Syrian regime seizes Crusader fort Krak des Chevaliers


Crac des Chevaliers

Syrian regime forces have seized famed Crusader fort Krak des Chevaliers, killing dozens of rebels in the surrounding area and sending scores fleeing across the nearby Lebanese border.

“The Syrian Arab Army raises the flag of the nation over the Krak des Chevaliers castle in Homs province , after crushing the terrorists who were holed up there,” state television said on Thursday.

Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV, a private broadcaster sympathetic to Syria’s government, broadcast live footage from the fort.

Regime forces could be seen atop one of the castle’s towers, raising the flag of the Syrian government.

They entered the fort after fierce clashes in the nearby village of Al-Hosn, which a pro-regime militia chief said had left at least 40 rebels dead.

Among those killed was the leader of the jihadist Jund al-Sham, Khaled al-Mahmud. He was better known by his nom de guerre Abu Suleiman al-Muhajer, the National Defence Forces commander said.

As the army shelled the area around Al-Hosn, dozens of people tried to flee for neighbouring Lebanon.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a Lebanese security source reported 60 people “killed or injured” as they fled for the border.

The Britain-based group was unable to confirm a precise death toll, but said that both civilians and fighters were among the casualties.

Syrian army tanks also shelled the border area, causing at least one house in northern Lebanon’s Wadi Khaled district to burn down.

The mainly Sunni Muslim area of north Lebanon, whose residents are largely sympathetic to the rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has come under frequent cross-border shelling by his forces.

It is home to thousands of families who have fled the three-year-old conflict.

Sunni protesters in northern Lebanon took to the streets and set up roadblocks of burning tyres to express their solidarity with people in Wadi Khaled.

The Lebanese army, meanwhile, closed off unofficial border crossings in the north, citing the danger caused by the artillery fire.




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  1. Constantin7 Avatar

    I hope no damage incurred to this jewel of a castle. I always wanted to visit this maginificent place but never made it. Inshallah soon the Syrian war finishes and this place is on the top of my list.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      After 3 years, cracked the Krak. Amazing old HEAVY fortress … Damage was done earlier by airplanes or tanks, but they couldn’t succeed either. Need some troops to do it – after a Siege. :-))

    2. Iv’e been there Constantin, It’s absolutely breath taking.

      1. barabie Avatar

        Obviously it didn’t take your breath enough.

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          I like the new picture ; )

          1. barabie Avatar

            Haha thanks. Saw it on the back window of a car and thought perfect

  2. Without the help of a reporter going there first from pro-Hezbollah Al-Akhbar to write a story (spy?) about the rebels there, it wouldn’t have fallen. The same can be said about Qalamoun. Someone was sent into the rebel camps to write about them from Al-Akhbar and then you have both Hezbollah and Assad attacking afterwards. Watch out for spies acting as news reporters

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      As I said before, everyone spies. Some just think what they ‘report’ should we out for all to see in the Wikiworld. And some only ‘report’ as ‘name withheld’ or ‘not allowed to speak officially’.
      Then, of course, there’s the Anarchists … ‘Anonymous’. 😉

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      The “spies” gave their names the FSA fighters didn’t, wich is normal.
      Al Akhbar is non-aligned Lebanese Arabic paper.
      Not aligned means against War, not pro-Assad.

      1. barabie Avatar

        LMFAO “al akhbar is non-aligned blah blah blah”
        You are friggin tripping… Those meds of yours must be incredibly powerful. Seriously stop with your lies, you have been caught out as the fraud u truly r.
        al akhbar is non aligned my ass.

        1. libnan1 Avatar

          Now you started the anal thing, I guess you like it which ever way you can get……

          1. barabie Avatar

            oh that was so witty. you should become a comedian. zzzzz
            omfg r lebanese really this lame?

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          🙂 i don’t adress MalmadNazi’s Arabian whores….brrrr…

          1. barabie Avatar

            Lol then stop braying

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            The only one braying is you.. just stop medling in posts who are not adressed to you to get attention, small brain.. think a Lebanese would consider Khalil Gibran a poet of the Renaissance..

  3. Damn why must the “flee” to the Lebanese border… The Army really needs to start patrolling the border properly so that we dont let just any rif raf in.

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      Lots of Lebanese returning to their homes in Tripoli.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Lots of ‘heavy stuff’ there tonight … might as well not have walls for sound-deadening.

  4. The messenger of Allah saw said:

    Imminently, there will come a time when the nations gather against you, just as people gather around a feast.” [Abu Dawud]

  5. ‪#‎Syria‬: What was our crime that ‪#‎Turkey‬’s rulers left us to be devoured by the zalim ‪#‎baathist‬ regime?

    Where is the sanctity of the blood of Muslims today?

    حدثنا عبد الله بن عمر قال رأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم يطوف بالكعبة ويقول ما أطيبك وأطيب ريحك ما أعظمك وأعظم حرمتك والذي نفس محمد بيده لحرمة المؤمن أعظم عند الله حرمة منك

    Abdulla bin Umar said – I saw the Prophet doing tawwaf around the Ka’aba saying “How sweet/ good are you and how sweet is your scent. How great are you and how great is your sanctity. By the One who the soul of Mohammad is in His Hand the sanctity of a believer is greater with Allah than your sanctity” [Ibn Maja]
    Warning: graphic image

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Oh, you know they will deny that just like the Turks deny the Armenian devouring.

  6. “Khilafah!” “Khilafah!” “Khilafah!”

    Does this call annoy you!!!

    -If you, oh ‘pious’ one! have a dislike to this call then know it is a disease in your heart for it is in the absence of this that many of the rules of Islam have become abandoned!

    Shams ad Deen Ibn Qaiyyum al Jawziyyah (rh) wrote,

    “What kind of piety is there in a person who witnesses Allah’s sanctities being violated, His deen abandoned, the sunnah of His messenger (saws) shunned and yet remains still with a cold heart and a shut mouth” [i’lam muwaqqyin]

    -If you, oh ‘pious’ one! think you are following the salaf by addressing the symptoms and keeping silent over the multiple of rulers then know this is not the way of the sahabah (ra) to permit multiple rulers for they are the cause of bid’ah, fitnah and disunity!

    Sahabi Abu Bakr as-Siddique (ra) said,”It is forbidden for Muslims to have two rulers for this would cause differences in their affairs and concepts, their unity would be divided and disputes would break out amongst them. The sunnah would then be abandoned, the bid’ah (innovations) would spread and fitnah would grow, and that is in no one’s interests.” [seerah, Ibn Ishaq]

    -If you, oh ‘pious’ one! think it is an obligation like other but ‘some’ brothers are going ‘overboard’, ‘carried-away’ with this call then know that you are misinformed for this is the most vital issue of this Ummah today and it was the greatest obligation the sahabah (ra) enacted in the greatest calamity of this Ummah ie at the death of Rasulullah (saws).

