UN Panel Identifies War Criminals in Syria


A U.N. panel investigating human rights abuses in Syria has identified those responsible for crimes including hostage-taking, torture and executions and has put their names on a list of people who should eventually be held accountable for their actions, the head of the panel said Tuesday.

Brazilian diplomat Paulo Sergio Pinheiro said the “perpetrators list” includes the heads of intelligence branches and detention facilities where torture occurs; military commanders who target civilians; officials overseeing airports from where barrel bomb attacks are planned and executed; and leaders of armed groups involved in attacking civilians.

His comments provided the most specific information so far about the identities of suspected criminals on the list. The panel was established by the U.N.’s Human Rights Council to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights law since March 2011 in Syria and, whenever possible, to identify those responsible so that they can be prosecuted.

“We have an enormous volume of testimony — over 2700 interviews, as well as a wealth of documentary material,” Pinheiro told the council. “We do not lack information on crimes or on perpetrators. What we lack is a means by which to achieve justice and accountability.”

In December, the U.N.’s top human rights official, Navi Pillay, said a growing body of evidence points to the involvement of senior Syrian officials, including President Bashar Assad, in crimes against humanity and war crimes. But she was careful to say she hadn’t singled him out as a suspect in Syria’s conflict, now entering its fourth year, that has killed more than 140,000 people.

Pinheiro said the panel is also investigating allegations of mass graves in northern Syria where fighters with the al-Qaida-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant had “conducted mass executions of detainees.”

He said countries are under an obligation not to supply weapons to places where they might be used to commit war crimes.

“Our reports document these crimes,” he said. “No one can claim ignorance of what is occurring in Syria.”

Associated Press

Photo: Syria war crimes. HORRIFIED UN observers found 13 dead bodies with hands tied behind their backs and some with reported gunshot wounds to the head. January 21, 2014 report



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “No one can claim ignorance of what is occurring in Syria.”
    Repeat after me …..
    “No one can claim ignorance of what is occurring in Syria.”

  2. Assad regime and HA have already been and continue to be supplied with the weapons to commit war crimes.
    Why should we deny the rebels the opportunity to defend themselves .
    That in itself is a war crime.

    1. barabie Avatar

      Btru2u, we both know why they don’t want to arm the rebels. Look at how the powers reacted when fighting broke out in south Sudan and then compare that to their reaction in Syria. Double standards and hypocrisy abound in this world while innocent people suffer. I often wonder if Syria was majority Christian what would the world powers reaction have been. It’s disgusting that empathy is based on religion.

      1. Now we can see how capatilism, and so called democractic system , is full of hypocrisy. As a matter of fact it is destroying the world.
        That is why I believe , only the JUST law of God , is the solution. The implementation of the Quran and the sunna(the way of the prophet ), with a khilafah rashidah (righteous caliphate) is the answer. It’s time to put all selfish desires aside and work for the real solution. Even if the disbelievers despise it.

        1. barabie Avatar

          I know ur not gonna like my answer but I couldn’t live under a khalifa.

          1. Shit Barbie, we finally agree on something. I know, I can’t believe either.

          2. barabie Avatar

            A scum like u telling lets stop with the insults while continuing to insult me. You hezbshaitan scum suckers can’t help yourselves. Tfouh on u and ur upbringing.

          3. How the hell did I insult you, by telling you I agree with you is an insult. WOW. Ok then, I don’t agree with you. Do you feel less insulted now. You people are amazing to say the least.

          4. barabie Avatar

            Dickhead calling me “barbie” is the insult. Don’t play dumb u retard.

          5. Believe it or not, that really was an accident and not intentional. Do feel you need to use disgusting words all the time. You can get you point across with swearing. BARABIE.

          6. barabie Avatar

            Lmfao look who’s preaching morals. That’s similar to hitler or assaad preaching forgiveness. And yeh my “foul” language was an accident, even though I’ve used it many times b4. *insert sarcasm

          7. barabie Avatar

            Btw where’s the Iranian flag in ur pic

          8. One more thing, why don’t you explain to him why you can’t live under the Khalifa rules. Us how the Taliban treat their woman as a guide.

          9. I appreciate your honestly . I believe its the fear of the unknown. We have been so deeply conditioned and desensitised in our current way of life , we have become creatures of habit. I admit I would even find it hard to change my current lifestyle . Sometimes the things we don’t like , will good be good for us, and the things we like good could be bad for us.There is a lot of work that has to be done within our own selves so we can see the differnce. There is no current good example of a righteous caliphate. Inshallah, that will change in the near future , and a ruler with truth and justice for all, will entice us to change for the better. Hopefully in our lifetime.

  3. barabie Avatar

    “she was careful to say she hadn’t singled him out as a suspect in Syria’s conflict”

    Really? Imagine saying that about hitler

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