Protesters block Lebanon roads in support of Arsal


sunnis block roads in Beqaa

Sunni residents blocked roads across Lebanon on Tuesday in support of the Sunni border town of Arsal, which has been blocked from the Beqaa’s main highway by protesters in neighboring Shiite-populated Labwe, NOW reported on Tuesday.

Residents of the mostly Sunni Taalbaya and Saadneyel in the Beqaa valley kicked off the protests by blocking roads in their towns to show support for Arsal locals.

More roads were blocked in the evening in the Beqaa, including the Ammiq-Qob Elias route as well as the Manara-Soeira-Rashaya road, the report added.

Sidon highway leading to Beirut was was also blocked at the Al-Saadiyat point by protesters demonstrating support of Arsal.

Protesters also set tires on fire in Beirut’s Qasqas and Cite Sportive area on the edges of the Sunni-dominated Tariq al-Jedideh neighborhood, effectively blocking the two main thoroughfares linking the city’s south with its center.

The road blocking comes after Sunni clerics and figures met in Azhar al-Beqaa Mosque earlier in the day to discuss Shiite residents of Labwe blocking the road to the Sunni-populated border town of Arsal.

“If the blocking of Arsal continues , the area’s residents will close many roads in the Beqaa area, such as the Dahr al-Baydar-Beirut road, the Masnaa international highway, and the Saadnayel-Baalbek highway,” a well-informed source was quoted as saying by NOW.

This comes after gunmen from the militant Shiite group Hezbollah and Shiite residents tightened their chokehold on Arsal. The standoff around Arsal is the latest in an ever-growing spillover of the Syrian conflict into its smaller neighbor.

Also four Rockets struck the Hezbollah stronghold in the Beqaa area near the town of Labwe on Monday afternoon, injuring one resident and causing material damage, the Lebanese Army said in a statement.

The Lebanese army added that one rocket landed inside the town of Labwe, while three others hit an area between Labwe and the nearby Nabi Othman, injuring one person.

A suicide car bomb also ripped through Nabi Othman on Sunday evening following the capture of the border town of Yabrud east of Labwe by the forces of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah fighters.

The army also dismantled on Monday morning a car rigged with explosives weighing 170 kg in the Al-Fakiha area.

Update : 1 protester died

A young man was seriously injured after the Lebanese army deployed near Qasqas’ Al-Khasheqji Mosque and fired live rounds in the air and shot tear gas canisters to disperse the demonstration, NOW reported.

The youth was rushed to the nearby Makassed Hospital, where he died of his wounds, a source in the hospital said.

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63 responses to “Protesters block Lebanon roads in support of Arsal”

  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    One thing is sure, the fear barrier is broken

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Yes. Seems so … and ‘Siege’ goes on everywhere – the example was made. 🙁
      We can also note by this that falling bullets cause damage or can kill … strange they only report it when the army fires into the air. It’s not the first time.

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        If they don’t lift the siege on Arsal there will be a full siege on jabal Mohsen followed by a full siege of saida. followed by a full siege on west Beirut and on and on… And some blind fools still refuse to open their eyes.
        They wont have the privilege of closing them soon…

        1. Leborigine Avatar

          Isn’t this the way it all started in 1975??
          When your own people turn against you in favour of another only because they are from the same sect/religion.

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            That’s how “they” wanted it all along. Let’em have it!

          2. On 2 February 2013, The Lebanese army was the victim of an armed ambush in the town as it was seeking to arrest Khaled Homayed. Two army officers were killed and a number of soldiers were wounded. Homayed is believed to have been involved with the Fatah al-Islam organization that was responsible for many deadly attacks on the Lebanese army as well as the kidnapping of seven Estonians in 2011. He is also believed to be active with the Free Syrian Army. Town residents refused to cooperate with the army to reveal the whereabouts of the gunmen who were responsible for the ambush….. Ignorance is bliss but denial is ignorance

          3. barabie Avatar

            “Ignorance is bliss but denial is ignorance”
            Coming from a hezbshaitan terrorist that’s hilarious.

          4. libnan1 Avatar

            Are you tickled barabie? o3ah el boyah

          5. barabie Avatar

            English u child killer supporter. Of everyone that comments here, u r the most vile

          6. libnan1 Avatar

            Just for you bara……….bie

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I=B and D=I, therefore D=B. 😉

          8. Heres another one for you…assumption is the mother of all f**s…figure that one out…your comment is exactly whats wrong with this whole situation….you assume that if one disgrees with your version or your points that they must be the :other” side? If you want to speak of terrorists just go to google and type in and see how many on this side and how many on the side you claim are so virtuous….to sit here and defend them when every single one of the along with their car bombs and suicide bombers passed through arsal is both denial and ignorance….to see here and claim both sides have not been in it from the start is also both denial and ignorance….to sit here and claim ali hujari is also innocent is both ignorance and denial….look around you…. you have no ability to distinguish between fact and fiction… are so blinded by hatred or just not getting your way that you can not or will not see whats happening….You name says it all i guess that you are one very confused individual….if you were living in area regardless of of your political and religious affiliations and suicide bombers and car bombs were coming into your town what would you do? What more do you want the people you claim are so rightous have been given political coverage from day one…3 weeks ago they killed 3 of our troops and our army still has done nothing about it…what more do you want? Stop playing the crying game…they came, they tried, they lost so pack up and go home and take the 1 million plus refugees back to syria so we can get on with our lives because while your sitting here defends these twits 3 of them are working for the price of 1 lebanese….Now whether its the government or the hzb cleaning them up i dont care but someone has to do it…..Truth hurts dosent it? Give it time once its finished everyone will forget because they will all be working for the next 10 years rebuilding.