    Shibab ad Deen Ibn Hajar al-Haythami (rh) wrote,

    “Know that the sahabah, Allah be pleased with them, consented that selecting the Imam after the end of the era of prophethood was an obligation. Indeed they made it the most important of obligations as they were busy with it over the burial of the Messenger of Allah (saw).” [al-sawa’iq]

    -If you, oh ‘pious’ one! think it seems many of the ‘ulemah today don’t give much attention to it then know the classical ‘ulemah were not short of speaking about it!

    Sayf al-Deen al-Amidi (rh) said,

    “…appointing the Imam is from the most important interests of the Muslim and the greatest pillars of the deen” [ghayat al-muram]

    Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taimiyyah (rh) wrote,

    “it is imperative to know that the office in charge of governing the people is one of the greatest obligations of the deen. Nay, there is no establishment of the deen or the dunya except by it!” [siyasa ash shari’ah]

    – Abu Yusuf Al-Hanbali

    1. Constantin7 Avatar

      Stop following and worshipping humans: Omar, mohammad, ali, abu bakir, hussein, etc….one liar after the other. Just follow the WORD of God, the SOUL of God, the One that has never sinned (all these people are sinners and murderers), the One who raised the dead, the one who was born from a virgin, the only one who is the TRUTH, THE WAY and THE LIFE: JESUS CHRIST. Can’t you see the difference between YOUR people and Jesus ? Has the brainwashing blinded you that much ? Stop wasting your time and your energy and come to the only one who can save you from sin, Jesus Christ, the light of the world. Even you believe that at the end of the world Jesus is coming to save humans, not mohammad, so what are you waiting for to come to Jesus ? Jesus is knocking on your door and you only have to have a pure open heart to receive him and enjoy the peace, the serenity, and the assurance he will give you. In Islam you have nothing, just: Allahu ‘Aalam !

      1. If there is something you disagree with , I don’t mind discussing it with you , and we might just agree to disagree , but there is no need to insult my beliefs. I love Jesus, as mush as you do, and I hope we can behave the way he wanted us to.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          I don’t think he intends to insult the ‘belief’ in a God/Allah. Seems he believes himself. It’s the application of that belief which is visited on humans BY humans where the disagreements lie. It is one thing to be spouting out the ‘belief’ hoping for a ‘following’ … and another thing to be trying to cram which way to go with it into someone else. Seems to me you both do that too. ;-))
          Now, if this was a ‘Theology’ venture we all wanted to be in, instead of trying to figure out how to make a country function for people who believe many things, as humans will when they don’t know, these ‘discussions’ would be simply lovely.
          What it has to do with the competence of politicians is beyond me, since there’s nothing working for ANY, and those who are being screwed over now are not getting answers from either of you with Theological Suppositions.
          Why not stick with ‘real’?

          1. Constantin7 Avatar

            Thanks 5th Drawer for trying to defend me, or at least I think you were trying to defend me from your 1st sentence, because as usual, I do not understand much of what you are saying. I am sorry I do not connect with your messages most of the time and for this reason I do not comment on them.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Nice that you read. Just think ‘SECULAR GOVERNMENT’. Ok? 😉
            (add ‘democratic’ if you wish – along with free speech I suppose)

          3. [T]he statement that wars have been fought in the name of God is a non squitur. As the theologian Walter Wink once pointed out, more people have died in the twentieth century’s secular wars than in the preceding fifty centuries of fighting combined…. No religious war in history, not all the religious wars of history added together, did as much damage as this century’s wars of nationalism and ideology.

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And ASSAD is certainly upping the numbers quite well. Wants to surpass records – along with his particular ‘band of brothers’.

          5. Remember that Assad is a secular Baathist Government…

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yah Btru2u … I know … and that was the real piss-off for most of the world, when the news about filleting kids to keep ‘POWER’ came out, because that’s not nice either. Even Putin hasn’t gotten quite to that stage … yet. The ones who wanted ‘voices’ in the country were not the Islamic extremists and were not there at that point.

          7. barabie Avatar

            “They didn’t baath with the Sunnis much.”
            lol hahaha
            Did they “baath” at all?

          8. Constantin7 Avatar

            Good one loll

          9. Muslims are people just like others. Some of us are so religious and some of us are not religious. Islam bans any kind of intended violence. We can only defend our selves but we are not supposed to start violence, terror, or wars. So if someone started a war, we can of course defend ourselves against them.
            The Quran is written in a difficult language and people disagree about some interpretations. It could be that those total pacifists had a different interpretation.
            Here are some verses from the quran that may clarify the subject:
            [Quran 7:28] They commit a gross sin, then say, “We found our parents doing this, and GOD has commanded us to do it.” Say, “GOD never advocates sin. Are you saying about GOD what you do not know?”
            [Quran 49:13]”O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant. ”
            [Quran 5:87] … and do not aggress; GOD dislikes the aggressors.
            [Quran: 7:199] ……You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance, and disregard the ignorant.
            [Quran 6:151] “…… You shall not kill – GOD has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. These are His commandments to you, that you may understand.”
            [Quran17:33] “You shall not kill any person – for GOD has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. …..”
            [Quran 5:32] “……, we decreed for the Children of Israel that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. …………..”
            [Quran 2:256] “THERE SHALL BE NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION…”.
            [Quran 60:8]”GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.”
            [Quran 8:61]”If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.”
            [Quran 4:90]”…… Therefore, if they leave you alone, refrain from fighting you, and offer you peace, then GOD gives you no excuse to fight them.”


          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Bit of a ‘conundrum’ going there Btru2u.
            ‘… rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous.’
            And then, wow : ‘.. do not aggress; GOD dislikes the aggressors’

            But the first sets up the … ‘My tribe (me, I, we) is the most righteous, and therefore you guys suck in the sight of God – too bad for you’ … kind of thinking – which only eventually produces aggressors …. doesn’t it??

