Lebanon cabinet finally adopts a policy statement


tammam salamFinally the Lebanese cabinet agreed during its meeting at the Baabda presidential palace late Friday night on a policy statement and averted Prime Minister Tammam Salam’s resignation, but Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi and the Phalange Party’s three ministers voicing official reservation on the text.

“The cabinet has endorsed the policy statement amid the reservations of the ministers of the Phalange Party Sejaan Qazzi (Labor), Ramzi Jreij (Information) and Alain Hakim (Economy), in addition to Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi,” National News Agency reported.

“By the virtue of the state’s responsibility to preserve Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the government stresses the state’s duty and efforts to liberate the Shebaa Farms, the Kfarshouba Hills and the occupied part of Ghajar (village) through all legitimate means, while stressing the right of Lebanese citizens to resist Israeli occupation, repel its aggressions and regain the occupied land,” the policy statement states.

Qazzi said: “We cannot but reject the wording of the resistance clause and we want to emphasize on the authority of the Lebanese state in this regard.”

“We have asked to be given until tomorrow to return with a final answer after holding a politburo meeting and all options are on the table,” Qazzi added.

Rifi , a leading Sunni figure from Tripoli affiliated with the Future Movement voiced reservations over the resistance clause in addition to the failure to mention “Hezbollah’s presence in Syria and the autonomous security that is being practiced in al-Labweh and Arsal and which is threatening the safety of citizens.”

A bilateral meeting was held between Salam and President Michel Suleiman prior to the cabinet session while another meeting was held between the president, the PM and several ministers, including State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammed Fneish and Heath Minister Wael Abou Faour.

A third meeting was held between Fneish, Public Works and Transport Minister Ghazi Zoaiter, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and Industry Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hasan, during which they held phone talks with Hezbollah’s leadership.

The new 24-minister cabinet, formed after months of political bickering, has been preparing the ministerial statement with which it will stand before parliament for a vote of confidence.

The role of “the resistance” against Israel was a main point of contention for the committee in charge of drafting the ministerial statement. After the ministerial committee failed in its mission, reports emerged that Salam would resign if no agreement could be reached on the issue.

March 14’s suggested formula was “Lebanon’s right to defend itself,” while the March 8 parties wanted the clause to acknowledge “the right of Lebanon and the Lebanese people to self-defense and to the resistance against the Israeli enemy.”

Under the constitution, the cabinet had until Monday to approve a policy statement or else it would have been considered resigned. In the face of such a scenario, President Suleiman would have had to call for binding parliamentary consultations to name a new premier.



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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    I don’t like it the way its done but the ministers calling Hezbollah bluff to bring it down. Now
    I think we should ask hezbollah to free the farms next after Syria. But please keep the fighting there and send everything you got. Please include Nassrallah and Qassam and Qanso so they can have their 72 virgins. I would feel bad if they die only of heart attacks. they would not be qualified to receive those lovely virgins..

  2. Constantin7 Avatar

    Mabrouk for nothing.

  3. Prophettttt Avatar

    Why does a cabinet need a policy statement anyway? And how could some parties be in a cabinet if they have reservation about its policy statement? Did it take that long to figure out that a nation needs to defend itself by all means possible,including the right to its citizens to defend their land?did it take that long to realize and to stress the state’s “duty and efforts to liberate the Shebaa Farms, the Kfarshouba Hills and the occupied part of Ghajar (village) through all legitimate means, while stressing the right of Lebanese citizens to resist Israeli occupation, repel its aggression and regain the occupied land,” they finally decided that citizens have the right to resist and liberate,but can not be called resistance. lol. How stupid is that? As if this statement makes any difference.
    I thought some Lebanese believed that shebba farms was not Lebanese,but rather Syrian At least this statement put an and to that. Ma hadda biystehea , Shatara be habaal., Few months wasted to prove that lebanese can always play on words and twist words in order to prove nothing. They finally decided that ;you can resist but you cant be called resistance .lol You can defend, but you you cant be called defender. keep putting your head in the sand,and say I cant see.lol.

    1. Oh Prophet my friend, you can see very clearly that’s for sure. Its hates on this blog who are ones who not only can’t see, however very clearly choose not to see. When it suit them it’s a good thing and when it doesn’t it’s bad. Like you said brother, HEAD IN THE SAND. Now watch them come back with more hate. -:)))))))))

      1. Prophettttt Avatar

        Farq my friend,Hate or love won’t change my convictions or my vision. Just got a new reading proscription,thicker reading glasses,yet the picture is the same,but clearer. Who ever wants to swing back at me with hate and insult, I would say ty and ty……I hate no one,and wish them all the best healing.lol

        1. libnan1 Avatar

          Yeah but you still like to get laid.

