be ahead (in front) of all the Ambiyaa
    80. On the day of Qiyaamah, Ali Radiallahu Anhu’s chair will be on the right of Allah Ta’ala’s throne (arsh) while the chairs of the Ambiyaa will be on the left of the throne
    81. The supplications of the Ambiyaa are accepted through the mediation (tufail) of the Imams
    82. The reason for Aadam Alaihi Salaam not being included among the Ulool Azam Ambiyaa is that he was jealous of the status of the Imams
    83. Ibrahim Alaihi Salaam was first given nubuwwat, thereafter khullat (i.e. he was made the khaleel and bosom friend of Allah) and only then was he given imaamat
    84. Ayub Alaihi Salaam was afflicted with a severe illness because he doubted the imaamat of Ali Radiallahu Anhu
    85. If Moosa Alaihi Salaam was alive it would be compulsory for him to obey the imams
    86. Yunus Alaihi Salaam was swallowed by the fish because he rejected the wilaayat of Ali Radiallahu Anhu
    87. The entire earth belongs to the imam
    88. Shias attribute the following statement to Ali Radiallahu Anhu: “I grant life and death. I am all living and I never die.”
    89. Shias believe that their Imams know whatever is in the hearts of people and they are omniscient
    90. Shias maintain that Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam told Ali Radiallahu Anhu:
    “O Ali! You are the dayyaan (one who will give reward) of this ummah and you are responsible for their account. You will be the ‘Rukn e A’azam’ of Allah on the day of Qiyaamah. Listen! Certainly the people are going to return to you and you will be responsible for taking their reckoning. The bridge (siraat) will be yours, the scale will be yours and the place of standing (mauqaf) will be yours!”
    91. Many Shia narrations mention Ali Radiallahu Anhu’s title as “Distributor of Jannat and Jahannam”.
    Allamah Baaqir Majlisi has established a separate chapter in his book Bihaar Ul Anwaar entitled: “Certainly he (Ali) is the distributor of Jannat and Jahannam.”
    92. Allamah Baaqir Majlisi the famous Shia scholar writes in his book Hayaatul Quloob : “The status of Imaamat is higher than nubuwwat”.
    93. The imams have knowledge of everything that occurred in the past and everything that will occur in the future and that nothing in the earth and skies is concealed and hidden from them
    94. The imams know when they will die
    95. The imams know the reality of the faith and hypocrisy of every person on earth. They have in their possession a list of all those who will enter Jannat and all those who will enter Jahannam.
    96. The imams know all the different languages of the world and converse in them also
    97. The imams know the languages of the birds and animals
    98. According to Shia narrations, the souls of the imams go on mi’raj on the eve of every Jumu’ah. During this mi’raj they reach the throne of Allah where vast knowledge is given to them.
    99. According to Shia belief, a special book is revealed to the imams every Laylatul Qadr. It is brought to them by the angels and Ar Rooh.
    100. As soon as the Imams are born, they read all the divine books
    101. The Imams are capable of performing all the miracles of the Prophets
    102. Shias do not criticize the quarrels which took place between the followers of their Imams
    103. The companions of the Shia Imams were bereft of truthfulness, trustworthiness, and allegiance
    104. The companions of the Shia Imams did not correctly acquire the knowledge of the Usool (fundamentals) and the Furoo’ (branches) of religion
    105. The final Imam has been in hiding since the last 1200 years in a cave in Iraq. When he will appear, the Prophet and Ali (R.A.) will pledge allegiance to him (Bay’ah)
    106. The final Imam will exhume the bodies of Abu Bakr and Umar and he will hang up their naked bodies and flog them and he will cause them to die 1000 times in a day and night
    107. Aishah will be brought back to life and she will be flogged as well by the final Imam
    108. The final Imam will slaughter all the Sunnis and he will start killing their scholars first
    109. If one does not accept the Shia concept of Imaams then the person is a Kaafir and a non-Muslim
    110. The final imam will appear when there will be 313 sincere Shias

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      “Taqiyyah is permissible which is to pretend by doing or saying exactly the opposite of what a person believes or feels. Obfuscation of Shia beliefs is allowed”

      AHHHH now I understand daft mare better

  4. Understanding The Games of Infallible’s With Regards To Islamic History –

    Let’s say you have a shia friend and he/she is asking you questions about the Islamic History and now you are searching the internet for sunni side explanations…Your shia friend will tell you that this and this happened in history and they will give you references to your own books like Bukhari, Muslim etc or they will ask you questions wanting you to explain why this event happened …. they will want you to discuss and explain events like –

    Ghadir Khumm

    Burial of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhe wasallam

    Issue of Fadak

    The Event of Pen and Paper

    The Event of the Saqifa

    The hadith of the cloak

    Assault on Fatima (r)

    Fatima’s anger with Abu Bakar (r)

    The Battle of Siffin and Battle of Jamal

    Tragedy of Karbala

    Attitude of Muawiyah and Yazid

    etc etc….

    SO WHATS THE CATCH?? By discussing these events they will thus try to prove to you that the companions of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhe wasallam were not loyal to him(naazuzobillah), that Ali (r) was the most virtueous and had many distinctions while other sahaba had no distinctions and thus he was the chosen Caliph by Muhammad (s) and that he and his family ‘ the ahle bait’ were persecuted by the other companions, his caliphate was snatched away, all the other Sahaba apostated and THUS the sunni Islam is wrong and Shia Islam is the truth!


