Shiite Gunmen Kill 73 at Iraq Mosque as Sectarian Tension Spikes


islamic state map iraq syriaGunmen from a Shiite militia opened fire in a Sunni mosque in a province of Iraq neighboring Baghdad, killing scores of worshipers and ratcheting up sectarian tension exacerbated by an insurgent offensive and political infighting.

The shooting in the village of Bani Wais in Diyala province killed at least 73 people, including the local imam, and wounded dozens, Basem al-Samarraei, deputy provincial governor, said by phone. The casualties also included women and children who were killed as they tried to save relatives from the gunfire, eyewitness Mahmoud al-Shimmary said in a telephone interview.

The attack comes amid a major offensive by the Sunni militant group Islamic State, a former off-shoot of al-Qaeda. Combined with political instability in Baghdad as a new government forms, the militants’ advance has heightened concerns that Iraq may descend into the sectarian warfare that flared following the removal of autocrat Saddam Hussein after the 2003 U.S. invasion.

Some tribes among Iraq’s Sunni minority have supported the Islamic State in its offensive that began in June with the capture of Mosul, saying they took up arms after being marginalized by pro-Shiite governments in the capital.

Today’s strike took place after three roadside bombs targeted a Shiite political gathering 15 kilometers (9 miles) from the Musab bin Omair mosque, killing four bodyguards of local official Sadiq al-Zargoushi, Deputy Governor Samarraei said. Shiite militias then attacked the mosque, with four of them opening fire, he said. Security forces had been sent to the area.

New Government

Some of the Victims of the Shiite militia attack  against the mosque .
Some of the Victims of the Shiite militia attack against the  Sunni mosque . At least 73 people were killed , including the local imam, and wounded dozens,

The mosque, about 120 kilometers northeast of Baghdad, is in an area under government control but close to territory held by Islamic State militants, the Associated Press reported.

Sunni national lawmaker Talal al-Zuba’ay said by phone that Iraqi security forces did nothing to stop what he called a “massacre” at the mosque.

Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Haidar al-Abadi is seeking to form a new, more inclusive government after his predecessor Nouri al-Maliki was forced from office amid accusations that his Shiite-dominated administration fueled sectarianism.

Appointing a new government is a start but it won’t be enough without success in winning major Sunni participation in the administration and the security forces, Paul Salem, vice president of the Middle East Institute, said by telephone from Washington.

‘Imminent Threat’

Shiite Muslim fighters from the Saraya al-Salam, a group formed by Iraqi Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and tasked with defending the holy sites of Shiite Islam, brandish their weapons as they hold a position on the Jurf al-Sakhr front line, the scene of heavy fighting against advancing Jihadist militants and fighters of the Islamic State, south of the capital Baghdad, on Aug. 18, 2014. Photorgapher: Ali Al-Saadi/AFP via Getty Images
Shiite Muslim fighters from the Saraya al-Salam, a group formed by Iraqi Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and tasked with defending the holy sites of Shiite Islam, brandish their weapons as they hold a position on the Jurf al-Sakhr front line, the scene of heavy fighting against advancing Jihadist militants and fighters of the Islamic State, south of the capital Baghdad, on Aug. 18, 2014. Photorgapher: Ali Al-Saadi/AFP via Getty Images

“The attempt to form a government, to slowly build trust, is a very difficult thing, and incidents like this make that more obvious,” said Salem. “Putting Iraq back together is doable, but it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of political savvy.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel yesterday called the Islamic State an “imminent threat” to the U.S. that may take years to defeat.

The Islamist movement’s beheading of American journalist James Foley, shown in a graphic video released this week, has drawn international condemnation of the radical group that has seized a swath of Syria and Iraq in its quest to create a Sunni caliphate.




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  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    oh no, and we thought that shia terrorists were waaaaaaaaaaaay better than sunnis
    it must be Bremer’s doing, no doubt!

  2. man-o-war Avatar

    Dumbass murdering aholes! Why attack innocent people praying? Grow some balls and go after IS.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Takes time to find out which of the praying ones laid the bombs on the road.

