Saudi Arabia urges quick formation of a consensus government in Iraq


malikiSaudi Arabia called Monday for the quick formation of a national consensus government in Iraq, blaming Baghdad’s “sectarian” policies against Sunni Arabs for the unrest now sweeping the country.

The Sunni-dominated kingdom, whose relations with the Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have been strained, also warned against foreign meddling in Iraq after jihadist-led Sunni militants took control of vast swathes of territory north of Baghdad in a matter of days.

The region’s heavyweight, which shares long borders with Iraq expressed its “serious concerns” over developments in its neighbour.

The unrest “could not have taken place if it was not for the sectarian and exclusionary policies implemented in Iraq over the past years that threatened its stability and sovereignty,” the Saudi government said in a statement.

Militants spearheaded by powerful jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and joined by supporters of executed dictator Saddam Hussein, have in the past week overrun a large chunk of northern and north-central Iraq, although their advance has since been slowed by a government counter-offensive.

The Saudi statement urged a quick formation of a national consensus government to work to “reinstate security and stability,” stressing the need for the “participation of all components of the Iraqi people in determining the future” of the country.

Iraq’s supreme court has certified the winners of all but four seats from April 30 parliamentary polls. But with Iraq in crisis and the process having taken months last time, it is unlikely a new government will be formed soon.




8 responses to “Saudi Arabia urges quick formation of a consensus government in Iraq”

  1. Hannibal Avatar

    Doesn’t that porcupine shave? Try Gillette fusion pro with flexball… God knows you need the flexballs for your cowardly army… Haven’t you learned a thing or two from Hezbollah? Really? You give up your weapons and flee naked?

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Only the males can be naked … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. man-o-war Avatar

    Maybe they should form a consensus government similar to Saudia Arabia, lol.

    No condemnation of the gruesome executions and suicide attacks committed by these terrorist. Saudi is not going to mention how these scum have executed unarmed civilians, executed captured soldiers and police officers. They’re just going to blame the Iraqis as being the root cause for what’s happening and been happening in Iraq. I wonder how these terrorist got so powerful.

    1. bypest Avatar

      A Saudi decree of January 31, 2014 brands those who agitate for state reforms to be “terrorists.” Isn’t this war of words funny? Syria and Irak must “compromise” with terrorists in the words of a primeval monarchy which reserves the right to behead so-called political “terrorists” — after a “trial,” of course, insofar as Saudi jurisprudence understands the term.

      I have read a report that Saudi Arabia has allowed passage of takfiri elements into southern Irak. Given the relationship between the desert empire and the United States, I am convinced that this is all organized from the top. When wondering how the ISIL remained “so powerful” despite strong opposition from even their anti-Damascus allies inside Syria, who had fought a bloody war of containment against them, look to the major actors; everything happens for a reason.

      In American newspeak, “counter-terrorism” must be understood as a bland, meaningless
      term; it gives a pretext for intervention and nothing more. The purpose behind Washington’s transformed “War on Terror,” in which American soldiers are no longer threatened, is to divide and subdivide the Levant along religious and ethnic lines.

      The irony behind it all is that the Axis of Resistance has little choice but to embroil itself in this manufactured “Sunni-Shia” conflict. All the progress that has been made since the Islamic Revolution is gone, and the CIA is playing both sides of a regional conflict that they helped produce. As it comes to the Iraki situation, the ISIL is covertly supported by the Americans through their Gulf State allies, while the Party of the Islamic Call in Baghdad is publicly supported by them so as to not offend domestic conservative sensibilities.

      We must work to turn the situation around and enlighten Americans, especially combat veterans, of the treason run amok in their federal government. As Jewish media loses influence in the age of the Internet, minds open.

      The consciousness of the desert Arabs must be raised too, which would inevitably splinter Saudi Arabia into multiple states. Surely all that oil money would be put to better use in spending programs for the betterment of the people.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Errr … that means education … you know it’s not allowed.

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      You forgot ‘head-chopping’ for Witchcraft. ๐Ÿ™‚
      (or was that ‘hang and burn’ … hard to keep track of the various punishments …)

    3. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      Well one thing I say they sell oil to the Syrian regime and that’s how ISIL got rich to start with. Second they are ruthless and very intimidating. But doing that they attracted many other people to their organization. And Yes some Saudi citizen have been helping them out. But I doubt very much the Saudi government want to support such crazy and lunatic bunch of terrorists. After all they are fighting them over there as well. Last week many Saudis woke up to brochures were tagged to their cars asking them to declare jihad on people in the kingdom with fake beards. meaning the ruling party in the house of Saud..stop blaming Saudi arabia government as well. But Al Maliki had follow suit and installed Sunnis in many areas of the government. Those disgruntled Sunnis would not have revolted or aided the revolt. That’s why Obama have been asking Iraq to do the same. Now the iraqi gov’t is scared shit.;. where is Iran to help them? how come the Al Qaada keep taking lands over there? i thought the iranian troops are there already.. if they can’t protect their own shiite Brothers. how can other shiites trust the Iranians anymore??? Obama should force Iraq to create an american base there and force them to accept democracy and stop acting like modern day dictator..

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