Hezbollah chief appears on TV to talk about resistance


nasrallah resistance day 2014

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah is making another TV appearance via video link to deliver a speech on the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation day.

At 6:45 a.m.on May 25, 2000 the last Israeli tank withdrew out of the Lebanese territory, and Israeli Army Maj. Kobi Dostakam locked the border gate, ending Israel’s 18-year occupation of Lebanon. It had been one of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s promises: no more occupation.

He started by saying:

“We can describe the May 25, 2000 victory as the triumph that paved the way for the era of victories.”

He admitted that the victory cannot be attributed to Hezbollah only
“The victory cannot be attributed to a single party, faction or region, or even a country, as it belong to the entire nation, which is engaged in a war with the Zionist scheme. We have always strived to give this Day this broad dimension.”

He then went on to talk about Israeli defeat by Hezbollah in 2006 and by Hamas in Gaza in 2005, 2008 and 2012.

He then went on to talk about the resistance formula in Lebanon which was recently omitted from the ministerial statement :
“We stress our commitment to the golden army-people-resistance formula, REGARDLESS whether or not it was INCLUDED in the cabinet’s policy statement or EXCLUDED.”

He insisted that Hezbollah will hold onto its arms:
“The resistance, in spite of all regional events, will keep its arms to confront the enemy. The resistance is working hard on improving this power of confrontation and this worries the enemy.” He said

He then shifter to the situation in Syria

“On May 25, 2013, I addressed the Syrian situation and the dangers of this reality in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, etc. and I said that we will not stand by watching. Media reports confirmed all my visions and predictions.”

He then tried to justify Hezbollah role in Syria stressing on Syria’s past role as a resistance base and ignoring allegations that he is in Syria on orders by Iran to save the Alwaite regime because of its links to the Shiites.
“We defend Syria because Syria was and still is at the heart of Arabism and it stood against Israel and stood by Egypt. It is the only country that protected and supported the Lebanese and Palestinian resistances, and it remains the only country to refuse to recognize Israel.”

He went on to stress that Hezbollah can operate on more than one from.

“Despite everything happening in Syria, I stress to you that the resistance has maintained its force of deterrence and this is what the enemy acknowledges. It is working night and day to develop this force of deterrence and this is what is making the enemy anxious.”

He wants more arms:

“In this issue of possessing a force of deterrence, one cannot say we have enough assets at a certain point, as we’re speaking of Israel and one of the strongest armies in the world. Therefore we must improve our deterrence, regardless of those who are raising the issue of the resistance’s arms.”

Addressing the controversial elections in Syria he said:
“The real challenge is allowing the Syrians to vote and to express their opinions, especially in the areas controlled by the armed groups. ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front are not allowing people to participate in the elections.”

‘All of those who criticized us for participating in the Syrian war, will thank us some day.’ He added

He then went on to address the situation in Lebanon:

“We must address the delicate issue of the Lebanese presidential elections calmly.” he said adding: “The most important thing is to make efforts to elect a new president as soon as possible who can preserve Lebanon’s stability. .”

He then went on to discuss about the talks between his ally General Michel Aoun and Future Movement
“The Free Patriotic Movement is seriously discussing this issue with Future Movement leader , and what happened is that a candidacy was announced only to challenge a serious candidacy that was under discussion. A possible reference to K\Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s candidacy .

He then went on to accuse March 14 of wanting to extend Suleiman’s term:

“March 14’s real goal was the extension of the current president’s term.” He said

He then tried to justify why Hezbollah and allies are disrupting the election of a new president:

“We don’t mind if you say that we are disrupting the elections. This issue is a national and historical responsibility, and we don’t have a problem if you accuse us of being disruptive.”

He added:

“We want a president who can preserve stability, but we are not looking for a president who protects the resistance. The resistance is the one who protects the nation.”

“We want a president who does not conspire against the resistance and stabs it in the back. This is not a difficult condition.”

No consensus on Resistance in lebanon

Hezbollah, which was credited with the liberation of Lebanese territories from Israel in 2000 was a very popular organization in Lebanon and throughout the Arab world. Back then pictures of Nasrallah were posted everywhere here in Lebanon and the Arab and Muslim countries.

But according to analysts ever since its 2006 war with Israel, Hezbollah has become a huge liability for Lebanon.

Despite the destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure and the great loss of lives during that war Hezbollah claimed victory and used its arms to try and bring down the democratically elected government of former PM Fouad Siniora, who helped in ending that war which ended up costing Lebanon in excess of $15 billion.

In 2008 Hezbollah pointed its guns against the Lebanese people when it occupied more than half of Beirut and tried but failed with a great loss of lives to occupy Mt Lebanon .

In 2011 Hezbollah brought down the democratically elected government of former PM Saad Hariri and reportedly used its arms to force progressive socialist party leader MP Walid Jumblatt and his parliamentary bloc to vote for its candidate Nagib Mikati as the new premier .

Hezbollah which was established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 1982 was also accused of being behind the attack against the Baabda presidential palace last August following president Michel Suleiman’s speech on Army day in which he criticized Hezbollah’s role in Syrian civil war .

“The army’s mission would be impossible if a party or more from Lebanese people get involved in wars outside Lebanon ”, Suleiman stressed in another reference to the tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters who have been trying to prevent the collapse of Syrian regime .

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are fighting alongside the forces loyal to president Bashar Assad against the Syrian rebels who are seeking to overthrow the 40 year old dictatorship despite the Baabda accord that calls for distancing Lebanon from regional and international conflicts.