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “… has heightened concerns that Iraq may descend into the sectarian warfare …”
    Wow, already into the degraded statements in ‘news’ .. may descend … MAY ????
    WTF do they think it’s all about in the first place??

    And then of course, there’s the Tribes of each sect.
    In 1000 years, someone will claim they have a ‘right’ to a piece of land in a desert because they came from the ISIS Tribe, who ‘may’ have been murderers ‘way back when’, but now are simply being attacked ‘unjustly’.
    ISIS will be noted in some circles as ‘A poor tribe, yet devout in how they eat breakfast, while also being the ‘Godly Maintainers OF the Correct Religion’ they believe; peaceful and happy in their sand-pile. The 5000 Countries of the United Earth Committee will debate ‘Aid’ for 5 years.

  4. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    According to many on this site only sunnis do this stuff, oh well looks like the shiites dont mind killing innocent people including women and children also. Like ive said many times before evil is evil even if it is against itself. Very cowardly act from typically stupid arabs.

  5. Shirdel2142 Avatar

    So much death,what has happend to humanity,every where i look online there is death and carnage,for what?? ideology?? i believe in god,i believe in allah but what are we doing to are selfs,no god would want this.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      You feel the feelings of a majority I am certain. But who cares?? Not God.
      Better to turn off the news, and wait until someone knocks on the door with an RPG.
      Save your ‘psyche’ for that moment – it will not need to worry long.

    2. Greetings Shirdel, I dare anyone who has children to tell me that they take any pleasure or approve of sons and daughters causing harm to one another, . How dare we accuse God of being responsible for our violence and divisions? truth and godliness is a way of life that Is proven by the effect it has on the people that walk in the light of God. a believer in God like your self and others from all faiths are encouraged to maintain differentiating between works of a loving merciful being in contrast with those who falsely represent him by swinging the sword indsicrimantely as a blind man would to accomplish perpetuating divisions and never ending wars.

  6. 5thDrawer Avatar

    KEEP in mind that the LAF handled Arsal correctly.
    It was ‘politicians’ who had not listened … and ‘religionists’ who delayed action with their theories.

    BEIRUT: Lebanese Army Commander Gen. Jean Kahwagi has defended himself and his troops against criticism directed at the military institution following the Arsal battle, saying he would never trade the lives of Lebanese in exchange for political gains.
    “They attacked me personally although I have repeated that I will never sacrifice a drop of blood of a soldier or a civilian to reach the presidency if I ever had the chance to reach the post,” Kahwagi told An-Nahar in remarks published Saturday.
    “I had originally warned against the problem in Arsal many times before the conflict [began and] turned into a real battle, which prompted us to deploy three additional brigades including two military elite units.”

  7. “Taqiyah” and “Aqeedah” of the Infallibles:

    Crypto Shia Rabbi’s usually calls for unity among Muslim world and especially with Sunnis. Before advancing towards any attempts of building bridges between any people regardless of their denomination it is of paramount importance to know who they are and what they stand for.There are approximately thirty sects amongst the Shia, some no longer exist, from those that remain few are moderates, but the overwhelming majority are exaggerators that are extreme in the evil ways, they are known as “Imamiyyah ithna ashariyah ([followers of the] twelve Imams)” & majority of the Shia ascribe themselves to this sect. For this sect the concept of betraying, deceiving & cheating is an integral part of their Aqeedah (belief). They are commonly known as Shia-Rafidaa.

    Can there be SUNNI SHIA UNITY if they are against HAQ[TRUTH] and are for BATIL[FALSEHOOD], when they collaborate openly and hiddenly with Zionists, etc. and work against Islam, Muslims, peace, and good people of the world irrespective of their religion, color, race, language, creed, etc.?

    Under the guise of ‘Taqiyah’ (concealing the truth/lying) the Shia-Rafidaa justify their betrayal & treason against the Deen of Islam & Muslims. The Shia-Rafidaa believe that by practicing Taqiyah they will achieve leadership over the Ummah of Islam; hence they will lie, cheat & betray to reach their goals.

