4 rockets land in Hezbollah stronghold in east Lebanon


lebanon map - bekaa areaFour Rockets struck Hezbollah stronghold in the Beqaa area in Eastern Lebanon in and near the town of Labwe on Monday afternoon, injuring one resident and causing material damage, the Lebanese Army said in a statement.

The Lebanese army added that one rocket landed inside the town of Labwe, while three others hit an area between Labwe and the nearby Nabi Othman, injuring one person.

Following the attack, army patrols starting roaming the targeted areas and a military expert rushed to the scenes of the blasts.

There are increased security concerns in Lebanon’s eastern Beqaa following Yabrud’s fall.

A suicide car bomb ripped through Nabi Othman on Sunday evening following the capture of the border town of Yabrud east of Labwe by the forces of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah fighters.

The army dismantled on Monday morning a car rigged with explosives weighing 170 kg in the Al-Fakiha area.



8 responses to “4 rockets land in Hezbollah stronghold in east Lebanon”

  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    Indiscriminate rocket firing…

    1. cook2half Avatar

      I sense crocodile tears lol

      1. MekensehParty Avatar


    2. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      While I agree with you and I am totally against this type of shelling. But when Hezbollah and Syria thugs assasinate many M14 many of them were innocent let alone the bystanders who were killed along with them. so it goes both ways unfortunately.. why feel sorry for one side but not the other. Please do not tell me or try to convince me that HA is not behind these bombings because none of the culprits since 2005 have been arrested. But when someone bombs HA they arrest those who were behind it..

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Nagy buddy, do I look like a Hezbollah sympathizer to you?
        Do you think I have remorses when indiscriminate rocket firing hits the champions of indiscriminate rocket firing?
        The tone was sarcastic and as you can see none of the Hezb fans liked my comment or dared to peep a sound since they recognize the “legitimacy” of indiscriminate rocket firing. It’s no shame for them…

  2. cook2half Avatar

    Seeing as they do nothing when the Syrian jets bomb Arsal, we can conclude that LAF work for the shaitan

    1. They must be influenced by HA somewhere in their upper ranks. Let’s examine their top officers and then we can make a connection.

  3. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    What’s the big deal, this is the Arab version off a drive by. It happens all over the world everyday. Just instead of firing indiscriminately at some ones home they fire at some ones village using slightly bigger calibre weapons. No big deal really. If it’s hezballah or hells angels same difference.

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