Gaza releases picture of captured Israeli soldier

Capture of  isareli soldier Shaul Aron
Capture of Israeli  soldier Shaul Aron

The Hamas-affiliated Izz adDin al Qassam Brigades  published a picture of the Israeli soldier  that it had captured , the first since the release of Gilad Shalit in 2011.

Al-Qassam Brigades said during a speech by spokesman Abu Ubaida aired live on Ma’an News that the captured soldier is named Shaul Aron and his military number is 6092065.

In response to Israeli  denial Abu Ubaida said;
“The fact that they did not confirm (the loss of the soldier) shows that they were trying to hide their losses.”The spokesman also warned Israel against taking any steps toward “any kind of foolishness,” saying that it was better for them to respond to the rights of the Palestinian people but instead Israel insisted on arrogance.News of the kidnapping sparked celebration across Palestinian cities, with gunshots and fireworks heard in Gaza City, Bethlehem, and elsewhere.

Many welcomed  the news on a day in which more than 100 Palestinians were killed in the most intense bombardment of the Gaza Strip since 2009, including 66 in the neighborhood of Shujaiyya alone.

In the past, Israel has agreed to release Palestinian prisoners kept in Israeli jails in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldiers, and Hamas has called for soldiers to be captured with this aim.

Shaul Aron
Captured Israeli soldier Shaul Aron

Currently, more than 6,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails, hundreds of which are being held under administrative detention without charge or trial for indefinite periods of time.

The last time Hamas captured an Israeli soldier was Gilad Shalit in 2006. He detained for six years in the Gaza Strip following the capture, which occurred at the Israel-Gaza Strip border.

Shalit was eventually released as part of a deal in 2011 in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail.

In June and July, Israel re-arrested dozens of those former prisoners in violation of the deal as part of Operation Brother’s Keeper, which targeted Hamas members across the West Bank.



8 responses to “Gaza releases picture of captured Israeli soldier”

  1. israel forever♥

  2. Leborigine Avatar

    The ugly faces of war, especially if you are a hostage.

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Signatories to the Geneva Conventions on War, please take note. Those don’t exist for MANY.
    And, ahem, many of those who won’t sign it sit in the ‘UN’ – totally dis-united.

  4. Shirley Swanepoel Avatar
    Shirley Swanepoel

    I am on no ones side in this fight but Israel’s victory might be hollow in view of all the dead Palistinians and injured civilians plastered all over the media. Egypt might be Israel’s best ally at this time because the Egyptian media strongly condemned Hamas. This battle is not worth all the attention and now on top of all the captured Israeli soldier is going to be news for another five years. I wonder what the dead teens on both side would have to say since they are supposedly the reason for this war.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      (a blonde … cute, however … gotta love kids, eh? 😉

  5. Isaac Rubinson Avatar
    Isaac Rubinson

    Its a fake. That’s not an Israeli army uniform. Cheap Hamas propaganda.

  6. Eliyahu100 Avatar

    this photo of a soldier being captive is from another time and place than Gaza in July 2014. The terrain is not Gaza, especially since Shaul Oron was on an APC/armored car/ that was hit within the built up area of the Shaja`iyah neighborhood of Gaza City. The photo was taken on a road on the side of a mountain. Moreover, the helmet and uniform are wrong. They are not Israeli.

  7. Israel Avatar

    Its a fake. Cheap propaganda
    The soldier they claim captured, missing since sat. Night at 1:00 and the picture token day time
    Hamas always tries to fake, most of the vids/pictures in the wed and newa fake

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