    The motive of the Shia-Rafidaa for practicing Taqiyah is to be trusted by the general Muslim & then to later betray them. As people of sanity & intelligence we must be aware of this evil cult since the concept of Taqiyah is an integral part of their Aqeedah.

    From the Manhaj (methodology) of the Shia-Rafidaa we shall look into four of their religious beliefs/adoption (Aqeedah). This will give an insight for all those that wish to unite & collectively work with the Shia-Rafidaa for the restoration of the Deen.

    One: The Aqeedah of the Shia-Rafidaa regarding: Those that do not believe in the Wilayah of the twelve Imams’

    The twelve Imams (leaders) were great men from the household of Muhammad (SAW); the first was Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA). Ahl As-Sunnah Wal Jammaah believe that the family of Muhammad (SAW) must be loved, & to hate them is an act of nifaaq (hypocrisy). However, the Shia-Rafidaa out of excessive zealous love for them, elevate them to a status that is prohibited.

    According to the Shia-Rafidaa the twelve Imams’ are the rightful heirs for the Khaleefah (leader/head of state) role/post. If the post is given to anyone other than the twelve Imam’s is Kufr that nullifies a person’s belief, hence they believe that the first three leaders, Abu Bakr As-Siddique, Al Farooq Umar ibn Khattab, Uthmaan ibn Affaan (RA) are apostates (La hawla wala quwatta ila billa). The Shia-Rafidaa also believe that whoever acknowledges & accepts the leadership of the first three Khaleef’s is an apostate.

    Muhammad bin Ali bin Hussain bin Babawai Al Qummi (Famous Shia-Rafidaa Muhadeeth [scholar of hadeeth) said in his book, “We believe that anyone that denies the Imammah of Ali to be the first Imam of the Ummah, & the Imams after him (rest of the 11 Imam’s), is as though he denies all the prophets, & we believe whoever consents to be amir ul mu’imen the Imam (Ali) but rejects the eleven Imams after him, is like the one who believes in all the prophets but denies the prophethood of Muhammad (SAW)”.

    The Shia-Rafidaa, Allamah Jamal ud-Deen Hassan ibn Yusef Al-Hillee said,

    “The Imamah is a general mercy from Allah, and propethood is specific, because it is possible for there to be a period of no prophet, but there will always be an Imam, the one that denies the general mercy is more evil than the one that denies the specific mercy”.

    Renowned scholars of the Shia-Rafidaa, Imam Muhsanan Tatabahi, Muhammad Hasan an-Najafi, Al Qasim Al-Qawi have generally said, “The one that does not believe in the twelve imam’s is a Kaafir in the Dunyaah & in the Ahkhiraah”.

    The quotes of the Shia-Rafidaa illustrate their deep rooted hatred for the Sahabah & Ahl As-Sunnah; these beliefs will have direct & indirect effect in the way they interact with Ahl As-Sunnah. Therefore when the Shia call for unity, or call for building bridges between themselves & Ahl As-Sunnah, it is nothing but a deception.

    Two: The Aqeedah of the Shia-Rafidaa regarding: Those they consider to be Nawaasib

    The Nawaasib are those individuals, groups, sects that have hatred towards Ahl ul Bayt (and Imam Ali [RA] in particular). Any person that is declared Nawaasib will naturally be hated by people. The Imam’s of the Shia-Rafidaa have spread amongst the masses that Ahl As-Sunnah are enemies to Ahl Bayt (family of Muhammad [SAW]). Effectively they consider Ahl As-Sunnah to be a enemy worse than the Kaafir-Asliee (those that are disbelievers from origin i.e. Jews & Christians). The person that speaks out against or exposes the contemporary scholar of the Shia-Rafidaa is demonized by being classed as a Nawaasib.