    The basis of any religion is its belief system – the Aqaidh (Creed) and not events of history. First of all the Shias are fed and brainwashed since their childhood and they are fed the ‘fabricated history’ which has been spun by the shia scholars. The events and issues mentioned above all have logical explanations and most of all the history presented to you by the Shia is highly distorted. You will find the Truth in non shia books of history …however, the point is that these issues are ir-relevent and leads to nothing but endless debates.

    Now.. if for the sake of argument, you accept the shia versions of history and accept the events as the shia say happened, this in no way proves that the Twelver Shia Islam is the right version of Islam. Why you may ask…because.. read carefully this is important.. the other sects of shias also believe in the above events of history, but they are not twelver shias. Do you know who these other sects are? They are Boris, Agha Khanis/Ismailies and zaidis. Do you know whats the difference amongst them? Its Immamat The 12er shias claim that there are 12 imams and they were appointed by Allah and the twelfth one is in hiding, but the Agha Khanis say that the chain of Imams has continued till this day and Prince Karim Agha Khan is the present day Imam and the Immamat did not end at the 12th hidden Imam..then there are Zaidis who only believe in the first five Imams. !! Plus there were many many sects of shias which have faded and everytime their imam died they fell into dispute as to who should be the next imam and this led to creation of many sects among them! So the main thing to prove shisam is their concept of Immamat.

    1. Who chose the imams and how?

    2. If Ali chose Hasan to be Imam, then shouldn’t Hasan’s son be the next Imam? Why did Hussain become the next Imam and who chose him? (raduallahu anhum)

    3. Why did the Immamat continue in the sons of Hussain and not Hasan? (r)

    4. What was the purpose of having Imams after the Prophethood had ended? Wasn’t the Quran left behind enough?

    5. If the purpose was to keep the mankind on the right path,then why did the 12th Imam disappear into hiding?

    6. Can the shias prove the concept of Immamat from the Quran if it is such a major pillar of shia belief?

    The shia concept of Immamat has been analysed and reviewed here

    Another aspect to which the shias themsleves are oblivious to and are unable to explain is their twelfth imam. They know he is the imam and he is in hiding, but who was he really and how and why did he go into hiding? About this.. the shias have spun fairly tales which will take you into dream land and astonishingly none of the amazing miracles attributed to the 12th imam are even hinted at in the Quran! So you will have to believe the fairy tales the shias tell you without any proof what so ever! Their 11th Imam Hasan Al Askari dies at the age of 22 leaving no male heir. Shias don’t know what to do now…many sects of shias developed and one of them came up with the amazing story of a union between Hasan Al Askari and a roman slave girl, how she became pregnant and gave birth the same day! Here is a detailed article on the myth of the 12th Imam.

    Apart from the unexplained system of choosing of Imams and the mystery of the 12th Imam… the main issue where Shias and Ahlus Sunnah differ is the system of belief i.e. the creed and most importantly Tawheed. Shirk, which is the opposite of Tawheed is deeply prevalent in Shiaism. One simple example is that they call out to their Imam for help by stating Ya Ali Madad, Ya Abbas.. Ya Hussain.. even though Allah has told us to call HIM ALONE for help. Iyaaka Naa’budu wa iyaka Nasteen. You Alone We Worship and You Alone we ask for help.

    However, if a person is contemplating on converting to shism must have a look at the belief system and the creed of the shia. One should especially note their beliefs regarding Allah and their Imams and it should suffice that Shiasm is a religion based on shirk.

    One thing that you find astounding when interacting with shias is they are very well aware about the events mentioned above but they have no clue what’s in their own hadith books. Infact apart of Nahjul Balagha, they don’t even know the names of their own hadith and fiqh books!

    Many things negating the shia beliefs are found in the book “Nahjul Balagha” a book containing the sermons of Ali radiallahu anhuma. The source of this book is unknown and its authenticity is questionable so just like the Bible it contain sermons of Ali, some of which appear to be fabricated and some appear to be the real words of Ali as they are aggreable to Quran and Sunnah.

    You need to explore the Shia religion further and realize the shirk and deviation of this religion disguised as Islam.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      If I had to explore all of that, there wouldn’t be time to learn anything. 😉
      But thanks … it’s interesting to glance through …. the preoccupation with male/female interaction, and with simple nudity as well, is amazingly heavy. If one eliminated every line that had something of that in it, there might be some interest. (take out the Muta’h too)
      I suspect that, like all other humans, people pick the line which suits them at the time.
      Every religion has such ‘believers’.
      BUT, Spending the first moments of ‘prayer’ cursing the ancients, and doing that 5 times a day, could turn anyone into a sour lemon for sure. (4.) Not counting the wear and tear on knees and forehead.

      Consider, for a moment, the one line … “051. Ayesha (r.a) use to misbehave, etc….”
      WHO would have the greatest influence on ‘book-writing’ – by a man who could not??
      (not counting ALL the men who contributed AFTER)
      (I wonder if Ayesha hated women for her own birth, and then not protecting her.)