        2. Constantin7 Avatar

          The problem Btru2u is that Jesus wants us to behave in one way (love each other, love your ennemies, bless your cursers, etc….) while your prophet, his relatives and sahaba have an opposite message of hate, of eleminating the ennemy (did not they eliminate each other the Khalafa’ el rachideen ?), of killing the one you disagree with, etc…The message in Islam is completely opposite to the one of Jesus Christ. For this reason, I am urging you to come to the PERFECT before it is too late. We do not know when we leave this life, and when we do, wouldn’t be great to end up with God with the assurance of his only WORD, his only SOUL, i.e. Jesus Christ. The Sahaba asked once Mohammad: “Ya rassoul allah: Are you going to heaven after your death ?” and He answered them honestly: “I am a human like you and allahu ‘aalam “. Mohammad himself did not know if he was going to heaven, do you know yourself if you are going to heaven ? Jesus Christ, the PERFECT, is your WAY to heaven. If you love him, give him a chance, ask him to prove himself to you and he will.
          Nothing and nobody stands in front of Jesus Christ, certainly not human sinners.
          I hope my message opens your mind, heart and soul a bit you and all the muslim bloggers here: the dear Prophetttt, man-o-war, reasonableman (whom I noticed lately is becoming less and less reasonable and more and more like wargame), wargame, etc…
          May my words have some resonnace in your conscience.
          Let the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you.

          1. In a perfect world everything can be resolved peacefully , but unfortunately we do not have that luxury in war situations. You must admit that the crusaders and the bad mouthers are not the finest examples of Jesus’s love.
            let me begin with a slightly simpler question.
            is it possible for a muslim to be a vegetarian? it is clearly permissible for muslims to eat meat of certain animals if they are ritually slaughtered and the prophet (peace be upon him) occasionally ate meat.

            yet it is possible for a muslim to be a ‘vegetarian’ out of personal preference. what is not permissible is to state that ‘vegetarianism’ is required in ‘islam’, or that one draws closer to god by rejecting meat. however, in certain circumstances (such as a severe and uncontrolled outbreak of cattle disease, e.g. mad cow) it may become ‘islamically’ recommended to avoid meat (since islam enjoins avoiding anything that is known to harm).

            jihad (the or struggle in islam) may be understood similarly. first god has permitted muslims to fight in self-defence against those who fight them and those who force them out of their homes. the prophet personally fought in some battles and directed others.

            therefore it is not permitted for a muslim to be a ‘pacifist’ who considers all wars as being ‘evil’. nor can a muslim advocate ‘pacifism’ out of fear. however, one may conceive of islamic pacifism (as long as certain minimum freedoms are guaranteed) in a particular place and a particular time. this has precedent in the prophet’s treaty of hudaibiyah with the non-believers. reasons for pursuing pacifism may be
            1) war will lead to greater oppression and injustice
            2) war is being encouraged to by hostile forces who wish to see muslims fight amongst themselves
            3) continual war prevents the true understanding of islam from being communicated.

            a modern example of a modern popular muslim pacifict leader inspired by islamic ideals was ‘khan abdul ghaffar khan’ who led a non-violent campaign for the independence of his people in the north west of the indian subcontinent.

            the views expressed in this post are my own.
            quran (060:008)
            Allah does not forbid you, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loves those who are just.

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            Bible thumping again? Thank you for doing you religious duty in helping us “sinners” find the right path, but I would rather remain lost then join religious fanatics.
            Neither you or Btru2u or anyone else for that matter knows what really exists after death. You believe you’re on the right path, btru2u believes his on the right path, and Jews think you’re both doomed to hell. Haha, I would just rather live my life peacefully, treat others they way I’d want to be treated, help my fellow humans that are in need, and enjoy the natural wonders in my short but amazing existence on earth. I believe a higher power exists, but I won’t buy into the idea that this higher power is playing a game with us. Pitting us against one another and has recruited your help in convincing others that their beliefs are wrong.

          3. Constantin7 Avatar

            Bible Thumping…loll
            It is Ok man-o-war live your life and enjoy it the way you want it. No big deal. As far as I am concerned, I have not a single doubt in my mind that I will be with Jesus Christ if I die, and for this reason I do not fear death at all. I am ready to go any time my creator decides my mission is done here. I wish you had the same assurance I have.

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            Thanks! I understand its your duty to spread the message. “All shall know”

            Not a single doubt? Wow, thats some blind unwavering faith you have there.

            “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”

            How old do you think earth is? Do you think evolution should be taught in schools or creationism?

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Devolution happening in Tripoli tonight. Might as well believe it’s God hand in that too, eh?? Creative destruction ….

          6. man-o-war Avatar

            No 5th, that right there is evolution in action.

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            The worry is about which ones evolve … and which die. 🙁

          8. You do mean reverse regressive evolution right? if the concept of hate and war was progressively evolving forward our profile as humans would not look as crappy as it does today after we have done the exercise for a hundred years and many are still just as willing to do it all over again like everyone who plays the lottery every week truly believing he will win.

          9. man-o-war Avatar

            Nope, not regressive evolution. Can’t lose those genes that drive us to fight for survival/resources, too important. My point to 5th was mostly joking in nature, but if the stupid idiots fighting/shooting in the air get killed then they will be knocked out of the gene pool, unless they already have offspring. Most likely they do : (

          10. THUMP THUMP, I disagree but I dont blame you or anyone else from running from the subject Mano .

          11. man-o-war Avatar

            Running away from what subject?

          12. Obviously politics and religion are like walking on eggs that understandably makes most too uncomfortable to discuss, truly a sensitive subject but minus all humans and their different religious beliefs I take note of endless examples in nature, animals, and the human body and all the functions how they point to genius design behind it, way too complex to simply just happen. one thing that fascinates me is if you break an egg all you see is egg white and the yellow yoke and in those 2 you can have a chick born to eventually have wings multiple colors feet, claws all the different type feathers for different function, also a simple seed fascinates me that if you crush it all you see is powder yet it has a program that contains a time table for sprouting roots, trunk, buds, bark ,leaves and eventually fruit . I find the genius automatic and beauty of it all spiritual in its own way.

          13. man-o-war Avatar

            I agree, life is very complex and very perfect. Its hard to imagine that it all happened due to randomness. Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. We really don’t know, people choose to believe in a supreme creator and thats perfectly ok.

            It’s just hard for me to except that our creator created all these beautiful things and yet left room for darkness and evil. Like today I read about a couple in northern California who were starving their 3 children. They even had the 8 year old girl chained up. Why are infants born with birth defects that won’t sustain life? Why do little girls get raped and burned alive? Are we to believe that all this is Satan’s work? Why doesn’t our creator smite satan and be done with evil? Anyway, were getting off topic a bit.

            Why do you think I ran away from the subject in my response to Constantin?