    The Shia-Rafidaa Imam, Hussain ibn Shaykh al-Assfur ad-Darrazi said, “When the Imam’s deem as person to be Nasibi, they mean the Sunnis, & there is no doubt that the people of Nasabah are the people of Sunnah”. In His book: Al Massail Al-Khoorasaniyah, published in Beirut.

    The Shia-Rafidaa Shaykh Ali Al-Muhsin said, “As far as the Nawasib are concerned they are the scholars of Ahl Sunnah, many of them are Naasibeen like ibn Taymiyyah, ibn Katheer, ibn Jawzi, Imam Zahabi, ibn Hazm al Andaloosi… & there are many others.”

    The Imams of Shia-Rafidaa have built the hatred towards the Sunnis via their false propaganda against Ahl As-Sunnah. Know dear Muslim when they extend one hand in friendship they reserve the other hand to stab the Sunni in the back.

    Though the Shia would never admit it, the truth of the matter is that the people of Sunnah hold the family of the prophet (SAW) in high esteem. Ahl As-Sunnah believe: to love Ahl-ul-Bayt is part of Iman (Belief) & to hate them is from Nifaaq (hypocrisy).

    Three: The Aqeedah of the Shia-Rafidaa regarding: The wealth & blood of Ahl As-Sunnah

    The Shia-Rafidaa believe that Ahl As-Sunnah have no sanctity of wealth & blood. They consider it to be Halal (lawful) from them to loot the wealth & spill the blood of Ahl As-Sunnah. They also view Ahl As-Sunnah to be Najas (impure), some hold the opinion that if touched by a Sunni then they would consider performing Ghusl (bath).

    It is a well known principle in the Shariah (law’s) of Islam that betraying the Kaafir that has been issued a Covenant of Security is prohibited & Allah (SWT) labeled that person as a Ghadar (traitor). The Shia-Rafidaa would readily issue a Kaafir-Asli (original disbeliever) a Covenant of Security, but with a Sunni they will be treacherous.

    Ayatullah Khomaini quoted the fatwaa of Imam Darazi Al Bahrani (a Shia-Rafidaa), “The strongest of opinion is that the people of nawaasib are ahl harb (people we are at war with), it is halaal for us their wealth, & it is allowed to give fiths to the imam & keep the remainder”.

    The Shia-Rafidaa Nimatullah Al Jazariri said, “We should explain two things about the Sunnis, first we should explain what is Nawaasib, they are impure & more evil than the Jews & Christians & majoos, & his impurity has consensus of all the ulamaah of the imaamis & ahl bayt”. Reported in Anwaru Numaniyah Volume 2 page 306

    From the quotes & views of the Shia-Rafidaa are we surprised why throughout history they have proven themselves treacherous? Are we shocked that they have always sided with the Kuffar in fighting & betraying the people of Sunnah? This belief of the Shia has been proven by their treachery in Iraq, where they openly support the illegal crusader occupation which has resulted in the genocide of Sunni Muslims.

    Four: The Aqeedah of the Shia-Rafidaa regarding: Those that raise the Banner of Jihad

    The Shia-Rafidaa firmly believe that Jihad cannot be engaged until the coming of Imam Mehdi. Even though the Hadeeth Sahih (correct) states, “There will be Jihad in my Ummah till the Day of Judgment”.

    The Shia-Rafidaa Muhadeeth Tubroosi said,

    Imam Jafar (AS) said, the similitude of the one that goes out to jihad before Imam Mehdi is like the bird that flies out and fall for the children to play with it.
    (In other words the one that goes out for Jihad becomes an outsider.)

    It has also been reported that Abu Jafar said, “Abdullah ibn Sinan asked Imam Jafar, what do you say about those that go out to fight & die in the battlefield? He replied, “They are going to go to hellfire, because they hurried themselves to be killed in the dunyah, no one becomes shaheed except the Shia, even if the Shia dies in his bed.” (This quote is a fabrication and lie against the great Imam, Jafar As-Siddiq [RH])

    Even from the perspective of Jihad, the Shia-Rafidaa have proven their animosity towards those that desire to bring honor to Islam & remove the shackles of humiliation by defending themselves. The Shia-Rafidaa believe that whosoever engages in Jihad is an apostate, this belief of theirs proves to whom they have given allegiance to. History has proven that the Shia-Rafidaa will always side with crusaders & their allies against Ahl As-Sunnah, they sided in the past with the Tarters against the Muslims, and currently with the American’s against the Muslims.


