Another 5 Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria


hezbollah flagOn the eve of the Syrian presidential elections the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group announced that five its members were killed while fighting the rebels in various parts of Syria, according to a statement by the party on Monday. The party identified the dead fighters who were killed while fighting alongside the forces loyal to president Bashar al al Assad as follows :

Ahmed Ali Jaber (nicknamed Sajed) from Mafthoun – Nabatieh in south Lebanon .
Muhammad Ali Lamaa (nicknamed Hilal) from Adchit – Nabatieh in south Lebanon
Mohammed Hussein Ibrahim (nicknamed Mujahid ) from Adloun
Ali Hassan Abboud from Udaysah a southern border town .His body has not been found yet
Hussein Mohammed Ibrahim from the town of Kafur in south Lebanon



5 responses to “Another 5 Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria”

  1. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Instead of seeing them in the Lebanese army keeping stability we see them doing Iran’s dirty work. There’s no glory in an occupier.

  2. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Here I thought they finished the Takfiris in Syria.. imagine if Assad was fighting the war without Hezbollah and Iran.. He would be vanished by now.. But for the love of Khomeini Nassrallah is willing to sacrifice as many shiites as possible.

    1. IraniAngel Avatar

      not that i care about nastyrallah n his gang or syria for that matter but u cud say the exact same thing about the virgin hunters. if they were not backed by arab dictators they as well had vanished even b4 the ‘revolution’ started.
      if succeeded in syria these rebels r gonna start a similar ‘revolution’ next door.. say lebanon. day no. 1: cedar revolution breaks out. day no. 2: jumhouriye islamiye libnaniye. wooow mish 2dra astanna an2 🙂

  3. Leborigine Avatar

    More oxygen for us!

  4. they think they are dieing for alla,lol,but they are die for nothing more than a criminal mafia government and a khomani that backs him,and i can almost say that a sheep dog would be more usefull to the syrian ppl than assad,well done hezbbullkrap

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