Gemayel: Refugee crisis could shatter fragile demographic balance


syrian refugees lebanon 111713Kataeb Party leader Amine Gemayel said that the growing number of Syrian refugees entering Lebanon threaten to upset the country’s demographic balance and damage the security situation and economy.

“Lebanon’s confessional demographic is fundamentally fragile and [easily] shaken by any sudden event,” Gemayel said at a press conference in Germany.

“How will the [country’s] condition [be affected] by this [large] influx of refugees, the great majority of whom are from one group?”

He went on to highlight the dangers refugees pose to the security situation in Lebanon and the country’s economy.

“The effect of the [refugee crisis] on Lebanon is dangerous. On the security front, this dense, undisciplined and unstable presence exceeds the army and security forces’ capacity to [bring it under control.]”

“It is difficult for the [already] fundamentally weak treasury, which suffers from an exorbitant public debt, to bear this frightful amount of additional burdens.”

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman warned during the Arab Summit in Kuwait on Tuesday that Syrian refugees now constitute 32% percent of Lebanon’s population, and exhorted Arab and international powers to help Lebanon bear the economic and social burden of the growing refugee population.

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5 responses to “Gemayel: Refugee crisis could shatter fragile demographic balance”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “could shatter”?? COULD SHATTER ????
    Well, at least they don’t get a vote in Lebanon.

  2. Persistent Avatar

    For those who call themselves the “friends of Syria” or shall we say the “enemies of Syria”, who are supporting and fighting for the rights and better life for the Syrian people, where are they? why don’t they take some of them in? why don’t they stop the destruction of Syria? The refugee numbers are about one third of the Lebanese population, no country can cope with an influx of people on this magnitude. It’s like saying the US can cope with the arrival of 100,000,000 people on its shores? This situation is dire….and I agree with Mr. Gemayel outcry and ringing the alarm bell….

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      More will be coming soon from the Alawite areas north of Lebanon …. Assad is now bombing there too … no-one can stay at arms-length from Assad’s War.
      Although, one is hard-pressed to say how many were expected to die on this drop. 😉

      1. Persistent Avatar

        5th, Syria didn’t choose to fight this war but it was forced on her when an international effort was orchestrated to invade, divide and destroy the country by attacking its culture, institutions, heritage and the fabric of its society. For those people who still believe this war is about freedom and democracy and the well being of the populous, they need to wake up from this delusional dream… innocent people are dying for no reason….the war must stop and soon…

  3. Reasonableman Avatar

    The war has affected not only lebanon but the whole world directly or indirectly. Im sick of the politicians complaining about numbers and destruction because the truth is your hands alone could not stop them from entering and would push them to leave.. it is pathetic the same arguments have to be repeated over and over again like a scratched CD… ok lebanon was not prepared for the war or refugees woopdeedoo.

    solution is to treat them like you would your own families, and if anybody had family in syria(especially politicians) we know you would be rushing to get them out and into somewhere safe even if it meant sharing your bed..
    after embracing it allah alone will be the decider of fate.

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