    Based upon these four points of belief of the Shia-Rafidaa, it is imperative for the people of Sunnah (i.e. Sunnis) to recognize this cult for who they are, enemies! Attempting to build bridges with the Shia-Rafidaa is an error that will bring nothing but harm. Working with Shia-Rafidaa will not aid in the restoration of the Deen but will act as a tool for its destruction.

    Many sincere Muslims always seek to establish unity, however one should ask:

    How can the Haq (truth) & the Baatil (falsehood) coexist & cooperate?

    How can we collaborate with the snake that plots to bite the Ummah of Truth with poison of betrayal?

    How can we trust the Shia-Rafidaa, a cult that feeds from the spilt blood of Ahl As-Sunnah?

    The people of Sunnah need to awaken from the dream before the nightmare looms above them, & disassociate from this deadly enemy within.

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      Down with the Shi’ite! Down with the Infidels! Down with the Zionist! Down with the Joos! Down with America! Down with the Brits! All liers coming to kill us all!

      Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo husbands! Cause they raping everybody! Climbing through yo windows, hiding under our beds!

      May the Ummah unite to fight the infidels!

      Take Beer!
      Take Beer!

      1. Antoine is that you? now that song is stuck in my head all over again lol

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          With all respect …. Rap is NOT my fav … ;-)))

          1. Same here, pretty much enjoy almost everything but, I am wearing this one out lately even though I have no idea what the lyrics mean, I just feel the emotion og it….getting ready to be called a zionist lol


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            I hesitate to push ‘play’ … the delightful first pic may go away … 😉

          3. hahaha, no worries I promise to send you more delightful ones, here to cheer you and distract you from the events of the day bro 🙂

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            Advert for ‘Equestrian Dating’ keeps popping up.
            I assume that was for the HUG between Nasty And Awkwardmadinajin. :-))))
            But YOU like the birds. 😉
            Music was OK. 😉

          5. Ok if this doesn’t make you laugh nothing will =D


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            Astounding. :-)))))))

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Wow … My wife had an aunt who talked like her parrot … TOO. :-))))

          8. $89733098 Avatar

            “Equestrian dating”?
            I should send that to daft mare

          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Leave Hind alone …
            And yes, I wondered about that, but deleted the ad. (YouTube has everything)
            I couldn’t decide if it was a ‘meet-site’ for people who liked to ride horses over walls, or for a particular group of ladies who liked to ride horses … if you know what I mean – so I thought I’d pass up the chance to try it out. 😉

  8. Infallibles Art of Lying:

    Throughout their history, they have always been great liars. That includes making up stories about the Persian Empire, Islam, dynasties, left, right and everything in between. Lying is a big part of their belief, dogma, etc. that has practically ruined lives and countries. They have built their culture, religion and history based on wacky lies and self-fulfilling prophecies. For many of us the line between truth and bullshit has become so blurry that we simply can’t tell the difference anymore. They talk about democracy and human rights as if the problems of the people will just magically disappear. They fail to recognize that others plight have nothing to do with the lack of freedom and democracy. The problem is their sick culture of lying and deception.

    They fool the masses by being apologetic and condemning the inhumane acts which are committed by their people when they somehow get uncovered and try to justify with unrelated and made up stories that it’s retaliation after years of persecution! It seems for them evil and inhumane acts are justifiable in the guise of resistance, retaliation, defending, etc., but whereas when it comes to others its acts of terrorism, barbarism, etc., so one wonder if they are any different than their Zionist masters or is it safe to conclude that they are the same?

    No wonder they remain the Infallibles by using such ploys among the masses whereas their cousins the other Khawariji’s (ISIS, etc.) are told to act the complete opposite so their masters can keep their evil rules by using them BOTH!

