son of Suriname president admits assisting Hezbollah in plot to attack U.S.

Dino Bouterse, right, pictured with his father Desi, also admitted drug and firearm charges -AP PHOTO
Dino Bouterse, right, pictured with his father Desi Bouterse, president of Suriname -AP PHOTO

The son of the president of Suriname has admitted charges in a New York court that he offered to help US agents posing as the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah a base in his country for operations against the US in an elaborate sting operation.

Dino Bouterse told a federal court on Friday that he provided a false Surinamese passport to a person he believed was a Hezbollah operative. He also pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and firearms charges.

The plea came a year after Bouterse was arrested in Panama on charges he conspired to smuggle cocaine into the US.

He had already been extradited to the US and jailed when authorities accused him of agreeing to accept millions of dollars to allow Hezbollah fighters to use Suriname as a base for attacking US targets.

An indictment said Bouterse was recorded in Greece and Panama meeting people he thought were Hezbollah members and Mexican drug traffickers. His contacts were in fact undercover agents with the US drug enforcement administration.

The indictment said Bouterse agreed to be paid $2m to help Hezbollah fighters settle in Suriname with fake identities and arm them with weapons including surface-to-air missiles for attacks on the US and the Netherlands.

Bouterse also told the US agents that he was interested in using Hezbollah “tough guys” for operations inside Suriname.

Bouterse’s father, Desi Bouterse, was elected president by the country’s parliament in 2010.

Desi Bouterse has previously said he was shocked by his son’s arrest but added he was “responsible for his own actions”.

Dino faces a prison term of 15 years to life at sentencing on January 6.



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  1. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Title is a little off if you ask me. These things do happen but not on this particular case.

    1. “A little off” is a bit of an understatement.

      These things do not happen. The Islamic Resistance has never attacked a US target, occupants of Lebanon notwithstanding. It is simply not in Hezbollah’s interests to do so, especially during this mangy Syrian conflict.

      Bouterse should have easily detected the sting.

      1. The real lebanese Avatar
        The real lebanese

        Not only have they targeted the US, but other places too. If they didnt target the US the man would’ve found something fishy.

        1. Hezbollah’s involvement, as an emerging organization, in the 1983 embassy bombing has not been sufficiently proven. In any case, the Americans were occupiers, and over one-third of those who died were CIA rats, actively coordinating with the Mossad to fashion a “North Bank” of their liking. Only traitors were saddened by Bob Ames’ passing.

          The other two sources have to do with Zionist civilian targets. There is a strong possibility, of course, that these men were acting separate from Hezbollah, which I do not believe would advocate such operations.

          Certainly, Hezbollah would not advocate attacks on the US mainland — the point I was getting at. Bouterse should have indeed found the “Hezbollah operatives” suspect, as they were telling him about prospective attacks on the United States itself, and even the Netherlands.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ALL who are ‘against’ the USA (or West) will work together for ‘futures’ of their particular set of group-thinkers … and little moves are as important as big ones.
            Maybe Daddy didn’t give son enough allowance. But Drug-Lords have much more than they could ever spend too … and I doubt they want to ‘take down’ their biggest scource of income. They only do things to circumvent ‘policing’.
            Only those who think they have a better ‘system’ to offer the world do the plans to ‘attack’ – and are happy to find any income, or send any ‘dupe’ to do it for them. Like any salesman, he was easiest to sell to.

          2. Bypest with all due respect is any hit ever sufficiently proven in Lebanon? if americans with their short lived presence in Lebanon were occupiers how do you feel about Syrian 30 year occupation?

          3. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            The 1983 bombing was claimed. The man convicted in Cyprus a couple years back said he was following Hezbollah’s orders but he didn’t think it was for terrorist attacks. Do you recall or do I need to find a more detailed link? And i do agree, Hezbollah wouldn’t try attacks in the US. But if the son a the president of Suriname believed so, that should show you just how radical this groups ideology really is. Coincidence at least three Hezbollah members were around the area of the bomb in Bulgaria? No. But if you think so.

            Hezbollah did claim responsibility for the embassy bombing. They weren’t called Hezbollah at the time however. They went by the name Islamic Jihad until they transitioned the name over around 85-86. Let me know if you would like links for this too.

            1992 attack on the Israeli embassy in Argentina. More Argentinians in the nearby Catholic Church actually died than Israelis. Hezbollah claims it was in retaliation to the Israeli assassination of

          4. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Sayed Abbas al Musawi, who was responsible for many crimes himself.

  2. $89733098 Avatar

    I don’t support hezbsatan but this is a ludicrous headline. It makes it look like it was hezbsatan when it was yank agents posing as hezbsatan. Obviously HS had nothing to do with planning attacks on the yanks.

  3. Rachidie Frangie Avatar
    Rachidie Frangie

    Commenting on this article from Suriname, please do not question the common sense of the matter or try to get into too much analysis of details. None were taken into consideration.

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