Haftar: I want to cleanse Libya of Muslim Brotherhood, radicals


general-khalifa-haftarA retired Libyan general has said he wants to cleanse Libya of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist radicals.

Khalifa Haftar blamed them for widespread lawlessness in the country.

He told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper the he had arrested 40 people who had allegedly been helped and given fake passports by the Brotherhood.

The operation, dubbed Al-Karama (dignity), was launched because the “Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the driving forces behind extremists arriving in Libya.”

“This opened the eyes of Libyans,” he added.

Haftar said the offensive had been in the planning for two years. It started in the eastern city of Benghazi on Friday and swept into Tripoli where the General National Congress or parliament was occupied on Sunday.

Gunmen loyal to the general set fire to an annex of the parliament before withdrawing to the airport.

He was joined on Monday by Colonel Wanis Abu Khamada, a respected commander of an elite army unit.

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3 responses to “Haftar: I want to cleanse Libya of Muslim Brotherhood, radicals”

  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    Wow, this guy must be reading yalibnan
    Didn’t I say exactly that yesterday

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      I’m sure that’s exactly what happened – after all, you can spell Libya with the letters of Ya Libnan. Where is out conspiracy theorist extrordinaire contessa with a vague references about how Ya Libnan is actually operated by Libyan rebels?

  2. zabada Avatar

    Now Arab moral insult their religion too much.politically,economically

    corrupt,Life without any kind of civilization and modernization..If god not

    favor them oil,they will turn to poorer beggars on this earth.Arab must learn

    this,modernization,civilization,full democracy,be patient and not to be a dictators.All.Western countries must teach them modernization and civilization not to give them weapons to kill each others.If people all over the world killed each others, even european can,t slept peacefully on their beds

    All chaos in middle East cause by dictatorship.Monarchy is not democracy,but

    dictatorship is the worse kind of politic that we ever seen..But Arab still

    love both dictatorship and monarchy.,stone age politic.Even its democracy failed.Mubarak sit on his office too long.New democracy means always having new leaders.They must know this.I guess these people

    lost their faith to Islam and turn to unmoral people,except only some of

    them.Or they know not what god said in their Quran and what the prophet teaches

    them before in all sect of human life,in here and at here after.They need more

    moral,politic,economy and religious teachers.How sad.They even know not the

    rights of journalist.Leaders can be criticize,they not a prophet of god.The last all of them must be well educated people to live

    peacefully on this earth.Don,t wipe out my comment in here.I love them that why I m advising them.

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