    1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

      b4 posting such bs i suggest u to find out what the nasty prophet of urs said about iranians…

      1. Lol….seems you didn’t read your link yourself. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) praised the persian, Salman Al-farisi on his faith in Islam. Infact some of the great Islamic scholars were of persian descent. Unfortunately they can’t be compared to the current ones, the Majosi’s/Infallibles!:)

        It’s rare to see someone not using Taqiyah and expressing what he really thinks of him or Islam. It doesn’t matter if you are a majos or an Infallible, atleast you were honest unlike them.

        You infact acknowledged the facts and truth in the post(s) you replied to.

        It’s not surprising to see only a honest Hyprocrite upvoted your comment, may be she forgot to use Taqiyah in her quest of upvoting the replies unlike others who didn’t condemn your comment about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who they also claim to love and brag about “Ahle-Bayt”. Their inaction only re-inforced the truth in the post(s). If anyone called the lanati Khomenei, Fatso, or any crypto zionist ayatullat such names then they would have jumped to defend and condemn it, but it wasn’t them so why would they!? They themselves expose hypocrisies against “Ahle-Bayt” by their own actions or inaction’s.

        Until there are honest majosi’s or infallible’s like you the job of exposing them requires little or no effort!:)))

  9. Shiism related to Zionism, was created by a Zionist?

    The Dajjal, the Shia “Mahdi” & the masonic nature of the Safawi-Rafidi Republic.

    Shia Mahdi = Zionist Mashiach = Dajjal = Anti-Christ
    Shiism = Zionism
    Shiism Founder = Jew named “Abdullah Ibn Saba”
    Shia Ayatullahs = Crypto Jews
    Shia Teachings = Zionist Talmudic
    Iran = Masonic/Dajjal State
    Shia Mahdi/Dajjal/Zionists Mashiach will come from Isfahan, Iran
    Shia Mahdi = NWO King

    Check the Saba’ite-Jewish-masonic reality of this “Imam Al-Zaman” Rafidi-Safawi state.

    The PARLIAMENT of the non-Islamic, pagan-Rafidi regime:

    The amount of windows (big and small) is 33 on the Iranian Parliament… a holy number for freemasons.. and the whole building looks like a pyramid…another holy site for freemasons. Why does a “religious”, Shi’ite leadership use such an obvious masonic design for their “Imam Al-Zaman” state?

    Masonic obelisks all over the Rafidi-Shi’ite “Imam Al-Zaman” (in fact Dajjaal) state.
    Rafidi-state company symbols (insurances, Banks etc.)
    Masonic symbols everywhere in the Satanic Republic of Iran.
    “All seeing eye”, everywhere!
    And of course masonic pyramids wherever go, even on top of “Mosques”!
    Bank (most STATE owned Banks are PURELY based on Riba).

    There is a saying that “The enemies of Islam never change, but they come wearing different cloaks.”

    Israel carry the banner of Zionism, claiming to be Jews, and they massacre Ahlus Sunnah. Iran carry the banner of Shi’ism, claiming to be Muslims, and they too massacre Ahlus Sunnah.
    Each carry the banner of two different ideologies, both claiming to represent two different religions, but in their actions we see that they are in fact the same.

    Shiaism is mixture of Judaism, Christianity & Zoroastrianism.

    Shia Ayatollahs are Zionist creation. They are picked by them to lead Shia Maraji’s.
    Self appointed Grand rabbi Kamal al-Haydari and son of Grand rabbi Ayatullah Abul Qasim al-Khoei leaked top secrets about shiaism and marji`iyya system which has been kept hidden from common shias for ages. They both admitted that top ranking shia religious authorities (maraji’) are chosen by zionist americans and british.
    Kamal al-Haydari even admits that jews, majos and christians were the ones who founded the religion of shiaism.

