ISF busts Syrian prostitution ring in Mt. Lebanon


Brummana , MT LebanonLebanon’s Internal Security Forces ( ISF) arrested on Saturday the members of a prostitution ring in the Mount Lebanon town of Brummana, all of whom are Syrian nationals, according to a statement by ISF

“The judicial police’s Morals Protection Bureau obtained information on the presence of a ring that practices and facilitates prostitution in the Brummana area,” ISF said in the statement

At the request of the relevant court, a force of the aforementioned bureau raided the location where the suspects where present and managed to arrest three men and six women, the statement added.

ISF only identified thee detained by their initials

The girls confessed during questioning to practicing prostitution.



2 responses to “ISF busts Syrian prostitution ring in Mt. Lebanon”

  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Oh now the boys won’t have any more fun.. well I am sorry to say to the Syrian people and their regime, is what you’ve done to us for 30 years is coming back at you 10 folds.

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “…girls confessed during questioning…”
    Wonder if the ‘security’ MALES still practice the same form of questioning?
    Fairly small ‘ring’ I’d have to say … just when a Syrian business gets a new start the ISF hears of it.
    Of course … some businesses don’t allow the competition. ;-))

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