      It’s a MAJOR difference with The Bible, which has a division well marked between ‘old’ and ‘new’, and the words of many philosophers (prophets) – but a MAIN concentration on the words of Jesus Christ written down by the disciples with that ‘new’ … and those thoughts continue as the basis of Christianity, no matter how ‘MAN’ screws it up in everything.
      Perhaps it would be best for those who wish to follow the Warrior Muhammad, to simply throw out everything written after his death … to use the ‘original old’ only … and forget about all those later ‘prophets’.
      Of course, the folks in ISIS will tell you that’s what they are doing …. ;-))

      1. Yes, coz of evil people after the great Messengers of GOD like Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, …(pbut) who manipulated, distorted, innovated, etc. the real teachings, invented new heretic cults, wrote such books filled with lies, falsehoods, and hate filled quotes that we have Zionist evil entities like Hezbusatan’s, Isis, boko haram, sabihas, brigades, revolutionary guards, groups, etc. who are creating sectarian Bloodshed’s, imposing unnecessary wars, taking away peace of people from all religions, killing innocents, beheading humans, etc…
        Assad+Iran+Zionist = Isis, hizbusatan, boko haram, evil entities from various religions, atheism, etc…

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          I know we will not agree on the ‘depth’ of a religious need …. but I have always looked at the simplest question. Why would a God ‘create’ something to have it going around destroying itself all the time? I don’t believe He did that on purpose. Therefore, I can’t blame anything ‘anti-animal’ on God.
          I try to follow, as best possible, my belief that He didn’t want that. And when I want a chat with Him, I can do it anywhere at any time without disturbing anyone else … although I am not against a few of us being together for the purpose when we feel comfortable in the moment.
          It CAN help to have the chat.
          Much of the rest of it is just ‘show’. If we looked at the planet, and the Universe, we’d really have to say there are much better ‘shows’ to be seen.

          I’d define an atheist as someone who is simply afraid to have the chat.
          Maybe a terrorist is similar. The ‘chat’ being enforced is not a real one.

          Understanding it was not God who ‘created’ all the problems made by humans, which we all face in life along with the natural ‘need to feed’, but we ourselves, who have also learned to adjust and find a way to fix many problems, including the food problems when we wanted to, would seem a more Godly effort to put out, than chopping off heads or shooting each other.
          For that, the education should be agreed upon widely.

          1. Yes he didnt, God or his sent Messengers are not to be blamed for the all the chaos and evil of the world but the humans who befriended Satan!!!

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I like to think we all have a bit of the devil in us. 😉
            It’s our choice how much we allow that ‘God of the Underworld’ to rise in us.
            If it gets out of hand (control) we run around making wars. That is Hell.

          3. Yes, that proves God exists and Satan befriended humans abuse the free will given by him for their own goals, agendas, desires, lusts, etc. and yet blame God and his sent Messengers and Holy Books instead of blaming themselves and their own evil and Un-Godly actions!!!

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, I’m glad you don’t see nude sun-tanning or a touch of a good scotch on occasion being a bad thing … since that never hurt anyone else. Whew!

          5. But you see…:) Awww!

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Awww ?? Well, not Awe anyway. :-))
            And I’m sure God isn’t shocked to see me.

          7. Awe you are such a Godly soul!:))) He must be happy to have such a good being as his sincere follower!:)))

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Thank you for ‘the chat’.

          9. 🙂

  5. Abd bin al-saba – Founder of Shiaism

    All Sunni and Shia authorities (till 1300H/1900CE) are united upon the existence and reality of Abd Allaah bin al-Saba, the Yemeni Jew, who stirred up a revolution against Uthman bin Affan (radiallaahu anhu), claiming Ali (radiallaahu anhu) was the more worthy and legitimate ruler. He eventually claimed Ali is Allaah himself. Within this historical background, the foundations of the doctrines of the Shia were laid down such as ascribing Lordship (Rububiyyah) to their Imaams, making the concept of Imaamah a central pillar of the religion, making Takfir of the Companions, making claims of an incomplete and tampered with Qur’an amongst others. Today the Shia are present in many Muslim lands and the Raafidee state of Iran sponsors much of the propaganda against the people of Tawhid and Sunnah as part of a wider agenda to eliminate Ahl al-Sunnah and to replace it with themselves.

  6. Quotes From Revered Books Of The Infallible’s –

    001. Neither we accept such Lord nor do we accept the Prophet of such Lord whose Caliph is Abu-Bakr (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#2, Pg#278 – Published Iran]

    002. None of the Prophets (a.s) had been bestowed with the Prophet Hood until He declared His belief in the fallacy character of ALLAH (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#265 – Published Iran]

    003. Disclaimer to the doctrines that fate, benediction and vice belong to ALLAH (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#293 – Published Iran]

    004. The fourteen innocents (Ma’sumeen) are incomparable and unprecedented like ALLAH. (Na’uzubillah) [Chouda Sitaray, Pg#2 – Published Lahore]

    005. There is no difference between ALLAH and Ali (r.a) such as in the virtues for; The master of Khatim-e-Suleman, The Master of Doomsday, The master of Siraat (The Bridge over Hell) and Renaissance Field, The Creator of leaves on the trees, The one who ripens the fruits, The one who continued fountains, The one who made drift in the canals (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#85 – Published Lahore]

    006. To call ALLAH Omnipresent and Omniscient is against faith (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#85 – Published Lahore]

    007. Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and his descendants are omnipresent and omniscient, and it is only theirs quality, not of ALLAH’s (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#85 – Published Lahore]

    008. ALLAH when talks about blessings, does so in Persian and when talks about persecution does so in Arabic (Na’uzubillah). [Tareekh-e-Islam, Pg#163 – Published Lahore]

    009. Shiite confession of faith “LA ILAHA IL-ALLAH-U MUHAMMAD-UR RASOOL-ULLAH ALI-UN WALI-ULLAH WASI-U RASOOL-ULLAH WA KHALIFA-TU BILA FASL” (Na’uzubillah). [Tohfa Namaz Ja’fariyah, Pg#10 – Published Lahore]

