Gaza conflict: Hamas deploys a suicide donkey


Donkey suide bomber hamasHamas militants sent a donkey laden with explosives on a suicide mission in one of the most unconventional tactics yet seen in the fighting in Gaza, the Israeli army has said.

Troops said they were forced to open fire on the animal – blowing it up – as it approached their position in the southern city of Rafah, near the Egyptian border.

The Israeli army had received prior intelligence that militants were going to try to use animals to carry out attacks, according to a press release on the Israeli Defence Forces website.

Israeli military officials say Friday night’s incident was a variant of what they say is Hamas’ tactic of using “human shields” to carry out “terrorist” activity.

“They used this donkey as a human shield, or an animal shield, if you like,” said Major Arye Shalicar, an army spokesman. “Anything, an animal or an international building, that can help make use of innocent people or international [citizens], they will use it. We see it time and again.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has responded to mounting criticism of the number of Palestinian civilian casualties during Israel’s latest military offensive by accusing Hamas of deliberately carrying out its activities in built-up areas, thereby using the local population as protection.

The donkey’s mission may have been one of the “surprises” Hamas promised lay in store for Israel in the event of a ground invasion. Donkeys are in ready supply in Gaza and have been used by much of the civilian population during the current conflict to cart their possessions to temporary refuge centres after Israeli forces warned residents to evacuate their homes before threatened bombardments.

For all its unorthodox nature, it is not the first recorded use of donkeys and other animals in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Several attempted donkey-assisted attacks were reported in the West Bank and Gaza during the second Palestinian intifada [uprising] of 2000-2005. Other incidents have been recorded in recent years, including one in 2009 when militants approached the Karni crossing between Gaza and Israel with horses carrying mines and explosives.

Soldiers in the field have reported “multiple incidents” of dogs trying to approach with explosives attached to them, according to the army.

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13 responses to “Gaza conflict: Hamas deploys a suicide donkey”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Well NOW the ASPCA and the world’s ‘Animal Righists’ and all Vegans and Bridget Bardot need to get into the act for sure. If they can destroy a ‘Sealing Industry’ and cause a huge reduction of income for fishermen, surely they can kill Hamas. That Donkey is SO CUTE, after all. :-))))
    Oh .. well … I’m sure there will be some who say the donkey should have just been allowed to ‘carry on’ …. and some nice citizen Could have relieved it of the load. Simply make it a ‘refugee donkey’ instead of shooting to blow it up. Damn those Israelis shooting anything that moves. :-))))
    But the UN can put out a ‘Fatwah’ too … must be a Mufti hanging around the place ….
    ‘Thou Shalt Not Use An Ass As A Beast Of ‘Self-immolation-Device’ Burden.’

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      Will it get 72 virgin donkeys in donkeys’ heaven? ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        I’m sure a hadith could be written …
        By ‘rightists’, of course, who believe in poetic justice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. arzatna1 Avatar

        Possibly more since you rarely hear about a suicide donkey.

  2. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    A smarter way would be to perform a c section and insert explosive in the belly. Not that it would be good though. Beginning to wonder if Hamas has any brains behind their arms.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      That’s inventive ….. but a little messy. Need a seamstress. ;-)))

  3. poor donkey, where are all the animal rights movements to protest this criminal , inhuman act

    1. master09 Avatar

      It was against the Jews they will say its ok. You know media.

      1. do i know media….lol
        Hamas claims the donkey volunteered to die as shahid

  4. MekensehParty Avatar

    That explains why farq is missing…

    1. master09 Avatar

      His making soup for the sick dickralla.

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        I stand corrected, he reappeared today.
        I guess they found him too dumb to do the donkey’s work

    2. AkhouManUki Avatar

      This explains why farq was on a mission to find a donkey – I was under the impression it was for romantic purposes, but little did I know he had a higher calling. Or perhaps it was a little bit of both.

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