Harb: March 14 position will have one candidate in presidential election, supports Geagea


harb boutros 7 defTelecommunications Minister Boutros Harb said that the March 14 coalition’s position on the upcoming presidential election will be “unified” across all the alliance’s constituent parties.

“March 14 will agree on a plan of action and on how to approach the [elections] in order to be able to have a March 14 member [elected as president],” Harb said in a statement on Monday.

He went on to express his “enthusiasm” for Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s candidacy.

“If there is a possibility of him reaching [that post], it would be a good thing, as he follows March 14’s principles.”

Meanwhile, Harb stressed that he will not run for president, “but people and political forces are mentioning my name for the presidency.”

On Friday, the LF announced that the Christian party’s leader, Samir Geagea, would seek the presidency.

LF deputy leader MP George Adwan said in a press conference Friday that Geagea’s candidacy would put an end to “the habit of choosing neutral candidates who have no political stance.”

The constitution stipulates that between March 25 and May 15, the parliament can convene at any time to elect a new president.

If it has not done so by May 15, the parliament will be considered automatically in session for the following 10 days, during which a new president must be elected.

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