    010. Wherever Quran referred the word “RABB”, it meant as Ali (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#66 – Published Lahore]

    011. Original Quran will not come into view till the manifestation of Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#2, Pg#360 – Published Iran]

    012. Collectors of Quran eliminated virtues of Prophet’s progeny from Surah Al-Ahzab which was about to the length of Surah Al-Bakrah (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#66 – Published Iran]

    013. Usman (r.a) made alteration in Surah Al-Rehman by eliminating words “MINKUM” (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#525 – Published Iran]

    014. Quran has been purposely altered by the drunkard Caliphs {Abu-Bakr (r.a), Umar (r.a) and Usman (r.a)}; The present Quran is false; It’s the duty of Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) to bring it in its original form; When Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12thImam) will come, then the Quran will be recited in its original form (Na’uzubillah). [Quran Translation by Maqbool Hussain Delhvi, Chap#12, Pg#384 – Published India]

    015. “ILAA AJALIN-MUSAMMA” has been removed from the Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Muta’h Aur Salahuddin A’ybi, Pg#60 – Published Karachi]

    016. Quranic verses were not arranged by Abu-Bakr (r.a) in the same order as that in which it was revealed {hence Muslim Ummah was deprived of original Quran and present day Quran is incorrect} (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#134 – Published Karachi]

    017. After the death of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w) original Quran was in the possession of Ali (r.a) which he brought before Abu-Bakr (r.a) but He refused to prevail such version that is why Muslim Ummah was deprived of original Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#138 – Published Karachi]

    018. To provide reasoning to “WATI-FIL-DUBR” changes were made in the Quranic comprehension (Na’uzubillah). [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#415 – Published Iran]

    019. The present (false) Quran doesn’t mentions the name of “Pakistan” however ours (SHIAs) true Quran even have the name of “Pakistan” (Na’uzubillah). [Hazar Tumhari Das Hamari, Pg#554 – Published Karachi]

    020. Shiites scholars believe that Ali (r.a) and all his innocent patriarchs are superior to all Prophets (a.s) except Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#70 – Published Iran]

    021. When Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) will come out of his cave he will be naked like a newborn and the first person who shall take the oath of allegiance on his hands will be the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#347 – Published Iran]

    022. The greatest slander upon Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) of sexual intercourse… (Na’uzubillah). [Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol#2, Pg#119 – Published Iran]

    023. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) used to perform Taqiyyah (conceal the facts) (Na’uzubillah). [Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol#2, Pg#118 – Published Iran]

    024. On the night of consummation of marriage of Ali (r.a) and Fatima (r.a), Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) instructed them not to start their work (sexual intercourse) until He arrives their (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#1, Pg#251 – Published Multan]

    025. Ali (r.a) and other Ahlul Bayt (r.a) are equal in the rank with Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and are superior to all other Prophets (a.s) (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#20 – Published Lahore]

    026. After ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) only Holy Descendants (r.a) reached the height of saintliness, rest all other Prophets (a.s) and Angels (a.s) lie below their ranks (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#29 – Published Lahore]

    027. Jibrael (Gabriel) used to talk with Fatima (r.a) {after the death of Muhammad (s.a.w.w)} (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#1, Pg#198 – Published Multan]

    028. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and his Holy Descendants (r.a) are not the offspring of Adam (a.s) (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#59 – Published Lahore]

    029. Adam (a.s)’s prayers were accepted on the mediation of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), Ali (r.a), Fatima (r.a), Hasan (r.a) and Hussain (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#92 – Published Lahore]

    030. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) had some purpose to acquiesce Usman (r.a) with Himself otherwise that man was of no use to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Na’sal Ko Qatal Kar Do, Pg#129 – Published Karachi]

    031. Adam (a.s) became Infidel due to His jealousy(Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#3, Pg#428 – Published Iran]

    032. Ali (r.a) possesses same rights as were kept by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#380 – Published Iran]

    033. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) taught Taqiyyah (conceal the facts) to Abu-Zar Ghaffari (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Char Yaar, Pg#92 – Published Karachi]

    034. The rank of Imams (12 Imams) is higher than every Prophet (a.s) and every Angel (a.s) (Na’uzubillah). [Hakumat-e-Islamiah, Pg#52 – Published Iran]

    035. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)’s house was like that of dirge player’s house (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#63 – Published Lahore]

    036. What was the compulsion on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) that He used to do intercourse with Ayesha (r.a) during her menses? (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#63 – Published Lahore]

    037. What the lady “Zulekhah”, Ayesha (r.a) had got that Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) despite having coeval wives or other young ladies, married with a nine years old little mother at His age of fifty (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#64 – Published Lahore]

    038. Slander to Ali (r.a) to declare rape as a dogmatic matrimonial (Na’uzubillah). [Fir’o-ul-Kaafi, Vol#5, Pg#467 – Published Iran]

    039. One who does not consider Ali (r.a) as the first Caliph (successor) is an apostate (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#3, Pg#264 – Published Iran]

    040. To marry Umm-e-Kulsoom (r.a) with Umar (r.a) was a subterfuge on the part of Ali (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#1, Pg#81-82 – Published Iran]

    041. Penis proclaimed the Imamate (patriarchate) of Ali (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Aasar-e-Haidery, Pg#557 – Published Lahore]

    042. When the last era will come, Ali (r.a) will appear(Na’uzubillah) [Chouda Sitaray, Pg#603 – Published Lahore]

    043. Ali (r.a) is Dabat-ul-Arz (a cattle who will arise from earth before the Doomsday) (Na’uzubillah). [Chouda Sitaray, Pg#602 – Published Lahore]

