Future Movement holds Hezbollah responsible for Arsal violence

future meeting

future meetingThe Future Movement parliamentary bloc condemned on Tuesday the clashes between the army and gunmen from the al-Nusra Front in the northeastern town of Arsal, describing that the attack against the army an assault against the whole of Lebanon.

In a statement issued after its weekly meeting the bloc held Hezbollah responsible for the developments in Arsal :
“We hold Hezbollah and those allied to it largely responsible for the developments in Arsal .”

It added that Hezbollah’s involvement in the ongoing fighting in Syria alongside the Syrian regime forces “obstructed the decision-making power of past Lebanese governments.”

“It prevented the governments from taking any decision aimed at protecting Lebanon or disassociating it from the conflict in Syria,” added the bloc.

“Hezbollah took part in the fighting in Syria without the consent of the Lebanese state and people. It violated the border with Syria through the transfer of weapons and gunmen, which led Syrian gunmen to come to Lebanon,” it continued.

The statement added the party obstructed “the national Lebanese decision that called for the deployment of the army along the border with Syria.”

The statement added“: Hezbollah did not allow the government to seriously deal with the case of Syrian refugees after it prevented it from setting up organized refugee centers near the border with Lebanon,”

The bloc demanded that Hezbollah should withdraw from Syria:

“Hezbollah should therefore withdraw from Syria ,in order to halt the spread of catastrophes, extremism and terrorism to Lebanon.”

The Future bloc also warned Hezbollah against intervening in the battles between the Lebanese Armed Forces and Islamist militants taking place in Arsal.

The bloc stressed that it strongly supports the Lebanese army and security forces and praised the stance taken by the cabinet and the decision to provide full support to the army.