11 Hezbollah fighters killed in an ambush by FSA in Syria


hezbollah funeralEleven fighters from the Iranian backed Shiite Hezbollah militant group were killed Friday by a Free Syrian Army ( FSA) ambush in Syria’s Rankous, according to a report by NOW news website.

The report added that seven of the deceased party members were identified as Mohammad al-Jouni from Harat Saida, Hassan Qassem Shuk and Zaid Haider jamil Mousawi from Nabi Sheet , Mahmoud Ahmad Fathel from Qana, Mahdi Ghazi Fakhr Edine from Younin Beqaa, Raif Muif Dagher from Bint Jbeiland Ali Hassan al Hallani from Hallanieh, Beqaa.

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are actively trying to save the regime of the embattled president Bashar al Assad despite the Baabda accord which calls for distancing Lebanon from the Syrian conflict.



4 responses to “11 Hezbollah fighters killed in an ambush by FSA in Syria”

  1. Assad The Lion Avatar
    Assad The Lion

    tens of thousands? it’s 5000 and 350 died during 3 years meanwhile 70 000 jihadists sent to hell fcktard

    1. Don’t forget the 72 male virgins these animal jihadists have waiting for them.

    2. tennesseetuxedo59 Avatar

      you lie tard

  2. How many civilians has hezbullah managed to murder in Syria so far ?

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