          14. Thanks for great reply Mano, first I was not suggesting that you were running from him but simply stating that I understand that you and many others may not want to go there, but I find you reply interesting as it is almost a carbon copy of my troubles with the same questions you pose that first started after I lost my cousin in a car accident in 1980, we were both very young and with a somewhat superstitious culture we have and churches that taught nothing relating to life and death besides heaven and hell and even not shunning the idea of Christian militia role in the civil war I ended up spending more than a decade looking for as much as possible admissible evidence of first after death and immediately after that and more importantly why would a loving God allow so much wickedness.
            you are a smart man Mano and you probably noted that I am compassionate to the point that my strength is often my weakness to the extent that I endure sever anxiety attacks over human and animal abuse, I am not making humans secondary to animals by any means but when you and I get abused , killed or let down by others we understand the factors and motives but animals don’t understand abandonment or why the ones they love abuse them.
            the biggest question for me to resolve was why God allows wickedness without interfering and I while I wont subject you to geo bible thumping I will tell you that as much as it is hard to believe I was able to find a concrete solid answer that satisfied me mental anguish but wont go into it without your permission or do so in a public venue, all I can say is that you would be pleasantly surprised when you exercise a process of elimination of what is NOT accurate.

          15. man-o-war Avatar

            You will be missed Geo. Thanks for your contributions : )

          16. barabie Avatar

            I totally agree with you. Well said.

      2. Constantin, as Christian myself I understand partly your zealousness and love for chrtisitanity, You will recall a scripture that suggests for a greek we should become greek, for a jew we should become jew for the poor we should become poor and so on and the point it makes is that we need to look through peoples eyes to see what they see and not so much for agreeing with them but to qualify ourselves as to why they feel and believe the way they do so we are more understanding of what approach to take to reason with them, although my believes are different than Btru he does offer something that few other do and that is a calm atmosphere and style to reason in a positive upbuilding way that perhaps may lead him to be more accepting of some of what you want o say. in a private conversation between you and him you can turn up the notch maybe a little but doing it as you have above publicly I humbly say that it is condescending and unproductive in the sense that it does not yield desirable results

        1. Constantin7 Avatar

          Geo, not my love for christianity, but rather my love for Jesus Christ. We humans
          we politicized christianity and divided it (Catholics, orthodox, protestants, maronites, etc….). I follow Jesus Christ period, and feel compelled to let those who do not know him to know him.

          1. Constantin, not that I am trying to find holes in your comment but the truth is there is no holes to be found as you are right about politicizing and division taking place and the obligation to declare Good news.

            One thing I would consider is the fact that Jesus was the finest example with the perfect solution for humanity yet the perfect message is delivered by imperfect people!! if people can understand that you are only carrying the message on your back and it shows in how it transformed your life in contrast with others who unfortunately did serve as bad examples in the eyes of muslims and others then those who would be receptive to the concept of doing to others as if you were the other may be more accepting if the heart condition is compatible with what he preached, finally he did make the point by illustrating the separation of the wheat from the weed and again the separation of the sheep from the goats. and the fact that his sheep will hear his voice and your obligation and power limited to sowing the seed and it him that makes it grow. either way difficult and sensitive discussion but I agree with you that the teachings are in fact the solution in contrast with all the failed attempts of resorting to violence.

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            Your method of letting people “know him” is flawed. You attack and degrade other religions (more specifically, Islam). Call their prophet a liar, and tell them that Islam has nothing for them. It’s off-putting. You should try and just teach what you know about Jesus Christ and all that he has to offer if people accept him as their lord and savior. They can ask you if they have more questions, or pick up a bible, or utilize the internet. Your job of letting everyone know is still accomplished and you don’t come off sounding like a self righteous bible thumper.

      3. Prophettttt Avatar

        Contstantine7, With all due respect,you’re starting to sound like the jihadis and takfeeries on our side,whom we are fighting hard to defeat intellectually because they only see things their way,and they make it impossible to reason with. I don’t see where insulting and offending the beliefs of others can be part of any intelligent and productive discussion.Very disappointed,especially after having warned you about that in the past.
        Takfeeries use similar terms to describe others who follow same faith,but diffrent sect ,and diffrent school of thought. They are as harsh,and sometimes harsher, on people who believe in diffrent faiths,like Christianity and Judaism;both of which I was raised to respect.Either we show respect or we don’t. The excuse of being honest is really played out.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          I’d like to be honest too. The Crusades ended a while ago. Really.
          (The Krak Fortress survived them, I think.)

          1. Good point about the crusades ending 5th but so much credibility was lost in recent history as you would know and not to open more cans of worms but sabra and shatilla, and many other events, not blaming one side or the other as all the partakers from ALL sides are in the same sad portrait.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ok Geo. 😉 And someone sure picked up a history book about ‘Sieges’ in a library. Call it a ‘Revisitation’? :-)) Putin just did one too. Hmmmm … too much ‘info’ on the web, perhaps ….

        2. Constantin7 Avatar

          Prophetttt, comparing me to the takeeries and jihadis is really exagerated. I am not holding a gun to your head nor I am forcing you to pay a jiziyah unless you believe in what I believe. The beauty with Christ is that you are free to do whatever you want and neither I or any one else has any right to force you to believe in other of what you believe in, and this is why you (and millions other muslims) thrive in western societies based on this Freedom concept. Takfeeries and jihadis do not give you any choice, either you follow them or they eliminate you. I understand that am not giving you any choice either, you follow Christ or you perish (on your own not by my act). By me asking muslims to follow the PERFECT, I am cornering you and other muslims to face the reality, and for this reason I am getting this reaction from you. When I ask you to follow, the WORD of God and the SOUL of God and not sinful humans, I am not leaving you any choice of exit or any margin of maneouvering to reply, and in a sense I sound like the takfeeries, you’re right. I respect you a lot Prophetttt and respect every one here, but it has been very clear that I do not respect what you believe in because I do not believe in Mohammad or the Kuran, which with its many flaws admits that Jesus was PERFECT, without sin, WORD of God and his SOUL. All I am saying the logic thing: Just follow the PERFECT. Is this so unbearable for you ? And if you don’t, well it is you choice and your life, not mine. I don’t have any plans for you if you don’t care about following the Perfect.
          Finally, I feel an obligation as a follower of Christ to let you know of what I know, but I also deeply believe in your freedom of choice.

          1. Prophettttt Avatar

            You really need to stop preaching to me, brother. We have enough already here in the states preaching this truth and that truth.. mish nakesna.
            You promise me hell,others do too and are willing to speed up the process by beheading me There is not much difference except for the clock.
            you may not have a gun,but that never stopped other preachers from using swords. No one will promise that it wont happen again. The fact that you admit the similarities between you and the takeeries, that answers all my sounds like intellectual terrorism,lol
            I think we have had enough on this subject.

          2. Constantin7 Avatar

            Ok Prophettttt enough I agree. No more religious discussions, at least for now….loll
            By the way, what is this picture that you have representing you ? I see a bearded man with long hair, am I right ? Is this a picture of you ? lollll or of a prophet lolll

          3. Prophettttt Avatar

            Consrantine7, When Geo and I first met,He asked me to cut my hair and shave my beard and convert to Christianity,I told him that I couldn’t do any of the three things because I promised myself not to shave my beard or cut my hair until I see Palestine liberated.With very puzzled look on his face he wittingly shot back :” I am sure now that I will never see you as a Christian,and I can assure you that you’ll never see Palestine liberated”.lol.

