Alleged Hezbollah fighter arrested in Detroit area


hezbollah flag gunDETROIT, MI -US Federal agents say they arrested a Detroit-area man before he could fly to the Middle East to fight Syrian rebels.

Twenty-two-year-old Mohammad Hamdan is charged with breaking a law that prohibits support for terrorist organizations. The government says Hamdan planned to fight with Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim group in Lebanon that the U.S. classifies as terrorist.

Hezbollah fighters have been aiding Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Hamdan was arrested Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. He told the FBI he was traveling for dental work, not war in Syria.

The Dearborn resident appeared in federal court Monday. He was returned to jail to await a March 24 court hearing. Defense attorney Art Weiss says Hamdan is “adamant that he didn’t do anything wrong.”

The FBI says an informant recorded conversations with Hamdan during which he said he was going to Lebanon to help Hezbollah, and that he intended to become an active member. On the recorded calls, Hamdan also allegedly said he’d been involved with Hezbollah before he immigrated to the U.S., and that he had received military training from the group.

If convicted Hamdan faces up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The FBI says Hezbollah terrorists attacks, among others, have included suicide truck bombings of the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983; the U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut in 1984; and the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847, during which a U.S. Navy diver was killed. Elements of the group were also responsible, according to the U.S. government, for the kidnapping, detention and murder of Americans in Lebanon in the 1980s; and for providing explosives training to select Iraqi Shiite militants since 2004.

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8 responses to “Alleged Hezbollah fighter arrested in Detroit area”

  1. Constantin7 Avatar

    In this case most of Dearborn residents would be subject to potential imprisonment, since most of them are Lebanese shiaa who support HA. This is American paranoia at its best.

    1. MekensehParty Avatar

      Paranoia? This is setting an example!
      This effin hypocrite is taking advantage of all the freedoms and rights given to him by the “greatsatanland” to go kill people asking for the same rights.
      He wants to go kill Syrians? Let’s see how he will handle Dearborn’s jails for 25 years.
      He’ll come out as Fufu al moutawahech.

      1. Yes thats right..the hzb is on bended knees waiting for this kid to come from america and save them….? You say as if the other side has never sent foreign fighters…the US government has now placed the syrian conflict in the homeland security file out of fear that foreign fighters will return to america and cause havoc…along with the europeans, australia and even saudia arabia…..this kid is a shmuck like the others that watch too many youtube clips and want to be heroes…..his problem is he should realise who his friends are because obviously someone he knows has dobbed him in.

        1. MekensehParty Avatar

          The hezb has been recruiting, there is no denying that unless you live under a rock. No they’re not waiting for this kid only but they have been recruiting massively. This guy got caught and will serve as an example for others on BOTH sides.

    2. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      This is not Lebanon dude.. its enough they have taken Lebanon and doing what they want. You want them to take over Detroit too. keep their filth in Dahia and Yabroud..

    3. remember the movie ” the seige “?

  2. Hanibaal Atheos Avatar
    Hanibaal Atheos

    This is great news…One less terrorist in Lebanon. Also in US prisons he’ll either discover God (for real this time), and/or he will be inducted into the beaux arts of US convict sodomy. He’ll definitely be a changed man.

  3. Why of all places was Hamdan in Detroit? He will likely be sent to a prison near that area which will be almost entirely Black. He had better hope a skinhead gang will be fluent enough in geopolitics to admire Hizballah and take him in for protection.

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