          9. MekensehParty Avatar


          10. The Federal Government says a former Australian soldier has been killed fighting with rebels in Syria.

            It says Caner Temel, from Auburn in Sydney’s west, spent 17 months in the Army before going absent without leave in September 2010.

            The ABC reported in January that Temel was shot in the head by a rebel sniper after a long siege on the outskirts of the Syrian town of Sareqeb, south of Aleppo.

            The Government says the 22-year-old had served as a sapper based in Brisbane. It says he would have been discharged from the Army after being absent for 28 days.

            Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert says the Defence Department is still working through issues of when Temel left Australia.

            But the ABC understands that between June and August last year, Temel was recruited to fight the Syrian government for Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabha al-Nusra.

            Mr Robert says Temel was working in a construction squadron at the time he went AWOL and had received basic arms and explosives training.

            “All of our engineers will do a limited amount of explosives works in terms of clearing obstacles and that type of basic engineer work,” he told AM.

            The vast majority of foreign fighters who travel to Syria have no combat or military experience, making any military training in a recruit an asset to the rebel groups.

            In January, it was reported that a Dutch soldier of Turkish origin who was disgusted by the West’s failure to halt the killing in Syria had quit the army and travelled to the battle zone, where he was training rebels.

            Last year, a former US soldier who fought with Syrian rebels, Eric Harroun, served a brief stint in an American prison after pleading guilty to minor charges involving conspiracy to transfer defence articles and services.

            A number of Australians have been killed in Syria while supplying aid or fighting for factions within the rebel movement.

            Temel’s death in January came days after the killing of Sydney man Yusuf Ali and his young wife Amira near Aleppo.

            The circumstances in which the couple died are still unclear, but it was reported they were also killed during fighting between rebel factions.

            Roger Abbas, 23, a well-known kickboxer from Melbourne, reportedly went to Syria to do aid work, became involved with the Jabhat al-Nusra group, and was killed in October 2012.

            Another Melbourne man, Yusuf Toprakkaya, was shot dead by a sniper while fighting for a rebel group in December 2012.

            Sydney preacher Mustafa al-Majzoub was killed by a rocket while doing what his family says was humanitarian work in Syria in August 2012.

            And a Brisbane man is suspected of being the first Australian suicide bomber, after blowing up himself and a number of Syrian soldiers at a checkpoint last September.

            It is believed there are dozens more Australians fighting in Syria, and that some have reached senior positions in extremist Islamic groups.

            ASIO has also confiscated the passports of some Australians to stop them travelling to Syria and the wider region.

            In December, Sydney man Hamdi Al Qudsi was arrested and charged with assisting people travelling to Syria to fight in the long-running conflict.

            He faces seven charges under the Crimes Act relating to foreign incursions and recruitments.

            Between June and August last year, Al Qudsi is accused of helping Yusuf Ali enter Syria “with the intent to engage in a hostile activity, in particular engaging in armed hostilities”.

          11. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ‘Caner Temel’ … hmmmm … good old Aussie name, that. 😉
            AWOL is AWOL.

          12. MekensehParty Avatar


          13. 5thDrawer Avatar

            It’s why we ‘love’ the ‘religious’ so much ….

          14. Please repeat one more time for the dummies.

          15. libnan1 Avatar

            And that was the Sunnis hiding behind the PLO wasn’t it!!!! Now, Sunnis just yap go home and lock their doors.

          16. Leborigine Avatar

            Exactly, but HA are doing the same thing as some of the Sunni’s. We should just have not got involved. The writings were on the wall when HA got involved!

          17. libnan1 Avatar

            I beg to disagree, HA is kidnapping innocent people. They don’t have check point killing people based on their religion. The only reason they surrounded Arsal because they don’t want all the alqaada people infiltrate Lebanon. If you know the people of Arsal you will change your tone. These people are criminals, they used to go and attack Christian towns like Ras Balbaak just to get their ass beaten by Labweih people. They are just scums.

          18. Leborigine Avatar

            Maybe that is the case, I do not know the people of Arsal, but my point was about the general situation as Mekenseh described it. These issues are a result of the “fowda” in Lebanon. One thing leads to another and it becomes a tit for tat situation. HA had the chance to sit down and negotiate with the other Lebanese to form a strong core army and integrate, but no, they wanted to remain an external force and do as they please. I do not see a good outcome from this, hope I’m wrong.

          19. libnan1 Avatar

            Mekenseh doesn’t know shit. He lives in Virginia or Maryland I assume.

