Ukraine accuses Russia of launching a “great war”

President  Vladimir Putin claims the rebels were trying to push government back to protect residents from attack
President Vladimir Putin claims the rebels were trying to push government back to protect residents from attack

Ukraine’s defence minister has accused Russia of launching a “great war” that could claim tens of thousands of lives.

Russia dismissed the comments, saying they only pulled the Ukrainian people further into a bloody civil conflict.

The comments came after Ukrainian troops were forced to flee Luhansk airport in the east of the country amid an offensive by pro-Russian rebels.

Meanwhile, crisis talks between Ukraine officials, rebels and Russian envoys have broken up without agreement.

“A great war has arrived at our doorstep – the likes of which Europe has not seen since World War Two,” Ukrainian Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“Unfortunately, the losses in such a war will be measured not in the hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands,” he added.

Russia has repeatedly denied Ukrainian and Western accusations that it is providing troops and equipment to the rebels.

Russia’s foreign ministry said it was “hard to believe that such statements can be made by the defence minister of a civilised state”.

‘Overt aggression’
Earlier on Monday, Ukraine’s army said it had been forced to withdraw from Luhansk airport after it was attacked by Russian tanks.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the incident was “direct, overt aggression against Ukraine from the neighbouring state”.

The retreat came amid a series of gains by pro-Russian rebels in both the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and further south around the port of Mariupol.

As many as 680 soldiers had been captured by rebels in recent clashes around Donetsk, according to state news agency UNIAN.

A senior Ukrainian official told the AFP news agency that Russia’s goal is to “destabilise [Ukraine] and create a land corridor to Crimea”, the southern peninsula annexed by Russia in March.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin said Europe was ignoring the Ukrainian military’s “direct targeting” of civilians in eastern Ukraine.

Rebels seeking special status

The latest round of crisis talks got underway in Belarus on Monday but after several hours of negotiations, they were adjourned until Friday.

“This is just the beginning of the process,” Andrei Purgin, a leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic rebel group, told Russian TV.

Rebel representatives are said to have softened their demand for full independence, telling Russian media they were seeking a “special status” for their regions within Ukraine.

This would leave them in charge of security and give them amnesty from prosecution, while also recognising “deepening economic integration with Russia”, the rebels said.

Correspondents say their demands would mean the de facto division of the country, with the government in Kiev looking to secure closer economic ties with the EU.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, meanwhile, said he was counting on the talks to focus on “agreeing an immediate and unconditional ceasefire”.

ukraine war map

War in eastern Ukraine: The human cost
At least 2,593 people killed since mid-April (not including 298 passengers and crew of Malaysian Airlines MH17, shot down in the area) – UN report on 29 August
951 civilians killed in Donetsk region alone, official regional authorities said on 20 August
In some particularly dangerous places, such as Luhansk region, victims are said to have been buried informally, making accurate counts difficult
Rebels (and some military sources) accuse the government of concealing true numbers
155,800 people have fled elsewhere in Ukraine while at least 188,000 have gone to Russia.





47 responses to “Ukraine accuses Russia of launching a “great war””

  1. Doom Sternz Avatar
    Doom Sternz

    Barack Obama and Petro Poroshenko have pushed Ukraine to the brink of political, economic and social collapse. Now they want to blame Russia for the damage they have done. Moscow is in no way responsible for Ukraine’s descent into anarchy.

    US in Ukraine has declared war on Russia, they funded right wing fascist organisations in Kiev to overthrow a freely elected government and then went about blaming Russia for the destabilisation

    1. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
      Comtessa di Alba

      And now under the NeoNazi fascist government there’s rabid Antisemitism..nothing makes sense anymore..hum

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        Nothing makes sense to u coz u r a daft mare. How’s ur husband mr Ed?

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          It wasn’t that funny the first time. Repeating it a few hundred more times hasn’t made it better. Sometimes i understand, you know when you guys trade insults. It just seems out of place here. Anyway, carry on.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Of course u would come barking to the daft mares defence. Did I tell u how ur “take beer” isn’t funny!
            Maybe u r mr Ed.

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            No you didn’t tell me : (
            Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one. Some just choose to act like one as well ; )
            Is that your go to response now? Why does someone always have to be coming to someone or something’s defense?

            Can’t someone just be reading the comments and see one thats dumb as all hell and feel inclined to reply?

            No, I’m not Mr. Ed, but I have been told that I’m hung like a horse ; )

            Abu bakr fo life!
            Down with the Shia
            Down with west
            Take beer!
            Take beer!

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            Yes mr ed keep neighing like ur mutah wife the daft mare.

          4. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            I don’t know the significance to her, repetition is a medical condition, sign of future dementia.
            I don’t know what’s Mutah job “take beer” means either, not interested. Anyway attacking Geo is the lowest one can get.

          5. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol isn’t mr ed satisfying u? Is that why u want to do mutah with geo? I thought a horse would satisfy u more than a donkey

      2. Doom Sternz Avatar
        Doom Sternz

        On August 8, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium signed a
        non-disclosure agreement pertaining to data obtained during the
        investigation into the causes of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. This means that information on the progress and results of the investigation of the disaster will remain classified. The final expert opinion on the origin of the crash will not be released meaning the innocence of Russia and/or the separatists seems likely after all.