    044. Ayesha (r.a) was an American Lady or any European Madam? (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#64 – Published Lahore]

    045. Hafsa (r.a), a bad natured woman, was accepted by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)… She was a pig-faced woman (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#124 – Published Lahore]

    046. Ali (r.a) is Dabat-ul-Arz (a four-legged animal) (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#336 – Published Iran]

    047. When Imam Mehdi will appear, he will first dig out Ayesha (r.a) from Her grave and will reprehend her (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#347 – Published Iran]

    048. Curse upon Ayesha (r.a) and Hafsa (r.a) who gave poison to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol#2, Pg#700 – Published Iran]

    049. Ayesha (r.a) and Shiites Imam performed Muta’h (a form of temporary marriage regarded as illegitimate in Islam) (Na’uzubillah). [Jawaz-e-Muta’h, Pg#78 – Published Bhakkar]

    050. Jealousy, hatred and resentment were the attributes of Ayesha (r.a)’s nature (Na’uzubillah). [Hazrat Ayesha Ki Tareekhi Haisiyat, Pg#40]

  7. 051. Ayesha (r.a) use to misbehave, oppose, talk louder, babble and slander on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Hazrat Ayesha Ki Tareekhi Haisiyat, Pg#70]

    052. The youth of this misfortune {Ayesha (r.a)} would have spoil the old age of Mua’zzamah (Na’uzubillah). [Hazrat Ayesha Ki Tareekhi Haisiyat, Pg#88]

    053. Ayesha (r.a) used to babble and fight with Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Hazrat Ayesha Ki Tareekhi Haisiyat, Pg#53]

    054. On not arriving of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), Ayesha (r.a) suffered with the fits of madness and passion (Na’uzubillah). [Hazrat Ayesha Ki Tareekhi Haisiyat, Pg#54]

    055. After the death when Angels of grave start questioning then Maula’s {Ali (r.a)} chair is being brought and sins are pardoned only after recognizing him (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#85 – Published Lahore]

    056. Sheikheen (r.a) {Abu-Bakr (r.a) & Umar (r.a)}, Hafsa (r.a) and Ayesha (r.a) gave poison to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Quran Translation by Maqbool Hussain Delhvi, Chap#28, Pg#894 – Published India]

    057. Ayesha (r.a) for the first time initiated the war customs (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#275 – Published Karachi]

    058. Ayesha (r.a) was a malicious and short-tempered woman (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#289 – Published Karachi]

    059. Abu-Moosa Asha’ri (r.a) and Ayesha (r.a) had become apostate by narrating forged Hadiths (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#475 – Published Karachi]

    060. Ayesha (r.a) used to say that kill the Na’sal {Usman (r.a)} because he has become a Infidel (Na’uzubillah). [Na’sal Ko Qatal Kar Do, Pg#Preface – Published Karachi]

    061. Ayesha (r.a)’s heart was blacked-out (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#30 – Published Karachi]

    062. Ayesha (r.a) had such an opposition with Usman (r.a) that she ordered for his murder (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#31 – Published Karachi]

    063. Ayesha (r.a) and Hafsa (r.a) played a cunning game like fox upon Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#69 – Published Lahore]

    064. O Sunnis! Is Ayesha (r.a) a woman or a female monkey? (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#67 – Published Lahore]

    065. Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) will resurrect Sheikheen (r.a) {Abu-Bakr (r.a) and Umar (r.a)} and punish them by hanging on the tree (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#361 – Published Iran]

    066. When Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) will appear, before other nonbelievers, he will kill Ahl-e-Sunnah and Ahl-e-Sunnah scholars (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#527 – Published Iran]

    067. Imams used to say Salam to each other while taking bath (Na’uzubillah). [Hulya-tul-Muttaqeen, Pg#118 – Published Iran]

    068. Imams are not born through the womb of their mothers but they are born from the sides of their mothers (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#474 – Published Lahore]

    069. Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) recited Holy Quran and called Salam in the womb of his mother (Na’uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A’yoon, Vol#2, Pg#475 – Published Lahore]

    070. Imams are also innocent like the Prophets (a.s) (Na’uzubillah). [Tohfa Namaz Ja’fariyah, Pg#28 – Published Lahore]

    071. Abdullah Ibn-e-Saba was the first who declared the faith in Imamat and that Ali (r.a) is the true God (Na’uzubillah).[Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#2, Pg#234 – Published Iran]

    072. We (Imams) among ALLAH’s creatures are His eyes and among His servants (human being) the people of command (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#260 – Published Iran]

    073. In the early Islamic period due to Taqiyyah (subterfuge), Shiites scholars used to hide the Hadiths (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#92 – Published Iran]

    074. To weep on the vulnerability of Imams and to hide the secrets is like Holy crusade (Jihad) (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#3, Pg#283 – Published Iran]

    075. World cannot exist without Imam (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#233 – Published Iran]

    076. Imams know all what happened earlier and what is about to happen and nothing remains hidden to them (Na’uzubillah).[Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#2, Pg#10 – Published Iran]

    077. Without knowing the Imam, God cannot be proved (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#331 – Published Iran]

    078. Imam knows the time of his death and dies by his own will (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#2, Pg#23 – Published Iran]

    079. Imam has greater qualities than the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#2, Pg#299-300 – Published Iran]

    080. Imams are equal in the status with Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#2, Pg#287 – Published Iran]

    081. Imam get revelations (WAHI by ALLAH) (Na’uzubillah).[Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#329-330 – Published Iran]