          20. Oh no Libnan, you are quite wrong. He knows plenty of SHIT.

          21. libnan1 Avatar

            Yeah he’s been reading the training I posted for him.

          22. Lol

          23. barabie Avatar

            “I beg to disagree, HA is kidnapping innocent people.”

            Wow finally some truth from a scum like u

          24. libnan1 Avatar

            It was a typo bara bie wan be “I beg to disagree, HA is NOT kidnapping innocent people.”
            HA never kidnapped innocent people based on their religion miss xxxx-fit. Go get some action, you need it.

          25. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Right…. Only kidnapped because they were commercial airline pilots.

          26. Lebo, HA had no choice. Do you forget in the beginning of the conflict when many Sunni clerics issued fatwas giving permission to their followers to kill Shites, Alawites and Christians. They scream out loud that this is a holy war against all the kuffar. Kuffar meaning the above mentioned. These assholes want to turn the region into sharia law. The sad thing is, HA and the small Alawite group in Jabal Moshen are the only ones in Lebanon putting a stop it. What do you think will happen if HA pull out of Syria and pull away from the Lebanese borders. And please don’t tell me army will be their to protect us.

          27. Leborigine Avatar

            No, the army will not be there to protect you, but they could have if you read my above comment to libnan.So do you think that this is better the way it is now. The whole thing is a scary situation. Do you think the fanatical jihadists are going to stop at Arsal. As I mentioned above, I just hope it does not start a chain reaction!

          28. No my friend, I don’t think this is a better way. Unfortunately, it is the way it is. Lets be honest Lebo, if the Hezb wanted to integrate with army, do you really think the power pushers in Lebanon would allow it. Or the countries abroad like Israel or the US. As much as it sounds like a brilliant idea, you and I both know they will never allow that to happen. As for Arsal, I’ll tell you a little secret, the jihadist that escaped from yabroud are now in Arsal. They are now surrounded by the Hezb and the SAA. It’s just a matter of time before they are eliminated.

          29. MekensehParty Avatar


          30. Thanks bayde

    2. libnan1 Avatar

      Are you kidding me. The minute a HA jeep shows up all these cowards will disperse and go home.

      1. With their tail between their legs. Just ask ASSir.

        1. MekensehParty Avatar

          Or hassouna at the sight of the Israeli planes!

      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        Just like the General at the sight of the Syrian army right?

        1. libnan1 Avatar

          Your punks can’t even get close to what my General sacrificed and still sacrificing for Lebanon. He came back to finish the job and he’s getting it done. Baboom

          1. Don’t waste your time bro, he seems to forget How the general stood up to the Syrian army even though he was out numbered and out powered.

          2. MekensehParty Avatar

            sure he stood up… and ran

          3. libnan1 Avatar

            Much better than getting on his knees and blowing like others did.

          4. And if you don’t mind, still blowing. BOOM

          5. MekensehParty Avatar

            hey, you nancies are liking each others not me
            so get a room, put a poster of the general and get to it

          6. Is that the best you’ve got. Lol

          7. MekensehParty Avatar

            at least I have my own jokes
            not a joke thief like you

          8. libnan1 Avatar

            Don’t forget the swallowing.

          9. You think there be a bit of gargling as well. BABOOM

          10. MekensehParty Avatar

            My Booms hurt you didn’t they
            keep repeating my jokes, proves how efficient they are and how unoriginal you are

          11. libnan1 Avatar

            yu need to call youself mekenseh/mop

          12. MekensehParty Avatar

            @farq2:disqus @libnan1:disqus
            done with the foreplay nancies
            I wiped dahyeh with you and your avalanche of lame jokes is pitifully hilarious

          13. Oh, sorry Mr I created the word BOOM. LOL. you are a joke. That’s joke, not joker.

          14. libnan1 Avatar

            You can tell Mekenseh is a shallower but leaves a streak.

          15. libnan1 Avatar

            That’s right, and some Lebanese were fighting their own Lebanese army.

          16. I bet this fool mekenseh was one of them.

  2. libnan1 Avatar

    Sunnis should learn not mess with the security of Lebanon. The Lebanese army needs to round up these trouble makers and send them to Syria to fight the regime. Enough of this Sunni bullshit.

    1. Leborigine Avatar

      Geeez libnan1, you really have it in for the Sunnis and the Druze! We can’t build Lebanon with this attitude. There are good and bad in every group.

      1. Your right Lebo, however the group Libnan is speaking of are the trouble makers.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Uneducated ‘tyre-burners’ polluting the atmosphere …. lots of those it seems … spreading the carcinogens at the same time.

          1. Don’t forget KFC 5th.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            In that case, they ate the carcinogens before the burning. :-)))))

      2. libnan1 Avatar

        Yes there are good and bad, the only problem is that the good are not keeping the bad in check.

  3. I overheard a Shiite from Hezbollah in Lebanon say this about the Sunnis in Lebanon: “We are better armed than them. We are smarter than them. We are better united than them. We are more numerous than them. We are better organized than them. That is why we are winning over them here in Lebanon.”

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