According to a lebanese analyst: “The party is willing to risk the foundations on which the entire Lebanese political system was built in order to prevent the collapse of the Syrian regime and impede the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that is probing the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri.”

Five members of Hezbollah have been indicted by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Hariri , but Nasrallah refused to hand them over to the international court.

Yesterday was Suleiman’s last day in office and Hezbollah along with its allies in the March 8 alliance have been boycotting the parliament in an effort to prevent Lebanon from having another president . Hezbollah is insisting that any president should be a friend of the resistance but so far the party did not name its candidate

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28 responses to “Hezbollah chief appears on TV to talk about resistance”

  1. AkhouManUki Avatar

    As smart as everyone seem to think this guy is, has he not yet figured out that Aoun is bipolar?

    1. I hate being bipolar!!!!! its awesome 🙂

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar


  2. Fauzia45 Avatar

    As Emerson said ,^The real and lasting victories are those of peace and not of war^!!!!!

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Good one, Fauzia. The ones of ‘peace’ are for all the people, or at least, the vast majority.

      Nastyrallah talks about the “era of victories.” Been going on for a while here … since 1974, perhaps for a time-example … but becoming more frequent it seems since Hezzy’s ‘took over’.
      And they did. The last elections by the people became a farce.
      As they stack up the war-dead in that ‘hallowed ground’ south of Beirut, I’d guess it’s become an ‘era’ of a victory a day. Very impressive, we suppose, to those who think ‘resistance’ is the same as ‘confrontation’, and that confrontation must always be the only way to live; and that there is any glory in war. War, all should admit, is simply failure. The horrible last resort.
      Nastyrallah does not want to hear any talk of ‘change’ … which most agree is needed badly in this weird Lebanese political ‘system’ which doesn’t work FOR people, but only for ‘leaders’ and the crazy sects they represent, and the gangs that support that ‘system’.
      Geagea wants to try some things for ALL the country. Tsk.

      1. Fauzia45 Avatar

        A change is definitely needed !If some do not want ^any talk of change^,it would be better if they did .The day might come when they have to !

  3. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    For us, there is no victory. There are only battles.
    And in the end, the best way you can hop for is to find a place to make a stand.
    That’s what Nassrallah wants to make a stand and he will be fighting endless battles with Israel, Syria and many others. Seek peace and your stand will hold. Else you won’t be standing for long. How many shiites have to be sacrificed for Iran and its greed for regional powers? how many wars Lebanon have to suffer because of Iran and Syria? Why can’t you make a stand Nassrallah and stand by Lebanon not by Iran and Syria..

    1. master09 Avatar

      While Lebanon suffers this donkey will not fly the Lebanese flag but that of Iran and Syria.

  4. Leborigine Avatar

    I have heard a lot of bull$hit in my life, but the amount of dribble that is coming out of his mouth this time round, is unfu%$enbelievable!! HA is a liability and syria is a larger liability, hopefully their end is near.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Even the finely-tuned propaganda is sounding a little off these days. 😉

  5. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Egypt has done more for the Palestinians under Mubarak than Assad but we didn’t see Hezbollah rushing to siege civilians in their houses to be blown to pieces by airstrikes.

  6. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
    Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

    I am a Zionist. I have a ‘Zionist scheme’ to support a free, pluralist, prosperous, democratic and independent Lebanon that is at peace with its neighbours. Resist me at your F****ng peril.

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar
      1. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
        Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

        No, I can’t make it out. Is that excrement falling on monkeys?

        1. AkhouManUki Avatar

          No, what I meant to say is what you said smells and sounds like

          1. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
            Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

            Okay. How witty of you.

    2. Hannibal Avatar

      As long as you take back the Palestinians of Lebanon I have no problem with that. Pluralistic does not include displaced people… Take them back.

      1. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
        Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

        Look, Israel cannot take them. Firstly we’re talking about mostly descendants who’ve never been here and aren’t citizens. However, I also oppose their integration into Lebanon as Lebanon for its own reasons cannot absorb them. Both countries have made mistakes vis a vis this issue in the past. What I would say is that when they have their own state, they should be allowed to move there. I believe that Jordan is a part of that state ultimately and am opposed to the monarchy there and as such, I would propose that both countries campaign for their settlement there immediately as Lebanon is a special case and the presence of a large number of (especially armed) Palestinians there destablizes the state.

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    So … now there’s no president. Time to change the whole thing into a Real Parliamentary Democracy, since no-one Confesses anything about how they constantly screw ‘the people’, and have some REAL elections of viable candidates …. those with some brains who could perhaps run the business better.

  8. Guest Avatar

    Did you know that all of the good will that Hezbolah worked so hard to build up and get over the years between the Shias and Sunnis in the Middle East by Hezbollah being a very effective anti-Zionist force has been broken down and ruined by none other than Hezbolah’s ally Bashar Al-Assad’s bad behavior against the Sunni majority in Syria. And now adding insult to injury, Hezbollah has had to risk and sacrifice the lives of hundreds of its young men to keep Assad in power on orders of Iran which has further alienated and badly strained relations between Shias and Sunnis. The sectarian secular Bashar Al-Assad is not worth sacrificing ones life and dying for.

    1. Guest Avatar

      Can one really respect a hypocritical leader who hides from his enemies like Nasrallah while he orders others his followers to face and fight his enemies at the same time?

  9. Guest Avatar

    Because of Shiite Iranian Velayat-e Faqih which Hezbollah and Nasrallah follow, sooner or later Nasrallah will have to be the absolute ruler of Lebanon as is religiously demanded and mandated by this Shiite Iranian religious rule

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