Fatal helicopter crash in Iraq kills pilot, injures US reporter among others


The fatal crash of a helicopter that was delivering aid to stranded Yazidis in Iraq and evacuating some of the refugees from the Sinjar mountains injured a New York Times correspondent, among others.

Alissa J. Rubin “apparently suffered a concussion, at least one broken wrist and possibly some broken ribs but was conscious,” the New York Times said. Rubin serves as the New York Times’ Paris bureau chief and was covering the situation in Iraq.

Rubin, 56, wrote for the Los Angeles Times for about a decade before being hired by the New York Times in late 2006. She spent several years in the L.A. Times’ Washington bureau and also served as the paper’s bureau chief in Vienna and Baghdad, as well as reporting from Afghanistan, Pakistan and other conflict areas.

Tuesday’s crash killed the helicopter’s pilot and injured several others, including photographer Adam Ferguson and Vian Dakhil, a Yazidi member of Iraq’s parliament, the newspaper said. New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet said Rubin and Ferguson have been airlifted from the region for medical care.

“Alissa is a close friend and one of our most esteemed journalists,” said Baquet, also formerly of the L.A. Times. “Our thoughts and prayers are with both Alissa and Adam.”

Tens of thousands of Iraqi Yazidis — followers of an ancient faith linked to Zoroastrianism — took shelter in the Sinjar mountains for days after militants with the Islamic State group overran the northwest Iraq city of Sinjar, the heart of the Yazidis’ insular community. Many are now returning to Iraq via a roundabout route through neighboring Syria. Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq are helping open the getaway path for Yazidis trapped on the barren peak.

Tens of thousands more are believed to remain on the mountain, many too feeble to move on or fearful of the Sunni militants below. Others are still in the Kurdish zone of Syria after leaving the mountain. An unknown number have been killed or are missing, community members say.

The possibility that the Yazidi people of Iraq face genocide was cited by President Obama on Thursday when he authorized airstrikes against the Islamist militants in Iraq and airdrops of humanitarian supplies for the besieged civilians.

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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    These unfortunate events happen too … in all cases where people try to help people.
    It is interesting to note that more Americans died in Iraq through events unrelated to gun-fire …. work-place accidents being top of a list. Safety in the workplace … still a huge problem for humans.
    (Most dangerous job? Lobster fishing off Eastern Canada.)

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      While we’re no longer working on Lebanon’s problems, check out Missouri ….

      And here, another small ‘report’ on a report ….
      July 31, 2014

      A White House document showing the State Department’s recommended ‘talking points’ on a major Senate report into CIA torture – the executive summary to which is expected to be declassified and released next week – has today been leaked to the Associated Press.
      The document says that the soon-to-be-published report from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence “leaves no doubt that the methods used to extract information from some terrorist suspects caused profound pain, suffering and humiliation.”
      The document also argues there has already been sufficient debate around the methods of torture used. It says: “Our Congress issued this report, and the Obama administration strongly supported its declassification, in that spirit. This report will help the American people can understand what happened in the past, and that will help to guide us as we move forward.”
      However, serious concerns have been raised by legal charity Reprieve and other rights groups working with the victims of CIA torture that the report will be heavily redacted.
      The leaking of the document was followed today by revelations that CIA staffers improperly accessed the computers of those in the Senate working on it, in attempts to doctor information contained within.
      Commenting, Cori Crider, Strategic Director of Reprieve, said: “Whoever wrote this document is right about one thing – the story of CIA torture is one of which no American can be proud. For years, Reprieve’s clients have described horrific ordeals at the hands of the CIA. From the rendition of children and pregnant women to the torture of innocent men, the ‘war on terror’ continues to cast a long shadow across the US. The CIA has tried desperately to stop the truth coming out, going to far as to spy on Senate staffers writing this torture report. But the American people deserve to know what was carried out in their name. We should name the victims, admit to our black sites, and be sure this never happens again.”
      1. For further information, please contact Reprieve’s Press Office in New York:clemency.wells@reprieve.org.uk / 001 929 258 2754

      See? It’s not just a ‘Sect’ or ‘Race’ thing at all. It’s a HUMAN thing.

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        ” the story of CIA torture is one of which no American can be proud”

        That old broom, mekensah, is proud.

        1. cook2half Avatar

          We’re gonna bomb Gaza again now lol

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            I expect nothing less of child killers.

          2. cook2half Avatar

            zzzzzzz lol you asked for it, parasites. Gaza will be a big toilet, perhaps the city can be a parking lot for Ashkelon’s beach

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            U anti-Semite pig.

          4. cook2half Avatar

            Is that Tyre beach in ur pic? careful any minute some akhmed might fire a rocket from there and use you as human shield… lol

          5. $89733098 Avatar

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          6. cook2half Avatar

            That is disgusting, why would you say that?

          7. Leborigine Avatar


          8. Leborigine Avatar

            “Fog Lights”

          9. Leborigine Avatar

            “tail lights”

          10. $89733098 Avatar

            Btw do u have herpes?

        2. Leborigine Avatar


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