      2. Persistent Avatar

        “truth, right or wrong ” are arbitrary words and can be defind any way you perceive them. This reminds me of what Bill Clinton said during the Lewinsky ordeal”it is how you define sex”, I leave the rest to your imagination Lol..

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Indeed. Sensual pleasures are not ‘sex’ – which was only for having babies.
          But there are really some ‘truths’ no-one can argue against.

    2. Constantin7 Avatar

      Well said Prophetttt: “the right to its citizens to defend their land”: I.E. the right of ALL the citizens not 30% of them, not one sect of the citizens, not one party of the citizens, ALL the citizens, which is NOT our case, is it ???? Unless you consider that only HA are the citizens of Lebanon (this would be another debate).

      1. Prophettttt Avatar

        Not at all my dear friend,we are all equally citizens,we all have same obligations , duties and responsibilities .The problem is that many Lebanese did want to carry their responsibilities and refused to defend and liberate. Occupation if our land by Israel became a point of view for some,the enemy became a friend and a neighbor for others.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Prophett+ …. when you take the simple and straight-faced and serious statement of my Beirut friend as the one example to highlight the problem, (Be careful if you’re going to Tripoli … it’s a different country.) we can see that many NEVER think about Lebanon as all one working together for the ‘common good’. It’s only a pack of ‘religious fiefs’ grabbing for their own. Glory to God. Etc.
          Lebanon is only ‘all together’ when they want to BLAME some ‘outsider’ for their own problems … and unfortunately someone plonked Israel next-door … and it’s taken a while to see that some of the ‘other counties’ nearby are even worse.
          Maybe this is an attempt at a small beginning?

          1. Prophettttt Avatar

            All I wanted to say is glory to Lebanon….I Believe that God(according to all faiths) did ok the defense of one’ country ,property,and family,but He never said kill in my name to glorify me,nor did God say hate in my name in order to glorify me.
            As of what you think of as a “small beginning”? Well, Any small or new beginning needs new players.

        2. Persistent Avatar

          Prophet, I normally agree with most of what you say but I take an issue with this statement “we are all equally citizens. we all have siame rights, obligations, duties and responsibilities”, This is a broad statement and applicable only in a democratic society, it is the farest from the truth in Lebanon until the sectarian system cancer is abolished and Lebanon has a true identity.

          1. Prophettttt Avatar

            Persistent,, Thank you for your reply. I was answering a direct question from constantin7 as to whether only 30%( which I think he meant the shiia) or only HA are the citizens of Lebanon.And to which I answered that we are all citizens .I was not discussing the equality and fairness of the system .
            As for the sectarian system, I agree with you( blamed it in getting us where we are above as well) it the core problem.So I agree with you ,that in reality ,equality equality ever stepped a foot in Lebanon.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Start with yourself considering all EQUAL, and maybe ‘the People’ follows. Goverments are elected to serve ‘the People’.

        3. Constantin7 Avatar

          Sorry Prophetttt, we agree to disagree on this issue. You say we are equal citizens with same rights and obligations. I don’t think so. When you’re holding a gun to my head I do not think that we are equal. If the situation was reversed would you feel equal to me ? of course not. The arms of HA are the crox of our problems in Lebanon. HA is mimicking FATAH in the seventies and eighties, creating an army and a government within the government, but this time they are not foreigners they are Lebanese, which makes the situation much more complex.

          1. Prophettttt Avatar

            I agree to disagree on this one too. We are looking at this from diffrent angles.We have diffrent experiences that shapes our views. The equality and inequality issue can be viewed from diffrent angles as well
            It does not apply to the question of resistance only. I do believe that citizens are entitled to defend themselves when their state fails to go so,which is the case in this situation where people were to fend for themselves for years. Always pleasure.

  4. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Still wait to see it.

  5. Hannibal Avatar

    I am one to resist alas now I am forced to change my religion since the resistance is an islamic one… I have resisted since my first reincarnation but my god then was Baal and my battle cry was to Anat and now it must be Allah and my battle cry is “Ali madad”.

    Lebanon will never be a nation… Israel IS A NATION. With all their differences and squabbles they see the world in one hand and Israel as ONE on another hand yet the Lebanese see it as such:


    1. cook2half Avatar

      Better than the PLO thuggg with a pizza table cloth around his neck or the woman with an “Iranian” flag written Arabic all over it

  6. cook2half Avatar

    Have it their way, its a shame I dont think Iran will pay for the damage in Sunni/Christian areas

  7. patriotss Avatar

    7 thing you need to being a politician in Lebanon

    1 good at talking shit

    2 good at blaming the others

    3 very large bank accounts

    4 good at being a puppet

    5 good at giving blow jobs

    6 little bitches with no balls between their legs

    7 grovel in pig shit when you all convene together

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