          4. Constantin7 Avatar

            OMG, I’ve been dealing with a Hippy from South Lebanon all this time !!!!
            Your hair then must be sweeping the floor behind you, as Palestine has not been liberated yet.llollllll You may die and not see it liberated either. At least you save on brooms at home, the floor must be sparkling at your place. lollllll
            You are funny Prophetttt and pleasant to exchange with. I won’t preach to you any more, but you have enough reason in your head to know the right from the wrong, and this is enough for me.

          5. Prophettttt Avatar

            All the credit to the hair broom covering that little brain and keeps it protected.
            It is pleasure exchanging with you as well, Life is too short,and we spend so much time picking our brains with issues that we have little control of.
            A little laugh never hurts anyone.Obviously you don’t remember when I had a picture of me a couple of years ago;right before I started growing hair,lol

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            My only question then … how much do you budget for shampoo each month??

          7. Prophettttt Avatar

            You mean each week?lol

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hmmmm scary …. I run on a monthly budget … sounds like I’d need to forget the peanuts, and just buy a case of each … scotch & shampoo. :-))))

        3. barabie Avatar

          And the true sectarian colours of this rAfidi shine through. Again hypocrisy at its finest. Please tell us what ur rAfidi shite brethren did to the Christian community in Iraq. I guess u classify the Iraqi Christians as “takfeeri” too. You people r such hypocrites that its sickening.

        4. So please tell tell me what you classify or caterogise me as, and please explain your reasoning.

          1. Prophettttt Avatar

            Btru2u, I am not here to classify or characterize anyone. I replied to Constantine because I felt that He’d insulted a whole religion,and simply told him that was not acceptable. And that no one should breach that they and only theu know the truth,and that no one should preach radicalism.
            I don’t know why you think it is important to hear what I think of you.I remember once I addressed you directly,and you never bothered to reply,but it is ok, I respect your decision,and I respect your rights to own whatever you believe in,regardless of whether I agree with your views or not.You did say that we should all look at the positives and try to build on them,and that we should look at the common values of humanity and build on them.I respect that,and totally agree on that. If I can consider this as a step forward,then be it.
            I hope this satisfies you because I am not answering a billion dollar question,especially when there is no prior discussion to this question,except that lone comment I posted for you.Sorry if I disappointed you.

          2. It does not really satisfy me because it makes me think there is enmity harboured in your heart towards me and my brothers and sisters. We need to open up to each other if we are going to make progress. I know That is not always possible with the current volatile situation. And sometimes it is better to stay quiet.
            I believe A good start would be to stop calling people names like takfiri, Wahabii, salafi, etc. This only causes divisions.
            There is a lot of work to be done to heal the wounds that have been opened.
            Sensible calm dialogue is a good contribution, as well as positive gestures and actions which will build respect even if our beliefs differ slightly.
            But is it true that you support Assad, and his supporters,because I cannot understand how you can come to that conclusion, and thinkthat he is in the right.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well Btru2u … although it may not help answering such deep-thought questions much … I would NOT have categorized and classified you as a ‘Happy Birthday Card’ in the left-side slots of the store-rack under the heading ‘Comedy’ – although, who knows what’s ‘funny’ these days? 😉

          4. barabie Avatar

            he is practicing taqqiya.

          5. Putting it mildy, Practising Taqqiya is only a form of escape from the real issues.
            Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.

          6. Constantin7 Avatar

            I agree with you Btru2u on 2 things, but for different reasons:
            1- “Some find the truth is hard to swallow”, indeed, but we differentiate on which truth. For me the truth is Jesus Christ and indeed for someone like you or other muslims, the Son of God is very hard to swallow. We the imperfect, sinful, weak humans have difficulty to swallow the PERFECT human, who is the refexion in flesh of the PERFECT Spirit. For this you see so many, so-called Christians who do not act at all by Christ’s message,
            2- Me too I am against Assad the criminal, but I am not with the extremists who are flocking from all over the world to fight in Syria. It is a pitty that the true innocent Syrian opposition has been hijacked by these extremists.

          7. barabie Avatar

            The extremists u talk about r shite mercenaries paid for and trained by Iran. There has been enough evidence to prove that alqaeda is a puppet of Iran and works with asshead. Stop confusing the poor Syrians who want freedom from the tyrant and his shite hooligans with the Iranian alqaeda mercenaries.

          8. Constantin7 Avatar

            Who told you that I am with the HA and other merceneries coming from Irak and Iran to fight in Syria ? I am against those too. So basically I am against Assad, HA, Nusra, and all the extremists on both sides. I am with the innocent Syrian people though, and I pity that their original innocent revolution was brutally dealt with by the criminal Assad and then hijacked by the jihadis/salafis/and the like.
            So the true Syrian revolution has been unfortunately diluted because of these extremists coming from all over the world, and it seems that now Assad, I hate to say it, is gaining ground.

          9. Prophettttt Avatar

            Btru2U,Sorry I failed you where my reply was not satisfactory enough. I’m also sorry you feel that I have as you put it ” enmity harboured in your heart towards me and my brothers and sisters.” I do know how you got that impression,and I’m really wondering how you categorized “me and my brothers and sisters.” As if you and” your sisters and brothers”are a party or a certain category. Really, who are you and your brothers and sister? I wonder if I’m considered a brother in humanity,as you echoed in your comment above .
            As for your suggesting of a good start by using softer words, I agree as long as you do the same.Once you are willing to do what you are asking me to do, then we may have a start.As of now, I am not encouraged to have an open dialogue with you since you have yet to prove that you are also serious about having a heart to heart discussion with mutual respect. You have yet to answer the only comment I have ever left you,yet ,I gave you the courtesy to reply more than once.
            I do not feel that I have an obligation to explain my views on Syria or any other subject… My profile is public, My previous profiles since 2007 are public, I stand by everything I said. you may read them if you are interested.
            I will say make this statement, hoping that it sheds some lights on where I stand . I do not ,under any circumstance ,support a khelafeh.I do not support any religious state ,Muslim or otherwise.If you agree with this statement,than we can work together. otherwise no point of wasting our best to you and your brothers and sisters, I really hope you include me.