        This comes as no surprise, as before this cowardly act of non-disclosure, experts were beginning to point to the Ukrainian SU-25 as being responsible for shooting Malasysian MH17 down.

        We are all being lied too.

        1. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
          Comtessa di Alba

          As Always… In beginning of troubles in Syria, Arab league sent a commission of monitors in 2011-12, the Report was rejected taken out of the website, it wasn’t translated from Arabic. Qatar Al Thani was chief of AL at time and the Report was blacked out by Western US EU & and Israeli media, it created the genocide of Christians, sectarian barbarism between Moslems, invasion by foreign fanatics (financed by Qatar & Saudi), it created the biggest number of refugees in Middle East history nearing 6.5 millions (only from Syria0, displaced hundreds of thousands, ruined families, created another lost generations with no schooling,
          lost livelihood, industries, commerce, schools, universities, farming, World Heritage, tourist industry, the took the Levant back to Middle Age.
          PS. And the West sent Ukraine back to Nazi Era).

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Oh look u have found another who has “inside” information that conveniently supports his conspiracy theories just like u do. Two flew over the cuckoos nest.

        2. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
          Comtessa di Alba

          We are being lied to since a long time.

          The Arab League Report 2011-2012

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Neigh neigh went the daft mare

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Daft mare get back in ur stable!! Now!!

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      ‘Moscow is in no way responsible’ …. really.
      Let’s suppose they were not, while their money-grabbing puppet was running the show.
      But NOW, if Russia can send trucks IN to grab factory machinery, they COULD also take AWAY their own weapons from the ‘expat Russian retirees’ – who knew how to fire a rocket at a civilian airplane – and ensure a less-costly-to-life ‘debate’ about who is or is not Ukrainian. A debate that goes back to Stalin’s ‘movement of peoples’ to create his ‘harmonious’ blends.
      Obama wasn’t alive at the time.
      And you talk about ‘right wing’?? Have you seen any news about being gay in Moscow??
      Or a rock-group? Or a Jew, or a colour, or …..

      1. Doom Sternz Avatar
        Doom Sternz

        If all you read is mainstream media then you will have no idea about the truth in Ukraine. US is to blame.

        This suicidal drive towards war with Russia by Europe’s leaders is based entirely on lies, and very transparent lies at that, lies like 1,000 Russian troops crossed into Ukraine. Or lies like Separatist shot down Flight MH17.

        Self-appointed prime minister of Ukraine, Arseny Yatsenyuk of the “Fatherland Party,” referred to Russians as “subhuman,” echoing the racist vitriol of Nazism Yatsenyuk and others in his regime subscribe to. It was a violent, armed coup spearheaded by Neo-Nazi militants of the right sector that placed Yatsenyuk into power in the first place, along with the Neo-Nazi political front Svoboda, and paved way for fraudulent elections that predictably yielded a pro-US-EU client regime.

        Svoboda and Right Sector are fascist neo Nazi right wing organisations. This is where the US $5 billion went to, to fuel the revolution and to force a regime change in Ukraine as Victoria Nuland put it.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          I’ll ask the Ukrainian friend again ….

          1. Doom Sternz Avatar
            Doom Sternz

            Its easily verified and on public record, do a search on the net for………

            Andriy Parubiy, co-founder of the fascist Social National Party, which later changed its name to Svoboda. He is the new top commander of the National Defense and Security Council. (covering the military, police, courts and intelligence apparatus).

            Dmytro Yarosh, Right Sector commander is now second-in-command of the National Defense and Security Council.

            The exceptional West Ukrainians are ethnically cleansing the east of subhuman Russians. There should be international outrage.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            There is, actually, that ANY of it started. Have ‘they’ hoodwinked ALL – even the 1 million refugees flooding out of the ruined parts of the country?

          3. Doom Sternz Avatar
            Doom Sternz

            The 1 million refugees flee to Russia, not to the West.

            in Luhansk, Human Rights Watch examined remnants of 122 mm unguided Grad rockets and artillery projectiles of various calibers, up to 152 mm. These remnants of ordnance had been collected from populated areas where attacks had killed and injured civilians. Human Rights Watch also saw remnants of 300 mm Smerch rockets and cluster munitions delivered by 220 mm Uragan rockets but was not able to establish the circumstances in which they were used and whether they caused civilian casualties.

            The Kiev Neo Nazi Junta are war criminals. The West choose not to see the crimes of the Nazi’s in the Donbass. It is time for the ICC to arrest the guilty including the US and Western leaders.

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Thank you Dr. Doom. (this story says ‘155,800 people’ didn’t go to Russia.)

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            All we need to know .. from the actual beginning. 😉

      2. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
        Comtessa di Alba

        Russia is always responsible and West is infallible.

        1. $89733098 Avatar

          Still neighing ay daft mare. Go do mutah with mr ed

          1. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Did you get Hurst article?

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes. (or one of them … I guess.)

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