Jumblatt: Time to end miserable reality of government corruption


Jumblatt 0619 defProgressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt wrote in his weekly editorial in al-Anbaa website on the problem caused by the “unprecedented squandering and corruption and in the public sector, and the absence of any plans or reform projects that would take public administration out of its miserable reality towards modernity.”

“It is weird and absurd how discussion is going in circles regarding the best means to fund the new wage scale, which is a rightful demand for public employees, without touching upon the main problem in depth,” Jumblatt said.

“It is also weird and absurd how we don’t have any available final numbers regarding the cost of the new wage scale, and the financial burden that it could produce this year and in coming years,” he continued.

“What are the reasons that explain not informing the Lebanese about these numbers?,” Jumblatt asked.

“All discussions taking place do not tackle the main sources of squandering, topped by the airport and the port’s customs.”

The PSP leader elaborated: “We question how these discussions are limited to the possibility of imposing taxes on maritime properties, and completely ignore considering to issue a law that would fully cover these properties, and which includes fining violators.”

“This issue is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he noted.

“It is weird and absurd how the ongoing debate over a rightful and important cause to several segments of the Lebanese people is taking place in an unscientific and an informal manner.”

“Let’s all get involved in an in depth study to deal with the accumulating problems of corruption, instead of holding workers responsible for any possible financial or economic collapse that could happen in case this issue was approached in a random and arbitrary manner,” Jumblatt stated.

The joint parliamentary committees failed again on Tuesday to resolve the dispute on the Value Added Tax, but agreed to continue discussions to find ways to fund the new wage scale.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate Coordination Committee, a coalition of private and public school teachers and public sector employees, has warned that it would resort to the streets on Wednesday if the new wage scale was not referred to parliament for approval.