US slams Syrian elections as ‘a disgrace’


syrian election cartoon assadThe United States on Tuesday denounced Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s attempt to shore up his authority by staging presidential elections in the middle of a brutal civil war.

“Today’s presidential election in Syria is a disgrace,” State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said. “Assad has no more credibility today than he did yesterday.”

Voters turned out in government-controlled areas of Syria to vote in an election seen as certain to return long-standing leader Assad to office with a mandate to continue his battle against rebel forces.

At least 162 000 people have been killed in Syria since an uprising against Assad’s rule erupted in March 2011, triggering a savage crackdown.

More than half the population have fled their homes as extremist groups have flooded into Syria to take advantage of the power vacuum.

Washington blames the chaos on Assad’s rule and has demanded he give way to a transitional government.

“Elections should be an opportunity for the people of a free society to be consulted and to play an important role in choosing their leaders,” Harf said.

But Tuesday’s elections had “intentionally denied millions of Syrians the right to vote,” Harf said, adding the Syrian regime “continues to massacre the very electorate it purports to represent and protect”.

‘There are no easy answers’

“Detached from reality and devoid of political participation, the Assad regime’s staged election today continues a 40-year family legacy of violent suppression that brutally crushes political dissent and fails to fulfil Syrians’ aspirations for peace and prosperity.”

ambassador fordBut in a swipe at the US administration, former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, told CNN he had retired from his post in May as “I was no longer in a position where I felt I could defend the American policy”.

“We have been unable to address either the root causes of the conflict in terms of the fighting on the ground and the balance on the ground, and we have a growing extremism threat,” said Ford, who worked for almost three years with the Syrian opposition.

“There really is nothing we can point to that’s been very successful in our policy except the removal of about 93% of some of Assad’s chemical materials. But now he’s using chlorine gas against his opponents.”

Asked about Ford’s comments, Harf said he was now a “private citizen… entitled to his own views”.

She agreed though that administration of President Barack Obama shared Ford’s “frustration” at a situation in which she said was “there are no easy answers”.

“When you have a brutal dictator who is willing and able to kill people, like he’s killed, with chlorine, potentially, with chemical weapons, with barrel bombs, it’s a really tough challenge,” Harf said.

“We have a lot of tools at our disposal that we’re using, but there is no solution that will happen overnight.”

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12 responses to “US slams Syrian elections as ‘a disgrace’”

  1. arzatna1 Avatar

    I like the cartoon, but I feel very sad for the Syrians that have been longing for freedom and democracy . The cartoon truly represents what is happening on the ground in Syria. What a shame …what a murderer ! Hezbollah, Iran , Russia and China should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a dictator

    1. The real lebanese Avatar
      The real lebanese

      They will be. Imagine what they history books will say. Russia supports Syria because they are their biggest arms customer. Hezbollah follows Iran’s orders under Iran’s vision as seen in the link. China follows Russia due to a gas deal they have. I don’t think history has seen a story like this.

    2. IraniAngel Avatar

      n the west shud be proud of themselves for supporting dictators all over the waste land of the arab world? r we to support these dictators only bcoz they help fighting against the one u dont like? will that excuse their crimes?

      1. AkhouManUki Avatar

        If you dwell on the past, you’ll never appreciate the future.

        1. IraniAngel Avatar

          what past?!?! im talking about the current regimes of ksa n uae among others

          1. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Irani, I agree that those regimes have despicable legal systems, but if you are going to blame America for every corrupt leader in the world, then I hope you have good health insurance. You’re going to need it.

          2. IraniAngel Avatar

            so r u suggesting that i shud abhor the one of them that america abhors just in order to stay healthy?

          3. AkhouManUki Avatar

            No. I’m telling you that it’s time to take back your life, and stop living with resentment towards things you cannot control!

          4. IraniAngel Avatar

            remember that next time u make a comment about 7ASSan nastyrallah

          5. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Thanks angel – I agree – I can’t control what that madman does, or any other madman too for that matter. So why let it piss me off? Just accept that whatever will be, will be.

  2. Leborigine Avatar

    Disgrace is actually a compliment for these fu#$ers. Pffffffffft 3a hayk balad wa hayk sha3ib!

  3. Btru2u Avatar

    Even today you bomb women and children across in Syria , both black and white, the only people who are safe from your terrorism are those who submit, and trust me, in another century, Muslims will still not submit, in another millennium, Muslims will continue to fight.. They started fighting with rocks against Tanks, that just goes to show their bravery against all odds, and almost a century later, they are still fighting, and gaining territory, gaining weaponry, gaining their dignity and reaching the stage of self determination and true freedom from the shackles of colonialists , their puppet dictators and their decedents.
    The honour belongs to the revolution.


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