    70,000 Persian Jews from Isfahan will follow the Dajjal.
    Indeed, the founder of Shi’ism was the Jewish Abdullah ibn Saba and the so-called “savior” of the Shia will be the Jewish Dajjal. Of course, we don’t know this for certain and it is only a theory, but the evidence suggests that it is a highly likely scenario.

    Jewish Law
    The “Qaem” or Imam Mahdi of the Shia will rule according to the Laws of David and the family of David, according to the Shia Hadith in Al-Kafi, the most reliable of the four books of Shia Hadith. All of the following Shia Hadith come from the same section in Al-Kafi reported by Al-Kulyani, located in Al-Kafi (Volume No.1, p.387-398):

    1. Shia’s Imam Mahdi will rule according to the laws of the family line of prophet David, using the Talmud.
    2. Shia’s Imam Mahdi will use Hebrew language in his prayers.
    3. Jews will be among the followers of Shia’s Imam Mahdi (Mehdi).
    4. Shia’s Imam Mahdi learns from the Talmud which is contained in the “Jafr.”
    Some of the Jews are expecting two Messiahs for them in the End Times. They refer to first Messiah as Son of Joseph and the second Messiah as Son of David.

    Christians are expecting 2 Witnesses in the End Times. They tend to expect one of the witnesses will be Elijah.

    The first Dajjal Messiah, in the End Times, will probably falsely claim to be Son of Joseph of the Jews and Elijah of the Christians. He may claim to also be paving the way for Shia’s Mahdi, if no Shia person emerges. However, it is more likely that a Shia person (such as President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejjad) will emerge and claim to be paving the way for the Mahdi. The Shia have many narrations about individuals whom they expect to appear and pave the way for Shia’s Mahdi. Most likely, there will NOT be anyone in the beginning of the End Times who will claim to be Shia’s Imam Mahdi, but only claim to be paving the way for Shia’s Imam Mahdi.

    The last Dajjal may also claim to be Shia’s Imam Mahdi.

    The Sunnis’ Mahdi, who is the real Mahdi for all Muslims, will only identify himself as a Muslim, not a Sunni and not a Shia. Many of the Shia will hopefully accept the Sunnis’ Mahdi. However, it is possible that some of the wicked individuals among Shia may practice Taqiya and accept Sunnis’ Mahdi only outwardly temporarily, while rejecting him in their hearts. When the last Dajjal (Anti-Christ) appears, the wicked Shia may follow of the Dajjal.

    This evidence leads us to believe that the evil founders of Shiism, mostly Jews who pretended to convert to Islam outwardly while remaining Jews in their hearts, have purposefully portrayed, in their books, Imam Mahdi as someone similar in many ways to the last False Mashiach (Messiah) of the Children of Israel, son of David, in order to:

    (a) motivate the Shia to reject the real Mahdi when he appears because he is a Sunni Muslim and does not fit into their expectations, and

    (b) deceive the Shia into following the False Messiah of the Children of Israel, thinking that he is the Mahdi.

    According to Shia’s books, the Shia’s Imam Mahdi will be someone who rules based on the Laws of David. He will rely on scriptures, other than the Quran. So, Shia’s Mahdi fits the characteristics of the Dajjal/False Masiach.

    Shiaism is a deviated cult founded by the jew Abdullah ibn Sabah and oriented by talmudic teachings and zoroastrianism(or magianism) principles.

    These are the unique similarities:
    The Shii qoutes are in bold whereas the similar Jewish qoutes are in italics.
    Mohammed bin Al-hassan Toosi reports on the authority of Ishhaq bin Ammar, that Abu Abdullah said “The wealth, the property and everything which belongs to a Sunni is actually yours (is legal for you)” (Tahzib-ul Ahkam, Vol. 2 Kitabul Makasib, p. 116, published in Iran) above in this Shi’ites book it states that all Shi’ites can steal from any Sunni Muslim and that there is nothing wrong with that.
    Let us now look at what Jews have to say with regards to non-jewish(gentile) properties
    O.K. to Cheat Non-Jews, Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a Gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work
    Jews May Steal from Non-Jews, Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (“heathen”) it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b).
    Sanhedrin 76a . God will not spare a Jew who “marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost son.