          10. Like most people , you seem like you are pretty well set in your beliefs. This perception is also based on dialogue I have had with some Shia freinds . Correct me if I’m wrong but reading between the lines , I believe you have been brought up as a Shia.
            I believe you have goodness in your heart , but I have found the one thing that destroys any goodness in the hearts of a Muslim or anyone for that matter , that is hypocrisy.
            If you have an open mind , you will see that the Shia support for Assad will isolate them from the Rest of the Muslim world, and possibly the global community”.. I will be happy to answer the question that I may have neglected to reply to if you can resubmit it to me.
            I invest some time in ya Libnan, but I apologise if cannot respond to everyone because I have very active balanced life.
            I am trying to confront the issues without being harsh , and I know there are a few trouble makers who will capitalise on any mistakes that we make.
            I pray that you and I can be brothers in faith and in humanity and receive true guidance from the Allah Swt, and that you may see the light .

          11. Prophettttt Avatar

            Fair enough. Yes, I was born into a Muslim shia family in the extreme south, within eye sight of the border, lived in the Soouf area,and in Beirut before moving to the states .I interacted with people from all faiths and sects. I left Lebanon ,young enough to be spared the sectarian poison,and old enough to have my political views shaped up by the Palestinian issue,by Israeli occupation of the south,and by all the humiliation people suffered at the hands Zionists and their allies.
            Although I am proud of my faith, I consider myself to be very secular.I do have issues with institutions of religion.I don’t judge people by which faith they follow. Faith is never a condition for any friendship. You pray as you wish, or you pray not, I judge you by your humanity. I hate sectarian people period.
            Here the story and both your comments and mine. I know I was harsh,but I felt you deserve it.

          12. Thank you for sharing that with us, I take it you are not into prayer by the way you dismissed prayers so easily. That’s fine if your not into that , but it tells me that you are not a strictly practising Muslim, which is not unusuall.
            In the quran Allah (swt) did not label us in sects , he called us Muslimeen (bowing to his will)..,If you are not a practising Muslim ,then you have stepped out of the fold of Islam. I believe you still have a lot to learn about Islam, especially by practising it . Also know that the Prphets Umma need to be one united umma , ruled by one Iman.(the khilafah , such was our prophets examples.
            Islam considers all Muslims to be one Ummah, a community whose basis is faith and common objectives and among all its constituent units, exists a deeper unity which does not allow the differences of region, race, language and nation to disrupt and disintegrate it. Noble Qur’an declares: Surely this community of yours is one community (Ummah), and I am your Lord, therefore serve Me. (21:92)

            According to the above verse, Muslims are identified as one Ummah, as parts of which they move towards a common goal, strive to realize their common objectives, worship one and the only God.

            In many traditions Muslims are described as one body and different units of the Muslim Ummah are regarded as the organs of a single body. A few of the traditions are quoted here in order to substantiate the point.

            Abu Said narrates from Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that he said, “A believer’s relationship to other believers is like that of the different parts of a building, each of which supports the other.”

            Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “A believer with respect to other believers is related like the head is related to the body. A believer feels the pain of other believers as the head feels the pain of the body.”

            Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “One who gets up in the morning and his mind is not preoccupied with the matters of Muslims, is not one of them.”

            All these traditions lead us to the conclusion that all Muslims are brothers and are like a single body and therefore can never be indifferent towards one another. Among them should prevail the spirit of cooperation, brotherhood, fraternity, good will, love, sympathy and unity of direction and purpose, and they should be always united for the defense of Muslim Ummah.
            So when I bring attention to my brother and sisters in faith and humanity in CAR (Africa), I do believe you were harsh in critiquing me, which is why I did not reply.

          13. ‘When a household is oppressed by the father, do you tell the kids to ‘fix up’ to change the father?’

            Al-Tafkeer Fe al-Islam

            A deep analogy to reflect on the rather weak argument that people need to change/reform themselves in order for the current dictatorial messed up political systems to evolve into something Islamic.

            If the problem is ‘lack’ of Islam then solution is to change that problem, it is not to focus on the reform of individuals.

            By the way why did you choose to call yourself Prophet, if you are against religious discussion,

          14. Prophettttt Avatar

            I don’t see any correlation between the name prophet and my lack of interest in discussing religion.However,I will reveal to you how and why I chose this name.
            I was fortunate enough to have had a job few hundred feet away from where Gibran lived and died.To be able to walk on the same sidewalk that Gibran stepped in every morning,and to be able to sit at the same park Gibran hang out with all the great artists and intellectuals of the renaissance era can only be a positive inspirational experience.You are properly shaking your head and saying to yourself;He is one of
            I rest my case,your honor,

          15. man-o-war Avatar

            Beautiful village! Love that part of Lebanon.

          16. Prophettttt Avatar

            Mano,Sorry for not clarifying:I was referring to Greenwich village,NYC where he lived most of his life before he passed away,and not birthplace of Bcherri. I have yet to have the opportunity to visit Bcherri.I may have to trim my hair,and shave my beard

          17. man-o-war Avatar

            haha, alright. You should try and visit his hometown. Yeah, at least trim the beard first. I didn’t notice any hostility there, but then again I was freshly shaved. We also didn’t go around talking politics or religion. Just saw his home and museum. Got some lunch and took in the natural wonders. Oh yeah, don’t bad mouth Geagea there. : )

          18. barabie Avatar

            Renaissance era was from 1400 to 1600’s. Gibran was not even born yet.

          19. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Sounds like great perspective – i agree that the challenge of changing the mindset needs to come from within the grassroots of society – and it’s hard to find parts of our society in Lebanon that have not been poisoned.

            That said, leadership can accelerate that transformation.

          20. Btru, I will share something that helps me be more understanding of people and why they may have certain views whether I agree with them or not, I never knew the south existed yet the south took the brunt of occupation for a very long period, I am not a fan of Hezbollah as an untouchable organization that goes by its own rules but why wouldn’t everyone from the south not be a fan ? I was not there but if I was and I lost 8 family members and had their eyes gouged I would be a big fan of Hezbollah wouldn’t I? if Obama didn’t wiggle out of getting rid of Asshead he would have been the hero to many in Syria, the people in crimea think putin is a great guy don’t they?, when George bush and the coalition kicked the saddam army out of Kuwait they became their Heros. I assure you that anyone who would have kicked the Syrians out of Lebanon would have been my hero at one time too before I found better solutions.

          21. cook2half Avatar

            pffft lol you didnt get what I wrote above

          22. I just looked above, Yes I thought yours changed too so its gone, did you reply?

          23. cook2half Avatar

            The post I wrote top of the page.. lol ..

          24. Did you ever respond to gmail?

          25. cook2half Avatar

            OH, you sent me a message? ill go read it now

          26. Sorry too late, account expired, I should have saved your email first but if your behavior improves a lot I MEAN A LOT LOL , with many apologies =D a new one may be issued 🙂

          27. cook2half Avatar


          28. Actually moving on from here soon too, Mom going down hill fast its time to put family first, don’t do or say anything I would not approve of 🙂 best to you and your bird Cook.

