Arab League describes Israeli attack in Gaza “war crime”


Newly-appointed head of the Arab League, Nabil el-Araby, speaks during his first major news conference at the Arab League headquarters in Caironabil
The Arab League described Israeli attacks on Gaza that have killed at least 60 Palestinians on Sunday as a “war crime”.

Nabil el-Araby, the head of the Cairo-based Arab League, considers Israeli shelling and ground attacks in Shejaia in northeast Gaza a “war crime” against Palestinian civilians which Israel is responsible for, according to statement issued on Sunday.

Palestinian witnesses and officials said at least 62 Palestinians were killed in shelling of the Gaza neighbourhood that left bodies strewn in the streets and thousands fleeing for shelter.

Reuters, Africa



2 responses to “Arab League describes Israeli attack in Gaza “war crime””

  1. William Petro Avatar
    William Petro

    this is just sheer hypocrisy on there part, the Saudis and Egypt are both Israels buddy!
    all three hate hamas, and want to see them dead.

  2. right…i got a solution for it: force Hamas to allow citizens get out of the way, that would prevent Israel from killing all these civilians..
    good idea right? the only down side is that you will lose the excuse to call israel a war criminal.
    if it wasn’t sad it would be funny

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