    082. In the state of Taqiyyah (subterfuge) whatever Imam says just obey him and act accordingly (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#72 – Published Iran]

    083. The Angels reveal upon Imams in the Shab-e-Qadr (Na’uzubillah). [Chouda Sitaray, Pg#569 – Published Lahore]

    084. When Imam Mehdi (SHIAs 12th Imam) will appear there will be only forty perfect believers (Mo’min) in the world (Na’uzubillah). [Chouda Sitaray, Pg#571 – Published Lahore]

    085. All Angels, Jibrail (a.s) {Gabriel (a.s)} and Mikail (a.s) will take the oath of allegiance upon Imam Mehdi’s (SHIAs 12thImam) hand (Na’uzubillah). [Chouda Sitaray, Pg#594 – Published Lahore]

    086. After Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)’s death all his disciples except four became apostate (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#1, Pg#81 – Published Iran]

    087. Umar (r.a) told to Satan that he had invaded the Caliphate of Ali (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#1, Pg#82 – Published Iran]

    088. Ali (r.a) imprecated Talha (r.a) and Zubair (r.a) to ruin in life and thereafter (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#2, Pg#189 – Published Iran]

    089. The first three Caliphs (r.a) and other Sahabah (r.a) became apostate due to the denial of Ali (r.a)’s prophecy (Na’uzubillah). [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#2, Pg#184 – Published Iran]

    090. Mua’wiyah (r.a) can be associated with whole vice (Na’uzubillah). [Ay As As, Pg#35 – Published Karachi]

    091. Sahabah (r.a) brought disgrace upon Islam in Uhad War (Na’uzubillah). [Ay As As, Pg#21 – Published Karachi]

    092. Ja’far Sadiq (r.t.a) never stood up from the prayer mat unless he had not sent curse upon Abu-Bakr (r.a), Umar (r.a), Usman (r.a), Mua’wiyah (r.a), Ayesha (r.a), Hafsa (r.a), Hind (r.a) and Umm-ul-Hakm (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [A’yn-ul-Hayat, Pg#599 – Published Iran]

    093. After the death of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), except three all the Sahabah (r.a) have become apostate (Na’uzubillah). [A’yn-ul-Hayat, Pg#3 – Published Iran]

    094. The first after Satan who had accepted his religion is Abu-Bakr (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#18 – Published Lahore]

    095. Abu-Bakr (r.a) was of the same belief which was founded by Satan (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#22 – Published Lahore]

    096. We have only La’nat (curse) and Tabbarah (imprecation) for Abu-Hurairah (r.a) like narrators (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#20 – Published Lahore]

    097. Mua’wiyah (r.a) was a disgraced character (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#65 – Published Lahore]

    098. Mua’wiyah (r.a) and Abu-Hurairah (r.a) were infidels and apostates (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#79 – Published Lahore]

    099. Sahabah (r.a)’s testimonial cannot save them from imprecation (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#32 – Published Lahore]

    100. Sahabah (r.a) were not blessed according to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)’s Hadiths (Na’uzubillah). [Char Yaar, Pg#68 – Published Karachi]

  8. 101. Some Sahabah (r.a) performed evil deeds; they did the acts of stealing, rape and telling a lie (Na’uzubillah). [Char Yaar, Pg#64 – Published Karachi]

    102. Ayesha (r.a) use to compare Usman (r.a) with a Jew named Na’sal and say that he should be killed (Na’uzubillah).[Chouda Sitaray, Pg#584 – Published Lahore]

    103. The caliphate of first three caliphs is like the penis of donkey (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#72 – Published Lahore]

    104. Sahabah (r.a) made innovations in the religion after Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), cut Islam into pieces and minced the Shari’ah (Islamic Jurisprudence) (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#59 – Published Lahore]

    105. Sodomy was very common among various Sahabah (r.a); for e.g. Waleed bin Mugha’irah, Umar (r.a)… (Na’uzubillah). [Haqiqat Fiqah-e-Hanafiah Dar Jawab Fiqah-e-Jafariyah, Pg#59 – Published Lahore]

    106. Abu-Bakr (r.a), Umar (r.a) and Usman (r.a) will enter into hell through a special door (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#500 – Published Iran]

    107. Abu-Bakr (r.a), Umar (r.a), Usman (r.a) and Mua’wiyah will be persecuted severely than other hellish people (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#503 – Published Iran]

    108. Abu-Bakr (r.a), Umar (r.a), Usman (r.a), Mua’wiyah (r.a), Ayesha (r.a) and Hafsa (r.a) are the worst creatures (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#519 – Published Iran]

    109. Abbas (r.a) and Aqeel (r.a) were weak believers and men of mean spirit (Na’uzubillah). [Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol#2, Pg#618 – Published Iran]

    110. There is no difference in the faith of Abu-Bakar and in the faith of Satan (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#93 – Published Lahore]

    111. Abu-Hurairah (r.a) was the greatest liar who associated false Hadiths to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#442 – Published Lahore]

    112. Mua’wiyah (r.a) was apostate, the greatest non believer and a corrupt man (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#306 – Published Lahore]

    113. Abu-Bakr (r.a) was a puppet in the hands of Umar (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#92 – Published Lahore]

    114. Mua’wiyah (r.a) is being burnt inside a coffin beneath the interior most part of the hell and if Pharaoh (Firo’un) would have not said “INNA RABBI-KUM-UL-A’LA” there would be no one below Mua’wiyah (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#316 – Published Lahore]