          29. cook2half Avatar

            🙁 im sorry about that

          30. Thanks cook, you do have a warm side… it more often 😉

          31. 5thDrawer Avatar

            🙁 Sincere sympathies for you and family.

          32. Thanks 5th best to you too and all the nice people, since you are here the most I will leave something with you to pass on.
            If a man is fortunate enough to get in a life boat from the sinking titanic why would that man be stupid enough to swim back to finish a fight on the deck?
            Friends Lebanon and Syria will never be the same again! people in the middle of the conflict can only dream of being in the life boat we are in right now in what ever country you call home now. hope and pray for all the victims and the innocent and turn your back to all the killers.

          33. cook2half Avatar

            Gmail keeps replying “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”!!! why?

  7. You will find if we focus on the common values of humanity , instead of our differences , we could all get along. I don’t see the Laws of God being in conflict with our current values.

    How is Islam similar to Christianity and Judaism?

    Judaism Christianity, and Islam, in contrast to Hinduism and Buddhism, are all monotheistic faiths that worship the God of Adam, Abraham, and Moses-creator, sustainer, and lord of the universe. They share a common belief in the oneness of God (monotheism), sacred history (history as the theater of God’s activity and the encounter of God and humankind), prophets and divine revelation, angels, and Satan. All stress moral responsibility and accountability, Judgment Day, and eternal reward and punishment.

    All three faiths emphasize their special covenant with God, for Judaism through Moses, Christianity through Jesus, and Islam through Muhammad. Christianity accepts God’s covenant with and revelation to the Jews but traditionally has seen itself as superseding Judaism with the coming of Jesus. Thus Christianity speaks of its new covenant and New Testament. So, too, Islam and Muslims recognize Judaism and Christianity: their biblical prophets (among them Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus) and their revelations (the Torah and the New Testament, or Message of Jesus). Muslim respect for all the biblical prophets is reflected in the custom of saying “Peace and blessings be upon him” after naming any of the prophets and in the common usage of the names Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Daoud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), and Issa (Jesus) for Muslims. In addition, Islam makes frequent reference to Jesus and to the Virgin Mary, who is cited more times in the Quran than in the New Testament.

    However, Muslims believe that Islam supersedes Judaism and Christianity-that the Quran is the final and complete word of God and that Muhammad is the last of the prophets. In contrast to Christianity, which accepts much of the Hebrew Bible, Muslims believe that what is written in the Old and New Testaments is a corrupted version of the original revelation to Moses and Jesus. Moreover, Christianity’s development of “new” dogmas such as the belief that Jesus is the Son of God and the doctrines of redemption and atonement is seen as admixing God’s revelation with human fabrication.

    Peace is central to all three faiths. This is reflected historically in their use of similar greetings meaning “peace be upon you”: shalom aleichem in Judaism, pax vobiscum in Christianity, and salaam alaikum in Islam. Often, however, the greeting of peace has been meant primarily for members of one’s own faith community.

    Leaders of each religion, from Joshua and King David to Constantine and Richard the Lion-Hearted to Muhammad and Saladin, have engaged in holy wars to spread or defend their communities or empires. The joining of faith and politics continues to exist in modern times, though manifested in differing ways, as seen in Northern Ireland, South Africa, America, Israel, and the Middle East.

    Islam is similar to Judaism in its emphasis on practice rather than belief, on law rather than dogma. The primary religious discipline in Judaism and Islam has been religious law; for Christianity it has been theology. Historically, in Judaism and Islam the major debates and disagreements have been among scholars of religious law over matters of religious practice, whereas in Christianity the early disputes and cleavages in the community were over theological beliefs: the nature of the Trinity or the relationship of Jesus’ human and divine natures.

    How do Muslims view Judaism? Christianity?

    Both Jews and Christians hold a special status within Islam because of the Muslim belief that God revealed His will through His prophets, including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

    Say, We believe in God, and in what has been revealed to us, and in what has been sent down to Abraham and Ismail and Isaac and Jacob and their offspring, and what has been revealed to Moses and Jesus and to all the prophets of our Lord. We make no distinction between them and we submit to Him and obey. (Quran 3:84)

    The Quran and Islam regard Jews and Christians as children of Abraham and refer to them as “People of the Book,” since all three monotheistic faiths descend from the same patrilineage of Abraham. Jews and Christians trace themselves back to Abraham and his wife Sarah; Muslims, to Abraham and his servant Hagar. Muslims believe that God sent his revelation (Torah) first to the Jews through the prophet Moses and then to Christians through the prophet Jesus. They recognize many of the biblical prophets, in particular Moses and Jesus, and those are common Muslim names. Another common Muslim name is Mary. In fact, the Virgin Mary’s name occurs more times in the Quran than in the New Testament; Muslims also believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. However, they believe that over time the original revelations to Moses and Jesus became corrupted. The Old Testament is seen as a mixture of God’s revelation and human fabrication. The same is true for the New Testament and what Muslims see as Christianity’s development of “new” and erroneous doctrines such as that Jesus is the Son of God and that Jesus’ death redeemed and atoned for humankind’s original sin.

    John L. Esposito is University Professor, Professor of Religion & International Affairs and Founding Director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University. A former President of the Middle East Studies Association and Vice Chair of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, his most recent books include Unholy War: terror in the Name of Islam and What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam.

  8. cook2half Avatar

    The @disqus_yUH3Y5IXGa:disquspolitics of the Middle East is quite interesting, so much has changed

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      There’s one on U-Tube about Europe, since this Ukrainian thing, from somewhere in the bowels of history to the present … talk about changes – blow your mind. :-))))

  9. Prophettttt Avatar

    barabie, I think you should know by now that I have no desire to further exchange with you for the obvious reasons.But,because of the risk of Geo’s extended absence,I gave myself the permission to point out to you – what Geo would have – of clues you missed in his comments to you .Such as ” I will make it up to you, remember this”.Also,” limited time offer “.
    I know he did everything to show you that he was fair,and not biased toward you.I remember when he asked the other party to post a picture of her cat as a sign of agreeing to a truce.At one time he thought you were more cooperative too.
    Right now,Geo is very busy with his life;doing things for his wonderful mom,whom I have had the pleasure to meet, helping a niece who just had a bad motorcycle accident,and doing things for others , on top of running his demanding business.While he is doing all of that,he had commissioned a very good artist for a project in honor of some one who is very dear to your heart:ABERR. This project is weeks in the working,and upon completion,Geo(the you called biased and other names) had intended on gifting it to you as a surprise.This is the “biased” Geo.This is the ” unfair” Geo.
    barabie, It would have been best if you looked closely before rushing to judgment.It would have been best to have been low in anger and bitterness.No need to say more.I sincerely hope that you will find some peace and comfort im your heart,and that you will learn how to make friends with good hearted people who truly have the best of intentions toward you.

