Jihadists agree to quit Lebanon’s Arsal, free hostages: Report


Lebanese army  arsal 080614Jihadists who occupied eastern Lebanon‘s Arsal near the Syrian border have agreed to leave in 24 hours and to release military and police hostages, Sunni clerics who mediated said Wednesday.

A ceasefire has been “extended to 7 pm on Thursday (1600 GMT) following an agreement between Lebanon’s prime minister, the army command and the other concerned parties,” chief negotiator Sheikh Hossam al-Ghali said.

“Fighters in Arsal have started to head across the Lebanese border” into Syria, Ghali said.

But the fate of the deal was unclear as security sources reported intermittent clashes and army shelling just hours after it was announced.

The clerics went to Arsal to negotiate an end to clashes between the army and jihadists that began in the area on Saturday, killing at least 17 soldiers.

An initial truce was expected to run until Wednesday evening, allowing talks to continue and the evacuation of the wounded and trapped civilians.

Lebanon’s army says at least 22 of its soldiers have gone missing in the fighting, and are assumed to be held hostage by the militants, along with an estimated 20 policemen.

Another negotiator and fellow cleric, Samih Ezzedine, said: “The remaining armed men have undertaken to leave Arsal completely within 24 hours.

“They asked not to be shot at as they withdraw, and if that happens the whole agreement will be in jeopardy,” he said.

“All the prisoners are alive and despite difficult negotiations we have clear and positive promises they will be released. I hope that will happen on Thursday,” Ezzedine said.

However, the blocking of an aid convoy for Arsal by residents of the neighbouring Shiite village of Labweh set off sectarian tensions.

In the northern city of Tripoli, a homemade device exploded, wounding an unspecified number of people, a local security source said.

Protesters, meanwhile, set ablaze tyres on roads in Sunni districts of the city and on a road in the eastern Bekaa, AFP correspondents said.

An Arsal resident told AFP during the day that many of the jihadists appeared to have withdrawn from its streets.

The UN agency for refugees UNHCR said earlier in the week it had received reports from local field hospitals of 38 people killed and 268 wounded, though there was no official confirmation.

The fighting has prompted Lebanon’s army chief to call for more international aid, and on Tuesday night, Lebanon’s former prime minister Saad Hariri announced Saudi Arabia had pledged $1 billion.

The new aid pledge came after Saudi Arabia and France said they would both work to speed up implementation of a separate $3 billion arms deal for Lebanon.

That deal, announced last December, involves Saudi financing for the purchase of French equipment, but a list of what will be obtained has yet to be finalised.

The clashes in Arsal are the most serious in the border region since the Syrian conflict erupted in March 2011.

On Wednesday afternoon, an AFP correspondent said ambulances were entering Arsal and a military truck had evacuated some civilians.

– Stability fears –

The fighting has raised fears about the stability of Lebanon, which is hosting more than one million Syrian refugees and has seen existing political and sectarian tensions heightened by its neighbour’s war.

Many of Lebanon’s Sunnis, including residents of Arsal, back the uprising against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

But much of the country’s Shiite community backs Assad, and the powerful Shiite Hezbollah movement has sent fighters to bolster his forces against the rebels.




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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    I hope and pray the hostages will be released and Arsal will be be spared further bloodshed. If that happens then Hezbollah needs to stay out of that area period and stop using the army to arrest members of the side if they have conflict with them. you want these people then go after them and stop using the army. Where is the Jets that bombarded arsal before.. how come they’re not bombing them to help the LAF. or is it the more soldiers the more empathy will be between them and ISIS? hezbollah and Iran are the same mold. they use you and sit back and watch the scene and keep the words of encouragements from far. just like Nassrallah cherring Hamas but only with words again and again.
    And how man civilians got killed in order for Iran to see how its rockets faired against israel? or how strong the hamas group will fight against Israel.. all these are done for the purpose of using the palestinians at the expense of the population. I do not favor israel in anyway shape or form. but I hope both sides Hamas and israel learn something in hoping they get along instead of causing so much pain and misery..

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      And the town next to Arsal stopped the ‘AID’ column for the Lebanese citizens who have had no food and water supplies for a week … nothing like having that feeling of ‘Fellow Lebanese’ working for you, is there? The Brotherly Love just OOOZES out of the place.

      1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        And yes the day Iran, Syria and Libya assasinated Imam Mousa Al Sadr and replaced them with Nassrallah and his evil followers the day the Shiites died in Lebanon and they took lebanon with them too.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Remember ‘the good messages’. But you can’t bring him back.

          This 24 hrs thing … gives a lot of time to have heads rolling down the hill as they slowly drift back into Syria.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            “But you can’t bring him back.”

            Do u mean to tell me Mousa hasn’t earned the same reincarnation status as Jesus or the Mahdi?

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Some day Barabie, that curly Irish hair will emerge from a sand-dune, and they will call it a rising. Loss of meat on the skull won’t matter. 😉

  2. Leborigine Avatar

    Yay, can we build that concrete wall along our border with that made up and fake country that goes by name of syria and keep all the garbage out of our country

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Nice idea … but you know NO-ONE wants to emulate an Israeli. Especially not now. 😉

  3. libnan1 Avatar

    I just don’t trust Sunnis all way from Hariri down to the shit heads in Arsal. LAF need to finish off the bastards so they wont live to fight another day.

    1. MekensehParty Avatar

      …Said Hasan Nasrallah

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    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      More weird than Wargame .. for sure. But maybe you read all his ancient texts to come up with this crap …. the fairy tales abound as usual. Someone managed to control your brain.
      Try to set it free sometime … on reality.

      1. Will try to pick on your fairy tales and programmed Zionist brain.:))))
        Quit with your hideous games already, you are and always will remain a Zionist sympathizer.:)))
        Only the naive one’s fall in those deceptive words of yours which they mistake as humor.:)))
        Take it easy, drink some more scotch as its blind obvious that you can’t handle truth well and get all worked up if the opinions of others are not similar to your fairy tales and programmed mind!:)))
        Now find other ways or better send comments to yourself to add on to that tally of yours as you would be wasting it being an ardent fan here!:))))

        1. libnan1 Avatar

          Terrorist Sunnis are shit … just accept the fact, deal with it and stop twisting shit.

          1. Yay Mr.Shit!:)))

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Rap-Crap? Wow …. it doesn’t rhyme
          And I’ll have a scotch any old time
          You can spin your tales, they sure aren’t mine
          But I wonder in the end who pays your dime.

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      1. Those questions can be answered by the lovely Zionist’s and their puppets (rulers and khawarij’s).
        Jesus (pbuh) is loved and respected by all!

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