    115. Mua’wiyah (r.a)’s mother and granny were prostitutes (Na’uzubillah). [Kaleed-e-Manazrah, Pg#301 – Published Lahore]

    116. Usman (r.a) protested against Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and disobeyed him (Na’uzubillah). [Quran Translation by Maqbool Hussain Delhvi, Chap#30, Pg#934 – Published India]

    117. Quran does not show the superiority of Abu-Bakr (r.a) but the infidelity of Abu-Bakr (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Manazarah Hussainiyah, Pg#47 – Published Lahore]

    118. Zubair bin Al-Awam (r.a) is the breed of Muta’h (temporary marriage illegitimate according to Islam) (Na’uzubillah). [Muta’h Aur Salahuddin A’ybi, Pg#24 – Published Karachi]

    119. Umr’o bin Al-Aas (r.a) was a cunning person (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#339 – Published Karachi]

    120. Umr’o bin Al-Aas (r.a) made naked himself… (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#148 – Published Karachi]

    121. Umr’o bin Al-Aas (r.a) was a liar and a miser (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#147 – Published Karachi]

    122. Umr’o bin Al-Aas (r.a)’s mother was a big liar. [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#146 – Published Karachi]

    123. Umr’o bin Al-Aas (r.a) was a cheater. [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#245 – Published Karachi]

    124. Abu-Moosa Asha’ri and Umr’o bin Al-Aas (r.a) were hypocrites and traitors (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#474 – Published Karachi]

    125. The history of the first three Caliphs was full of ignorance, stupidity, brutality, bribery and sinfulness (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#252 – Published Karachi]

    126. How unfortunate are these Talha (r.a), Zubair (r.a) and Ayesha (r.a)! (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#63 – Published Karachi]

    127. Mua’wiyah used to feign and wile (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#421 – Published Karachi]

    128. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w) himself passed the orders of Mua’wiyah (r.a)’s murder (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#108 – Published Karachi]

    129. Mua’wiyah (r.a)’s all army men were foul-natured, bastards, wile and non-believers (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#473 – Published Karachi]

    130. Mugha’irah bin Shaiba (r.a) himself and his father were hypocrites and imps (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#775 – Published Karachi]

    131. Mugha’irah bin Shaiba (r.a) was very unfortunate in faith and Islam and he left this world in the same state (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#258 – Published Karachi]

    132. Rural-ship of a villager is better than the piety of Sahabah (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#432 – Published Karachi]

    133. Talha (r.a) and Zubair (r.a) were seditious, vicious and dissentious persons who could commit any crime for wealth and power (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#443 – Published Karachi]

    134. Among a few extremely remorseful and shameful characters of the world, one is of Zubair (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Nehj-ul-Bala’gah, Pg#48 – Published Karachi]

    135. Usman (r.a) reaped whatever he sew (Na’uzubillah). [Na’sal Ko Qatal Kar Do, Pg#108 – Published Karachi]

    136. Usman (r.a)’s mother was a prostitute (Na’uzubillah). [Na’sal Ko Qatal Kar Do, Pg#18 – Published Karachi]

    137. I dare say that today’s Iranic Nation is far better than the people of Hijaz (Sahabah) in Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)’s era (Na’uzubillah). [Sahifah-e-Inqalab {Khomeini’s last will and testament}, Pg#46]

    138. Abu-Bakr (r.a) was habitual of using foul-mouth and giving abuses (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#148 – Published Karachi]

    139. Abu-Bakr (r.a) used to abuse very often (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#21 – Published Karachi]

    140. Abu-Bakr (r.a) had no religious status (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#8 – Published Karachi]

    141. Abu-Bakr (r.a) was like Halaku and Changez (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#10 – Published Karachi]

    142. Abu-Bakr (r.a) was only curious about the money in his Caliphate (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#142 – Published Karachi]

    143. Abu-Bakr (r.a) and Umar (r.a) were culpable and unforgiving (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#159 – Published Karachi]

    144. Mua’wiyah (r.a) killed Ayesha (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#32 – Published Karachi]

    145. Umar (r.a) not even liked Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and His daughter (Na’uzubillah). [Sheikh-e-Saqifah, Pg#94 – Published Karachi]

    146. Starting from the day first, Umar (r.a) is responsible for the hostilities and blood-shedding among the Muslims (Na’uzubillah). [Waqi’a Qirtas Aur Kirdar-e-Umar, Pg#63 – Published Karachi]

    147. Umar (r.a) passed humiliating sentences upon Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)’s sayings (Na’uzubillah). [Waqi’a Qirtas Aur Kirdar-e-Umar, Pg#67 – Published Karachi]

    148. Abbas (r.a)’s false allegations upon Abu-Bakr (r.a) and Umar (r.a) (Na’uzubillah). [Wohi Mujrim Wohi Munsif, Pg#75]

    149. Umar (r.a) was sent to Hell on 9th Rab’i-ul-Awwal (Na’uzubillah). [Zaad-ul-Mua’d, Pg#404 – Published Iran]

    150. Curse upon Ayesha (r.a) and Umar (r.a); Mua’wiyah (r.a) was sent to Hell on 22nd Rajab so this day must be celebrated (with Koondas) (Na’uzubillah). [Zaad-ul-Mua’d, Pg#34 – Published Iran]

  9. 151. Last diet of Umar (r.a)’s was Vine (Na’uzubillah). [Sehm Masmoom, Pg#241 – Published Lahore]

    152. Umar (r.a) belonged to such family in which mothers and sisters are made as wives (Na’uzubillah). [Sehm Masmoom, Pg#306 – Published Lahore]