    1. Beautify said brother, You have described the Geo that most on this blog have nothing but great respect for. Especially me. I don’t know him on a personal level, however if God willing I make the trip to the US next year, Geo and yourself are two people I so look forward to meeting. As for Barabie, Well all I can say is “in one ear and out the other”.

      1. Prophettttt Avatar

        It will be my pleasure,Farq.

        1. Thanks Prophet. -:))))

        2. barabie Avatar

          Obviously from the same sect. And who ever said u were sectarian.

        3. Prophet, for some reason there are some individuals on this blog that just can’t seem to take a hint. As much as you ignore them/it, they just seem to continue trying to be heard. These people must be very lonely. However after reading how these people behave, you can understand why they are so lonely. Quite pathetic If you ask me.

          1. Prophettttt Avatar

            It seems that yalibnan is blown away. Must be the GEO WARTH,LOL
            Tell everyone not to mess with GEO,LOL

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I thought he was throwing coconuts into the computers. :-)))

    2. barabie Avatar

      I thank you for defending geo but that doesn’t change the fact that what he did was to ask me to stop and not hind. Which makes him biased and unfair and a hypocrite. As for the fool farq(ed) up, it liking what you said just proves that your comment wasn’t made in good intentions but to try to “better” me. As for what geo was going to do, that’s really lovely and i hope he does do it but not for me, for ABEER!

      1. Reasonableman Avatar

        Sallam 3allaykom

        I couldnt help but stick my big arab nose into this. Although we are all different but all the same GEO has a good heart insha allah allah guides him to islam he is awsome!! As for the reply from prophett ukhti you dont have to reply or believe anything that he says geo has a mouth and (in this case a brain and fingers) if he wants to say something he can tell you direct..

        no offence to prophett but these are basic rules of a healthy social life and you have only presented he say she say forward… if I ever make a mistake I would be privliged if you also corrected me.

        1. barabie Avatar

          Thanks reasonable, u r truly “reasonable”. 🙂
          Geo was given numerous opportunities where I did what he asked for the sake of peace and coz I thought he was fair but on numerous occasions he let me down. The last time was when there were exchanges between myself and the shite trio (hind, Farq and libnan) where I was threatened with physical violence by Farq and what did geo do? Geo told me to stop. That was the last time I was going to allow him to treat me unfairly. I told him if he apologised that I would forgive but he said he refuses to apologise. That’s his choice and right just like its my choice not to communicate with him until he apologises.
          As for prophet, what can I say except he’s as sectarian as they come. In fact I have more respect for Farq coz at least he doesn’t hide his sectarianism.

          1. Reasonableman Avatar

            Jazakomallahu khayron…
            The only thing I can add to ensure your welfare is my advice… ukhti practise your religion and choose the best words and convey the message with sincerety and let nature take its due course..

            when allah chooses to guide even if 1000men & women tried to misguide an individual they wont be successful.

            I was wondering weather or not you are keeping in touch with the brother btr2u, I know its short notice but I was promoted at work and wanted to invite the bloggers here for a coffee at bakery king in bass hill tonight.

          2. Reasonableman Avatar

            Btr2u, Farq, wargame, leborigine, maborlz, ausleb, you guys up for a cocktail or coffee at bakery king?

          3. Let’s do it. I would love to meet you reasonable. As long as you protect me from the other guys. Lol. Name the time and the place brother. I for one will 100% come.

          4. Reasonableman Avatar

            Shouldve been tonight brother but I wanted everyone to come. Well leave it for another night, your welcome to come over anytime after maghrib I bet I don’t live too far I live right next to saahtan and I make a mean cocktail 🙂

          5. Oh sorry, one more thing I forgot. Who’s buying. Lol

          6. barabie Avatar

            Congrats on the promotion. Well done 🙂
            As for keeping in contact with Btru2u, he will read ur invite or u can post an invite directly to each name, that way they will get notification of ur invite.
            Again congrats and good luck in ur new position.

      2. libnan1 Avatar

        Actually a good spanking will “better” you better ….:) I just had to say bar bee …

      3. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
        Comtessa di Alba

        Faker “barabie the beast”, Geo wanted to stop the Hind obsession for your own self-respect, because of his love for peace he offered you something very special, you snub him and complained he’s being “biased” “unfair”, because he asked you to stop, and not hind. Fairness about what? You’re a Salafi, Hind’s stalker Malmaquer’s a Zionist, you two became best friends over a commun hatred hurling insults & obcsenities from the guther calling her “hind legs” “daft mare” & etc…censured.

        Good hearted Geo was nice to a horrible nasty beast like you, you ugly “thing” brush him and his best friend off, call him biased unfair and hypocrit. Wow! Proving Salafis and Zios can be greatest friends made in hell..

        PS.Watch Hind’s stalker come running over like a Zio-poodle (because i deffended AbyadHind) huhuh..

        1. cook2half Avatar

          Hi, I’d like you watch a speech by Christi, a Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem. Her speech begins from 3:25

          1. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Hi, got your message i’m on my way…sweet of you :).

          2. AkhouManUki Avatar


          3. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Yes everything happens because there is a reason..
            Little stupid girl, think about this, there were no PLO
            no Hamas no Palestinian terrorists in 1948, if Josef Nahmani, a Haganah veteran was horrified by what
            he witnessed in his diaries, Haganah veteran had more heart than you, you don’t sound Palestinan with your Israeli rehached eternal talking points..sectarian war expert ia now working on Palestinans as if they didn’t suffer enough. Sorry Cook..
            P.S.The internet warriors team at Haifa University sat for a picture.. i saw you, verry hansome kteer hellou

          4. Guest Avatar


          5. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            I tought it was you in the group, two months ago you said you were in Haifa everyday, working at the University, it loocked like you in my imagination.
            BTW your new avatar is scary, look at it! The map is so small, all you see from here is an angry wrinkled old man mouth wide open (without his dentures), shouting “Israel”. Seriously tell me if i’m wrong.
            The nun was nice:)

          6. Guest Avatar


          7. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Ah!! That’s much better really.

            Maybe settlement blocks made it “bizarre”.I would love to see your picture:)

          8. Guest Avatar

            Through email benfa3 neb3at sowar eza bedek?

            clintonbear7 @ gmail . com

    3. And yet again the princess proves me right. Brother, you can’t reason with this thing.

      1. libnan1 Avatar

        How can you reason with people like this???

    4. libnan1 Avatar

      Hey Prophet, take her down to Bay Ridge introduce her to some of the dudes down there like Wargames. You never know she might find a husband.

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