Iranian actress Leila Hatami faces public flogging over a kiss

Iranian court is asked to order the public flogging of award-winning actress Leila Hatami for greeting Cannes festival president with a kiss

A red carpet peck on the cheek by Leila Hatami, the Iranian actress at the Cannes Film Festival has been reported to the country’s courts by activists who are seeking a public flogging as punishment for violating Islamic laws.

Hizbullah Students, a group of university students with links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard yesterday filed a complaint with Iran’s judiciary for the prosecution of the film star who starred in the Oscar-winning, A Separation.

Miss Hatami was condemned by Islamic Republic officials for kissing Gilles Jacob, the President of Cannes Festival, while attending the event as a member of the jury.

Mr Jacob tried to play down the incident, describing it as “a usual custom in the West” after it was condemned as an insult to Iranian womanhood.

“I kissed Mrs Hatami on the cheek,” Mr Jacob said. “At that moment, for me she represented all Iranian cinema, then she became herself again.

According to the Guards-run Tasnim news website, the Hizbullah Students organisation called for Hatami to be flogged for “kissing a strange man”. The maximum sentence the offence can incur is 50 lashes.

Iran’s Islamic rules stipulate that a man and a woman who are unrelated cannot embrace in public. Moreover a woman should not have her hair on display. The actress had a scarf around her neck but had not covered the crown of her head.

“We, the undersigned, who are a group of student Muslim brothers and sisters, ask the cultural and media branch of the judiciary to prosecute Leyla Hatami for her sinful act of kissing a strange man in public, which according to article 638 of Islamic Criminal Justice carries a prison sentence,” the petition read.

“Furthermore, the action of this film star has hurt the religious sentiments of the proud and martyrs breeding nation of Iran and as such we also demand the punishment of flogging for her as stipulated in the law.”

Mr Jacob has insisted there are no grounds for such a backlash.

“This controversy based on a normal Western custom is baseless,” he said.

Iranian conservative media have claimed the greeting “was an affront to the chastity of women in Iran”.

Hossein Nushabadi, Iran’s deputy minister of culture, declared Hatami’s appearance in Cannes “in violation of religious beliefs”.

“Iranian woman is the symbol of chastity and innocence,” he said.

The daughter of the late internationally acclaimed film director Ali Hatami, Leyla Hatami gained worldwide recognition for her role in Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation, which won the 2012 Academy Award for best foreign language film.

Hatami is one of five women members on the Palme d’Or prize jury, which includes actress Carole Bouquet and directors Sofia Coppola and jury president Jane Campion.

While she is visiting the south of France for the annual Cannes festival in southern France, the actress lives in Iran.




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  1. Farq2 Avatar

    And a big FARQ2 10 times over. You ignorant worm.

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      It was a custom innocent kiss… Am I to stop my Lebanese “3 kisses custom” because Hizbullah students get offended? I bet you 90% of Iranians are against such laws. The Mullahs are sitting on a time bomb and sooner or later that regime of extreme would end. Ask Irani 😉
      The reaction of Travis is unwarranted yet you see why an Islamic anything gets this reaction especially in the West. If a kiss on the cheek becomes sex what do we label intercourse? 😉
      Takfiiri Islam is a bit too extreme for you, and regular Islam is a bit too extreme for me as is Christian fundamentalism.

      1. Guest Avatar

        Then we have Assad claiming to be fighting against Islamic Sharia Law and those who want to make Syria an Islamic State while he is being fully supported by Hezbollah and Iran who strictly follow such laws in their group and country. Iran is an Islamic State where Sharia Law is imposed on its citizens. It is predicted that the same will be coming to Syria and Lebanon eventually if Iran eventually has its way there since Assad is a weak dependent puppet supported by them both.

        1. IraniAngel Avatar

          n vice versa.. the west is supposingly opposed to anything islamic yet somehow supports al-qaeda. go make nonsense elsewhere

      2. IraniAngel Avatar

        im rite here. ask me anything 😀

        1. AkhouManUki Avatar

          Why are butterflies so pretty yet caterpillars are so ugly?

          1. IraniAngel Avatar

            bsara7a ma b3ruf allahu a3lam dude.

          2. Hannibal Avatar


        2. Hannibal Avatar

          Do Iranians like their Arab Mullahs? 😉

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Hizbullah Students …. figures. Pack of Iranian idiots being schooled in idiocy.
    Who let them into the country?
    And if they think that’s a ‘kiss’, I’d be sorry for any woman they ‘pick’ to marry.
    Hizbullah could at least show the ‘Students’ a bit of how the Saudi Males kiss each other … for the educational purposes, of course … and maybe near the end of University they would even be old enough to witness such depravity going on at Cannes … or indeed, all of that horrible western world … and on a red carpet too. Tsk tsk. SUCH an ungodly custom.
    But talking about strange customs ….
    ” … hurt the religious sentiments of the proud and martyrs-breeding nation of Iran …”
    AH YES. Iranian Women are ONLY for breeding martyrs. Education by ‘Hezzy-U’.
    Doctorates, no doubt, in stupidity.

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      If Hezbollah took more time to teach kissing and love making on Hezzy U and spent a little less time focusing on raping Lebanon, what a wonderful world it would be

    2. sweetvirgo Avatar

      LMAO….very well said 🙂

  3. Guest Avatar

    The man kissed the woman and imposed this on her by surprise. Thus, the blame falls on the man.

    1. Guest Avatar

      Religious fanatics are blind, they only want to see what is in their biased false interest.

  4. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Killing Iranians who were protesting for their basic needs and freedom is allowed. But kissing on the cheeks is a big sin. Why don’t the Supreme Leader come out of his hiding and show the Iranian people his lavish lifestyle.. riding horses, fast cars and womanizing. As long as no one sees it then its okay. If you want to flog someone, start with your hypocrite leader first. As someone mentioned here they and the Syrian regime want to show the world how muslims extremists are bad to exist. I say Syrian regime and its Iranian allies are also bad to exists as well.

  5. sweetvirgo Avatar

    A kiss is sinful?!?! These are a bunch of idiot stupid students. Your government has committed many many sins, go protest against that. It’s 2014 and people still think this way?? WTF!!!!

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