    153. Umar (r.a) is the lock of Hell, it was better if he would be the gate (Na’uzubillah). [Sehm Masmoom, Pg#430 – Published Lahore]

    154. Umar (r.a) and Waleed Bin Mugha’irah (r.a) were she-gay (Na’uzubillah). [Sehm Masmoom, Pg#246 – Published Lahore]

    155. Nikkah is valid without the witnesses. [Fir’o-ul-Kaafi, Vol#5, Pg#387 – Published Iran]

    156. Quran can be recited in toilet (Na’uzubillah). [Fir’o-ul-Kaafi, Vol#6, Pg#502 – Published Iran]

    157. By hiding the private parts with only hand, Sattr can be achieved. [Fir’o-ul-Kaafi, Vol#6, Pg#501 – Published Iran]

    158. What so ever the Ahl-e-Sunnah scholar tells about some query, to do its opposite is SHIA religion. [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#3, Pg#55 – Published Iran]

    159. According to SHIA scholars, Ahl-e-Sunnah are worse and dirtiest infidels than the Jews or Christians or Majoos (Na’uzubillah). [Anwaar-ul-Na’umania, Vol#2, Pg#306 – Published Iran]

    160. Taqiyyah (concealing the facts) is the true religion. [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#3, Pg#332 – Published Iran]

    161. Taqiyyah (concealing the facts) is the part of belief. [Usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#3, Pg#328 – Published Iran]

    162. By not reciting “ALI-UN-WALI-ULLAH”, Ahl-e-Sunnah are not Mo’min (Na’uzubillah). [Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#13 – Published Lahore]

    163. ALLAH produces 70 Angels from the couple who perform Muta’h which keep on praying for them (Na’uzubillah).[Chara’gh-e-Mustafvi Aur Sharar Bu-Lehbi, Pg#85 – Published Lahore]

    164. Ahl-e-Sunnah (Nasibi) are worse than dog in front of ALLAH (Na’uzubillah). [Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Pg#516 – Published Iran]

    165. Black dress is the dress of people of Hell (Na’uzubillah). [Hulya-tul-Muttaqeen, Pg#8 – Published Iran]

    166. Leavings of Ahl-e-Sunnah’s are as Haram then any other Non-Muslim. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#1 ,Pg#8 – Published Iran]

    167. Niece and Aunts can remain in Nikkah at a time. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#4 ,Pg#260 – Published Iran]

    168. Donkey’s flesh is Halal. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#4 ,Pg#213 – Published Iran]

    169. Black dress is the dress of Firo’un. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#1 ,Pg#163 – Published Iran]

    170. No witness is required in the Nikkah as GOD Himself is. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#4 ,Pg#251 – Published Iran]

    171. Present Azaan is correct, curse be upon Mafoodha who innovated “ALI-UN-WALI-ULLAH” in Azaan. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#1 ,Pg#188 – Published Iran]

    172. There is no right for Ahl-e-Sunnah in Islam so Nikkah with them is also Haram. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#3 ,Pg#258 – Published Iran]

    173. Istinja (washing of private parts) with Saliva is legitimate. [Malla Yahzur-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafariyah), Vol#1 ,Pg#41 – Published Iran]

    174. Announcement of SHIA Kalimah; reciting “LA-ILAHA-ILL-ALLAHU-MUHAMMAD-UR-RASOOL-ULLAH” is not the sign of Iman. [Shia Mazhab Haq Hai, Pg#3 – Published Lahore]

    175. Neither Fasting is spoiled nor Bath (Ghusl) is subjected by doing un-natural things with a women. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#460 – Published Iran]

    176. Own female servant can be given to someone temporarily for Muta’h practices. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#244 – Published Iran]

    177. Muta’h can also be done with Non-Muslims. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#256 – Published Iran]

    178. A man can even take benefit (by doing Muta’h) from a woman for about an hour or so. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#266 – Published Iran]

    179. Muta’h (illegitimate temporary marriage) has no accountability; it can be done with 1000 even. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#258-259 – Published Iran]

    180. Imams use to order openly for Muta’h. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#253 – Published Iran]

    181. Ahl-e-Sunnah are infidels (Kafir) so Nikkah with them is illegitimate. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#302 – Published Iran]

    182. Ahl-e-Sunnah are infidels (Kafir) so Nikkah with them is illegitimate and their slaughtered animals are also Haram. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#303 – Published Iran]

    183. Muta’h (illegitimate temporary marriage) is legitimate even for the sake of a piece of wood. [Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam, Vol#7, Pg#267 – Published Iran]

    184. MEHRAM male and female can see each other’s body. [Tohfa Namaz Ja’fariyah, Pg#292 – Published Lahore]

  10. As an M14 supporter, who cares about Hezbollah’s private telephone networks and why is the ISF and LAF so concerned with this when in 2008 Hezbollah went to war with the Lebanese Government over these phone networks. Israel is smart in that not only do the devices listen in on Hezbollah phone networks but they also self destruct and destroy the phone lines when the devices are discovered. Cut Hezbollah’s private phone lines now.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      I thought those were ‘spy’ networks they had ….

  11. $89733098 Avatar

    “Could there there be a worse predicament than this—not just for Nasrallah, but for Iran too? Iran and Hezbollah are fighting to defend Assad, who not only kills Syrians, but also bombards Palestinians in the Yarmouk camp, at a time when people are weeping over the events in Gaza. So, what predicament could possibly be worse than this for Nasrallah, and for those who stand behind him?”

    Why r shites hypocrites?

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