    They try to completely reject the existence of a personality called ‘Abdullah Ibn Saba’ the Yemenite Jew, the founder of Shiism.

    Shia Ayatullat: We are Zionist, Masonic Bastards and our followers are Kuffar!
    Rafidi ayatullat Ja’far Ibrahimi admits that he and his ayatullat crew are Zionist, Masonic Bastards who preach to their shias the importance of facing graves and pray two Rakats upon visitation (Ziyara). He also admits that facing graves and praying is Kufr thereby makes takfir of all shias who do this act near the graves of their infallibles.

    The ornate tomb of Daniel in Susa, 450 miles (750 kilometers) southwest of the capital Tehran, is cited by Iranians as an example of the historic bonds of Jews and Muslims in the country. The site is popular among both Muslims [in fact Rafidite Shi’ite heretics] and Jews, and some of the pious credit their prayers at the site for healing sick relatives or bringing rain for crops. Hundreds visit ever day, including high school students on field trips from around the country. The grave is in an underground crypt that is usually open only to Jews…while both they and Muslims can visit an above-ground shrine over it, dazzling with mirrored tiles. In a sign of respect to the Jewish community, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered an inscription put on the grave reading, “This is the shining tomb of the sagacious prophet Daniel, who directed believers while tolerating difficulties for the sake of God.”

    The Rafidi (twelver Shia) sect has it’s own interpretation of this PAGAN, WATHANI (polytheistic) symbol. They take it as a symbol for the chopped hands of Abal-Fadhl Al-Abbas (rahimahullah) the half-brother of Al-Hussein whose hands had been cut off at the battle of Karbala. This pagan-Jewish symbol can be found in SHI’ITE religious centres, festivals etc. all over the world:

    “Ayatollah” Al-Khoie centre in New York/Brooklyn proudly declaring their Saba’ite origin:

    And since Shi’ism is of Jewish origin, there is no wonder that this Jewish symbol is an ESSENTIAL RELIGIOUS symbol of Shi’ism, to such an extent that the following unbelievable news, is sadly true:

    ^ Hand of “Abal-Fadhl”, commonly hold up in pagan-rafidite self-flagellation ceremonies (in Ashura). The same thing can be found among Jews in the “Hamsa/Khamsa” with the All Seeing Eye in the middle.

    Its nothing but superstition and according to Islam a form of heresy, for the believe in amulettes was condemned by the noble Apostle of Allah peace be upon him. This symbol can also be seen among many north-africans (Tunisia, Marocco etc.), yet unlike the Rafidah Imamite Shia sect it is not considered part of their religious belief, in fact the Muslim scholars warn against it, and the simply reason why this can be found in some Sunni nations, is because the Rafidite-SHIA Fatimids used to control north Africa for a period of time. As for the Imamite Rafidah and their scholars, then of course this Jewish symbol is an ESSENTIAL part of their cult and ceremonies.

    One wonder, why they both are hidden allies and open enemies?

  10. $89733098 Avatar

    Is daft mare a horse or a jackass?
    You decide.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      tsk … she has been nice and not shot back lately … stop teasing.
      (Good old ED …;-)
      (Good old early TV … women were all ‘cute’ then …)
      (a lot of horsing around in this blog …)

    2. Read his comment and look who Up-Voted, Appreciated, Enjoyed, and Liked it!

      “b4 posting such bs i suggest u to find out what the nasty prophet of urs said about iranians…”

      Not a single Infallible condemned his comment, surprising is it? They would have jumped in defense if it was one of their esteem religious figure (Ayatullat, Fatso, etc.), Iran, HS, ASS, etc. No wonder they or their supporters are hypocrites, puppets of Zionist and enemies of Sunnis, Muslims, Islam, Religions, People of the World, Humanity, and Peace!!!

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        Very good point you make. the hypocrisy on this blog is sickening. keep up the good work my friend. xx

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